Custodial Bitcoin increase, Proof of reserves, Gold issue in Venezuela? Taproot, NY Venmo, Ripple

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Baltimore time that what’s that that’s in 21 hours from now that’s 1 p.m. in
Los Angeles 9 p.m. in London and yeah yeah we’ve got guests best guests in the
frickin space we got some new ones coming on tomorrow who’s gonna be on
tomorrow at this uh at this event on this very channel whoo oh yeah it is
going to be Simon of the Netherlands you haven’t you might have follow him on
Twitter Brad Mills you know who that dude is and Jeff Dan jury will make his
return but Brad and Simon are gonna be new to the show hey let’s talk about
somebody that’s from near the Netherlands originally he’s from Belgium
I guess toward the me store he’s been on the show before he says bitcoin is the
most efficient transformer of energy into financial reliability bitcoin is
the most efficient transformer of energy into financial reliability found that
like button baby yeah those miners know you know mind that
might use that electricity turn it into something real baby
something with value alright financial liability that is what did the
the most reliable means of transaction on the planet okay
medium of exchange or whatever you want to call it store value the greatest
store value in the history of mankind right there
Bitcoin pound it and moving on yeah this gonna be let probably last time I
checked awk about this Masari crypto has a chart out there that shows the timing
of the recent Bitcoin pumps at last what two or three days when this whole Iran
thing was going on and to see when President Trump said something the
Bitcoin price afterwards went down went up they talked about everyone was scared
that Iran was gonna do something well I wasn’t scared over reactors were scared
of that so make your own judgments you can look at the chart it is linked to
below but the title is Bitcoin in Iran conflict is Bitcoin becoming digital
gold well dude it’s already digital gold okay it doesn’t matter people are using
it as a safe haven asset or not if it’s if it’s digital gold or not it’s digital
gold baby why have gold anymore and we’re going to
talk about that in a second about a say real-life situation in Venezuela how
someone didn’t want gold supposedly we’ll get to that in a second
oh you go be gold and holder if you learned how to hold that gold now you
move on you learn how to hold that Bitcoin you’re used to holding so it’s
easier to hold the Bitcoin now vise Oh vise they have an article out there
lawmakers and activists are proposing a digital payment platform and currency to
help millions of New Yorkers without bank account’s
New York is proposing the creation of a public Venn mo all right public Oh God
you wanna I understand the bank the unbanked they’re trying to do good those
government people but if they create their own PayPal or whatever this thing
is going to be you know would you want to be involved in in a government a
government PayPal government venmo whatever this is
dudes the answer is already out there and you guys know it you guys know it
that’s where you’re trying to have your own intranet right instead of the
Internet with Bitcoin you want people that you want to control the poor and I
guess it would be it’s a great voting strategy there hey we’re going to give
you guys easy access to money our money then mode like money vote for us you
were poor before now you have you know you can have his digital money bitcoin
is the answer it’s that they don’t want to take that extra step but eventually
some of the people in New York State who might end up with this public venmo
they’ll realize that bitcoin is the answer sadly uh most of them will end up
on the digital dollar this this this public venmo in New York if it ever
comes about it’s just it’s a temporary uh a temporary solution the people will
have their choice digital dollar or the real thing you can’t beat the real thing
and that’s Bitcoin but hey I consider it a good sign when New York state
officials are want to make their own pseudo cryptocurrency or whatever
payment network the future it’s the 2020s baby expected all this is where
the big boys play so yeah I said that and OH
yesterday’s yesterday there were two shows so watch them both disrupt meister
comm you can follow me on twitter at tech ball
te c HB alt and one of them was the the flashback show me interviewing king of
the trolls and something I forgot to say and I most of you noticed it if you
watched it that I back then I was saying the same stuff I’m saying now it’s
conviction I don’t train I I don’t change my strategy at all just because
what’s cool now there were a lot of people back then that were jumping on
his training okay because he said he sounded so persuasive and he was so
scary nothing scares me baby nothing scares me in this space okay this is
where the big boys play you don’t go run into mommy’s room and
duck under the covers and change your mind okay
you stick with it I stuck with it I’ve got the conviction you can see back then
I did nothing’s changed now you got to give him some credit too I mean he once
she switched into once he abandoned Bitcoin that that there was much
conviction in that but he stuck with PK she yes he has stuck with that but it’s
10 not not not the right way definitely I mean you watch the video some of the
things that he said it looks it’s it looks real bad for him right now but
stand firm he I given he does stand firm I stand firm also and yeah the majority
of people out there are so impulsive they will jump they don’t have a
long-term plan they do not have long-term thinking so yeah yeah I’ll be
a be cash or one day I’ll be a Bitcoin or oh wait oh that was wrong the booby
Castor’s oh the prices going down better trade better I’m not gonna be a saver
anymore I’m gonna be a trader yeah that’s just ruin right then when you
keep on change changing when you don’t have any conviction and that’s where
that’s why one of my sayings I like to repeat it a lot conviction because
there’s so few people out in this space that have any sort of conviction that
digit they just willy-nilly impulsive change their ways etc but you can watch
that video you’ll see not much changes here strong camp and here’s something by
Mauricio from Venezuela originally who lives in Toronto now he’s been on the
show before back in November check it out tech belt calm best guest in the
space he’s a really smart guy now what he’s doing at his company was it hot
hola I forgot what it’s called that’s not something I’m jumping into okay
there’s a but you know speaking about conviction they’re all these people that
say you know control your own private key yeah
proof of keys etc etc etc get your get your money off these and get your
Bitcoin off these exchanges and then they’ve got affiliate links saying hey
guys you should get interest at this company now some promises are better
than other promises I don’t do that I practice what I preach I am NOT you know
I I had Mauricio on the show or whatever he get this beat but I’m not gonna I’m
not gonna make money off of affiliate links of telling people hey go lend out
your Bitcoin for 2% and there was this terrible
crypto dividends it just control your own private key it’s not worth the risk
yes some promises are better than other but Maurice writes mauricio writes
annoying I ever suspect you know the guys are making legitimate businesses
about that yeah they’re competing they’re not complaining and I’m not
gonna complain I’m just not gonna participate in that I’m not gonna change
my ways I got conviction it’s just about holding I don’t need interest on my
freakin Bitcoin when I got the crypto dividends
I even if I didn’t have the crypt of dividends it’s not worth the risk to get
a 2% return oh you lost on your Bitcoin you left 100% your Bitcoin for a 2%
return so he points out when we hit here here his article is called why proof of
reserves is important to Bitcoin now I I do agree with that that these exchanges
and these interest-bearing bitcoin banks and ethereal banks whatever you want to
call them defy date if you’re gonna mess in that space you should demand the
proof of reserves so I’d like to put pressure on these guys too to do that at
least to make some promises better than others at least make them appear at
least a bit more legitimate and in the article which is linked to below and it
was from Bitcoin magazine so congratulations getting in there
Mauricio while this phenomenon has primarily led the by the increasing
popularity of Bitcoin interest accounts competition is bringing new players into
the space looking to monetize Bitcoin that is in their custody presently the
market is becoming flush with digital assets looking for yield and it shows no
sign of stopping that’s unfortunate as the allure of
holding fractional reserve of assets increases proof of reserves can act as a
way for customers to keep the platform levels of fractional lending in check or
verify whether their funds are there or not
great point all of you that are jumping in to this space and at the same time
you complain well begs practice fractional reserve lending oh well if
you don’t want your Bitcoin bank to do it then demand this proof of reserves
thing so with perfect you know I used to think
about peripheral reserves I didn’t even think about that there’s this defy
aspect of it because I’m so never going to lend out my Bitcoin that I just don’t
consider that but for me proof of reserves was always like let’s let’s see
which one of these exchanges at will which one is solvent because there’s
more than a really in solvent but it is his point is legitimate let’s also see
who which defy company is willing to to show what they have on the line to show
that they really have your bitcoins so you don’t you don’t feel bad you don’t
you don’t get a devastating surprise set of me make it always lie also a guy
Bennett says but watch it it doesn’t like it I mean if they show these act
addresses it’s not a lie but yes so yeah but many are lying right now because
they trust us trust us trust us isn’t good
proof of reserves showing it on the blockchain that’s good and guy Bennett
said no fancy sets our graphics here oh and thank you for the ten bucks a guy
Bennett only the unvarnished truth you either get it or you move along strong
hand uncompensated I think there’s a another option too for some the people
who watch this some people just like like to chat in the chat about nonsense
and don’t pay attention at all so they can pretend like they get they get it
now I’m not saying anyone’s doing that but they’re people that go they go from
one shot to another to another and all they’re doing is yelling the whole time
so that and they think they’re actually getting it but they’re getting nothing
because they’re just uh they’re like school boys talking about gossip and all
the egos out there and stuff so yeah there’s there’s in between also but yes
unvarnished truth if you want the or inverness truth you better listen to the
unvarnished truth just because you’re around the unvarnished truth doesn’t
mean you’re you’re benefiting from it at all but strong hand baby strong hand all
right moving on but you guide anak you’re paying attention to dudes over
there that I see in there they make they pay attention but occasionally we have
just yentas in here talking about Bitcoin gossip it’s it’s unbelievable
yeah and and and they’re so well I’m not gonna get to do compete
compete don’t complain baby you guys it’s personal responsibility is a new
counterculture if you want a Yenta don’t come crying to me in a few years thing I
was getting and I don’t know what the heck you were talking about I you told
me to do that you you’ve not told me to do that you mentioned that Adam oh I got
totally beaten down by that I wasn’t I was yeah thing in your chat it was fun
the Yetta about ego coin but now I have no money so alright what’s Mauricio it’s
our Nick Carter it has a great article about custodial
Bitcoin which unfortunately the numbers are growing the number of people that
want to get into this interest thing into this defy thing it’s growing
we’re screaming here about proof of keys proof of keys proof of keys you know you
take your Bitcoin off these exchanges well the trend is more and more people
are giving a Bitcoin to third parties that is growing he shows a chart in his
article here custodial Bitcoin has grown rapidly accounting for a share of at
least 20 percent of the total mine supply and a larger fraction if you
exclude presumed lost coins dude over 20 percent of all the Bitcoin out there
right now is controlled by third parties and it’s growing rapidly okay or it’s
grown rapidly that’s that’s not a good sign for proof of keys is it well that
mean the 20 percent are gonna do what they’re gonna do the productive people
are gonna do what they’re going to do the not impulsive people are going to be
a long term fingers are gonna do what they’re going to do and then the
impulsive people are gonna do what they’re gonna do they’re gonna jump into
this this latest defy trend and it’s only growing so in this article he talks
about how much Bitcoin in aetherium are we entrusting to crypto banks today can
we minimize the trust requirements of crypto banks what guarantees do we have
on their solvency and locked in defy aetherium is growing also which is
basically people that had aetherium that we’re valuing their wealth and in theory
‘m that decide oh I’m gonna get into some D Phi project and I’m locking it in
I can’t even get it out in a certain amount of time that’s not that might be
worse than math it’s it’s not good not good in mine and the fight I wonder
in three years how many people who actually watch my say they watch my show
and are in the chat are gonna say to me Oh Adam I got scammed by defy XYZ
company how that happened I mean it’s just called strong hand hold your own
Bitcoin what are you doing are you I did hear you say some promises are better
than others you did well at least you heard that
part and you still made that mistake you went to the bad promise you went to the
the defy guy in China that was promised you 10% returns
alright now what is my conclusion yeah like it or not oh yeah so like it or not
proof of tees is not a thing for that many people and defy related products
are convincing people to move in the other direction and this is going to
make this face more appealing sadly for traditional investors not sadly it’s sad
that they are a people that this is what makes them salivate traditional
investors want to get into spaces where they can get interest on their their
their primary asset by lending it out and not controlling their own keys I
mean was that that’s what they’re used to we’re dealing with banks and
everything so just because traditional investors are doing it and more and more
of them are going to be speaking up and more and more these companies are going
to be opening doesn’t mean you should do it alright there’s a guy named Clark
moody out there who has a Bitcoin dashboard website and it is beautiful it
is an easy way to see the price to see the Lightning Network statistics to see
all these statistics to see how the having how far away the having is is
right there you don’t have to even scroll down it’s right in front of your
face it is a bitcoin dashboard that’s the best way it can be described it is
linked to below check it out I think it’ll be a one-stop place for you but
some people have questions about the Lightning Network when the having is how
much big coin is worth right now other statistics that that it’s all in one
place is very easy to read dude you’re in motion very good best guest in the
space you know I’ve had you cane Bitcoin master on I’ve had Alex fatzkee on today
Alex bets key UK bitcoin master show so that is linked
to below check that out always got to give credit for guys in motion giving
good interviews like that good job good job
now now bitcoin taproot bitcoins the taproot / snore upgrade proposal is
nearly ready as it moves through developer feedback phase so it looks
like 2020 might be the year of the shore here might be the year of the taproot
it’s it’s gonna make a Bitcoin somewhat more private in Opa soft Fork let’s see
it’s it’s only in the developer feedback that feedback days will we get this at
the end of the year who knows that there’s a big article at the block
crypto about it for those of you who want more information on that that is
linked to below mic do em dude us whatever his darn name is in this he
tweets about ripple now I don’t like talking about ripple but I miss news
ripple labs is facing a federal class-action lawsuit alleging that XRP
was sold as an unregulated security new evidence suggests that one ripple
created XRP and to that the company and its agents are selling the asset in
excess of need for profit okay so yeah they created something and they’re
selling it what’s that sound like this someone else has done that late lately
they created something and then they started selling it for aetherium anyway
so who knows who would again I don’t be a don’t be an informer and tell on
people I don’t like people who inform and think it’s cool that the government
oh let me get the governor to go out after this shyster no things will take
their course let things take their course naturally but I’m bringing this
up just because the Bitcoin doesn’t get sued Bitcoin doesn’t get a class-action
lawsuits and Bitcoin doesn’t have an office like ripple and the Riddler’s if
any of every people people really exist I still doubt any really exist
our a substantial amount of them exist they should learn the difference from
this example again I’m gonna bitch shoot now that’s linked to below
all right here we go there’s a guy trying to use gold for payments in
Venezuela vendor didn’t accept it now this is Trent this is linked to below
it’s been translated I hope nothing was lost in translation I was informed about
this here goes the translation my dad did not
accept the payment in gold he has not done the Advanced Course in piracy of
the sixteenth century – bite it and know if it is real nor do I believe that its
suppliers abroad except sachets with an unidentified powder
I insist on Venezuelan Duncan buckets okay
the bottom line is this it appears it’s somebody with a store in Venezuela I
wouldn’t accept gold nuggets or gold dust gold dust
anyway I per for Ted DiBiase two gold dust anyway any day that like but let’s
do what right there talking about that tech TV I see over Goldust any day whoa
all right because again uh Bitcoin is more of the some of us are they with our
Bitcoin or in ted dibiase realm at least I’d rather not be holding that gold dust
I’d rather be anyway I’d rather be a ted dibiase of bitcoin so no but but the
point is is the dude even in Venezuela you know someone they definitely have a
currency issues there someone it offered the dude’s of gold us he said nobody
can’t isn’t know if we could turn it into something else it doesn’t know how
to tell it’s real or not that’s the beauty a big claim you know it’s the
real thing baby and you don’t have to test it out or bite it or whatever gold
is old drop gold another example and it’s a real life example there too now
hope now let’s yes again some of them might be lost in translation you guys
check it out yourself YK just in ten bucks thank you why can I know your your
big support of the show I thanked everybody for the super chats and Enki
asking some questions dudes I I appreciate when you send ten bucks but
ask a question too we’re getting close to the end it’s
getting it’s getting dusky out there maybe we can see it should I show what
it looks like outside is that even possible now
oh it’s getting really mad you can see well you could get you can see the
courtyard there all right it’s it is I didn’t know how dark it was in here
I’m in the in a dark room all right pound that leg one for Adam being in a
dark room let’s let’s wrap this baby up you can hardly even see the Bitcoin
shirt anymore oh it will be fun running out there as
he gets colder with the meth addicts it’s always good seeing them with their
shopping carts okay so oh yeah one one last thing
one last thing my buddy my buddy in Samaria in Israel he came up with the I
he came out he changed the handle he changed his Twitter handle it’s the 11th
commandment thou shalt hold thy Bitcoin ye shall not waver that’s good it’s a
good 11th commandment there I like that it’s a good app good slogan there in
your Twitter you’re in motion and then holding Bitcoin that is being in motion
that is being productive remember spending is the end of productivity all
right that that’s the end stage you’re productive when you when you’re holding
your VAT you’re you’re holding your wealth you can use that wealth to build
and in the future but thou shalt hold thy Bitcoin you shall not waver strong
hand that means pound that like button okay we’ll be back for p.m. Baltimore
time tomorrow 1:00 p.m. in Los Angeles I believe it’s 9:00 p.m. in London and
it’s 10:00 p.m. in the Netherlands this week in Bitcoin we got three awesome
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  1. Your conviction and integrity is admirable. Those guys shillinf affiliate links to newbies even when they make disclosures are like salesmen selling lead paint chips to new born parents. The disclosure doesn't make you less of a slime ball in either case. Find another way to get income by being productive.

  2. 2:00 Bitcoin is the most energy efficient transmitter of proof of title, financial record and authentication of public record.

    The most inefficient system involves millions of financial intermediaries and brick & mortar energy waste as redundancies…

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