Defining a fee structure in CurrencyXchanger (CXR): Currency Exchanger Software

Welcome. My name’s Elizabeth and I’m going to take you through a video showing you how to set fee structures for certain transactions. This is if you’re going to apply a commission percentage and/or a service fee to a certain transaction and it’s never going to change whenever you do that typical transaction. With most transactions if you’re going to apply a commission you can do so manually on the actual invoice and enter in your service fee as well but I’m going to show you how to set it so that it can be automatically populated when you do this specific transaction. We need to go up to our toolbar. Select Admin and then Define Fee Structures. Once in here we need to create a new one and let’s name it something relevant to what we’re going to apply it to so, for example, check cashing and every time we do that we’re going to apply a 3% commission and $2.50 local fee. Let’s save this and exit out. Now in our invoices we’ll create a new one. We have a Walk-In Customer who’s going to do some check cashing. Down below in this drop down menu we haw have the fee structure that we just set, check cashing. Select in the 3% and the $2.50 will automatically populate. To recap, this fee structure will always be set once selected from your drop down menu whenever you want to apply it to a certain transaction.

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