Coronavirus Disease (covid19) : currency notes ko kesa saaf karain | urdu | hindi

Is there any need to disinfect currency notes Coronavirus may affect currency notes When a affected person sneezes or cough The droplets affect anything within one meter range Coronavirus fomites may spread disease There are two methods for disinfecting currency notes Use of methylated spirit is the best way Methylated spirit is also called Rubbing Alcohol Methylated spirit can be purchased from paint shops or hardware stores Spray methylated spirt on currency notes Or you can apply methylated spirit on currency notes with tissue paper or spirit swab Let these alcohol treated notes dry automatically After two hours, these notes can be ironed Never iron currency notes before they are dry The other method is to use liquid bleach Add two tablespoon of liquid bleach in one litre of water Soak a cloth with this mixture Put currency notes in this soaked cloth for 10-,minutes Let the notes dry on their own

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