(Comes to visit in the army) Can I borrow some money? [Happy Together/2020.02.13]

When Jaeduck was serving in the army, Suwon was – the only one who visited him. / – Yes. – Suwon is great. / – Finally, it’s a beautiful story. – He’s a great friend. / – It’s a beautiful story. We need a story like this in the middle. – It’s been an hour. / – Yes. – It’s lovely. / – It was… It was one of the most touching moments of my army life. It’s not an easy thing to do. Right. When you first go to the army, it’s hard to adjust. I was based in the 32nd Division in Daejeon. He was the first-ever person to visit me. – You must’ve been grateful. / – It was Suwon. I was touched. I was happy to see him. I felt tearful. (They are touched too.) – But? / – I want to remember only that part. I want to remember only that part. – But? / – It’s not so beautiful, is it? He talked about money. What did he say? He asked me to lend him money. (Suwon asked him to lend him money.) Did you go there to borrow money? – No. / – He was serving – in the army. / – You went there to borrow money? – No. No. / – He got paid 10 dollars a month. – Suwon. / – He was a soldier. He was serving in the army. – No. / – He was getting paid 10 dollars. Don’t misunderstand him. It was only a small part of what we talked about. It was a very small amount too. – How much? / – No. I’m still touched that he came to visit me. Why would you visit him to borrow a small amount? – That’s not it. / – He must’ve been in a hurry. On the way to see him… At the time, I was trying to start a business. It was the day I had to settle the balance. I needed money. – It had to be that day. / – I was a little bit short. I remembered it on the way to see him. – You didn’t visit him for that. / – I was going to just visit him. You didn’t go because – you were short. / – You happened to be short. – You happened to be short. / – That happened, so since I was there… I got food for him, and I told him that while talking about things. When you are in the army, you don’t need money anyway. It was just sitting there, so I told him to invest in it. – You asked him to invest in it. / – I told him… He told him to invest in it. I said I’d give enough money for him to buy things at the army store. He accepted it and didn’t seem to be offended at all. It wasn’t a big amount. You always end things badly. (You always end things badly.) That’s what happened. I think Suwon may have made it sound prettier than how it really was. If he didn’t know that I had money, would he have come to visit me? That’s not true. – He still would have. / – Let me tell you this. When I was leaving for the army, the CEO of the agency gave me cash as a gift. Suwon saw that. – That’s… / – How can you get that far though? Shockingly, he asked me to lend him the exact amount I got. – The exact amount. / – He asked me for that sum. He almost sounds like a thief now. Jiwon’s got a lot of money too. – Why didn’t you go to others? / – I’m curious too. Look at him. Do you think he would lend you money? – He would never. / – It’s… – He would never. / – Never? There’s no beautiful story whatsoever. – Not once? / – It’s not that I’m stingy. When I have to go abroad for work and I want to go with them, I offer to buy them tickets. – You ask them to join you. / – Let’s go. I buy them tickets. – Jiwon’s bought us / – He’s done it. tickets. – There’s one. / – He paid for the flight. – You need that. / – But money transaction – is a tricky matter. / – Right. – Cash is… / – You can’t expect to get it back. You are right about that. – It’s tricky. / – Suwon – borrowed money… / – Let’s say good things, Saeho. Right. You borrowed money. I apologize for talking about myself, but I wanted to buy an apartment, but I was 900,000 dollars short. – I’ve seen that. / – Right. You shouldn’t buy it if you are that short, should you? So I didn’t get to buy it. – He didn’t get to buy it. / – I wanted to buy it. – He didn’t get to buy it. / – That doesn’t make sense. – It’s just an imagination. / – I didn’t get to buy it. That’s not being short. That’s just not having money. – I could’ve bought it. / – How much was the flat? Wasn’t it 900,000 dollars? It was nearly a million. – It was a million, / – You only had 100,000 dollars. – but I had 100,000 dollars. / – That’s possible. But I got that even through a loan. I was 900,000 dollars short, so I didn’t get to buy it. According to rumors, you won in a housing subscription. Is that why you borrowed money? Some people say you borrowed money. You can’t pass up that chance. You were in a hurry. I opened up a housing subscription deposit… (Suwon opened up a housing subscription deposit.) – And waited. / – Then you won a spot. Then I got a text that I won a spot. You can’t miss that chance. I didn’t have enough money. – But I had seen my friends / – “Maybe I should try.” – win or lose. / – That’s right. I was told to keep trying since it all depends on chances, but I won a spot in one go. (He won a spot in one go.) – It’s not easy to do that. / – I had enough money – for a down payment. / – I see. “If I make a down payment now,” “I will have enough time” “to work and make enough money.” With that vague thought, I gave it a go. I scolded him for that. – What did you say? / – What did you say? I told him not to do it. – The housing subscription deposit? / – Yes. – Why not? / – I asked him why he would do it when it only causes pain. – Don’t you agree? / – It’s a good chance to pass up. But he ended up struggling to make that money. He was living comfortably before it happened. It’s not like he doesn’t have a place to live. Why would he borrow money and struggle to have another place? I think it’s strange. Why did you worsen the atmosphere? I scolded you for it. The atmosphere has been bad for a while now. (It would be impossible to worsen the atmosphere.) Seriously. Jiwon, don’t you make investments of any field? I don’t know how it works. I don’t do it. He has no interest. – I see. / – I see. We have a question – about Jaejin’s social media. / – My goodness. Jaejin once unfollowed Suwon. (Did Jaejin once unfollow Suwon?) He unfollowed Suwon. – Now… / – Was it a mistake? Now, I follow him. It was a mistake. I see. Among the accounts I followed, there were some I never visited. – That’s right. / – I unfollowed the accounts – I never visited. / – You organized the list. I guess I unfollowed him by mistake. I only found out a week later. What did Suwon say? “Did you unfollow me?” Suwon found out through the fans. I didn’t know he unfollowed me. You don’t pay attention to those things. – That’s right. / – The fans told me, “Suwon, you are Deposed Queen Jang.” – “Deposed Queen Jang”? / – Yes. – Apparently, I got that nickname / – You were deposed. because Jaejin had unfollowed me. You were deposed. Jaejin unfollowed me first. Then Jaeduck unfollowed all the members in order to make the following count zero. Once Jiwon found out, he said, “You aren’t G-DRAGON. Why would you make it zero?” “Why would you do that?” “You aren’t G-DRAGON.” That’s a straightforward attack. I unfollowed him too. – Really? / – Yes. I am sorry, but are there no heartwarming stories? There isn’t a single one. I checked many times. It’s understandable.

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