Davincij15 Says THIS Altcoin Will 2x? Ripple XRP Pump! Ebay + Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin Trading + News

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some technical analysis so technical
analysis wise for Bitcoin at a very
important level I’m actually very happy
we’re at this level when I’m making this
video eight thousand dollar resistance
has been hard we’ve seen the eight
thousand dollar touch twice now this is
the bit for next chart we’ve seen a
touch twice on two different daily
candles both of which have wicks on the
outside right now showing we’re not able
to close above it we have to see the
close above it and continuation for us
to except for us to confirm that that
has been broken but taking us all the
way back scares remember I had this
target cell as the potential target for
Bitcoin in the short term and well we
hit that target absolutely exploded past
that target and now we are sitting at
$8,000 the last time I talked to you
guys I believe you were at like say
we’re up almost 1,500 to 2,000 dollars
simply since the last time I talk to you
guys which is insane
the Bitcoin we know and love the Bitcoin
with all the volatility he’s back to the
enemy and he’s making a point or she he
or she is back and they’re making a
point right now my targets for Bitcoin
if we do manage to break eight thousand
dollars I want to go over targets about
Bitcoin XRP and aetherium right now in
the short to mid-term to give you guys
an idea of what I’m looking at but
Bitcoin I think if we do break the
$1,000 now key if we do break the eight
thousand dollar resistance I think we
can see the move to eight thousand nine
hundred and fifty inch and then after
that 9950 ish again close to nine
thousand and close to ten thousand that
would line up perfectly with previous
zones that we’ve seen a lot of actions
towards up here and of course up here
again the peak of this candle over here
the peak of this rally that Bitcoin
actually had I think those two are good
zones now back to the downside key
levels to be looking at roughly around
7,500 seven thousand four hundred seven
thousand five hundred range we do break
below that it might be time to start
expecting Bitcoin to have a pullback
again our site is at very high levels
all this trend line that I’ve drawn
before how we’ve kept up with it pretty
much perfectly ever since we first
looked at it we’ve touched it several
several times again bounced off best so
if you have been following this and if
you have been looking at this trend line
and the RSI and the stochastic you’ll
see that things have actually been
lining up pretty well now what’s gonna
be interesting to see is if we do sort
of level off a little bit here allow the
indicators to cool back down before
breaking off the $8,000 resistance to
move back upwards so if we do let the
indicators cool off a little bit we
could see another bounce off that but
I’m gonna update you guys more as we go
because obviously Bitcoin right now
crucial level and I want to see what
happens at this point I’m before we move
on to XRP I do want to talk about the
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now XRP absolutely exploded today I want
to highlight this as well cuz I know we
have a lot of XRP fans who watch this
video and as you guys know I’m a very
long-term believe in XRP those know not
everyone knows a lot of people think I
bought an XR P recently I first bought
an XR p when it was sub 10 cents it was
a 2017 I believe it was early 2017 sub
10 cents rode it all the way up in the
bull run sold roughly around I would I’d
say roughly around two and a half to
three dollars ish I don’t have the exact
numbers here obviously was a long time
ago those were the good days and after
that picked up some more and now I’ve
been holding it but XRP has been in a
narrow tight trading range we’ve seen a
few exceptions obviously with the
breakout let’s put the brush on with a
few breakouts over here over here over
here you can extend the trading zone if
you’d like to highlight a little more
but most of the time since pretty much
early December we’ve been trading in
this tight little range right and we
were basically trained as many people
were starting to color to repeat a
stable coin say well no matter what
happens you can always put your money
next RP and it’ll stay stable XRP
decided yeah enough of this we’re gonna
start breaking upwards and that break
upwards now targets for me again for XRP
if we do continue the rally right now
and very important support if we do zoom
in to like the 4-hour or the for hourly
what you’ll see again very very
difficult to see we had a run up to an
important the resistance level came back
down to touch a support level and then
are now continuing the rise so if we do
continue this rally on upwards now I
would not recommend jumping into XRP
when it has a daily candle like this
just because if you weren’t in before
now it’s probably not the right time to
do it but if you are in I would consider
securing some profits at around this
range as we are at a resistance and then
at the range of 45 to 46 cents roughly
around 57 cents obviously all aligning
with previous price action and over here
at roughly around 68 to 69 cents as well
that’s what I’d be looking at to secure
profits if we look over at XR PBT see
this is
XRP USA if you look over at xrp BTC will
see an even stronger reason for this
push up on the BTC chart look at the
support that we’ve had ever since let’s
go all the way back here ever since
December 2017 you know we’ve been
trading above this we had this double
bounce basically over here off in mid
2018 August September 2018 oh yeah
August September 2018 after that again
following a similar strategy and right
at that point the exact same support we
saw very similar tweets over here a an
explosion to the upside against a bounce
off here again you’ll see this candle a
bounce big handle up and then this want
to balance wait a little bit and then a
big candle up a very similar thing that
we are seeing right here if those of you
guys who are interested in that now the
Vinci j15 has mentioned the Hawkwind
he’s actually invested like half of his
cash thing he had available to invest
obviously I’m not going to confirm that
I was watching and then crypto and
DaVinci Jay 15s live stream right now
before making this video just see if
they had anything interesting I said no
a lot of you guys also do follow them if
you don’t follow them make sure do go
ahead and check them out they do have
some great collabs on there it’s always
fun to see the duo working together but
he was saying that he recently bought in
to aetherium in theory or know this and
all credit actually keeping an eye out
on and we’ve been trained we’ve been
actually using bit mechs to leverage
trade aetherium in the last few days in
order to see the profits that these
candles can allow right so etherium to
me right now important level again
upside targets to $220 269 inch and 298
dollars again reason for these same as
with XRP is previous part of the
previous price actions previous support
we can see over here previous
resistances that we can even see over
here again would be levels to secure
targets now I already secured some
profits on aetherium obviously with
buying an earlier with this candle
happening we’re able to secure some
profits in order to you know in order
for risk management we did secure some
profits at the early levels but the
upside targets again do stand and he
expects it to double I’m not gonna say I
expected to double just because doubling
is pretty significant that is obviously
where it’s out right now $200 a that’s
going to
400 I’m focusing on the way I like to do
things which is securing profits along
the way and these are the targets that I
have highlighted I want to give you guys
that as well so you can depending on
what your strategy is you can go ahead
and do that so again I’m gonna link I’m
gonna leave the link to mmm kryptos
channel in the comments down below and
in crypto if you’re watching this
fantastic livestream I’ll always love
watching you and davinci together now
BTC has served Bitcoin surged 100
percent in 2019 alone we’ll XRP and
etherion fall obviously we just talked
about these three I believe these are
the big three in terms of especially
what people have trade especially if
you’re on bit Mex usually you’re doing
big coin or Bitcoin etherium or Bitcoin
etherium and XRP those are the ones that
a lot of people a lot of people follow
and for good reason there’s a lot of
price history involved there is they are
relatively easier to trade compared to
some of these smaller offerings
especially the micro caps those are very
very difficult to trade these are
significantly easier but I did want to
talk about this really quick before we
jump into the market before we jump into
eBay before we talk about all that that
didn’t want to say at 2019 Bitcoin has
been the I believe it’s been the best
performing asset of 2019 that just goes
to highlight that there every market
every asset goes through good years goes
through bad years right so in 2018 was a
bad year for Bitcoin the years before
that we’re pretty good you’re serving
we’re fantastic years for Bitcoin before
2018 so everyone that called Bitcoin
dead in 2018 clearly it has never been
in any form of investment clearly has no
idea how an investment works if you are
calling something dead after one year
when before that it has been performing
significantly well we’ve seen this
happen with a stock market – if you were
to take just 2008 the stock market
absolutely sucked but from there it was
able to recover and same thing can be
said here again the best performing
asset in 2019 obviously it works Bitcoin
works a lot faster it’s a lot more
volatile it’ll have a much larger
pullback in a much shorter time span
than most other assets and it will then
recover a lot faster and a lot fat a lot
bigger than most other asset classes I
didn’t want to highlight that for you
guys doing pretty well 2019 hopefully
we’ll see it continue now moving on to
twenty-nine just under two hundred
thirty billion dollars in market began
last time I made a video we were nowhere
near two hundred and thirty billion
dollar mark cap in mark cap on corn
two hundred and thirty-five just under
two hundred thirty six billion and a
fifty nine point four percent bitcoins
honest guys to me that the emphasis
right here is the sixty percent
I think sixty percent to me and I’ve
been saying it for some time leading up
to this now sixty percent is where I
expect we could start seeing all coins
start to recover money has been leaving
all coins entering Bitcoin bitcoins been
killing it all points in term of their
BTC pairing have been suffering the last
month and a half almost two months now
since April first practically it since
April Fool’s we’ve seen them continue to
drop specially go over to no not BCH
BTC you see a lot more rent obviously
not necessarily today but you see a lot
more read overall especially if you look
at the last few months now the biggest
Gator of the day 21% chain-link after
that XRP absolutely again rarely do you
see one of the top you know I’d say the
one of the top three in the biggest move
the biggest movers of the day up 20% in
USD goes up to almost 30 at some point
correct me if I’m wrong might have been
up to almost 30 after that ontology I
would have been absolutely killing it
recently as well
BitTorrent aurora dogecoin several
crypto currencies in the green
definitely I believe or it looks like a
pretty even split between green and red
biggest losers a BBC coin factum might
be a good opportunity to pick up some
cheap factum if you guys are interested
in the project crypto comm another one
that’s down populist Walton chain pretty
much an even 50-50 split with Bitcoin
finding that resistance starting to
trade a little sideways toward that
resistance in the last two days you guys
can see up here all coins starting to
recover a little bit we’re starting to
see a split in the market between some
performing well and some not so well now
two big pieces of news now eBay this is
not a hundred percent confirmed at least
I don’t believe it’s confirmed 100
percent this is just leaked rumors now
sometimes these these rumors turn out to
be true sometimes they turn out to be
not so true so I didn’t want to
highlight that and emphasize that so we
don’t jump a hundred percent believing
this is going to happen but this was
leaked advertisements from consensus
which I believe is happening right now
as well
we could be expecting a lot of news
coming in from that leaked advertisement
from from consensus on Eva from eBay on
consensus I believe I don’t even know
how you say that but digital currency
it’s happening on eBay eBay could start
accepting you now the reason why this is
again just bigger than eBay is if it’s
if a eBay is starting to accept that you
can expect a lot of other e-commerce
platforms like Amazon and so forth all
starting to accept this as well because
they don’t want to lose the buyers to
eBay they don’t want to lose the
customers to eBay they will incorporate
that stuff as well I don’t know how many
buyers there’s going to be simply
because I don’t think many people want
to spend their Bitcoin but at the same
time if anyone does if for some reason
you make some significant prophecy you
do want to spend some on eBay which is
totally fine you might be able to do
that relatively soon this might just be
a third party deal we are gonna have to
wait for a lot more information coming
once consensus over once we get that
information rolling once we see all that
happening I think this is a very big
step in the right direction and very
similar crypto milestone 30,000 476
mainstream stores are going to start
accepting Bitcoin Bitcoin cash in a
theme again this is a third party a
third party partnership basically
according to flex up flex as a new
payments Network built using crypto
currencies it’s going to bring it to a
lot of different retailers like Barnes
and Nobles like I think Whole Foods is
there yet Whole Foods is there
Starbucks is there Nordstrom’s there
Jamba Juice Game Stop crave barrel a ton
like I said over 30,000 different store
so if you guys wanted to see me make a
video going to one of these stores maybe
buying something I’m not the biggest fan
of spending my cryptocurrency right now
but I do think it could be a pretty cool
video to show how that works to buy
something from one of these stores and
then have it delivered just to see the
whole process throughout if you guys if
that is something you guys would like to
see make sure you do let me know in the
comments down below but guys that’s
gonna be this video tons of information
hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did
don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and
leave a comment down below again to
enter a chance to win the giveaway then
I’m gonna be doing next video guys thank
you so much for watching I’ll see you
guys tomorrow for another video

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