Cryptobuyer Pay Adoption, Nikkei Market.

I’m Adriano Iorio, partner of Nikkei
Market in Panama City
I think that as many of us, we are all learning
about cryptocurrencies and we know that

There is a lot to learn yet
but at a business side the things

are really different, that one knows
that there is a platform that can mediate

between that knowledge or that broad
world of cryptocurrencies is perfect

because we have a new way of
payment and we really manage customers

especially here in Panama
not only nationals

international clients too,
people who are going through transit

for the country and really have a
platform like Cryptobuyer gave us

security of being able to accept cryptocurrencies
as a form of payment, it is not the same

have a platform that one
know that obviously through a

company that will be the representative between the client and us is perfect

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