Digital Lawrence: Co-Founder of FomoHunt (2019 Interview)

welcome to the beards & bitcoins
podcast. today we’re going to be interviewing digital Lawrence from FOMO
hunt it’s a really interesting video however we did have a slight problem
with the audio you will hear a clicking in the background throughout some of the
podcast unfortunately there was just no way for us to pull that out without
having to scrap the entire episode and we felt like this was a great episode
that you guys needed to hear a lot of valuable information about the space and
also we talked about hot cheetos and what is better than that so without
further ado here is the latest episode of beards and bitcoins hey guys welcome
to beards and bitcoins the crypto podcast for the man’s man and the women
who love them today we’ve got a super special guest for you guys coming to us
all the way from Singapore Digital Lawrence welcome to show glad to have
you today thanks for having me absolutely so I am your coach bit boy
this is your Arcos James what is going on James what is up everybody
Lawrence man good to talk to you how’s Singapore it’s nice man it’s a bit warm
it’s a bit warm very humid but it is this beautiful city still summertime
over there yeah same season so I guess it’s you know mid September so it’s
pretty hot yeah why just like to give a shout out to the entire country of
Singapore for not inviting me to this event I could have gone anyways but you
know appreciate it guys I’m seeing bringing Jake Canfield out there taking
pictures from rooftop pools night taken all these pictures of the buildings and
I’m just in here with a friggin green screen with some beards fine
yeah well it’s a beautiful thing there’s always in November what’s in November
shaving a beard money then the next big Singapore conference that’s great so I
so people may have noticed maybe they haven’t because nobody actually pays
attention to me except for myself but people may have noticed I have not done
any international traveling since I have been in crypto or since I’ve been mmm
didn’t you just get your passport redone so that was the thing is the entire time
all I needed to do was get my passport updated because it expired in September
of 2017 I think and I’m American I like I like American food I like American you
know so I’m not a huge international traveler anyways but I just had to go
all I had to do this literally all I had to do was go to CVS and get a picture
taken and then send it in and it’s like a hundred bucks or something you know
four months but I finally it’s it’s in the mail on the way back to me right now
so hopefully I’m once I’ll be able to start you know hitting up some of those
conferences let me ask you this question real quick though whatever they make
there and Singapore whatever their food is can they do it with ketchup only
that’s probably yeah probably yeah definitely
so why not I’m in then that’s perfect yeah they got they have chicken rice out
here it’s very popular chicken rice is like just like what’s what’s chicken
rice so chicken rice it’s like rotisserie chicken kind of sliced into
eight slivers still with the skin on it very tender and then lay it over a
better white rice with some like sweet sauce on top
I mean it’s fucking delicious it’s like one of their like local dishes that’s
very famous and it’s pretty inexpensive sweetness I have been to the Philippines
as the closures over there I’ve been I went there several years ago it has
probably 15 years ago now yeah it a lot of rice while I was there yeah I love
Stacia it’s probably my favorite place in the world besides America so you so
you’ve been over there in this conference obviously but this is not the
you know the only place you’ve been you’ve been kind of traveling the world
over the last several months I mean really for longer than that but you guys
have specifically been doing like a crypto adoption tour kind of thing tells
a little bit about that yeah man you know we’re both Omaha which is like for blockchain right now it has every block chain of in the world on
it some adding it some manually added aggravated some like automatically
scraped we’re just going the biggest repository from a bunch in events
globally and then we’re going to be adding some blockchain rewards so
lightning that were crypto things like that so if you check into an event get
its money you get something so we thought one of the cool things we could
do is do an international tour and hit all the emerging markets and throw
meetups they’re on board users on board people linked up with coined us one of
the nice companies that he’s invested and co-founded when asked her coin dust
coin dust okay good I think yeah so that’s an app drop in later this year
but yeah we linked up and we’ve been hitting all the big incubators and all
the big meetups and accelerators we started in Toronto and in London Berlin
Budapest Prague Poland and then we went to Indonesia and now Singapore damn dude
that sounds like a nice little trip it’s been good it’s been really good it’s a
bit tiring well I can’t really complain so it’s fun you know yeah definitely so
so far one is is aiming to basically be the meetup app of blockchain that’s cool
so if you talked a little bit to my buddy Quinn about what we’re doing
minnerath crypto yeah toy blanket out by messenger people in the past week yeah
yeah I saw Quinn in New York laughs right so yeah so we’re we’re getting
ready to go in our own little adoption tour here which will have all that yeah
I think pretty fun so we’re not gonna call it the crypto adoption tour because
you guys stole that name I don’t know if trademarked his trademark but he can
have trademark but totally come to Iowa field has anyone seen the the new bit
boy hardware wallet it looks like a little Gameboy
device no no no sort of like a TI 81 calculator or something yep yes I have
not seen that Gary Gary Leland when we were at podcast movement 2019 in Orlando
he told us about that yeah he told me a guy was making a hardware wallet called
bit boy and then somebody posted it on Twitter like last week I guess the guy
that made it and video got like you know 10 or 20,000 I got all these messages of
people being like have you seen this this is your name what is he doing I was
like I don’t care it’s whatever what I do I know this money make the film or mark his name yeah yeah he trade trade
marked his name so nobody else can use it so if somebody else uses it for like
like a scam or something you know like says it creates a fake account with his
name he can sue him now I mean King it was hard to catch a
internet scam or obviously but true not a bad idea
yeah so I don’t know if anyone’s gonna try to steal the name Digital warrants
probably not they better not you may be safe there yeah I you know bitboys also
did you guys know this that bit boy is the username of the guy who created the
Bitcoin logo I did not I did not know that yeah yeah it’s it’s actually really
crazy yes um it was back way back in a forum the guy that I think it was on
Bitcoin talk that was a guy’s using a totally disappeared after he made the
logo so if you were always asking me if that’s me to which it’s not I’m just
like I just created it that’s all you’re getting like ripped off left and right
well there to be fair there it’s just a common name I didn’t realize how common
the name was like there’s also I mean it’s like Fred you know Fred or Bill bit
boy obviously you know because there is a game witness there’s a gameboy device
and then there’s also that the actual ad bit boy user handle is the guy that is
the developer for Toro which is uh which is or you can rent you know cars yeah
kind of so those are the luxury rental cars right no you could get like a
Ferrari or a Porsche you can but they also have you know they all have Honda
Civics you know the other yeah that app sketches me out I don’t think
comfortable hey but I doesn’t seem like it’s worth it’s
like hey borrow my truck for $20 like what happens if you fuck it up yeah well
people people like it because you don’t have to go through all the hoops you
have to go through with the rental cars so like if you have bad credit you got
to rent a you know do a rental car place then they want you to put down one a
$500 deposit or something correct you know something like that and your
average person that has bad credit doesn’t have the extra 500 put down you
know so a lot of people like it for that for the lower end cars but then of
course they do have the nicer ones as well so yeah it’s just everywhere it’s
it’s unfortunate for me what one day I’m just gonna be I’m gonna be like hey
remember that guy that had that same name as that Hardware wallet that’s so
popular and everybody loves ya what happened I was that guy like you know be
a mean one day and do you want a vanilla milkshake with that I’ll be working at
chick-fil-a I’m a good southern boy right I’ll be obviously you get some my
pleasure my pleasure so okay so other thing I want to ask you about is so for
this adoption to where you guys are going around all these different places
like what would you say that you guys are what are you guys finding by going
to just drop your poker chip what are you guys finding by going to all these
different places like in terms of adoption because what I found with our
street videos we’ve been doing here is we are very far away in America from
adoption basically know what bitcoin is other than it’s a digital currency and
you buy things on the dark web that’s what people know about it so what did
these other countries well I think it depends on which country but it’s so far
away it’s like my I mean even like the fabled land it was like Shanghai people
like Auto China and mom with their last summer same as America I think most
people are like just gonna work you know using their local currency there’s like
a small you know group of people that that know about Bitcoin that are in
decrypt I mean there’s a I guess it’s slowly growing there’s more people that
oh I’ve heard of that Adam we’re curious like coming from traditional tech
markets but I mean a hard-pressed to find like a city in the world where
people are just like banging out like Bitcoin payments for like the rent
coffee I mean even Singapore it’s like these hotels take Bitcoin you know none
of them none of these calves take bitcoins none of these like restaurants
really I mean you can find like random weird spots like like some coffee shop
in Poland had like the Visa MasterCard a Bitcoin symbol yeah faces like that but
you know for the most part it’s about the same everywhere else in the world
but from my perspective now allegedly Korea which is the only Asia country in
urban – allegedly Korea is very active but I don’t think it’s you know there’s
not like a city in the world that like people were getting paid a Bitcoin yeah
I feel like in America they always act like oh well Asia is like so much
farther along they are in in terms of like regulations in my opinion and like
you’re allowed to do more things and there might be like deeper pockets or
more capital in some ways but there’s not like everybody’s uses cash and debit
cards for the most part yeah it’s really I mean I think what we’re finding is for
for those of us who have managed to kind of get outside of the echo chamber of
cricket or crypto UTA or whatever it might be I think we’re really actually
finding we’re we’re way farther behind than I thought we were yeah I mean you
go to like a an echo chamber in San Francisco it’s like 12 million people
like Oh a Bitcoin and their rights using it but you go like one block over it’s
like a bar and like 99 percent of people our age that are there or just say yeah
I’ve heard a Bitcoin are like oh my I bought one two years ago that’s about it
I’m not like they’re not like social media profiles around it they don’t know
companies that I’m investments yeah I’ve heard of it it to them it’s just like
another sheriff or Apple maybe you’re like that is something we see commonly
is that people say oh that’s like a stock yeah yeah yeah I mean I have a
buddy who’s like a traditional stock investor and he’s just like oh yeah have
some Bitcoin I sell it when it goes up I mean but do you do you even think that
like you know the generation growing up right now is he
interested in stocks I mean we know that you know with kryptos and stuff it’s a
little more exciting you know the returns could be a little bit bigger but
I mean I don’t you know I’ve got a bunch of younger siblings and I don’t think
any of them invest in the stock market I mean I could be absolutely wrong but I
just don’t know if you know traditional investing is what’s happening with the
younger generation even to begin with yeah and I don’t know if it’s ever
really been I feel like it’s always been like kind of a later age game at the
stock market equity markets like in America I mean I mean you’re
hard-pressed to find an 18 year old graduating high school that’s like knows
about index funds unless their family taught them but they didn’t learn it in
school you know so I think that like financial literacy is being passed down
earlier to some families but not like my I don’t think I was like 14 year old
like ala dates a trend that like 14 year olds are like learning about index funds
as a whole I think it’s very just like anecdotal for the most part they might
look youngest brothers like 20 and he’s like I mean Dubinsky cryptos as I am but
he doesn’t really play he just looks at stocks it’s just like another crypto
like oh yeah give time to by Tesla here is it like looking at the chart or
something but I don’t know the whole financial systems kind of the more
cryptic the more you look at Crowley’s for me that more you look at crypto
this.jd or stocks look I’m just like what makes stocks so legit like yeah
like oh well like oh you own a part of Apple but like do you what does that
really mean you got their board meeting you know
voting rights no no voting rights you don’t get to help on the product they
don’t give you anything they don’t like oh you have the iPhone alone it’s gonna
have three cameras it’ll tell you a week early
yeah like you just you’re just like lending capital to them for them to
reinvest to make more profits hopefully they distribute that back to you but it
you know the stock market yeah I do think that you know one thing that
because I mean I had never invested in stock I mean I may be here and there a
little bit but like I wasn’t in the stocks or the market or anything before
I got into crypto and you know seeing the manipulation and cryptocurrency
it does show you how things get manipulated in other sectors too and so
I watched a show called Billy if you watch that you know I know you’re
talking about that I’ve never watched it it’s phenomenal
like it’s a show that I guarantee you I would not have been interested in before
I got into crypto I would watch two episodes were like what are they talking
about this is stupid right I mean crypto and understanding like how
to long assets how to short them futures options a whole nine yards now I
watch that show and I actually understand what they’re talking about
and did you know there’s a very thin line I believe between reality and
fiction in these shows a lot of these shows that they do research the
political shows like who’s the one with Kevin Spacey house of cards like yeah if
you want they exaggerate things I believe and there are some things or
like you know probably outlandish they’re just totally making up out of
thin air but probably most of stuff they’re talking about on there is based
off of something that’s really happened and you know when you how these
billionaires control the financial markets is really insane yeah I mean
it’s it’s not all sunshine and roses you know it’s like yeah just invest in this
stock market and everything’s okay there’s like as much shadiness as it is
in crypto some part of that exists into like the traditional equity market and
if not just as much it’s just they have a little more of a smokescreen because
the mainstream media like I I mean they have entire first shows on like
mainstream news outlets of like chilling stock tips yeah like how is that
different from a YouTube or being like by this yeah it’s not so it’s it’s not
it’s just on a way larger scale but like you know they’ll pump out a certain
stock for six months Oh like so-and-so earnings are supposed to be really well
I’ll quarter four and they’ll pump it Mott’s on CNBC and then it dumps an IOU
sorry yeah hey mister that’s such a great comparison honestly yeah it’s just
one uh it’s just we’re used to it we grow up to it oh that’s normal like like
I mean they have entire TV networks that shows stocks pump-and-dump dots what
we’re used to it and the bank’s play into it and maybe they’re sure some
legitimacy of course but I mean it’s just it’s like a youtubers shelling out
small cap coin it’s not that much different from a major TV channel
shilling a specific stock for six months saying it’s a great buy that’s a good
point yeah I think that I think one of the big differences and well I mean I’ll
tell you what they’ll say the big biggest difference is is regulate
exchanges that’s one of the biggest differences between you know the markets
now is a regulation actually preventing manipulation no obviously not
but that’s what I think the SEC would point to and say the big difference is
but you know except for like the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bernie
Madoff like the whole financial wreckage of 2008 9 but yeah yeah I agree like
there are regulations that make everybody feel good but like I don’t
know what is that I mean it does keep it a little more you know people aren’t
going broke in the stock market every day right yeah it’s not like 1929 and
whenever the big crash was like people aren’t just like losing their ass every
day it’s pretty well-balanced and also the government steps in you know like
the Federal Reserve with this quantitative easing where they have a
whole crunch Protection Team which is combination of the SEC financial markets
I forget which ones but like four of the major Treasury Department’s and it’s
literally the plunge Protection Team by law work where they prevent the stock
market from crashing yeah so like you know the like these shit coins that like
dump 100 percent if this was regulated by the government via the same policies
the government would stop halt the trading it when it Dom’s thirty percent
goes well guys can’t let people get wrecked on this the government’s gonna
come bail out the shareholders so it’s like they keep it it’s less volatile
yeah you know because the government will cover the downside well I think I
think also it another difference between the crypto markets and the stock markets
is in the crypto markets if you have a hundred thousand dollars you can
actually make the market move in the stock market you need millions of
dollars to make the stock to make it move I mean for one G less billion you
know yeah for bit for Bitcoin a million dollars you can significantly impact the
market right yeah and I guess that’s just a point of liquidity
you know maybe eventually when the markets more mature it’ll be like the
stock market but yeah right now if you throw ever ten million dollars at Apple
it’s like okay don’t care you’d have to throw like a fleet of five
going into our market my on Apple for this someone to be like oh shit what’s
going on here why’d you say like if you if you put a I
think it’s a million dollars if you put a million dollars in Bitcoin at one time
you know if you put it in the right way through leveraged trading or something
like that like I mean you’re actually trading with ten times that you know so
that that’s a significant because the the entire market cap right now is like
260 billion Bitcoin dominance is 70% so I guess it’s around you know 190 billion
somewhere around there so if you have a million dollars in your leveraged
trading a hundred X on that I mean that’s 100 million dollars that’s that’s
a pretty significant amount you know you know ya need you would need to have
stones of Steel to leverage trade a million dollars are you kidding you you
think you would also have that million dollars then you might also have enough
to be able to manipulate the market to make sure that you win that’s what those
Bart patterns that’s a good point that’s one that’s why they call me bit boy but
snowman electret other things but I mean not call me a hundred other things a
hundred other things that are called business so what do you what do you
think Laurence have you seen this new thing where the I thought this is very
interesting so I did a little video last night talking about the J clayton s
easy-chair talking about you know they F is close he basically said we’re much
closer to it you know that the ETF hope IAM yada yada yada but the interest
about that statement so said basically we’re seeing less manipulation and
cryptocurrency do you believe that’s true I know you
said that yeah I don’t know what he’s basing that on and like compared to what
like a month ago or commit compared to five years ago I would say probably a
year a year ago when the ETF started heating up
yeah maybe but also I think maybe the markets just like kind of still a
protracted to bear market so there’s not as much like look what it need to
manipulate lis like you know and it’s like all that money and a huge bull run
being like pump between like hundreds of different alts
and exchanges and arbitrage Inge like it’s a lot easier to manipulate a market
right now and like everything’s kind of flat it’s like it’s pretty obvious that
something pulls in 10x people immediately gonna go to the scam but you
know in a bull run and that’s crazy and tons of like new liquidity something
pulled 10x you were like great where’s the next tonight’s yeah so 100 where’s
the thousand X yeah what is a thousand X so I don’t know I mean where he’s been
he probably knows better than me you know so like if he thinks that then I
guess he has some data but I don’t ever know what that could be based upon I
mean the markets are somewhat flat over the past week Lamont so no manipulation
and Chris the markets flat maybe but who were the manipulators and where have
they gone I don’t know here I think if I were a betting man which I am I
that’s why I’m in crypto but I believe that what he’s referring to there is
they’re getting if you look at coin market cap which we’ve destroyed on our
show the last few weeks but you know one of the things that happen when coin
market have made this change to their algorithm recently is they now we’re
requiring top 200 projects to have one of their verified data exchange partners
so basically what that means is they have to have an exchange I believe that
is in there kind of like they’ve created an alliance of exchanges I know I did
sort of that I have to go right with the audience and I think you know all the
big ones but hippy T C’s in there so you know it’s not legit right so so all you
got is these these exchanges that are now part of this alliance and now claim
market cap saying you got to be on one of these exchanges or else we won’t
count your data as legit well grapple with this is to the SEC that may appear
like they’re making progress and there’s less manipulation but we know even on by
Nance there’s a ton of manipulation so just because these you know these
exchanges are saying like oh we’re committed to removing fake volume I mean
it’s not really you know I mean we’re still seeing the fake volume but they’re
still charging them like two million dollars to get listed well you know
what’s interesting is some projects have came out and said that you know not only
are they charging you that but then they’re requiring you to give
them X number of their core of your coin and then here you’re making them
agreeing to letting them use BOTS to pump up your volume like that’s part of
the agreement you signed when you get on some of these exchanges and some I mean
some of the you know the supply that they’re asking for is I mean they become
a pretty good controller of your project yeah it’s it’s sketchy for sure I mean
in some ways it’s very similar to IPO and on the stock exchange you know like
when uber whoever wants to IPO they have to go to Merrill Lynch or one of these
big underwriters who end up buying 5 to 15% of their entire stock
underwriting it buying it and then putting it on the stock exchange and
kind of be in the market makers for the first couple years or not so it’s kind
of a practice carried on from the stock exchange where all right you know like
to IPO you have to pay tens of millions of dollars to one of these big banks to
put you on Nasdaq or NSE they’re the that’s your listing fee to go public and
also some of that is your BOTS for liquidity in your market makers so
there’s like order books so I think some of these exchanges yeah straight-up kind
of scam ii but same time I guess I’m kind of like I mean if you want a little
bit an exchange and charge people do it like you know like no it’s like free
market like you know obviously if you’re hurting people I’m like outright
scamming people I don’t like it but you know for people don’t like go to
business and then charge people to like be on their platform I’m kind of like
you were welcome to go build your own because I mean I guess that’s the spirit
of crypto in my opinion like its decentralize like you’re welcome to list
your project wherever you want you’re welcome to pay a however much they’re
asking if you want to call them out call them out if you don’t want to call them
out but don’t work with them don’t well yeah a lot of these exchanges are like
straight-up scammy but yeah I think a lot of them have cleaned up or the MA
get the people in the market do a pretty good job at pleasing for the most part
but you know I think the government you’re seeing a lot of SEC action
letters coming in and now that there’s you know there’s gonna be a pretty clear
debt by the end of this year like a lot of projects are getting taken down right
now behind the scenes like oh yeah heavily by the government’s yeah whoo
uh-oh hope it’s not my project Hodja kids had a wife TC is coming yeah so let
me ask you a question this is not crypto related yesterday was my mom’s birthday
happy birthday happy birthday my veins nice happy birthday man happy belated oh
my gosh is my mom’s birthday too yeah not my birthday for my mom’s
actually September 10th yep nice nice happy birthday miss Lawrence momma
Lawrence yeah so yesterday we’re we’re having a conversation you know we go
hang hang with my siblings we’re having a conversation about your favorite snack
food and so it comes up to chips what’s your what’s your favorite chip obviously
we all kind of go around and go around the room and talk about our favorite
chip and I get to the Doritos jacked now I found this really hilarious
description you guys know what Doritos Jack is it like really hot no they’re
like the super thick it’s like if you were to make like Doritos but like make
them three times as thick as a normal steroids yeah I mean I think I’ve seen
it so this is the funniest description of a Doritos jacked it is the clumsy
overeager chubby younger brother of the Dorito that wants so badly to hang out
your mouth but just not quite cool enough but so Doritos Jack this could be
your like the gear mo of the Dorito yeah sure I am Guillermo of the show I
realized so my answer was Doritos Lawrence what is your favorite snack and
or chip I’m not a big chip person I mean I like chips but I thought take your
favorite chip I’m gonna just go classic like kringles like cheddar yeah
Cheddar’s is good Pringles are good or just a stack of them it all day I mean
or the classic Doritos Cool Ranch I mean that’s just a classic class and then a
snack I can we’re talking on how healthy I mean I’m just gonna say free roll up
off the top roll up in a long time oh yeah and then if you’re talking to
healthy I can eat like seven watermelons no no we’re not those like we’re not
talking out to here let’s go ahead and skip that I mean throw me on like a
fruit roll-up in a cheese Pringle and I’m like locked in for the evening
so a question about the watermelon there’s some people in the South that
like to throw salt on a watermelon I’ve never my mom never was I’ve never
been a fan of that at all no I’m not either
I started do this thing I can’t remember saw someone else do it but I put like
Tony’s I don’t know if you ever heard of that see it’s like a Cajun seasoning the
watermelon yeah it’s like a little spoon cuff because they do like they put
cayenne pepper Kanye and I think in LA I saw some dude do it like watermelon
slices with pepper and although it’s a little bit of salt a little bit of
pepper it’s pretty good then to it nice y-yeah I grew up eating watermelon with
salt on it because that’s what my family does and I thought that was the way that
you ate watermelon and then once I got older and I was poor and couldn’t afford
salt right as a college student I said yes that’s right
I wasn’t even worth my salt but I said you know what I’m gonna try it I’m just
gonna eat it and I was like wow my family’s been lying to me ever since I
was a child yeah you know I prefer the juiciness of
the watermelon with no with no salt it’s funny when you learn something from your
family really young and then you get like oh and then you’re like wait that’s
fucking weird but sometimes there’s things that you’re like you know that
sometimes there’s things are you starting great well you don’t have
children I don’t think right you don’t have kids
no but there’s things I like ingrained in my children that my family ingrained
in me because I got older and I was like gosh they really were right about this
thing you know so I don’t know yeah so it’s it’s weird
to see both things but if I if I had to go with the chip I mean it’s really hard
for me because I really won thing I really like is salt and vinegar wavy
chips like like ruffles but salt and vinegar but they only make them in like
the smaller brands like Tom’s or some of the random chips you know you see at the
store the major major chips I got to go probably with the Doritos chili
I like the Doritos the chili ones the sweet chili wheat chili yes which way I
love those yeah dude at the bottom of the bag when all the little you know
things another one I like that I go in waves with no pun intended is the free
honey barbecue twist oh my goodness yeah I’m all in I mean you know that’s the
type of thing that you crushed the entire bag of I mean you just can’t stop
eating them easy no matter how big the bag is you can’t stop Costco no I don’t
know if they make big bags they make them all team size bags really yeah they
get the really small bags but they also in those they have the mediums which are
like they’re just a little bigger than a small chip bag but like the whole bag is
almost full like it’s it’s heavy when you pick it up you know it’s not like
your typical chip bag where you know 3/4 of its just air solid but I got to say
my number one I got to definitely go with takis I love talkies
I can go ham on some talkies man I love those things when I first you’ve never
had him oh you like spicy stuff yeah but the talking so the first time I had him
was several years ago somebody had brought something for their lunch in a
place where I was working and I brought him and I was like I see you know I mean
it’s a Mexican chip you know so yeah you see the little Mexican Cession section
at the gas station you know with the bimbo bimbo stuff and you know the the
you know chili flavored chips or not the lines usually flavor chicharrones yeah
they cheek that Rhoda you see this oven and for a long time I was like you know
whatever I don’t want that section but when I discovered the talkies now the
talkies a move mainstream though the talkies are like yeah I got an early oh
I got in early I got in early on the talkies yeah yeah so they’re so good the
first time I had him I said this will forever be my favorite snack and it is
you know but they’re spicy one think about beef jerky though what’s that
don’t forget about beef jerky I know that’s a big snack of yours oh yeah I
eat so much beef jerky it’s insane it doesn’t matter how much my wife buys
she’ll come home with like ten bags of beef jerky and beef sticks no stuff it
never makes it more than one day at my house never no matter how much she buys
so I loved you beef jerky yeah dude have you ever had no man’s
land beef jerky I don’t know ELISA it’s kind of a new go
to hit to hit the mainstream yeah it’s good yeah it’s it’s very similar to
homemade beef jerky if you’ve ever had homemade oh yeah it’s like really dry
and it comes in strips instead of the little bub oh it’s the best
I love no means lean the bad thing is I can’t buy it cheaper on their wholesale
site then I can buy as a gas station so like it’s really expensive it’s like
nine dollars for a pretty small bag you just got a he’s got a deal with it you
know I could either take that but how about speaking of chips how about this
weird thing that I had a couple weeks ago hot cheetos ice cream oh I saw that
what was that it was good so so I took my wife out it was her birthday a couple
weeks ago you know momma wild things and my new editor-in-chief of bit boy crypto
calm she’s doing a phenomenal job writing some really cool art okay fair
enough yeah so we went out for her birthday and I wanted to take her to the
Disney Store she loves Disney we ever do that nation coming up soon you know and
like so I took her there to get her some stuff in the Disney Store like some
shirts our trip or whatever and when we walked in immediately there’s this place
called you know ice cream ice cream cereal bar
something like that a new store and to where you can get cereal with your ice
cream so you know like frosted flakes and ice cream fruity pebbles you know
the whole nine yards right yeah they have some special blends and one was Hot
Cheetos and I said you know what this is a I want ice cream with cereal I want
what you guys are selling here I don’t want to get this you know hot cheeto
thing but then I remembered with the last time I was in Las Vegas there was a
hot cheeto dusted corn on the cob stick that you could get yeah I mean I didn’t
get it and I’ve regretted that decision ever since I got back so when I go out
there for world crypto con I am definitely getting it sat in a place a
hotdog stand near I think near the place where they have the ferris wheel they
got like really AM they got like a BLT hot dog that’s like a sandwich on a hot
dog it’s crazy so I said you know what I’m going to get this hot cheeto
ice-cream even though I would rather have the other ice cream cause I don’t
want to regret this opportunity I mean this is taken
life by the horns right now you know yeah so what they did is is they crud
they put hot cheetos in the bottom of the ice cream and then they blend it all
up together and it has like kind of a weird orange tint to it and then they
dust hot cheeto dust on top of it now I’ve already confessed my love for
talkies now we’re going deep on the snack conversation guys
I’ve already professed my love for talkie so you know I like Hot Stuff hot
cheetos I don’t like as much as talkies but I do love the Hot Chip okay so for
me I’ve actually done this before where I’ve eaten talked talkies and chased it
with ice cream because at some point I just can’t eat anymore and I got to
chase it with ice cream so I can’t keep you anymore so so I actually thought
like this could be a good idea and let me tell you it was phenomenal it was
really sweet now by the time you got to the very bottom of the cone the
spiciness is overwhelming the ice cream so like it your mouth mush mush what do
you mean yeah it does like the duck just turned to like cheeto mush I wouldn’t
say cheeto mush I mean it’s blended in you know it’s like you blended it yeah
man it’s blend it is I’m on the top bite anymore huh will you say James alright
okay that’s not much it’s not much yeah fine but by the time you get to
that you’ve already gone through the dust because the dust is sprinkled on
the top of a cone so by the time you get you know even with the cone already
killed the dust you’re now into the extra hot cheetos that are blended in
blended not mushed in they’re blended in and it’s sweet it’s good I’ll tell you
another thing I had that was really good when I was in the Philippines that
people will always be like talk about it cheese ice cream no I’ll imagine it
sounds kraut dude shark tank and for that alone Kevin okay I’m out no
but this out no I’m out I don’t want to hear about it I it’s like the hard
chocolate shout out it Dairy Queen hey you guys in the heart chocolate shell on
a Dairy Queen Dairy Queen cone about it’s like that but it’s a sweet cheese
on top and it’s actually really good dude it’s
Megan oh and I would be saying this about your position that’s the end of
the show you killed it yeah I came out I don’t like vegetables so I can’t be that
adventurous with like foreign food but if it’s some things that I actually like
even though it might sound kind of gross like cheese and ice cream like I can be
adventurous with that I can’t be adventurous eating a freakin soup that
has broccoli has it’s got onions in it you know I can’t do it I’ll eat the cow
tongue I can’t eat the onions hmm wow you’re out I’m really sorry you are
missing out on all my ice cream that most of my stories with adventure of
food involves ice cream maybe that’s why I’m so fat so what to say good nice that’s right so yeah so I
guess that pretty much breezed it in let me ask you this one last question
lawrence cuz this is something that we’ve been going back and forth with for
the last you know the last few weeks what is your thought on coin market cap
cuz now I came out and white knighted for him a little bit the other day so
big did he know he did it was right after I made a video about the traction
so I don’t know he’s on my video or not but he white knight it for him a little
bit I’m not throwing him under the wheel I can die or whatever but what’s your
opinion on Kumar yeah what was i role now as a second I mean I
guess alright I mean I don’t know what other like what else is there like coin
Keiko coin like I don’t know I mean I guess that’s how I used to check all the
prices I know I use like apps and stuff I mean for from a data provider point of
view I guess they’re pretty accurate but like from like a platform in business
model I don’t don’t really follow them that close to be honest like I like my
only experiences with the coin cap is like checking prices you know just see
like what prices but no I mean I think they’ve gotten some flack in the back
for having like that advertisers before and stuff and they’re – like the way
they bring kryptos I don’t know exactly enough to like say but I know how people
got pissed that I’m like the way like their algorithm the sorting method is it
might be shady like how they used to do things or how they do things now but
I don’t know I guess like the more I travel like I just met like I I meet
like a lot of these people like I know some of the people from core mark cab
and I know some of the people from the exchange isn’t it’s like they bow I have
had some practices that aren’t like good but I don’t know I mean I guess I’ll
white knight for them a little bit because they’re like so og a bit that
they’ve like done so much or like you’re headed so much but there could be better
off calling platforms like I’ve checked out things on like clink echo Quinn that
Greek I forget the other ones so what else is there there’s a couple good ones
did you know I’m always curious to see if people know this or not did you know
that coin market cap is far and away the number one web site in all of Krypton I
didn’t know that actually cuz it’s not even close it crushes every it crushes
finance it crushes coinbase and crushes coin Telegraph it crushes everything by
a large margin oh yeah their number their top 500
website in the world yeah they’re about three they were almost in the top 100
during the bull run yeah it’s pretty insane I mean they have a they are
sleeping giants you have the industry that people don’t even understand the
scale that they’re on there’s a lot of people trying to disrupt them they used
to be very hard because of their brand equity that they have yeah and they’re
just like domain Authority and like their their clout you could say a but
yeah I didn’t know either honestly I was doing a lot of research I was like okay
kind of traffic ranking this coin does have there’s a coin Telegraph have what
does Finance have what does coinbase have I did like some late night research
like but maybe out a year ago and then I was like oh what about Quinn mark
captain I was like number 400 in the world yeah I know
crazy other yeah they’re they’re they’re powerhouses for sure it’s crazy this
industry is very it’s I mean good luck trying to find an interview with the CEO
of Quinn mark cap good luck trying to find out what he looks like
I know it’s funny listen this is funny they’re doing what other doing a big
reveal they should do a reveal then they are
and November in Singapore they’re doing a big event come meet the founder and
CEO of my market cap see that’s because of my that’s because of our our podcast
let me call him out left and right it wasn’t
yeah obviously we may have had that plane already I would assume they did
well yeah it’s it is definitely crazy I mean what other company do you know of
that’s a 20 to 30 million dollar company per year annually that you cannot find
out who the CEO is when you find his name but you can’t find out any
information about him other than that you don’t know what he looks like
nothing is crazy oh you can think it’s a morning grab baby I mean there are some
like funds and stuff that make like crazy money that you would never know
but no like mainstream you know company now that’s one of the few and maybe for
good reasons there were very maybe he looks like Quasimodo I mean that’s what
I think like maybe he just doesn’t maybe he’s like I mean I’m an ugly man I’m
terrible like maybe that’s what it is maybe he looks like an Enzo like maybe
that’s what the hailer he looks pretty normal you seen him yeah
you shyster Lauritz you know anything about he’s got big yeah well cool
Lawrence well I guess that is all we got I tell everybody where everybody can
find you digital on some Twitter same on Instagram I think yeah at the website
now to judge Lawrence calm and yeah got that secured and just fo Montcalm check
it out how it’s the best platform encrypt oh no you just give it a look
nice we appreciate your time today buddy thanks for calling in from Singapore
thanks for having me so it’s like kind of just in a lobby Wi-Fi is kind of
weird here off and on so hot down to the lobby to get on yeah well I think we can
hear the Singaporean government tapping into the call so yeah about there cool
thanks dude thank you I later guys they got musicworx reach are you coming

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