Coin Magic Tutorial – How To Palm Coins Secretly

51 thoughts on “Coin Magic Tutorial – How To Palm Coins Secretly

  1. Hey buddy my son and I have built a magicians Wall of fame in our house and we have over 100 magicians from all over the world With there be a possibility that my son and I can get your autograph picture for our wall

  2. How do can you balance everything without being too much. Music on point. Light is perfectly and puts you directly in the mood. Your face.. just everything is perfectly balanced.

  3. I would suggest for those sweaty hands to use wax combined with any baby powder. That will really stick to your palm properly. Filipino magician here.☺️🎩

  4. I really don't like how you teach the finger palm.
    First there are many different finger palms (high, the one you teached; low; with pinky and ring finger and also the ramsey style finger palm).
    The high finger palm is also not that usefull like the low/ramsey finger palm so as a beginner you should learn these.
    And you also didn't teach how to get into the palms you mentioned.
    Sorry but Metal from Eric Jones is the best for coinmagic beginners.

  5. I love this- I've been trying to branch off from card magic and haven't found a good starting point so I'm super jazzed for this course

  6. This is great – thank you so much! I'm looking forward to the tutorial on reappearing the coin, because I've found that most of the tutorials I've seen sort of skip that part and move straight to a routine. When I try to learn the routine, I can usually palm okay, but get clumsy in the reappearance. Thanks again – love your tutorials!

  7. Thanks man, just bought Bobo’s like a week ago and really haven’t gotten into it yet. Started studying magic a month or so ago and really appreciate your tutorials.

  8. Alex why didn't you teach how to get in & out of thumb palm, downs palm ECT like you showed with the classic palm? Also you should show how to transition from one palming technique to another with the one hand that is doing the sleights. Not to mention there are many variations of the finger palm you should have talked about. Please make a follow-up video addressing these issues so it will be easier for your fans to perform these sleights. ✌️😎👍

  9. I just wanted to let you know that YOU, Chris Ramsey and Xavier Spade are some of my favorite magicians! I've learned so much from all of you and I would be happy if I just had half of your skills & technique. I love your style and with enough practice maybe I will be as good as you someday (I doubt it lol). Thanks for all the great content and I hope you have a wonderful day! ✌️😎👍

  10. I live in Switzerland, so we have different coins…
    Could you please give me any adwise on which coin to use?
    metric measuerements of weight and diameter:
    5.0CHF ø31mm 13.2g
    2.0CHF ø27mm 8.8g
    1.0CHF ø23mm 4.4g
    0.20CHF ø21mm 4g
    0.10CHF ø19mm 3g
    0.50CHF ø18mm 2.2g
    0.05CHF ø17mm 1.8g

  11. goshman is prolly the hardest by far in my opinion. the scotty York technic seem superior but I tend to drop the coin on the roll over putting it back in my hand. any tips would be pretty tight. stoked for the next video dude!!

  12. Just bought J.B. Bobos Modern Coin Magic. Hard to follow, from the description and the few images. Especially when not a native english speaker. Great to see some "book tricks" and techniques in motion pictures 😀

  13. to anyone serious about coin magic, i highly recommend another by dr mutobe, his palm, vanish and everything he does is so natural looking, by far the cleanest palm there is, also david roth and kanoia harbottle.have some really nice handlings of the edge grip which is also well worth looking into, also eric chein, ponta the smith, akira fujji and of course eric jones have some fab material

  14. As an old long-time magician I want say that I am really appreciating and enjoying this GREAT series you are presenting. Great instruction and advice! 😉

  15. Please don’t reveal technique and method behind coin magic for views. You can inspire people by performing a great routine and even tell them where to find these techniques. People that will be interested will seek them out but please prevent that everyone knows. The classic palm or the false transfer are essential tools that loose all their value if they become general knowledge !!!!!!!!!!!

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