CORONAVIRUS AND NO MONEY? 5 Financial Tips You Can Follow From Home

Great morning everyone. It’s Annie Margarita Yang back with another
personal finance video. I was a bit hesitant to record today’s video
because I wasn’t sure what kind of financial advice I wanted to give you guys during this
coronavirus outbreak in the United States. But I finally figured out what I wanted to
say. 40% of Americans, so approximately 40% of
you guys watching this video or following my channel in general, do not have more than
$400 in your emergency fund and it’s a bit too late to save for your emergency fund right
now because a lot of you guys have gotten laid off. I hate to beat a dead horse, but you guys
should have been saving for this emergency fund starting a long time ago when times were
good, but I’m not here to judge and I’m not here to give that kind of like nonsensical
advice today. Most of you are probably feeling extremely
nervous, anxious, paranoid, and you’re probably panicking like crazy, but you need to hear
this. I want you to stay clear minded and level-headed. If you want to make smart decisions during
this entire time, then you need to stay clear minded and level-headed no matter what. The first thing you’re going to do is create
your grab and go bag. I already explained in my previous video why
you need a grab and go bag all ready to go and how you can create one because I’m pretty
scared if there’s a riot breaking out near my area, I’m going to leave, okay? If that happens. It is important for you to have your grab
and go bag ready because you’ll want to have a sense of peace of mind and you already have
everything that you need that is important. I want to add on to what I said in my previous
video and say, “Do not keep your grab and go bag in your car just in case someone breaks
into your car and runs off with every single personal document that they shouldn’t have
their hands on.” Okay? Have it ready in your home and when it’s time
to evacuate, take it with you. The second thing you’re going to do is you’re
going to buy my book on Amazon if you haven’t done so already, 1001 Ways to Save Money:
Quit Flushing Your Hard Earned Money Down The Toilet. And I’m not saying this just to promote myself
and get myself out there. I think it’s very important for you guys if
you haven’t done so already to cut back on your expenses as much as possible. [Ring]. The third thing I want you to do, regardless
of whether you have an emergency fund or whether you’ve been laid off, is to stay at home first
of all and organize your financial paperwork. So instead of feeling bad for yourself and
watching Netflix and making yourself feel even worse, why not stay at home and get everything
decluttered? Declutter your financial paperwork. I’ve worked with a lot of people before and
their financial paperwork is just like all over the place. They have envelopes that still haven’t been
opened yet. Why not get that organized so that you can
have a clear mind and stay level-headed and make those smart decisions? So get a filing system in place, preferably
a digital one. I’m going to explain in a future video how
you can go about doing that but you should get started today. The fourth thing that I want you to do is
to have faith and knowing that everything is going to be okay. I’m a bit hesitant to share my spiritual beliefs
with you guys because my channel is fairly new and I love to talk about personal finance
and I don’t want to mingle personal finance with spirituality just yet because it’s just
not something I’m ready to talk about. But I think right now is a good time to address
it just a little bit. You are a powerful and unlimited human being. God created man in His image. God is a creator and because you were created
in His image, you also have that power to create your life. There are certain things you do not have control
over, but there are many aspects in your life that you can create and I want you to remember
that. One of the best pieces of advice that someone
gave me back when I was dirt poor and had nothing to my name was that it doesn’t matter
where you start. It doesn’t matter where you are right now. What matters most is where you end up. What I’ve realized is the things that you
focus on create where you end up in your life. So if you’re focusing all of your time and
energy right now on the fear that this coronavirus is evoking in you, then you are just going
to create more fear and even worse situations in your life. So if you’re at home right now doing nothing,
watching Netflix, why not take the time to sit down and plan, set goals of where you
want to be, what it is that you want to create in your life right now? Really, if you are laid off right now, don’t
think of it as something bad. Think of it as opening a new door in your
life, right? So sit down and think like, okay. Well, now that this chapter of my life is
over, what do I want to create in the next chapter of my life? The fifth and final thing I want you to do
while you’re staying at home is to create an inventory of your skills and your talents. So most people never actually sit down and
do this. They just create a resume and hope for the
best. But really if you want to get ahead, you’re
going to have to get a clear idea of who you are and how you can provide value to society. Take out a blank sheet of paper and write
on this paper a list of all of your skills, hard skills, and soft skills because soft
skills are just as important as your hard skills. What is it that you know how to do? Who are you and what kind of value can you
provide to society? Because if you really think about it, it is
people who are paying you money and you have to provide some sort of value to people if
you want to get that in exchange for money. So what kind of value are you providing? You want to get a very clear idea of what
it is and think of the skills that you don’t have. Think of the skills that you are missing. So while you are at home and you really can’t
do anything. You’re going to want to think about those
skills that are missing and go on a site like which I use all the time. Look up those skills. Buy a course for $10 or $12 while it’s on
sale and take the course, take notes, learn, get an education. You don’t necessarily have to go to college
to get an education. You can get an education every day by reading
books and taking online courses for a very cheap price. This is all I can share with you guys today. I only have like five minutes left before
I have to be in the office at work right now. Um, yeah, I just wish you guys’ good luck. I wish you good fortune and I’m praying for
you guys. I hope you stay clear minded and stay level-headed
so that you can make smart financial decisions during this entire time. Like, share, comment below, and I will see
you guys next time. Bye.

10 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS AND NO MONEY? 5 Financial Tips You Can Follow From Home

  1. You're a step further from the grab and go bag, you're already in the car ready to leave xD
    Good video as always

  2. I order a Ring security system just in case people start looking for places to loot

  3. I am working from home at the moment (supposedly until April 7th but I'm betting it will be longer than that). This will pass over, at some point. So, safety and health is very important right now. Stay safe, Annie! Great content as usual.

  4. Just got your book on Kindle. I have a budget journal on amazon called Organized Finance: A personal journal to budget your finances.

  5. Thank you so much! I just bought your book I'm excited to read it. I love all of your videos they have been really helpfully. God Bless.

  6. For everyone who still has a job should be grateful. Especially with the coronavirus out there alot of people in AZ don't have a job. But I'm fortunate enough to be one of those people who have one. Due to businesses closing down and everyone being told that they cant come to work.

  7. Lost my job recently and found your pep talk highly motivating with your long held credibility in personal finances. Lean times trim the unimportant. Excellent work in sharing this message. God bless your day.

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