Coronavirus and the 666 mark.

could coronavirus or a similar virus be
the excuse to start the six-six-six mark okay whenever I make one of these videos
about the end of the age and the 666 system I hope to show you some survival
tips either at the beginning or at the end as well as doing some preaching today I am in the Japanese garden in
Calderstones Park in Liverpool okay for the preaching part today I want
to begin in a slightly unusual place as I will be preaching about the 666 system
so why do I want to start with Jonah well you won’t understand at first but
later on hopefully you will now Jonah did not want to do the will of God he
did not want to witness to the Ninevites he never liked them but God caused him
in the end to be swallowed by a great sea creature and he was being like
digested in its stomach and his skin was being all turned different colors
you know yellows and browns and greens and goodness knows what his hair was
being burnt off his head this is what Jack Chick says in one of his tracks
called Jonah then the fish or sea creature spits out Jonah and he grumpily
will now obey God he goes into Nineveh he preaches the bare minimum to them and
he looks a sight he looks absolutely astounding when he walks in there having
been you know a little bit digested by this sea creature and he looks quite
astonishing and he does the bare minimum of preaching says basically
repent or God will overthrow this city and walks out now the Holy Spirit then does one of the biggest revivals in the whole of human history if not the
biggest the whole city repents before God and this shows you that in the Old
Testament God was not just saving the Israelites he was saving the Gentiles as
well and this is also shown by the fact that Moses when he went out of Egypt
with Israel he went with a multitude of other peoples he went with many
different types of people not just the Jews remember that
now I will refer back to this astonishing witness of Jonah later on
now secondly I want to mention another scripture and that is Matthew 16 Jesus
said that it is one of the obligations of the church that the gates of Hell
will not prevail against the church and when you think about this what it means
is that corporately the body of Christ now across the world has a
responsibility to produce some men and women who can get through to the rapture
and so I think we should try and if some of us fail fine you know we can be
martyred but we should be trying I think it’s unlikely that I’ll make it
all the way through to the late rapture and the rapture is late but I’m gonna
give it a go and I would be happy to just die as a martyr if I can’t make it
that is one testimony I really want to give you today now I’m going to deal with the end of
the age in three phases Phase One I believe we are in right now the pre mark
of the beast age where or phase where we’re seeing things that are making us
really think that something is going on you know that were we’re moving toward
this cashless society where people are forced into having a computer mark on
them or something like that some sort of mark it may be that there’s some great
terrible incident happens where they try to force this mark on everyone
quickly one way this might be done people are now suggesting is by getting
rid of money as they say it helps pass on coronavirus or a similar disease so
they supposedly must do it but it is in reality a sinister plot to track and
barcode everyone or control everyone through trade to exert a new tyranny on
earth predicted by Saint John in the Book of Revelation but at the moment
we are just seeing the first signs of it so that’s Phase One we have this Warning
Phase that we’re going through now I believe okay next is Phase Two in Revelation
chapter 12 we see a woman who is clearly Israel from the dreams of Joseph and a
man-child has taken up from her which most people believe is Jesus Christ and
at what phase in history did this happen well it happened after Jesus had
been resurrected obviously and spiritual Israel was now the church you read
Romans 11 spiritual Israel is every kindred tribe tongue people and nation
including the people of Israel and Judah who repent and believe now as they are
out in the wilderness this may be the ICHTHUS period of the church when the
church was in hiding in the wilderness and God was helping the church to hide
in the wilderness and I believe that this may run on later
on when the sacerdotalist heretics came up who later became the Catholics and the
Orthodox were persecuting at the time of Constantine and afterwards the real
Christians who went into hiding and they’re out in the wilderness now the
Jews have a word for a double prophecy which escapes me do put it into the
comments at the bottom if you know this word but a dual prophecy may
be here because I think this is also talking about the church in the
wilderness near the end of the age and for some reason born-again Christians
will start going out into the wilderness outside of mainstream society this may
be because of precursors of the mark of the beast and worldliness getting so bad
in in society as it goes more and more Babylonian but for whatever reason they
are out there in the wilderness being helped by God through nature but being
persecuted by the devil that is Phase Two which may start soon then comes Phase Three I’ve made a few
notes here I hope you don’t mind me referring to them Revelation 13 where the Antichrist or
the Beast comes out with this 666 mark some sort of mark and you cannot buy or
sell unless you have this mark and God says very clearly if you take
this mark you know you’re not going to be saved just do not take this 666 mark
now what will happen then I believe is that if it comes in quickly and it
probably will many people will refuse it immediately
and I mean some of them may be elderly people and sick people who can’t even
try to escape and they’ll be killed these are the kind of Nazi type people
we will be dealing with and the Antichrist may actually convince these
people that they are saving the world by doing this isn’t that ironic you know
because he ends up bringing them to the point of Armageddon when God returns to
stop this war being completed okay so there’s your first godly option
you don’t take the mark of the beast you never take this mark never and you die a
martyr okay the second is some people may hide from
the mark of the beast trying to make it through to the rapture and just die in
the process I mean they may put themselves so far from society they just
can’t give themselves up properly and for medical reasons or even something as
terrible as starvation and dying of thirst you know an accident or something
they die which I’m willing to risk because I am not taking this mark okay the Third Option is you hide and
then at some point you think I just can’t go on and this is where Jonah
comes in suddenly people will start seeing born-again Christian families and
groups walking into a city dishevelled broken weary tired suffering from
exposure hungry thirsty and giving a witness for Jesus and they will arrest
them and kill them because a real Christian will not take the mark of the
beast now if you want to say that the only option open to you if you have
hidden is to starve to death then I disagree with you first of all you
didn’t even have to hide in the first place it isn’t your fault that these
people are trying to kill you if you want to try to go into the city no
matter how suicidal it looks to try to find help or food that is perfectly
reasonable and it is never a sin to preach the gospel if you decide to
preach the gospel and they kill you that is not your fault
I think it is an option rather than necessarily to have to starve to death
die of exposure or dehydration Saint Stephen must have known how dangerous it
was to preach to the Jews in the way that he did and yet it says that he was
in the Spirit even though he was killed and a great persecution happened to the
church afterwards you are a free man Christ has set you free and finally there are the people who
hide all the way through to the rapture I don’t think I’m young enough or fit
enough to do that not that that necessarily has to stop you but I have
medical conditions I will be 62 this year I’m not very fit physically I’m not
all that good at planning and I’m not very strong you know I’m not a real
tough guy and if some American or Australian survivalists who’ve got a
great place to hide in their country help me out I might make it but I don’t
think I’m going to make it on my own but some of you who are watching this
now who are Christians may be so good at planning and so anointed of the Holy
Spirit that you managed to make it all the way through to the Rapture and
fulfill this wonderful scripture the gates of Hell will not prevail against
the church and you know the very fact that there is a Rapture answers a
question Jesus answered you know asked us well when a Son of man comes returns
will he find faith on the earth well the answer to that is yes because there is a
rapture and some of you guys watching this maybe the people who are raptured
so well done now now by this I mean raptured and still
alive those of us who were killed will be raptured we will be raised from the
dead and taken up to meet Jesus but the Rapture is late get that
straight it’s late but there are another group of people
who I would call complete compromises and halfway men who I think are a shame
to the Faith and what these people are going to do is they’re going to say ok
let’s give up then they take the mark of the beast go back in the wilderness say
oh god please forgive me I shouldn’t have done that or pre planned to do this
plan to take the mark of the beast take it out of their head or hand you know
remove it physically if it can be removed and isn’t put into the brain
or something and then carrying on as if they haven’t committed some terrible
sin against God I would think it’s very unlikely that God is going to forgive
those people because he says plainly that you must not receive this mark or
you will be damned so never do that never do that folks he that seeks to
save his life will lose it this isn’t about saving your life this is about
obeying God and the command is do not receive the mark of the beast or the
number of his name amen great so I’ll start on the survival gear
and I want to start with this just in case I forget it’s not in the bag and I
wanna tell you about this if you’re out in the wilderness and you’ve
got a mobile phone like this iPhone or a tablet and you’re bored and you’re
trapped on your own with apps and computer games and videos and music and
all sorts of other things and novels that you can read and being able to
write your own notebook and everything this thing would be absolutely fantastic
you can charge it up from some sort of solar panel and wow what a piece of
survival gear this is so I just make sure right from the beginning I include
this Amen even though you will be off the internet at the time you must be
very careful that the phone doesn’t give away your location now the first one that I’ll take out I
think everybody will have thought of this probably is vitamin tablets if you’ve
got a survival camp somewhere taking vitamin tablets with you obviously this
is going to boost your immune system keep you healthier and is very useful but what about this these are a really
great survival aid psyllium husk pills or capsules these ones are from Holland
and Barrets an English firm and these are bulking agents which when you take them
they stop you your bowels from erm getting stopped and believe it or not it can be
very serious if your bowels stop in the wilderness when you’re not eating
much and these can be super useful for keeping you healthy in the wilderness oh and the final thing activated charcoal
pills now or capsules now these charcoal capsules are an
absolutely fantastic survival aid

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  9. Brother in Christ..keep spreading the Holy Gospel. Whether people comment or not they are listening and to those with a willing heart the Holy Spirit is using you to speak to them. God bless you.

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    Notice they are not saying "Deaths from Covid-19"? They craftily stick instead to IMPLYING THAT. They are now not only using flu cases to get their bogus stats, they are now using deaths from ALL illnesses, and from just being elderly. This generates the huge false death rates. In the UK well over 500,000 people die every year. Test the person who died (before or after death) with a "Mickey Mouse Test Kit" and if it tests positive for "coronavirus" (when there are actually 8 of them, and all the test detects is remnants of viruses in general, not even just coronaviruses) then the death rate syphons in patients who were going to die soon anyway, implying they are dying because of Covid-19 (thus the bogus truncation of coronaviruses into coronavirus in the TV stats). The press are acting like superficial pseudoscientific 5th Graders.

    BUT….. when almost ALL homosexual men die infected with HIV it's almost NEVER put down as a HIV death. See the dual standard utter hypocrisy? When HIV severely weakens the immune system.

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    I really hope this question is not yo much, I'm just a young believer and sometimes need a direct answer. ;-;

  15. For the sake of the elect those days have been shortened. In other words all will go through the tribulation .

  16. I corrected the subtitles. Wow I never realised that subtitles need so much editing. One word people may need to know is the "ICHTHUS Period" in Revelation Chapter 12, which at first the automatic subtitles were not translating properly!

  17. Dude I feel like you are very confused why wouldnt Jesus come back before they forcibly try and make you accept the Mark? So are you saying we will all be slain to make it to heaven??

  18. Wow survival gear? If all this is true what you are saying why wouldnt churches be preaching this ages ago?? Exactly because Jesus will return before we are forced to "Survive" and secondly why is at as Christians we never fight back, all we ever seem to do is pray and do nothing. Im sure Jesus wants us to be doers instead of just lasy prayers.

    At the time of John Wesley they thought it was the Time of the End, but they got it wrong (obviously) and similarly in World War 2 many Christians thought Hitler was the antichrist, but it turned out he was just similar to him, and kind of precursor. Who knows how many years away the 666 mark is? Maybe I have the timing wrong, but it seems to me all the prophecies are beginning to gel and the mark of the beast might happen in my life time. What I am saying in the video if you bother to watch the whole thing is, when the 666 mark finally does arrive many of us will be slain, or die in the wilderness through bad planning sometimes, but some will stay alive all the way through to the Rapture. I dont preach the "Tell them what they wanna hear" ministry. I dont want to believe in literal Hell fire either, but I preach it because it is real, even if I wish Hell was a bad hotel, at least for some of the poor unfortunate people who go there instead.

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  23. People in the USA are under orders….. its not turning into a tyranny it's just that….. you MUST not get good face masks for your elderly mum and dad or your kids, just use a bit of clothe. That's an order. Only medical and nursing staff can have them.

  24. Watched and agreed.. the time is almost at hand. Not taking any vaccine, mark or anything. My family and I and many others will suffer for this, but it's fleshly to worry. Repenting each and every day and seeking to draw near to our Father in heaven. Blessings.

  25. Immunosenescence refers to the gradual deterioration of the immune system brought on by natural age advancement. The adaptive immune system is affected more than the innate immune system.

    Shincheonji, Church of Jesus – are blamed for spreading the coronavirus in Korea, and the press, TV, radio and media falsely call them "Christians" – the usual victimization of us. In fact adherents believe that the group's founder Lee is the returned Jesus Christ and that the Holy Bible is written in secret metaphors which only Lee can correctly interpret.

  27. Something to watch out for….. the mark being forced on you ALONGSIDE a vaccination. Forcing something on you along with a vaccination. But I dont think a vaccination in itself is the 666 mark, as I was vaccinated as a child. most of us were, so….. how can it be?

  28. U dont need all those things if God can provide the Israelites with there food and water in wilderness surely he can do it for us.Soo all the supplements let him provide u must trust in him brother.Do not worry our God is the God of the impossible.

  29. I’ve started a podcast The GraceReign Podcast because I’ve felt led by the Holy Spirit of God to begin handing out the Gospel of our LORD. Apparently it must be time for Christians to step up. It must be that time. What do you think?

  30. Loved your video, very informative and thankyou..please know that our phones are still capable of tracking us even after being switched off moving between different phone towers and through data use. The software is also capable of using our phone cameras to watch our every move ( cover front and back cameras when in use) LEAVE THE PHONE in a secure secret location far enough away from where you will go..remembering they will monitor everything through data usage. Stay safe and may God bless you Always.

  31. Phone don't forget might be far better in the Phase 2 – Wilderness Phase, with no death penalty.
    It is possible the mark of the beast may at first appear without a death penalty, tho, remember that distinction!

  32. Guys this is real hey, God help us lets pray for our lives, am not going to take the vaccine I would rather die???

  33. DO NOT MAKE IT HARDER THAN IT HAS TO BE…. I am not saying there are not problems with a possible vaccine. One is – the attenuation is not right. Another they try to slip in a mark WITH it somewhere. But if all it is is a vaccine like "Mumps and measles" vaccine we had as kids, then it is not the mark of the beast. Don't beat yourself up, or its a distraction from what the real mark is. But YES it would be really worrying if they said "Unless you get the vaccine you cannot buy or sell" even if the vaccine was injected in your butt, then I WOULD REFUSE IT TOO!!!. Also it would change everything, if a proof micro chip on you proved you had the injection, that's very very different too, especially on your hand or forehead. That's like mind games, it starts making it time to refuse a vaccine too. Right? That CORONA add us up to 666 is completely contrived. If you have WISDOM like the bible says you should have you will know that, but it's kind of spooky that it does, that is all.

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