Day in the Life of a Japanese Casino Worker Pachinko

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  1. I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these times. This video was filmed before Tokyo started recommending a city lockdown. In fact, at the time of uploading this video, Tokyo is still not officially on any lockdown and residents are able to go out as they wish, but please know that I am staying at home these days as much as possible, eating meals at home and only venturing out for necessary items such as pregnancy clinic visits, grocery shopping, etc and also practicing social distancing as much as it is possible in Tokyo. And of course, I am not traveling these days. I hope this video can bring some joy to your part of the world. – Watch more Japan Day in the Life Series (Playlist): – Join my YouTube members to be able to watch my videos early. – If you want to help support the channel, check out my Toe-kyo Merch – Join my Paolo from TOKYO discord community if you have questions about how Japan is dealing with Coronavirus or Japan in general.

  2. I love this video ty so much paolo!!! I go to the casino for years with my family and it's been the best of times. I go to chumash casino in santa Barbara california

  3. These are some of the most interesting videos on youtube. Thanks for doing them. It makes me thankful for the work-life balance I have in Canada (Which in turn is less than most Europeans).

  4. So this will prob sound ignorant, so please someone correct me. I thought betting in Japan is illegal? Besides Gashapon and sport betting?

    Edit: I didn't get to the part of the video where you said they exchange the gold coins sorry XD

  5. Why do so many people line up so early in the morning to gamble??

    edit: well, you explained it well in the video, but still. Lining up for a pachinko parlor, culture shock O.o
    edit 2: number 1 is number 1 after, even in the drinking party he didn't order beer

  6. This was so interesting! Thanks Paolo, you’re genuinely making some of the best stuff on YouTube right now

  7. Well.. I thought the idea of Japanese people drinking and going "_SHUUUUU!!!_ " was just an anime thing.
    Never thought I'd actually get to see that, on a screen, filmed from real life.

    Being an unemployed bum as I am and have been my entire life, because this (#/%()#/)¤"# sucks, it's interesting to see how people who get jobs live their lives.

  8. I worked with Japos and yeah this bullshit about "the customer is god" etc is forced throughout and it is the absolute worst thing ever. It has turned them into spineless, wily snowflakes.

  9. You should add a 15 second “sounds of Pachinko” section. It was amazing to walk through and hear the incredible sounds emanating from these casinos. Great video. My last of 5 trips to Japan was 10 years ago. Fond memories of Kumamoto, Tokyo, Kobe and many other cities in Japan. Shirakawa-go was another highlight.
    Stay safe and healthy and enjoy fatherhood.

  10. What a lad. Flying with style.
    But for a morning shift, it sure ended late. Hope he's doing fine during the pandemic. Also the worker who had her last day of work was cute and looked like a gal with a nice sassy personality!
    Nice Style!

  11. And this is all while the rest of the world shits themselves and kill their own economy because few thousand corona deaths.

  12. Day in a life of human slaves in Japan, is what's appropriate. Theses people are made to serve for completely usless causes. Japanese society is as destructive to humanity on par with North Korea. Their entire lives pass by while they serve mindlessly.

  13. I went into a pachinko hall once…just once….it was the loudest sound I've ever been physically around outside of a jet engine. It made my adrenaline jump and after I left I couldn't sit down or stop moving for an hour. 5/5 amazing experience.

  14. I enjoy your videos, it must be hard to get permission to film inside of all those places your in. In the USA and Mexico they don't like people filming inside ?

  15. Hi Paolo! Great video. We love this series, please keep the videos coming. Good luck, stay safe, Gabriel and Tatiana from Argentina!

  16. Hi, Paolo. I love your "one day in the life of" series, and I discovered your channel bc of those videos. Congrats with 1m subscribers and please keep up filming this type of videos after corona thing. Love your videos and respect from Uzbekistan <3

  17. why is no one talking about hundreds of people lining up at 9:30 in the mornng to enter a casino? didnt realize japans gambling culture was this bad

  18. Hey Paolo,
    I really love your videos!!
    Could you please do one about "A day in the life of a doctor"? Especially a female one, maybe?
    I'm a medical student and want to work in Japan later it would be so nice.

  19. The fact that this guy has to clean toilets as part of his job and gets to eat a nice meal afterwards tells you a lot about their culture. I think everyone regardless of rank should clean parts of their work place.

  20. I love you Paolo, whenever I see a video from your channel I immediately click, and you never disappoint.

  21. No offense, but can you stop doing the very fake smile when saying something. I'd rather see natural face expressions, you know. Thanks.

  22. It’s pachinko not casino. Those are two different things and casinos are illegal in japan at the moment.

  23. Jesus christ look at all those gambling addicts lined up at 10am for their fix. In the middle of a pandemic no less. In fact, why is this place even open?

  24. Do the staff get to wear hearing protection? Because those halls are LOUD. When the door slides open you can hear them from quite a long way off. If they can't wear hearing protection, what does the pachinko parlour do to protect their staff's hearing?

  25. So interesting to see what different walks of life out there! Thanks Paolo! Looking for more once everything settles down. Stay safe!

  26. Is it me or does everyone on these day in the life video's all wake up to the exact same alarm clock noise?

  27. Huge respect to Kento. I would completely fail the "customer is god" thing. Guess that's why in our country it's only "customer is king" and not god…either way. It looks like a really hard job after all. And the noise level alone would probably kill me over time. But it was once again an amazing video. Loving that series Paolo. Keep it up and hope you all stay healthy.

  28. I really like your "Day in the life" type video. PLS keep going to make it more! I come form Hong Kong and love Japan. You made me know more about life style in Japan.

  29. your videos are interesting. I love hearing about how other people live. I would be interested in how people choose different jobs and careers and what education pathways will lead to different options in Japan

  30. In Tokyo evey casino
    Was lockout entirely
    Country are lockout
    No store no supermarket are closed because dangerous Coronavirus

  31. I wonder what’s the point of working so hard if most japanese people barely have families or big luxurious places to live in? I’m sure he enjoys his job, but I just don’t see the point of living like that.

  32. Cheers for the upload it's nice to escape what's going on around the world. Stay safe people and stay home!

  33. I was looking for one of his newest videos but found one. Thank you for posting amazing videos! I know this is off-topic but I'm Japanese too who lives in America. I miss living in Japan greatly. Your videos helped me feel like I was in Japan once again.

  34. I have just the book pachinko. Beautifully written and definitely worth reading. Before this I didn't know what it was. Really interesting and there are extremely rich owners!!

  35. I would love to see a day in the life of a conbini worker when it’s safe to go back out again! I love these videos. Great job!

  36. Very interesting despite Pachinko being the absolute hell on Earth (I've visited few of them in Osaka), everything is made to keep people addicted, from the music/sounds that break your ears, the lights, so players forget about time and money and end up spending much more…. I genuinely think that this is worse than regular western Casino….. but yeah Japan, as usual, they forbid things and end up allowing worse things to happen….

  37. After work…..dinner & drinking with co-workers. Boy, do I remember that! It's why I'm no longer in Japan. I did notice at the restaurant nobody was smoking–a big change from when I was there.

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