DigiAssets – DigiByte Crypto Commercial

What are DigiAssets?
Digi assets are digital representations of a real-world asset
that are treatable but cannot be duplicated or counterfeited.
Anything could be a DigiAsset.
How about tickets to your local basketball game?
Of course?
What about kick-starting a business idea with shares in the company?
The latest crypto pets? Property titles?
In-game currencies? Virtual trading cards?
Yes, you can!
with DigiAssests, you can easily create tokens, assets and more.
All backed by the rock-solid security of the DigiByte blockchain.
Best of all in addition to sending and receiving DigiAssets directly from your DigiByte mobile wallet
you can also create them from your mobile as well.
DigiAssets is powered by the DGB blockchain.
faster, more secure, forward-thinking

32 thoughts on “DigiAssets – DigiByte Crypto Commercial

  1. I am loving the whole collectable tokens you're doing, it's a great idea! It will prove we're true pioneers of DigiByte in the distant future.


  2. Getting me super excited and I have feeling no other crypto project gave me before


  3. Another great Video…..another opportunity to own another great collectible #DigiAsset

  4. DECNvCcbmT97cM1VznAhK2ZFk2VqoX8u4o

    I get the feeling your future DigiAssets vids are going to be 🔥

  5. Love the Vid Amon, I always refer to your videos to to quickly explain Digi Byte, Simple, Straight to the point yet very informative.

  6. I think these digiAssets are vary cool. Keep the the great work.
    I still think we should bring back the tulip, it will age much better this time!

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