Coin Collecting : How to Identify a Gold Coin

Before you write that check for a gold coin
make sure you know what you are buying. Hi I’m Rui and we are going to be talking about
how to identify a gold coin. Unfortunately there are many duplicates and reproductions
out in the marketplace now when it comes to gold coins and you have to learn how to protect
yourself when it comes to those type of dealers that would sell reproductions or fakes. There
are a few precautions to keep in mind when purchasing gold coins. The first one is only
purchase one from a reputable dealer. When it comes to buying old and rare gold coins
the best place to look are antique shops, certified antique options and coin shops,
most of those locations especially those three all have certified appraisers, they usually
do in house that if you wish can give you a written certified appraisal of the coin
that you are buying so it’s a little protection that way. If the seller had a no return policy
on a gold coin, pass on it, you want to make sure that if they can’t appraise it you want
to take it somewhere that it can be appraised and if it is not what they claim it to be
that you can bring it back and get your money back. Another thing is try to avoid buying
gold coins from estate sales. Estate sales usually have no return policies and it is
kind of a buyers beware there. You have purchased pretty much what you are paying for is what
you are getting at estate sales and also try to actually avoid buying these coins unless
you become a seasoned collector or you become an expert in gold coins. Again there are a
number of rare coins that are truly duplicate reproductions out there on the market. Some
of the places you can look before you purchase a coin for instance. This is a great catalog
form a Christi’s Auction in New York. Christi’s Auction House in New York and London. They
sell these catalogs and host auctions and there is all kinds of great photos of various
coins, gold and silver. They tell you what they possibly sell for and it gives you a
good idea to do some research before you go out and spent those big bucks on a gold coin.

8 thoughts on “Coin Collecting : How to Identify a Gold Coin

  1. Great job with this one! Wow, this guy can probably talk for hours, on any subject, giving you absolutely no useful information! Thanks a whole lot!

  2. I don't think I will ever buy gold. It's just to pricey and the only ones I want are far more expensive than the melt value.

  3. i have more coin collection and paper money also… most of them were from Middle East Countries,…. I have also a canadian coin and European Countries …. I want to have a more coin collection for my self only…..

  4. Unfortunately there is no full proof way to determine if a gold coin is a fake without cutting it in half. Tungsten has the same density as gold and a coin with a tungsten core would fool the best coin dealer if it were stamped with a precision die. Tungsten is MUCH cheaper than gold so it pays for a forger to use it. A company in China called Chinatungsten even advertises their ability to make any size or shape tungsten piece which can be used as a core.

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  6. This jackass is so useless it hurts. How to identify a gold coin? Buy real ones and then you won't need to worry about identifying them. Thanks a-hole, that'll really help with the old coin I found.

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