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Fresh from the showroom here, SwissWatchExpo. Creed, you’re telling me about these Corum
watches this morning and I said we just got to do a spot on these. You were telling me that this is a watch where
they have taken an actual solid gold – US coin, cut it in half, put a watch movement
in the middle. And so, you can see the case back of the watch
is the head side of an 1899 US coin and the dial of the watch is the back side of the
coin. You’re blowing my mind. The Corum was developed by what we think of
as “I will term the Skunkworks of Omega”. Omega had a division inside the corporation
where they developed watches that were a little bit odd, a little bit different, they experimented
with some designs. So, Corum, when they were looking for a new
watch design, came up with this coin. It’s interesting that they didn’t want to
just put the Omega name on it and make it part of their collection. Right. Now a lot of people know Corum as the bubble
watch they know which is (Oh, right) the most popular today. Right? So, the Corum coin is still made. They’re extraordinarily expensive, they can
be anywhere from 18 to 25 even $35,000 and up. (Wow!) The newer coins are a little bit larger. I happen to be wearing an automatic version,
it’s a 38-millimeter watch. It’s, you know, I have a big wrist but even
this watch looks pretty good on my wrist. One of the reasons that this is such a fantastic
watch is because not only are they super thin; they are as you said an actual coin cut in
half. They were manufactured during the time when
they did not have quartz movements, so these are actually manual wind movements. And, so it was really hard for that time and
technology to introduce a manual wind watch into the marketplace that was this thin. Wow. That must be really thin too. And you look at the thickness of this watch,
to think that there’s the two sides of a coin and then a movement placed between those two
– that’s just amazing. Absolutely! And you notice, that you have the narrowed
edge and that’s because when they sliced it in half, they have to actually, obviously
put it back together. It’s a little bit thicker than it was when
it was original (right) and so they put this coin edge on the side of it to bring it all
together and make it one. That’s a nice touch. One of the other things about these watches
that you’ll probably notice is that each one has either a cabochon in the side or an actual
diamond. This one actually has a diamond. The watch that I’m wearing actually has the
diamond as well. Now these watches have been worn famously
by presidents. This was considered the President’s watch. And most people think of the Rolex Day-Date
as being the President watch, and in fact that’s true, however this watch was worn by
LBJ, by Carter, by Reagan, Bush Senior and Bill Clinton, as well as Richard Nixon. Now these watches were introduced at a time
when the Gold Standard was still in effect, so it was illegal, federally, to mutilate
any gold coins or watches on for watch purposes or for any purpose for that matter. So, in Switzerland, these were exclusively,
I guess mutilated for lack of a better term, because they were destroyed and because they
were being cut in half they were not allowed to be imported into the United States. So, Omega had to work with the American government
in order to be able to import these into the United States because we were still on the
gold standard and this was still a federal crime. Having said that, they did get the exemption
for it. Later on, Richard Nixon changed us from the
Gold Standard – people don’t realize that, that happened in the 1970s, and so therefore
it was a little bit more lax in how they could deal with the gold coins and because they
were manufactured in Switzerland, they kind of technically didn’t mutilate it in the United
States so it really technically wasn’t a federal crime. So, the two parties, both parties, the Democrats
and the Republicans, have had Presidents wearing this watch; it’s not a single-party watch. That’s absolutely correct! Reagan famously
wore his on the front of a magazine, he displayed, he had one with the gold bracelet which was
introduced in the 80s as kind of neat. I remember say it was one of the news magazines. That’s exactly right. (Yeah) Yep! And so Corum also does one like this one. It’s the Mexican peso, which is kind of
interesting, it’s a ladies piece. Now you can actually see the size difference. Let’s just put them side-by-side. And, so this is actually a quartz piece, that’s
thinner. This is also a quartz piece. The one I happen to be wearing is an automatic,
it’s a very super thin automatic by the way. It’s automatic and not manual? That’s correct. Wow. (Yep) That’s gotta be thin. So, the Inglot piece, this is also interesting
because this is another one of those Corum pieces that just is it screams money in a
different way. It’s also got kind of a real strong vintage
look to it that, yeah, that’s so popular right now that looks from the 70s and 80s. It looks like something that Elton John would
have worn at the time. Yeah, absolutely. And you know just in general it’s kind of,
in my mind, it’s sort of a Wall Street watch and it is an actual gold ingot. So, you know, and also a reminder, you and
I are both old enough to remember everybody that wore the gold chain with the ingots at
the bottom of them. So, this is truly having part of your savings
account on your wrist. Indeed. Now, we did bring out one, it’s also a Corum,
just because we have it here in SwissWatchExpo. This watch is an unworn piece, it’s a manual
wind watch and it’s called the 1957 Heritage model. It’s something you just don’t see but it’s
got this gorgeous silver dial, it’s very simple and clean, then it’s a manual wind watch. And on top of that it’s actually got the,
if I can get the strap, it’s the strap is so new, it’s a little bit tight to get off. It’s got the clear case back so you can
actually see the manual wind movement in it which is really nice. It’s fun when you’re winding it to be able
to see the gears turning to give the mainspring its full charge. Yeah, absolutely. And again, it’s a 38-millimeter watch, it’s
very small and thin. But it looks great on any wrist because the
dial pushes all the way out to the edge, outside edge, so it looks larger on your wrist than
it actual is. (Gotcha) So, Corum, is a really interesting
product. We have a lot of them here, we have all the
different ones, we even have ones with gold bands as well. And a phenomenal value here at SwissWatchExpo,
because maybe they’re not quite as well-known, maybe they don’t quite hold their value as
well as some other brands. Make sure that even better value when you’re
buying it, certified pre-owned from us. Absolutely. And so if you want to look like Ronald Reagan
with the gold band, we have that available cost. Okay, great. Well thanks, Creed, for all the information
on Corum. See you next time here at Absolutely!

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