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let’s move on really quick to our first
article so the crypto currency exchange
Gemini hires former New York Stock
chief informational officers so Gemini
the verse the virtual currency exchange
platform owned by the Winklevoss twins
I’m sure you guys know who they are two
of the richest people in cryptocurrency
and also in the world both billionaires
has announced that is hired Robert
Cornish formerly an executive of the New
York Stock Exchange as the new chief
technology officer so the new CTO
Roberts and vast experience previously
working as the chief information officer
at the New York Stock Exchange and also
holding various executive positions at
the International Securities Exchange
and Nasdaq basically owned by NASA so
guys this is good news because we are
seeing a lot of people trying to move
over from the regular stock exchange
from the regular New York Stock Exchange
or Nasdaq over to the cryptocurrency
space and a lot of people are very
excited to see this is not the first
case this has happened yet guys we’ve
covered the news before with other cases
but this is a very very big one because
the position is so high being as he’s
coming in to be the new CTO after being
the chief information officer at the New
York Stock Exchange
a lot of people are very very bullish on
this and people are you know it’s going
to help spread the adoption and yeah
overall people happy to see this I’m
happy to see this I hope this continues
to happen it continues to help grow the
credibility of the cryptocurrency market
moving on though we have news about
friends so jump jean pierre long
I don’t know if I pronounce it correctly
feels it is unnecessary for friends to
regulate cryptocurrency I know some
people are gonna agree with this and
some people are going to disagree with
this and the reason he is saying this is
the reason I think makes a lot of sense
is because he thinks it hinders progress
with technology thinks it hinders the
how fast we can grow how fast we can
expand how he just basically thinks it
hinders the process as much as I agree
with that on the other hand I do have to
disagree with the fact that I think
regulations are what’s going to help
cryptocurrency adopt the quickest and
help people gain confidence help the you
know big institutional inventors come in
help Wall Street come in if something a
lot of people are looking for between
the ETS and the regulations to give the
green light for a lot of money to enter
the market and I think that is the first
step I think moving on from that five to
ten years down the line I don’t think it
is something that’s going to be
regulated I explained this before but in
order for the first step to be taken I
think we have to accept some form of
regulation so people have the confidence
to invest in the market so I agree I see
what he’s saying I agree to an extent
but I also think it’s very hard to not
have any regulations and I think if we
do have no regulations it’s going to be
a lot a lot harder for us to gain a mass
adoption as fast as we would like next
piece of news though is about Malta so
multiple itself as the world’s
island after passing the world’s first
DLT law so multiply saan the
mediterranean map but the nation is
making a big name for itself in the
world the cryptocurrency and we’ve been
talking about malta for some time don’t
forget finance move its headquarters
over to malta because of the fact that
it was so crypto friendly
well malta recently made history by
passing a true third world first
DLT loss cementing the nation’s position
as the world’s first block shape Island
so the first country to pass DLT
regulations again talking about
regulations I think this is a good move
so on July 4th multi made history for
the first country to pass a set of DLT
regulations according to a report the
Malta the Maltese parliament approved
the third and final reading of the three
bills that will regulate any activity
related to blockchain cryptocurrency and
in the country so we talked a little bit
about this before do you want to find
out more about the three lost three
regulations make sure you do your own
research on that but I think this is a
step in the right direction I think this
is a step again multiple crypto friendly
it doesn’t surprise me that they are the
first to engage in this activity but by
no means do I think they are going to be
the last I think there’s going to be a
lot more of this coming a lot more
countries passing regulations because
like I said as much as I agree that we
don’t want regulations I think it is the
right first step to be taken in order to
get to get to gain confidence from
outside investors them to have the
confidence to invest in cryptocurrency
and bring in their trillions and
trillions of dollars which would cause
the cryptocurrency market to moon and I
know everyone wants to see that moving
on the last piece of news is actually
really cool to see so bina’s donated 1
million dollars worth of crypto to
japan’s flood victim so there was a
tragedy in Japan there was a flood as
you guys can tell and the CEO of Brian
Anse did express his sympathy on Twitter
and Finance when told went along and
donated 1 million US dollars worth
equivalent in either B & B BT C or JP Y
whatever it was that they wanted so we
also asked our crypto partners to join
us and help our friends in need so we’re
gonna see if anyone else jumps on this
as well and does offer some money to
help but $1,000,000 you know we were
talking about about finance yesterday
making almost a billion dollars in
profit in 2018 so this is just a tiny
move for them I’m sure they can also
cover it as an expense and get a tax
reduction for I don’t know exactly how
that would work but either way the fact
that they make so much money and they
have the money to help in a cause like
this it’s not necessary it’s not
something they have to do by any means
but it is great to see them putting the
money to good use and on the other side
thinking of a more adoption since this
is going to give finance a lot more
credibility for the outside people
outside investors looking at finance
doing this and you know really
understand that they are trying to help
the world kind of gain more confidence
and that seeing finance go out and try
and help people and offer the money to
help so definitely a really cool sign to
and yeah I hope more people come in and
more that you like finance CEO saying I
hope more of their friends and crypto
partners do come in and help as well but
now let’s take a look at the overall
cryptocurrency market
Bitcoin is at 117 billion dollars in
market cap six hundred and six thousand
eight hundred and thirty-eight dollars
curly up 3.3% the overall market hasn’t
changed too much it’s up a little bit
from yesterday
two hundred seventy eight billion
dollars in market cap Bitcoin Tom is
down a little bit to forty two point one
percent again very small change from
yesterday doesn’t look like we had a
nice little run here though really cool
to see we see we see ripple getting
close to that 50 cent mark and if we
look at the 24 hour change we have tails
up top at 32 percent now I don’t know
much about Tasos but that is really good
actually rank number nineteen I do need
to do a lot more research on it as I’ve
seen it continue and continue to grow
definitely an opportunity a possible
opportunity to invest see Bitcoin top
diamond had it had a huge a pump right
here don’t know what that is but that
doesn’t look like anything I want to get
into I know did you buy a lot of people
are very excited about up almost 20%
today so congratulations for those of
you holding digi byte mid throws up
15.2% nulls and other good project is up
neo up almost 9% really cool to see one
chain also up almost 9% gas up almost 9%
so a lot of very green a lot of green
movers and some decent amount to we’re
not seeing out those point zero
something percent we are seeing 5 6 7 8
9 10 % nano up as well very happy to see
that hopefully man you nano does
continue to grow but on the other side
I’m sure we do have some losers now drop
pull down 4.2 2% sad to see than that
one huge pump over here though as we can
tell us well other than that trading
relatively sideways same thing with
ethos we see denta coin down a little
bit as well but not a lot as you guys
can tell there’s not a lot of big losers
compared to gainers because already here
we see we see there’s only a few first
of all and we see some very small loss
so and it’s something that can be
recovered and can be in the green in
a matter of you know a few seconds like
we see all the time happen in the
cryptocurrency space but so a good day
overall a good day we are seeing some
green always welcome in the
cryptocurrency market I’m sure you guys
agree we are always excited to see some
green now moving on for Tron some tron
news chand up almost five percent still
ranked number 12 though hopefully it
will continue to climb does look like it
has bottomed off don’t know if it’s
going to trade sideways from now I don’t
see it dropping much lower than this
point right now at the 3.5 to 4 set mark
I don’t think we were gonna drop below
that unless something crazy happens in
the market and just some updates on
what’s going on with the Tron migration
so the migration is almost done they’re
still going through that there has been
a burn though a Tron coin burn and this
was announced a little while ago that
covered that of course now a lot of
people are expecting this to actually
move the price or at least the news of
this to move the price as of now that
hasn’t been the case so as you guys can
tell right here of course the hope the
hope here is that these token burns will
somehow move the price of TRX
significantly north of where it is today
as of yet
pull the announcement and the actual
burden isn’t enough to have the desire
to think well that’s because they
haven’t burned as much as would be
needed for us to see an actual change in
the price they burn in a small amount as
a thank you for everyone holding Tron or
TRX and you know I think this is the
cool thing about Justin Sun the cool
thing about Tron is that they continue
to surprise people they continue to come
out with more announcements all the time
and the way they ended this article but
just give it and just give it a minute
TRX holders or hot lers and other Justin
Sun announcement is probably moments
away and they make a very good point
just the Sun doesn’t on stings all the
time and usually it’s you know some
adoption news usually it might be small
news might be big news but it’s always a
step in the right direction is what I’ve
seen and the coin burn was just a way to
say thank you I don’t think they were
trying to pump the price with this
whatsoever so I’m not surprised to see
that that didn’t happen
moving on talking about aetherium though
just a little bit of coverage obviously
aetherium ranked number 2 almost at that
a billion dollar mark again up to almost
$500 aetherium
a very good cryptocurrency in my
appearance II to hold the new aetherium
language VIPRE will make aetherium
blockchain more secure so that’s always
some good news I don’t want to go into
too much detail about it because I do
want to do the giveaway winner pick the
Bitcoin giveaway winner but I did want
to mention if the areum you know just
getting close to $500 mark it’s getting
more secure they’re constantly working
on improving it the team is fantastic
almost at the 50 billion dollars in
market cap hard to not like etherium I
think there are other options in the
cryptocurrency market that by the end of
2018 for example will outperform
aetherium but that’s why I said etherium
I believe is a very safe investment in
one that I do look at that in theory m
is not $500 look at that now that’s
pretty cool to see the fact I just went
back and we see it at $500 now so there
we go if there iam hit $500 they’ve hit
the 50 billion dollars in market cap
guys if there is a safe hold it’s one
that I liked though but you know there’s
gonna be a lot of coins the
outperforming I think Neal’s gonna
outperform it but like I said safe
cryptocurrency to hold but now let’s do
the big coin giveaway I picked this
video the ripple in trouble video why
because it got a ton of engagement and
we talked about so many things that I
thought a lot of you guys enjoy we had a
hundred and nine unique commenters on
this so that was insane let’s see who
won the free Bitcoin though the raffle
is going the raffle is going the raffle
is going alright I think this is a spam
comment so let’s go again
alright and let’s go again spam comments
will not win the giveaway that’s uh
that’s not gonna happen
all right Chris Boehner ah rippled to
the t.o.p ripple to the top I know we
have a lot of ripple fans over here but
Chris congratulations on winning some
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live guys thank you so much for watching
I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another


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