Current coins of Russia

hello people and you’re going today
today I’m just going to show you the coins so they issued in the Federation
of Russia if you don’t know where the Federation of Russia is you had the
internet quite obviously you’re watching YouTube so you can look it up okay their
system is the ruble cuz 100 cop X which has been the currency system for bad
since the 1600s so for a few hundred years even though inflation has made
redenomination a curse sometimes these coins were first issued in 1997 at a
value of one thousand old rubles it was one new ruble okay up here I’ve won you
were sent in five British pins just as a size comparison okay okay on the reverse
we have the st. George slaying the dragon on the 1 5 10 and 50 copic coin
just as Bank Russia here and a tight down the bottom and also there’s a mint
mark there okay on the one-to-ten ruble is the bank emblem of the Bank of Russia
now this was the coat of arms of the Republic of Russia in 1917 it is not the
current coat of arms of Russia and that is more like the coat of arms of the
Russian Empire and the coins issued from 19 2016 have the coat of arms of Russia
and not the symbol of the Bank of Russia okay so this is an old 20 ruble from
1992 and to show you that the coat of arms been on since
Bente 1992 and here’s old five rubles just to show you that these ones in
these nuri denominated ones so pretty much similar this is also pretty much
the same as the old Soviet coins okay now these coins a copper nickel clad
still okay these coins used to be brass unto 2006 and then old brass clad steel
do you one for two and five ruble used to be copper nickel zinc until 2009 and
then nickel clad steel ever since then and it ten rubles brass plated steel
okay now this commemorative coin then here you 2014 commemorates a new symbol
for the Russian ruble yeah this here looks like a P is actually the Russian
pronunciation of R as you can see ruble and what you’ll notice here is that
ending of these denominations it’s different that’s cuz Russian plurals
very in side the two and more than two have different endings that’s the same
for any type and now so they don’t have s on it like in English okay if I show
you the security features on this one it’s inside the zero now this is the
sign means the commemorative ten rubles that are issued okay
say this our pay our be rule okay but another way
should come up with him just say it there maybe there it is you can just say
the team name this security feature is actually not common on many coins you
won’t see it in the Japanese 500 yen you won’t see many European coins every
European coin should I say okay the side of this coin is fine milling then
McClane and then course milling okay the five rubles interrupts the milling to
reverse this the same the one room is just continuous money all these other
coins are just plain milling are nice but you can actually see you can
actually see the steel on the coin with you can probably do the same for the one
you were sin so you think this is not yep 95 this is thinking it see different
coloration okay so these are the coins of a Russian Empire now you if you go to
rush you don’t have an excuse to no not know what coins are what then you
shouldn’t get confused to their money because the coins are different sizes
and so are the banknotes okay and thank you very much for watching this video
and I hope you got educated today thank you bye bye

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