Welcome back guys
to another vlog , carvlog or cryptovlog
i really don’t know how to call it
because I started this channel
for making car vlogs
to talk about my passion , cars.
but from your comments
i see that you want to know more about cryptocurrencies
so , i do both things (car vlogs and videos about cryptocurrencies)
i know that I can’t please everyone
i know that some are here for car vlogs
and some are for cryptocurrencies
till 20.000 subs
i still can answear to everybody
or almost everybody
as you can see
in every single vlog
i talked to you 🙂
what is mining with your phone
and why would you want to do that
by mining with your phone
you are mining a specific cryptocurrency
as I said before in my last videos
there is this ‘Electroneum’
it’s not ”electroleu”
it’s not ”troleu”
it’s not ”electronum”
it’s called ELECTRONEUM
there are a lot of comments such as
am I damaging my phone? do i overheating my phone?
can I destroy my phone if I’m mining ?
no !
why you can’t destroy your phone ?
i want to explain you why
because this mining using your phone
it’s actually a fake mining
fake mining ,
i mean you are rewarded with a real cryptocurrency
for a fake mining
why is electroneum doing this ?
the answear is for advertising
you are not overheating your phone
and you obtain real reward , i mean real electroneum
around 4-5 per day
depending on your phone’s processor
by time I got a lot of screenshots from you
via Facebook , because I am talking with you even on Facebook
i replied to literally everyone
i stressed my friends because I was non stop on my phone answearing to you.
and I got a lot of messages from you
”I start mining with my phone , but I don’t have my money !”
”Are they going to appear?”
Yes ! Patience ! They are going to appear !
this money , they are going to appear in about 12 hours
in that 12 hours , they are transfering in your phone ,.
but you are going to panic ,
you are going to come to me and say :
”Andy , Andy , I don’t get my money on my phone !! ”
Let’s start with the beggining
what’s the app for mining?
i want to make it clear that you can only mine ETN from android.
at least , this is what I know
maybe you can also mine from iOS
but i really don’t know
i don’t like to talk about what I don’t know
everything that i know , i share with you
so , just open playstore
and we type for electroneum
this is the only official app , make sure you are downloading only this application
don’t download anything else , maybe it’s a fake app designed for stealing your money
download just this app , with over 100.000 downloads
this is the app
ELECTRONEUM with over 100.000 downloads
don’t download any other app with 2000 or 3000 downloads
this is the offical app with over 100.000 downloads
why am I telling you this ?
because I know that on iOS
it’s an app also called ELECTRONEUM
but it’s actually a trojan , nothing more.
a trojan that gets your user and password from all of your accounts
and you can have no money left on your bank account
make sure if you are planning to go into this cryptoworld
make sure it’s not a scam
and that’s why I am doing that , I am showing you how not to get scam
so , download this only only on ANDROID , from playstore, the app with over 100.000 downloads
after you download the app , just open it
and we have here at the bottom some icons.
here we have our ETN balance
in the bottom left we have the ‘miner’
where we can start mining
this app is a miner and also a wallet .
if we click here on miner
and press start mining , this is the only thing that we have to do to start the miner
as you can see , there are some problems
let’s see what problem we have
it’s requesting some info
i am going to fill all the info
and I am not a robot
submit !
and then I can start mining
as you can see , please restart your miner
i press start mining
and see , right now I am mining
so , you don’t have anything to worry about
when you have an issue , don’t give up
this works in life as well
when you have a problem , don’t give up
try to fix the problem by yourself
how can I fix the problem? just read what appers on your screen
before asking me , watch my other videos
because I made this videos for you
i use my time to create all those videos
where I explain you all things
I love to do this , to explain to you everything that I know
maybe that my parents were university teachers
and that’s why I like to teach you this
I really like to help you 🙂
as you can see , my miner is mining with with 30H/s
and we have pending balance
this pending balance is what our phone already mined , 9.26 ETN
when I am going to reach around 10-12 ETN , over a day or two
those ETN are going to be in my wallet
this is a phone just for this test , from my office
where we have over 4000 ETN
I would like to show you my phone but my colleague , which is helping me out , has forbidden me to touch my phone because I was answearing to your messages
as I said before , this app called Electroneum from playstore
is both a miner (fake mining)
and a wallet
and here I can see all the transactions
what’s cool about this electroneum
is that it’s faster than bitcoin
and if I send you some etn , they are going to be in your wallet faster
to send some etn , click send
to recieve some etn , click recieve
now I will show you live , how a transfer works
for instance , if i want to send 10.000 ETN , I press send
on the other phone , I press recieve
and I can click copy
and then he have to copy this code and paste into his phone
this is a public adress , you can share this everywhere
that’s why you see in comments a lot of people pasting their code
they are thinking that I am still giveawaying ETN
the second option is with show QR
on the other phone , i click scan QR
I scan the QR code
it was the same code that I showed before
bitcoin code is changing , but this one it’s not changing
when you use this PAYMENT ID?
this PAYMENT ID it’s used when you want to send ETN to cryptopia
but when you are sending to your friend , you don’t need a payment id
i click on skip
then I add the amount -4999 ETN
you are about to send , confirm and send
here it’s going to ask about my PIN CODE
transaction sent to the blockchain
and I am going to recieve this payment in about 10 to 15 minutes
i showed how to download this app , from playstore
I am sure that you know how to create an account
if you are not recieving your confirmation email
make sure you do it again using another email
be careful ! read every single information displayed on your phone when you are registering
after you download the app, you are ready to mine
as you can see these 2 phones are mining right now
now the question ,
ok , I mined this cryptocurrency , but how do I trade it to cash?
you can pay with those ETN , maybe a phone card
or a phone subscription
but how can I do this?
let’s do a quick math
if you mine 5 ETN per day
in 30 days you will have 150 ETN
You make 150 ETN per month
now , the price is low
but ETN reached 0.22 USD
if this cryptocurrency is going to be 0.22 USD again
and my personal thoughts is that it’s going to be
then you make 150×0.20 USD
30 USD per month
only by mining , you can make 30 usd per month only by mining
now , occurrent , the price is low
why is the price low ?
because bitcoin price is low
all cryptocurrencies are influenced by bitcoin
if bitcoin raise , then all cryptocurrencies raise , if bitcoin decreases , all cryptocurrencies decreases
you can see this , by viewing the graph
i showed how you can make 30 usd per month using just your phone
30usd , if only the price of ETN will be back at 0,20
and my personal thoughts is that it’s going to happen
Now , I will show you a very cool trick , that many of you requested for
how can I mine 5x faster with my phone ?
without , i don’t know , any other resources , such as phones ..
how can I do this ?
we are doing this by cloning the app
i’m not sure how safe it’s to give you this information
because this is kind like a trick
i don’t guarantee how long this is going to work
it s working now , but I don’t know if it’s going to work also tomorrow
my colleagues from my office are using this and they are really mining 5x faster
I don’t know how long it’s going to work
so , don’t come to me and asking why it’s not still working
we can do this thing , by cloning the app
this means that we have to get another app that will allow us to clone the ELECTRONEUM app
this app is called app cloner
i am going to install this , and this is the app that can clone ELECTRONEUM
after you download this , just click on open
we read everything and we see that not every app can be cloned
and if you want you can also buy the app , if you really think it’s essential , I didn’t buy the app , I don’t think it’s essential
now we have to select ELECTRONEUM
hope this is the proof that I am not working with ELECTRONEUM
a message will appear telling me that this will clone ELECTRONEUM and then I click OK
now it’s cloning ELECTRONEUM
the app was cloned and I press to install the app
it’s installing my app , and now I am going to mine 2x faster with my phone
buy why can you do this?
because it’s a fake mining
in fact , you are not mining with your processor
my app is installed and now I can click on open
now , I will log in and then I will start the miner
be careful , ’cause miner is stopping from time to time
so you have to verify from time to time if it’s still working
it’s like you are having your employee that it’s mining for you
who is your employee here?
and now you will have to repeat this 4 times , so you will reach to mine 5x faster
I do no earn money from this youtube channel
if you are wondering why from time to time there are some advertisement on my youtube channel
it’s because someone is helping me out with the editing
and he gets the 80-100 usd that this channel makes per month
it’s my way to pay him for his work
mining using your phone it’s not a real mining , it’s just a benchmark
but it’s rewarded with real cryptocurrency
so you guys earn real cryptocurrency for this fake mining
and electroneum is doing this just for its popularization
the white paper of electroneum assume mass adoption of electroneum
with more people that use electroneum , electroneum will raise
that’s why they assumed to spend ELECTRONEUM for rewarding you because they want to popularize this cryptocurrency
we , romanians
i said it before
we are too few to make a difference in the price of ELECTRONEUM
so , those people that blame me for making advertising to electroneum , we do not have the power for influencing the price of electroneum
we are too few
how many will invest in electroneum
how many will mine electroneum
you know , these are haters
that’s why they see me as a part from Illuminati gang xD
It’s very important to leave a comment
why to leave a comment ?
because only if I can see your comments I know what you think
and so , I can respond to your questions
you asked ”Andy , how can I buy electroneum?”
there are 2 options
the first one is to buy directly
the second one is to use bitcoin

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  1. TE SALUT ANDY. Am o problema cu aplicatia electroneum nu ma pot conecta deloc tot i-mi apare .. datele de conectare au expirat cod 3090. Oare de ce? am schimbat si pinul am incercat si de pe wifi si 4g nimic…MULTUMESC

  2. Salut andy! Nu stiu daca o sa raspunzi la acest comentariu dar daca poti vreau sa te intreb ceva , pe ce site pot sa minez bitcoin legit?

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  7. Vreau sa vb cu tine daca poti sa imi lasi un nr sau messengerul tau.. Vreau sa te intreb ceva, daca ai putea sa imi raspunzi.. Eu am in italia o mica fabrica, am si antiminer A9, a9+ z9, mini etc.. Si 9 riguri.. Vreau sa imi iau obelisk Immersion si nu stiu mai nimic despre minerul asta

  8. Nu merge este vrajala, acum iti cer documente. Parca tia face credit la bank of America dupa care iti verifica documentele dar dureaza cateva zile dupa care nuti mai raspunde nimeni te lasa sa minezi cateva zile si dupa iti cer multe documente sa faci cu yoto etc.. Rahat

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    Multumesc! 🙂

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  12. Salut, Andy! Eu mi-am achizitionat 300 de telefoane si am reusit sa fac clona pentru fiecare, adica 600 cum ar veni. Fac intre 3500-4000 de lei lunar. Anual ar veni peste 400 mil. Recomand aplicatia doar daca aveti bani pt a achizitiona mai multe telefoane sau placi video. Pt a avea un profit cat mai mare. Nasol este ca tot a scazut ETN-ul. Genial este ca nu trebuie sa depui niciun efort. 🙂 vreau sa mai cumpar 2-300 de telefoane, recomand android, deoarece pe ios nu se poate clona aplicatia. (Bineinteles… telefoane la 500 de lei am luat, nu s9 :)), deoarece nu necesita performanta “minatul” pe aceasta aplicatie)

  13. Andy ce calculator să cumpăr ca să minez sau ce laptop si ce procesor trebuie si ce placă video ce configurație trebuie pentru ca să minez?

  14. Salutare, vreau și eu sa cumpăr și eu 10000 etn, de unde pot cumpara. Mulțumesc.

  15. Salut Andi, imi cer scuze de deranj, poate ai lucruri mai importante decat sa-mi raspunzi mie, dar te rog rupe-ti din timpul tau pretios si doresc sa faci un video cum recuperam un portofel de electroneum. Respect.

  16. 05-07-2019 ora 23:24 Electroneum app message – "Down for maintenance". We are currently undergoing server maintenance. Please try again later… Upgradeazã baietii hard-urile de la server… sau poate doar lipesc niste fire 😀

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  19. E foarte tare aplicația .
    Am făcut 1000 de ETN in 10 zile folosind acest cod :76C692
    Merită incercata .. chiar este foarte folositoare aplicația!

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