create a paypal account in Kenya PayPal in Kenya Use Equity Bank ATM Card

Hi guys, this video shows you how to create
your personal PayPal account. Click on “Sign Up” .
On the next page choose personal Account then click “Continue” .
Input your Email Address and set up your new Password . Confirm the password then click continue. Input your personal details; your name, your
Date of Birth . Ensure the D.O.B is in the right format. Add
the other details . Agree and create account.
You can add your Card. For my card it has been used , so I’ll go Gmail to confirm
my email Address. Input the right Password to enable me log
into my Created PayPal Account . Then I choose my Security questions , click
submit…. I can add my card , I can try to add my card
. If you have a card you can add it here . Well My card has been used prior , so I will
go straight into my account by going to the link below .
Here is my dashboard . This is where you can add the card . Once
you get a card . You can use equity Bank debit card, the ATM card you get from Equity Bank
. Input your card number . My Card will not
work. Choose yours if it is MasterCard, then input the card number and all the other details.
As I said, my Card will not work. You should use your Card.
Then you’ll have to go to the bank and come back and input the code that will be indicated
in your statement. PayPal charges roughly KES 200 which you will
be refunded . SO you must have at least 200 Schillings in your account to confirm the
card . Thanks guys. Subscribe . Like and share the videos with
your Friends . Till Next time 

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