Coin Street Community Builders – Our Story

Coin Street offers so many services and support. They do crèche, toddler group, they do tuition. For whatever age group you are, they’ve got a service for you
so it’s fantastic. The atmosphere here at Coin Street is amazing. It’s very positive, it’s very fun. Being here has helped me so much in building up 
my confidence being a mum. It’s so nice, it’s safe, it’s a happy environment,
it’s very community orientated. If you came here 40 years ago this area was pretty much derelict. Quite a few bomb sites, old warehouses,
you wouldn’t recognise it today. We’ve created a whole range of things which
just weren’t here before. Affordable workspace and affordable homes
are two of the pillars of Coin Street. All the housing is co-op housing. There’s Palm Co-op, the Redwood Co-op in Oxo Tower,
Iroko and Mulberry. They are the four co-ops. I’ve lived in this area since 1982. Seeing these houses thrive over the years
has been fantastic. Coin Street has been imperative to our
development as a business and has supported us from the very early days
when we first started out. And actually without their help, we would never
have a retail presence in London at all. It’s very rare to find a company that’s really engaged
and interested in designer makers. And actually have a genuine passion for people who have actually got a
concept or passion themselves. The main sources of income are from the restaurants and a whole range of shops and workshops. One of the newer businesses we have is
a conference business. We were struggling to find a decent venue
with an adequate size and a colleague of mine recommended Coin Street
and we haven’t really looked back since. We’ve done everything from ordinary conferences,
we’ve done team building, we’ve done training, we’ve done workshops. One of the great things for us is using Coin Street
because it does invest back into the community. Any surplus that is created goes back into
housing and community projects. And the range of community projects is amazing. I did photography here, I also did first aid. When my daughter choked, I managed to use what
I’ve learned from the paediatric first aid to actually save her life. I’ve been coming to youth gym and a club on Thursday. When I come to activities I feel calm and
I feel relaxed. I meet new people and new friends. Within this area there is a buzz, there is a life
there’s a creativity in the Oxo Tower for instance. It’s a work, rest and play community. So you’ve got people who work here, people who live here
and people who come here to enjoy it. That makes it pretty special. The impact Coin Street has had on my life is immeasurable. They’ve given me a roof over my head and also a job. It just feels that I’m really part of the community
and you couldn’t put a price on that.

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