Daily Crypto Morning Update – Stellar Airdrop, Bitcoin SV Miner Support – BTC $6400

(digital video game music) – Good morning, Coinfeed fam. The date is November 13th,
beautiful Tuesday morning. Bitcoin chills out a bit at $6,350. I am your host Robin and this is your girlfriend’s
favorite crypto show, Crypto Morning Update with Coinfeed TV. We’re gonna get right into the biggest movers and shakers of the day,
as well as the top headlines. NEM is the clear winner of the day, with a huge leap up by 17%. Waltonchain and VeChain both
lose by 6% and 5% respectively. Network value meets
resistance at $212 billion with a slight uptick in volume. And now the headlines of the day. Blockchain wallet users can look forward to an airdrop from Stellar. They have $150 million worth to give out. Each user will get around $25
worth until it’s all gone. There is a catch, however. You have to KYC your wallet. Fuck that. CFTC has fined a crypto trader $1.1 million for embezzlement. The trader, Joseph Kim, stole more than $3 million worth of crypto from his hedge fund to
cover his losing positions. He will now spend 15 months in jail. Good on the CFTC for putting
bad guys like Kim away. Speaking of bad guys, Maduro
is taking every step possible to get his petro adopted in Venezuela. He recently announced
that anyone buying petro before the new year will
be able to convert it into any cryptocurrency, or any foreign currency, for that matter. Don’t do it, guys. He just wants to know who has what so he can take it from you. Finally, more on the Bitcoin cash wars. Recent reports show Bitcoin SV has support from more than half of the
Bitcoin cash mining network. Do you believe that? Here’s where it gets tricky. Mining is an incredibly
concentrated and secretive business. Those who control a large
amount of hashing power can use it manipulate the truth. For example, you can
point your hashing power at your opponent’s chain
to run a 51% attack. In that case, Bitcoin SV’s higher share of hashing power could be a Trojan horse. Or more simply, you can
choose to turn off your miners and hide your hashing power to make it seem like your
opponent has support, and then you then buy your
own tokens up at a discount and at the final hour,
you switch on your miners to show that your chain
was the winner all along. Your coin pumps, you’re rich;
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Update with Coinfeed TV, and as always, good morning. (video game beeping)

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