Davincij15: “Bitcoin LIFT OFF in March & 100x ALTCOIN“!!!

okay guys today we will do something special we will exactly take what the Vinci got right what he got wrong within the last few weeks we will take that lesson and apply it to the current marketplace right now and da Vinci will exactly tell us what will happen to the Bitcoin and art coin space within the next few weeks and important within the immediate term and I got it I think we should listen to him today because can you remember at the World Economic Forum he gave that 100x call he already got his first 100 X trait within this I don’t know like two or three weeks time frame so I think we should listen to him today all guys and actually if you are looking out for sponsoring the channel we actually looking out for a sponsor the product or the service must be useful it must be relevant to the audience and we have to check it and it must be legit if you want to support the channel you can do that we will just put in like a 10 second video within that video M within an episode and yeah if you’re interested go to M encrypted link is also given down in the description down below and you can apply for that and now without further ado da Vinci thank you so much for being here and the most important question of today how are you doing today da Vinci thank you so fine thanks thanks for being I’m glad to be on the show I really have enjoyed myself here and I’m looking forward to really going over some of my mistakes because you know what we are not perfect beings and if we learn from our mistakes right with grow from that I think that’s the most important thing I’m also a student of the market I know that I don’t know everything and because of that I’m always willing to learn and you that your audience should be let’s feel this be the same way and everything you do whether it’s trading or doing artwork or singing music or whatever playing a musical instrument just always look to make yourself better every single time exactly exactly it’s so important to improve and evolve in this space I mean it’s changing day by day just wanted to say before we start with the first thing of today we are very glad again that we have you at mmm crypto and that you are joining our team now we ten people so thank you for that everyone watching make sure you like this video today we are trying to get a thousand or two thousand likes again and now we are we are going into the first topic of today without further ado maybe you can first of all cover some things you got wrong some things you got right and afterwards we will take that lesson and you will take tell us exactly what’s going to happen in the marketplace Bitcoin and alkynes in the immediate term all right there’s no way that’s going to happen again and here we have this cryptocurrency went up here at point zero zero zero like 23 or 30 so Toshi’s and look where it is I mean come on this is when nuts and that’s what happens with these low values lays low volume and low of market cap currencies this is like BST watt Beach to you I do not please do not go out and buy this thing I’ll be very mad people please do not do that yes I mean especially it’s it has pumped already it has a low volume again it will be now something like a pump and dump and everyone who was buying him you might be the victim of that pump and I’m so pleased to not do it whatever and she is doing he is taking that coins after ad listing or when the when everyone is talking bad about it he’s buying into and then he’s waiting and waiting and waiting and this opportunity is gone right now guys so do not buy in he’s I mean probably you already sold or so and it’s very important to discover some new projects and find new opportunities for the next 100x obviously no financial advice so what we will do right now that mean she and maybe you will cover some things you got right you got wrong and afterwards we will take the lesson and apply it to the current market situation and try to get some projections for the next few days and weeks yes well as you know I also mentioned like in our last video together that I’ve been I had I believe got only a 40% chance that Bitcoin was gonna continue higher I felt that market looked very soft there’s very many when did the option just took off so I want to know where I want to know where I got it where I got it wrong so let’s let’s go up to the charts and find out exactly how I got wrong and how I could like to improve in order to prevent this from happening again now looking at these this chart right you can see there was actually two pumps here right where a Bitcoin just went loop I missed that and I missed this so I want to go back and find out what what could I’ve done differently right in order to get into this trade if I wanted to so let’s go back here and one of the things I learned is why these things are called indicators and these indicators are lagging indicators meaning they they tell you what happened like in the past and so you really you have to like take these things with a grain of salt and you have to use them in combination with what with with other indicators flow each indicator it has different properties and so you want to use indicators that are not similar so for example the RSI is very different from the MACD and then volume indicators is very different from all these so these three indicators are so are significantly different so that’s why I have significantly different indicators now I’m not gonna go into explaining exactly how these indicators work but I’m going to show you some tricks of the trade so for example MACD right one of the things you couldn’t do with Mack Dee’s look for what’s called a divergence and a divergence is basically when the MACD is is getting higher but prices going going lower so that means there’s a divergence between the MACD rates you can see the prices I think it’s between here and here actually is that true I think it was right here okay so I’m gonna go drag this over here let’s just make this smaller right and so there you go you could see there’s a divergence between here and I believe it’s between here and here too let’s take a look at that let’s make sure I see because I remember seeing that last time I looked at that and yes there is a divergence so this is a better diverges to look at so right here you can see that price right although the divert that sees the MACD was getting a low was getting higher right price was going lower this indicates that the momentum the push how much push down has slowed right that’s that’s measured momentum and so because of that you know that d’oeuvres there’s a possible trade to go up to do to go to do the opposite basically and and how you know when it’s time to do that tray right because you can’t just go buy this you need to last you know that okay wait a minute is this this particular momentum confirmed and it gets confirmed right about here because between here you can see that it went up here came back down right and came back over here and then it blasted off and passed this level right here I’m going to draw the line you see past this level so in between the two momentum indicator to me here here right what you need to look for is when momentum goes it breaks in between this the divergence it breaks the highs and it has so now you can go you can say well I can start looking for a trade no no that’s not enough right you need more than what you need more than one many pieces of information in order to make a trade effective trade and a trade that’s going to definitely work hi I work in a higher percentage than normal and that’s what you’re looking for a higher percentage than normal great because you don’t want to you don’t want to – you don’t want to lose money you know you don’t want to you don’t want to have traits that like go against you all the time and if you just use one indicator they will go more they’ll go against you more often than not did you have something to say and no I’m just wondering so so what we will do is we will take also that new information you got or the new insight you got and we will check that out for the marketplace right now and check out and what that means for the for the market movements within the next few days is that perfect now so moving right along so how do how do I know when to make this trade well you know you can start looking at the shorter term we are looking at a shorter timeframe and then if we make this thing bigger you can see let me just drag this up here right here you can see something interesting about the volume that’s happening volume was going up during the same timeframe as a price was coming down so you can make the assist you can make the assumption that people are actually buying into this market as volume is picking up and Vaugh and presses going down so now that you know that right how do you know where to now they’ve got a second second opinions right saying hey you know what this is confirmed your trade what you can do next is look for what’s called the WP pattern wait you know how we’re talking about m’s before where the markets well if you flip that around the market does the opposite just hang on a second let me just change the color of that because new this is new this is the new quo energy data actually is a beta of quanta G so I’m just testing it out right now so you can see a little bit of a dummy here now it would’ve been really tough to get into this trade you see the W but and then the breakout is right here so this is where you would have purchased and that I find not really difficult to do what happens is sometimes you you said your buy order down here and the market just takes off and leaves you behind right but that’s that’s how you did determine whether or not this this had a potential to make you money and probably would up if you got filled right but also it shows that I could have used this to know that hate price is going to probably turn around in the future yes exactly so let’s let’s move on to this point right here I also missed this point here but I was quite I was a little bit correct in saying hey something’s showing up here because remember we did trend lines in the last video oops I did a trend line right in the last video and you showed you that here showed you that it broke through the chunk trend line I broke that trend line and I thought okay well you know things City could go start cooking and but I really I didn’t believe it I didn’t buy it and the reason what what I failed to look at right is when in doubt there’s a staying in trading when in doubt zoom out mm-hmm always look at the bigger picture all right exactly and if you look at the bigger picture on the dailies what bitcoin was doing is that it was it was this yellow line here you see this yellow line here it’s called the 13 EMA now what industry traders do is whenever the market is above the 13 EMA they look for a long trade that look for long trades the one is below they look for short trades so this should have been a big indicator for me that hey you know what something might be brewing really quickly even though this was not creating a flag flag patter that’s what I was looking for but I was late for one thing and not for many different things and that was my mistake exactly and I’m pretty sure it would be also a mistake to only look at the 30 day MA but taking that in addition to the other indicators that would give you a clear and the the good picture for the may be nearly perfect trade but when looking on yet I don’t know to two out of five indicators or two out of three indicators it’s not enough is that correct exactly exactly so when you make make a judgment call of just one piece of information right and that’s what I did I made a judgment call on one piece of information and I didn’t look for others I made the mistake of not seeing this thing happening and then I would obviously definitely want to say okay well this is definitely really good let me go down to the to the lower timeframes to see if I can make a trade in order to take advantage of what’s possibly coming but you know what what’s the beauty of that what we can do right now is we can go to the price right now and you can you can take that lesson and take all that indicators maybe one or two indicators you missed before it you can take them into consideration as well and then we can try to project the the next movements in the immediate term and within the next few days or weeks yeah exactly so let’s take a look at this now now Bitcoin is now officially I think by the our side in the Willy this is called this is this red line ray and once it’s it’s a moving average of the the Willie indicator once it gets above the the the negative twenty here it’s called the stupid the reason why it’s called stupid is because people actually get stupid they get stupidly bullish at this point and then down here there’s the when a couple goes below the eighty against people get stupidly bearish and so that’s why it’s called stupid and it’s not quite there stupid right but am i liking what I like this I love this w in patter here in the Willie unfortunately we need to see and it’s not enough to make a trade it’s a positive indicator that we’re going higher but not enough what I’d like to see is a same W pattern in the volume and we don’t see it we don’t see it like a W ish pattern right maybe even might see another line down and up and then get a double ewing pattern that would be nice in the daily because then we’re definitely gonna break through really fast but since we don’t see that on a daily we’re gonna have to go to the the short-term indicators in order to determine what its going to have the next i would i would this looks like you wouldn’t want to buy into this at this point because it’s already gone too high and you could probably make a little bit of day trade profit but not but the only for like a day trade now let’s just go down to the short-term timeframes and take a look at what we see we see that on the hourly rate it is overbought not quite stupid it’s come back like the went until overbought territorial but it’s come back down and I don’t see any kind of trade here at all I’m not finding anything positive to make a trade other than possibly yeah I don’t even see a short trade here honestly unless you want the only thing I could see is like taking a shots of the top so you don’t see a very good chance of surpassing that critical 4,100 US dollar level redetermination wave number four no there’s no positive indicators now this might change over time we might have to go a little bit sideways and then on top of that we have some negative information here I could have swore I saw a gap there it is right there there’s a gap right here so possibly we’re gonna have to come back and test the the 200 moving average on the hourly before we actually see a higher a higher explosive mood and that’s that’s that’s actually that’s actually very positive if it comes back down because then it’ll definitely go a lot higher than that the 4100 right giving me because they will give these these industry players that are down here waiting a chance to get in and buy up the market and move it back up so right now right as it seems right now there is no trade not not according to any of my plans that I could see let’s go to the four hours see if there’s anything there and there’s nothing there as well except beyond the fact that is above the 13 EMA the the four hour and that’s not enough to make it trade you need to find other reasons now what I oh I could have swore I saw a W pattern but no no W but there’s a W pattern here but it’s gotta go sort of reflect down here and is broken here in this w pattern so there’s nothing there’s nothing to make a trade a long trade or a short trade so far let’s look at the momentum to see if we’re losing momentum and no we’re not are we oh yes we have we have ooh don’t don’t don’t we’ve lost momentum yes we have there we go we almost forgot to check the momentum right and we’ve lost momentum not only that we lost it we’ve actually confirmed the loss of momentum right so you can see price has gone higher right from here to here right and let’s just just make this down just down from yeah so from here right as it made this big pot and then made a second big pot it’s lost momentum and confirm the loss of that momentum [Music] actually what you are saying is I mean it’s not good okay that’s the first lesson but you you say there is no no no good risk-return ratio to a long trade to a short trade so what do you actually think will happen to the Bitcoin price within the next I don’t know let’s say in the short and in the midterm from what you can see right there from what I can see right here we’re coming back to test this area here to see if this area is real and that we might even you do what’s called trace we’re gonna probably were traced back to the 6140 you can get probably get a short trade off but I would definitely look for another reason other than this this what’s it called this momentum change here on the for our so far like for example you could do the what Sakhalin for the market to smile at you this does not look good right here it looks like it’s smiling at you right now right like confirm button house but here I’m thinking opposite did I I gotta reverse this hang in a second this got changed settings reverse okay so yeah look at that the 61 point eight is right where this traffic zone is so it looks like we might be coming back to visit the 16 one point eight in order to confirm this this bull run so if it bounced off of sixty one point eight we’ve pretty much confirmed this this bull run and we can see higher we can go to the the 4800 as I predicted that’s my next prediction and that I think that’s coming up in March so so that’s that’s actually good thing so you are saying okay there’s a high probability that we will go down that we will go down to the sixty one point eight but when we bounce off there then the this bull movement is confirmed and then there’s a high probability that we go to four thousand eight hundred and confirm that we are in wave number four before going down even lower so actually in that a slightly negative news there’s also a good thing involved when we when we bounce off that 61 point eight so now the very important question is how big is the probability in your opinion that we actually bounce off that sixty one point eight bit coin loves sixty one point eight so it’s very high and take a look at this on the 4-hour chart look where it is closing in on a sixty one point eight so it’s likely we’re gonna come back and test that the 200 the 200 moving average and then bounce off that because that’s another indicator say hey you know what stop the market here and this is where industry is waiting for and so it’s lining up really nicely to bounce off the 69 20 and it’s a high probability so if you want to take a short off of this I do I would suggest you do I would I would do that if you know how to trade some spoke law so that maybe is especially your high leverage exactly because years would be your stop-loss right here now don’t know if you–if you’re doing leverage right keep in mind a few moves right where the market will actually break your stop losses to just and then roll back over because there’s a lot of high-end traders who do that they they go after stops a lot so those and be careful so let me make a quick conclusion there because some people might say no that that doesn’t seem too good but when we are taking all that insights from from what we have talked about and and taking also the high probability of bouncing back from the sixty one point eight in March concluding that would mean that we are ready for lift off in March that bitcoin is ready for lift off in March that we will confirm that bull movement and that March will look very very positive to us is that correct nice nice man this place that Schwarzenegger that sounds very good so actually what you are saying is short term not too positive high probability that we go down sixty one point eight but then the highest probability is that we bounce off and we will confirm the spool movement and go to even prices like four thousand eight hundred so guys we are ready for liftoff in March not right now in March with the highest probability obviously everyone think about it we don’t have any impact on exogenous risks you don’t have any impact on the big players being able to move the market on the news coming into this space so if something unpredictable happens to the market place this can change but with that factors given right now highest probability lies in that scenario also very important we are talking about trading the whole time it’s very important not with your whole trip to portfolio being exposed to training because if you are a hundred percent allocated in stable coins in the tether or in fear you might miss out when the moon shot probably comes so with that being said there is a video in the description down below you have to watch it and then you will know why you should be exposed in a trading portfolio and in a holding pot for you’re obviously in that bear market just wanted to say so now that means she thank you so much for sharing that insight with us and you don’t have too much time today because you have some things to do you are always a busy man and it’s great to see that but maybe there are some things you want to mention in the end and I want to bring something up as well we talked about that at mmm crypto as well so you mentioned that 100x possibility then you got that 100x already so congratulations for that it was not a huge position but still it feels very very good to get that 100 X is the possibility gone for the audience or might be might we be able to find some other possibilities for M 100 X’s 50 X or something like that or is that possibility completely gone now oh I think even if Bitcoin doesn’t go higher I think so that sounds already very great and very and I don’t know really looking forward to that I mean some people might still say oh I mean gee 100 X are you crazy but come on look at that guy’s track record it’s recorded guys it’s it’s not too hard to check that up so thank you so much even though in the meantime sometimes this episode seemed to be like slightly negative and it is exactly something positive if you look at the time frame for VidCon in March and if you look at the possibility to maybe get some 50 or 100 X’s in the marketplace so thank you so much for wrapping that up that was actually really interesting and I’m kind of giving us a positive vibe towards the market place and when the market might go down within the next few days or weeks guys stay positive watch that episode again and yeah make sure you join the MM crypto movement link is down a given down below for the MM crypto telegram Channel and also go to the Vinci’s channel link is also given in the description he is at above 58 thousand subscribers now we finally want to get him to sixty thousand subscribers so make sure you hit that subscribe button as well so any other words regarding the Pandora’s wallet maybe before we end the episode I mean I can see it right here maybe you have to say something about it yes thank you for asking we are working very hard very close to the first of March we’re very happy and I appreciate the people who have actually purchased the what already thank you very much we’ve already got three people to buy the one and this incredible I really appreciate that and I’m looking forward to to provide a very good product very stable product it’ll take some time because you know 1.0 software you know it’s fresh out of the game so bear with us but we will take care of all the problems over time and get it that’s perfect as I want it to be so think so if you’re interested in in trading the little lady style of trading right Pandora’s wallet is for you and check out if and you want to learn how to do that check out da vinci code so now I have some free videos there for you to check out and it’s it’s amazing and for some people three people does not seem too much but I mean it really gives you that feeling okay finally it’s getting into the market place people are buying it and guys if you see how much joy you are giving DaVinci with it maybe you can check it out so and you have a free trial as well I guess so thank you so much yeah they thank you so much for dropping all that knowledge to us again and that episode it was actually very good and very positive X episode we are getting a lot of positive Y power vibe out of that so um just to conclude very quickly Bitcoin short term not too positive mid term from March on ongoing it looks pretty positive that we confirm the bull movement from March ongoing and maybe be seeing prices like four thousand eight hundred and the alcohol space is not that they are still 5800 X possibilities if you want to know more about it make sure you stay tuned you subscribe to our Channel and you come back to the next episode mmm crypto and hopefully also da Vinci so that he’ll said thank you so much for watching guys let’s see each other in the next episode of mmm crypto and bye bye

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