Coffee with Markus – Is Now A Good Time To Buy Stocks & Shares?

Fantastic, so welcome everybody to Coffee with Markus. I’ve been doing a few of these sessions right now because as you know, the markets are crazy. Today is Friday, March 20th and we are on pace for one of the worst weeks since 2008. Now, in a moment, we’ll look at the markets. We’ll see what’s happening. I’ll show you what I am expecting, what I’m also personally trading right now. And well, this is your 30 minutes of no nonsense information, cause you know me, I’m not buying into the hype and I’m not buying into the panic. I like to trade what I see, not what I think, and I do the same with the fact that we have here so let’s get started. So I just want to make sure that you can hear me and see me if you can type a quick comment in there, hit like because then we are off to the races to rock and roll. Good. Let’s take another sip another sip of coffee make sure that we are good to go. So good to see everybody here. All right. Team, how are we doing? We’re ready? Good. All right, so let’s take a look at the charts and let’s see what is happening right now. So the Dow Jones, as you can see right now, down 4.6% for the day. And that is very surprising because we actually did start off this morning really well. Here’s what I want to do. I just want to zoom in here and show you a five-minute chart of what happened today. So this is right here where we opened this morning. And as you can see, it looked good, in fact, for the first hour or so the major indices were even positive. So that’s, that was surprising, but then it took a turn for the worse. So what has happened? Why the sudden sell off here? Well, one of the things happened is that yesterday the governor of California basically announced a stay at home curfew. Would you call it a curfew? Probably, right? And today, the mayor of New York, or was it the governor of New York? I would have to look it up again, anyhow. So New York is right now pretty much under quarantine as well. So if we are talking about New York and California, let me come back to you here for a moment on full screen. This is where you have a lot of population that right now is ordered to stay in. What does it mean? It means even less shopping. It means that restaurants, bars, everything is closed. We already have this in most states because we try to contain this nasty virus that is going on. And right now, it doesn’t seem that we still have a handle on it. So this is what the markets are reacting to because the markets are seeing, oh, it doesn’t look good at all. But OK. Let’s take a look at the bright side here for just a moment. So the good news is this morning, I actually thought that overall we might slow down in the selling because as we zoom in here a little bit, you see that around here, around the 19,000 mark. Let me just put this on here. We have found some sort of support. You see it right here. So this is where we bounced off on Wednesday. Then yesterday, on Thursday, we bounced back. And today we are attacking this level. But just three minutes ago, the markets have closed. So this level held. Now, you know that earlier I actually showed you earlier this week, a little bit big picture where do we stand. So if you look at trend lines here, and we go back to the crisis of 2008, so here we have this one trend line and this is one trend line that has already been broken. So this is no longer holding. But I’ve shown you another interesting chart formation, which is a megaphone. So let me show you the megaphone here again. So here’s how you draw a megaphone on the charts from a starting point. You connect the highs, so this is the idea here, right? So you have a starting point, a high and a high. And then also you are connecting the lows here. You see this is a low here that we are connecting and then projecting. And as you can see, if we connect this low and this low, we see that there is some sort of resistance right here at around 19,000. So this a little bit the good news and I’m zooming out here again to, to the daily charts. Now, in addition, you know that I like to look at indicators. And here are the indicators that I like to look at RSI, stochastics and MACD. Right now, still all pointing down. But hey, we might see a temporary relief here for a little bit. So just looking at the charts, this is what’s going on. OK. So let me also show you what’s happening right now with the coronavirus. And you know me, I’ve already been talking about it and I said right now we do not have a financial crisis yet, but we do have a health crisis with a very severe economic impact. And if this does not slow down over the next week or two, then we could slip into a financial crisis. Think about it this way. Right now, of course, airlines are hurt. Casinos are hurt. Hotels are hurt. Restaurants are hurt. Even retail stores are hurt because they are closing down. Apple has closed all stores except the one in China. We’ll talk about in a moment why the stores in China are open. And Apple has closed all the stores around the world. Then we also have Starbucks announcing that you only have drive through anymore. And you see right now, especially with a curfew going on, all of these will be hurt even more so. However, this is a very interesting let me show you Uber, actually. I want to show you Uber. This is a stock that I was thinking about buying a few days ago, was waiting to do it together with the Mastermind. And I actually missed an opportunity here, but I have some other cool trades going on anyhow, so Uber here has been rallying yesterday and you see even today, Uber is up 4.1%. So why is that? Uber obviously a company that is being hit hard. Same as Lyft. Now, here’s the deal. Uber basically said yesterday. Let me just show you, no, I don’t find the news. Oh, there it is. Uber approved that cash is king because Uber says we have ten billion dollars in reserves. So they say we can weather the storm. We’ll come back to you here. Now, there are some companies who are in this position, but you see even 10 billion, they will disappear if people are no longer using Uber over the next few weeks. So they can probably go for, I don’t know, two, three, four weeks. But after this, it gets really tricky. The same with most companies. We talked about a few companies that are really in trouble. One of the companies that we talked about, let me just show you here is MGM for example, MGM has bounced back a little bit today, but they went from $33 all the way to $2. So, I mean, no, all the way to $5 here. Dave and Buster’s another company, right? I mean, how long can you sustain not having any income? So this is why the next two weeks will be absolutely critical for our financial system to see if we see a collapse where things get worse or if we see a recovery. So let me show you a few other things here. There is a website that’s called worldometer, worldometer. So they are measuring same as the John Hopkins University, which you see here. So this year, let me just reload the website. This the John Hopkins University that is measuring of what’s going on with the coronavirus worldwide. And here we see the confirmed cases that we have US now jumped up to 16,000. We also see that worldwide the death have jumped up to 11,153. So quite a lot, anyhow. So I want to go back to, to this website because I want to show you a few interesting things. So if you look here at, I want to look at the cases by country. So if you look at China, we see that China just told you that Apple has its stores open in China. And here’s why. Here you see the daily new cases in China. And as you can see, I’m going to move this a little bit to the side so that you can see me and the cases, you see reporting really hasn’t started until January 23rd. Before this, don’t get me wrong, there were cases before January 23rd, but nobody knew what it is. Everybody thought it was the flu, right? So I believe based on what I learned is that first cases appeared around the beginning of January. But as you can see in China, it took basically, yeah, a little bit over a month. As you can see, the daily cases were going higher, higher, higher. And then at some point they started teetering off. Now, admit it. I would not necessarily rely on all the numbers we’re receiving out of China. Here’s why, I believe that there is a whole lot of cases that have not been reported. But right now, China is the only country that started early. You know, this is where it started first. So we have to use this somewhat as benchmarks. Now, on the other hand, if you look at the United States, this is where here right now in the United States, we don’t have a slowdown of cases just yet. What did I just click on? I thought that I clicked on the United States. Apparently I did not. So let me go back there. Let me click on all countries. Because I want to give you the facts, right? I mean, I want to give you the facts around what’s happening here. So I wanted to click on the US. There we go. The USA. So as you can see right now, pretty much all across. If you look at yesterday, yesterday we had 2,329 new cases. Right now we already have 2,900. So it’s still on the upswing. Oh, that’s only in New York. But let me show you overall. So, here we have the total cases and here we have the daily new cases. So as you can see, we are still on the upswing. However, if we look at what happened in China, it seems that they were on the upswing for a solid month, right? I mean, this what we have seen and for free. I’ll post the link to this worldometer here in the description that you can see for yourself. I mean. You do with this information what’s good for you. Here’s how I like to see it. I like to believe that it is possible that maybe in two weeks from now we see a peak. Now, this, of course, is scary because right now two weeks is still a long time. And as you see, we have a lot of people already infected and it might be even more. But if in fact, if in fact, in two weeks we see a slow down so that we have a chance of maybe in four weeks go back to normal, this is where I believe we can recover from this. However, if we see that over the next week or two, this goes completely out of control and bonkers, this might get even worse. So, again, what is the best thing to do right now? Well, one of the things that I like to do is trade our Binary Power Spreads. That is fun. And then there are some, a few selected trades that I am taking. So this morning I’ve been trading live with our Mastermind members because I wanted to show a few things that we can take advantage of. So there are definitely a few companies that I believe will recover. And let’s think about it. Crude Oil, how long can it stay that low? Let’s go back here and take a look at crude oil. So, doing this here right now. So here we go. Crude oil. I want to switch to a weekly chart, because right now we are at $23. And, you know, crude oil. It’s a perfect storm for crude oil. It has started with the war between Saudi Arabia and Russia and then has continued to spiral as now obviously, we have much lower demand. Now, don’t only think about driving. Think about driving, flying, right? I mean, this where you use a lot of fuel, and manufacturing. I mean, a lot of manufacturing is driven by oil and gas. So this is where we haven’t seen levels like $23. Take a look at this. I think the last time was in 1992? No, here we go, in 2002. In 18 years. So crude oil hasn’t been as low as it is right now in 18 years. So just think about it. I think that there are some possibilities, anyhow. So this is my global outlook. Where do we stand for the week? For the week we are down 16.8%. So it’s pretty bad and this week actually contributed to half of the losses that we saw overall. One of the reasons being because on Monday let me go back to the charts here really quick. On Monday, we saw this huge drop of 13%. I’m still on weekly charts here, let me change this to daily charts. And I’m going to also, we can leave the lines here. So, you know, on Monday, this is where we had the 13 point drop and then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So. Pretty bad overall, we are down 33% and it has taken quite a long time in the past to recover from a 30% drop. So it can take us four to six years. Hopefully it won’t be this long, we shall see. All right, so I want to see. I wanted to actually talk to you about this. Talk about your questions and see how I can help you. Oh, one more thing before we go to questions. Really interesting, you know, that I’ve been talking about, let’s go to bank rate, about mortgages. Here’s the interesting thing. Right now, mortgages are getting more expensive, even though the Fed slashed rates to zero. Why? Because right now people are, see there’s a 30 year fixed mortgage. It’s still, it’s so dirt cheap. I mean, what, 3.7%? That is crazy. That is amazing. I thought it would be higher because right now there’s huge demand. Everybody is looking at the low rates and they want to refinance, right? And banks right now say, “Woah, woah, woah, we first need to see how we are getting all the money that the Fed is promising right now.” So this is why right now there’s demand and the loans are not being handed out yet. It might take another week or two while everybody’s sorting out what the heck is happening here. So if you are in the market for a new loan, I mean, if you right now have a rate below 3%, I think that’s great. If you can get to three point for 30 year fixed. If you can get a 3.75%, that is great. If for a HELOC a home equity line of credit, if you can lock in right now anything below 4 that would be awesome. Anyhow, good, good, good. So let us actually go back to the charts. Let me come to you full screen and let me take a look at the comments here and see what is going on here. OK. A lot of you saying good to be here. So good to see you. OK, good. So Felicia says that Sysco looks good they have two billion in the bank and they are starting to sell to grocery stores. They could make big moves if they can make it work. You know, Felicia, it’s a great thing. Let me show you a few things on the charts here. So a few companies that I’ve been looking at, you might have heard about it, Blue Apron. Who would have known? Blue Apron, everybody thinks they are dead because they were trading at $2. I mean, look at this. This is what happened here with Blue Apron. Great idea. Look at this. Great idea. And they soared up to 65. Let me actually go to weekly charts here so that you see they have been as high as $160. Blue Apron! And then they plummeted down all the way to $2. Right now they’re making a comeback. And here’s why. People are ordering Blue Apron, hoping to cook from home. You see the challenge is that they can’t deliver. It’s the same with Amazon. I don’t know about you, but I tried to order something on Amazon yesterday. Not toilet paper. No, I tried to order an adapter for my computer and it takes a week to arrive. So this is where I mean, if you’re looking at Sysco and all this, I would be a little bit careful because right now there might be, no, that’s the wrong stock. That’s in India. Let me see if the Sysco Corportation, that’s probably it. Yeah, there might be a quick bounce, but also, keep in mind that Sysco is delivering to restaurants and restaurants are being shut down right now. Always take a look at the charts, trade what you see, not what you think. Let me come back to you so that I can show this to you. It’s a great comment, Felicia. But again, take a look at the chart. Trade what you see, not what you think. Hey, by the way, thus far are you enjoying this? Is this helpful? Because if it is, do me a favor and click like. Because this way I know that you are loving these videos and then I’ll do more. As you know, this week I’ve been live three times. And the more you like it and the more you share it, the more you subscribe to this channel, the more I’m motivated to do these live videos, because, I mean, it’s not that we have time to kill. Although many are working from home right now and do have more time than you used to. But I want to make sure that you’re really enjoying it, liking it. And that’s why we do it. Let me grab a quick, quick sip of coffee. All right. Well, thanks for all the likes, really appreciate it. Oh, well, my software here says that only 35 of you liked it. Hit it a few more times. Those of you who haven’t. Hit like. OK, let’s go back to the comments here. So this was. Good comment from Felicia. Let me just see, John. Excellent point. I mean, do you believe the Chinese data? No, of course not. I mean, think about it this way. In China, you have lots of rural, of rural country. And there people just die and nobody is even counting these. So I believe that these numbers out of China are heavily, heavily underreported. But I also believe as the whole world keeps their eye on China and especially the World Health Organization, I mean, once they got into the picture, I mean, the World Health Organization is pretty reputable and they try to get a gage and a feel for it of what is happening. So I believe that the numbers are somewhat accurate. But see, it’s more important, I think it’s indicative. It’s indicative that the cases at some point spiked and then they went down. And right now, what we all tried to figure out, I mean, not only me as a trader, everybody’s trying to figure out how long will this last. And this is where I’m looking at the numbers because I’m a numbers guy, and based on the numbers, I feel it is possible. It is possible that it could be over, that we could spike not over, that we could spike in four weeks. So from now on, since we are already two weeks into the crisis, probably another two weeks. And that’s why I say the next two weeks will tell us a lot of how bad it will get or if we can get to a normal life in a few weeks from now. So, great comment. OK. So William says it was circulating in December. Exactly. In the beginning, nobody knew what it is. Everybody just thought it’s a flu. What is this, right? So it was December, January, and then a number started being reported towards the end of January here. Good, good, good. OK. William, now here’s the challenge. You are absolutely right. Each country has different methods for reporting and it’s especially on test case some countries. I mean, honestly, if you look at the list, let me bring up the list here for a moment because you make up a good point. Just go to the John Hopkins University here and you will see, hold on, need to make sure that you can see this here as well, so you’ll see that there are some countries who are reporting a super low count. So Uzbekistan, don’t even know if they have test kits there. I mean, these 33 cases might be all the 33 test kits. Who knows, right? Cameroon, Honduras, Bangladesh, Congo, Bolivia, Ghana. I mean, these are countries that might not even have test kits, right? Or where people are scared to report that they’re sick. So anyhow. Yep. Absolutely right. Good point here. Anyhow, let’s talk about the markets. John says, I’m short crude oil. Good for you. So I’m rather betting on a recovery. Not anytime soon, not not in the next few days. But you see this is what options are for, I mean, with options, you can actually play out of what will happen between now and September. And I think once we go back to normal lives and start traveling again, demand for crude oil will come back up. And you see, I mean, at $22-$23 what we have right now, you can’t get a barrel out of the ground for $22. Nobody can. So right now, what happens is that all the major countries, all the major players, they’re selling their inventory, right? And trying to hold back also if they can. They can’t do this forever. So at some point, I mean, crude oil, I believe, will go higher. The demand as the demand will go up, prices will go up anyhow. Okay. So, yeah. I mean, William says Amazon shifted to deliveries to essential goods. That’s why my little adapter is coming in a week from now or not at all because it’s not essential at all. OK. So Neofytos where do you expect we have to buy the dip on Dow Jones for the long term investment? That is an excellent question. So here’s what I like to do. Let me just go back to here. I like to look at my indicators and the three indicators that I like to look at, let me just bring in the Dow Jones. Doesn’t really matter, any stock is the RSI, the MACD and the stochastics. And I want to see that they go above 50. Now this is where you might miss the absolute bottom. That’s fine. I mean, as you can see, we have plenty of room to go from 19,000 back to 29,000. There will be plenty opportunities. And this is why I believe it is important that you take the time right now to really dive in and learn how to trade. Because here’s the biggest problem. People will get killed because of FOMO, the fear of missing out. I mean, this is where some people already thought yesterday we are recovering. Not that fast. I mean, I honestly feel that it might be another week or two. We need to get some good news regarding this virus. We need to get some good news regarding this illness that we have it under control. And right now we don’t. That is why the government of California closed California. This is why the governor of New York or Mayor, not quite sure. Again, I need to read on this. But why New York is closed, I mean, New York City or maybe even the state of New York. All right, so Dugan is asking a really, really great question, what do you think about health care and medical device manufacturers? Here’s the challenge. You see, you might have seen that even Elon Musk tweeted that he can help with ventilators. However, hospitals do not like to buy ventilators. Why? Because they’re expensive and usually they have enough. So I don’t think that we will see a huge spike. It might be for a couple of weeks, right? But then it’s over again. And if you order, let’s say if you order somewhere 500 ventilators right now, they might not even be able to deliver. So this is why we saw with a lot of these companies also face masks or Clorox. We saw a quick spike, but then it quickly goes back. Same as with Blue Apron that we just looked at, right? So, I would not use this as a long term investment. Definitely not. But great question. OK. Rakesh asking a great question saying, hey, what do you think will happen on Monday when the coronavirus bill will pass the Senate? Stocks go up or down? You see these bills and all these stimulus right now is trying to mitigate a damage that we can not quantify yet, right? I mean, we already know bad things are happening and all of this is just right now trying to put something in the system some confidence. But honestly, only after we reached the peak and after it is going down and we go back to our normal lives, will we truly know how big the impact is. And that is when we need stimulate packages that will fit the damage that has been done. So for now, it’s great that the extension for filing taxes has been extended or the deadline for filing taxes has been extended to June, July 19th. It is great that right now there’s this proposal that everybody gets a $1,000 or $1,200. Who knows? But come on, if you just have been laid off, do a $1,000 do you any good? It helps you right now to keep buying groceries. But long term, we need different solutions. And right now, nobody knows yet what will happen long term. And that’s why we don’t have really concrete plans yet. So all of this that’s happening here right now, it’s just to help, to help bridge until we know what is really happening here. Okay, good, good, good. All right. So are you still enjoying it? If you do, give me another like if some of you have joined a little bit later and you have tuned in and you haven’t liked it yet. Do me a favor. Hit on like. Also feel free to share this video with anybody who might find this helpful. Because again the idea here is, my goal is, to first of all, give you the facts. I mean, so give you the facts and then also clearly state what opinion I have because some of you are interested in my opinion, but I make it very clear what my opinion is. I also want to just make sure that you have practical advice of things what you need to do. And honestly, right now, my main advice for you is stay on the sidelines. Wait until we know what’s going on. Don’t fall into the fear of missing out. There will be plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the market. However, if you are interested in trading right now, consider trading the Rockwell Power Spreads. I’m doing a special training on Sunday night and I’m doing it here on YouTube live because here’s the challenge right now. Things like what? What is it? Zoom or go to webinar or any conference line. They are horrible, overloaded because everybody is working from home. So this is why I decided to do it on Sunday night and I’m doing it here on YouTube because this seems to be really reliable. Okay. Anyhow. So Ken is asking a great question, by the way, so good to see you this weekend. Sorry you had to leave early, but I know that you had to take things to take care of. So what do you think all this quantitative easing will do to the bond markets, flight to safety? See? Great question. But right now, if you look at what’s going on. Let me just show you the charts. It has been pretty much sell, sell, sell. So you see, usually a safe haven is gold and gold has been going down. Let’s take a look at the at the 30 year bonds, the bond futures here. Let me just show this. So here they actually have sold off. Right now they’re going up again. So the flight to safety, I don’t see it yet. Think about this way. People said that Bitcoin is a safe way to put their money in. And look at the weekly chart here, how bitcoin has been hammered and dropped from, look at this $10,000 to right now, a $6,000, but well below $5,000. So the flight to safety I don’t know what’s safe right now. Gold is not safe. Bitcoin is not safe. Bonds. I mean, we will see. We will see. It’s a great question. But I think really the next week or two will be very telling for we know more. So right now, I mean, get lines of credit, line up cash if you can, because that will provide you with amazing opportunities in the week to come. All right. Let’s bring up the questions again. This is a good one. I really enjoy hanging out with you and answering all your questions here. So I’m just looking at the questions right now. Thanks for all the positive feedback here. Christian says, I reckon it will be like the swine flu a few months and it will be gone. Well, I guess the interesting thing so we do not know. This current, what is it, a pandemic? That’s what they say. Of course it’ll pass. I mean, it will not wipe out the world’s population. That’s not gonna happen. Yes, many people will get infected and that sucks. Many people will die and that sucks. But it won’t wipe out the whole world population. The question is, will we get the coronavirus back next year? Will this be something that we get every year like the flu? And this is why everybody is working on a vaccine. It’s not that it helps right now. Vaccines won’t help right now, but they help so that it doesn’t come back next year. Anyhow, so, yeah, I mean, the good thing is right now things are bad and they will get better. Right now, people are panicking and at some point they will stop panicking. We already see something in the market. It’s not as bad that we are jumping up and down 10%. I mean, we’re to 5% swings. And I just hear myself saying this and I say, what the heck? Yes, OK. Don is asking, will you post the weblink in the chat? I’ll be happy to post the weblink in the chat. What link are you looking for, Don? Let me know and I’ll make sure that either myself or the team is posting it in the chat, okay. Yeah. I mean, it’s really interesting. David is asking, what do you think about the Indian market? Don’t have an opinion. Don’t know much about the Indian market to be honest, I mean, I’m happy if I can keep up with the US markets, trust me on this one. So but great question. So yeah I see lots of comments regarding do you think we get a bounce in the market soon? I hope so. I hope that it will be in two weeks, in the next two weeks, super important. We’ll see. Right now we don’t know yet. All right, good. Sam is asking a great question, what do you know about the binary options platform called race option or pocket option? Sam, here’s the deal. Stay away from anything that is not Nadex. Somebody can post it maybe in the chat. Go to Nadex is the only regulated broker in the United States that I personally love. There might be another one, but I only know this. This is where I have my account and I highly recommend that you open an account with a regulated broker. In fact, Nadex is an exchange. Too many brokers are non-regulated, you give them their money and you never, ever get any money back. I recently saw it where somebody said, Hey, you can open, you can open an account with us and then you can withdraw at least $500. So if you would open an account with somebody else with $200 or $300, I mean, boy, you might not ever get your money back because the minimum requirements, minimal withdrawal requirements. So stay away from anything for binary options that is not Nadex. That is my advice here. OK. So. Let’s see a couple of questions and then we call it a day for the weekend. So William says to restart the engine normally takes long, but we don’t have end point yet do we? We don’t. We don’t. And so in order to restart this, we shall see. We first have to wait until we get this situation under control. All right good. Wade is saying it seems that, seems that casino stock are a bargain now. I mean, they will recover and eventually bounce back. Wade, let me show you something really, really cool that you guys might not know. Do you want to see, who wants to see something really cool? Type in “Yes,” in the chat if you want to see something really cool that you might not know. And if you type yes or hit like. Hit like you’d like if you want to see something cool and I’m gonna show you something. Thank you. Good. So let’s actually go to MGM. OK. MGM is one of the casino stocks. So let’s take a look at this. Here is what we can do. What we want to do, what you you want to do with any stock is you want to look at their, at their balance sheet. And you want to take a look at their total debt and their total assets. Can you see this here? Going to make this a little bit bigger. So you see that MGM right now has 15.6 billion in debt and 35 billion dollars in assets. So, can they go bankrupt? Probably not because somebody might buy them, right? Because you see, What you want to see is a debt to assets ratio of around 40% or less, right? So this, by the way, also super, super interesting. Let me show you, if you look at United Airlines, for example. Let’s go for American Airlines. American Airlines. So if you look at American Airlines and we look at the same thing, then we will see that with American Airlines, they have 33 billion dollars in debt and around 60 billion dollars in assets. That’s not good. More than half of this, more than half of the assets are covered with debt. Again, you want to see typically companies that are 40% or lower. So let’s take a look at, for example, LUV, Southwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, as you know, after 9/11, they completely restructured and one of their goals was, here we go, to actually have a low debt to asset ratio. Look at this. Total assets 27 million. Total debt 4 billion, sorry, It’s all billion. 27 billion, 4 billion. You see that? Much, much less. And here’s what you can see happen today. So, for example, Southwest did not get hurt as badly as American Airlines. Today Southwest is up 3.5%. Let me just check, I’m a bit surprised that airlines are up. American Airline. There you go down, up 0.8%. So, I mean, good comment. Some companies will go bankrupt for several reasons. Because either they don’t have enough cash, right? Or they’re debt to asset ratio is too high. But others might bounce back, anyhow. Do you find this helpful? If it is helpful, you know the drill. Click on like and feel to share this video with anybody who you think might find this, this little tidbit a tidbit helpful. George says absolutely. But assets don’t mean cash. That is absolutely correct. That’s absolutely correct. But you see, you can sell assets and make cash, not short term, usually that’s why they are called assets, right? Anyhow, it just a general rule of thumb here. So just giving you some facts to consider when you start looking at some stocks. And anyhow. Good. Great question, Wade, really appreciate it. Muhammad is asking investing in Bitcoin is not safe right now? I don’t think it was ever safe, to be honest. I think it was just a pure gamble. Let’s bring it back. Let’s take a look at Bitcoin here for a moment and see what happened here to Bitcoin. Let’s also zoom out a little bit. I always like to take a look at the bigger picture. Here’s what happened. Bitcoin was hovering around what? A dollar, 90 cents, and then it got traction and then it went all the way up to $20,000. And if you see a parabolic move like this, it will go down. It will go down. Then it was going back up. And you see right now where everybody says, hey, cryptocurrencies are the safe haven. Apparently not. Apparently not. As you can see, by the way, some more of the parabolic moves, whenever you see a parabolic move like this, you know that it will come crashing down. So let’s talk about Tesla here for example. Tesla had a parabolic move like this, see it? Company was trading between 300 and 200, then went all the way up almost to $1,000. Came up, came down. Tilray a pot stock company, right? Very similar. Look at this all the way up when you have a parabolic move like this, comes down. Right now, right now, where do you see this? Blue Apron, right? APRN, talked about it a bit earlier. Look at this parabolic move. What comes up must go down. If you have a parabolic move like this it’ll usually come crashing down. Anyhow. So hope this was helpful. So investing in bitcoins. I personally do not have bitcoins. Never had any bitcoins. I don’t believe in it. We can talk about it another time. Great question, though. All right. I like this. Steve invested in Buttcoin, a.k.a. toilet paper, geez. Gabriel is saying Bitcoin is doing better than stocks right now. I don’t know, want to take another look at the charts? Let’s do it. Come on, let’s, let’s do this. Let’s take a look at Bitcoin because you are so interested and see how they’re doing better at stocks. So we see here right now, as you know, the stock market is down around 30%. So if you go from the high here that we had a few weeks ago to the low, it was down 63% to where we are right now it’s 43%. So, Gabriel, why would you say that Bitcoin is doing a thousand times better? I’m quoting your words here. You said it’s a thousand times better than stocks. How? The overall stock market is down 33%. Bitcoin, even though it recovered right now, is down 43%. I mean, you see, guys, this is why I appreciate you being here because I want you to get the facts. I want you to look at the numbers, trade what you see, not what you think. So, Gabriel, I’m sorry, but I disagree with you looking at the charts. They’re not doing a thousand times better they’re in fact, doing, bitcoin is doing 50% worse than stocks right now, not individual stocks, but the stock market as an overall. Anyhow, okay. Steve is asking, are any chance you’re webcasting the Bootcamp for those that live outside of Texas? You know what? That is excellent. It’s actually a really great question. Usually we like to meet with you because then it’s easier for me to answer questions when we meet in person. However, with all the craziness going on right now, yes, I think that that we’ll webcast a Bootcamp. Let me ask you this. Usually we are doing the Bootcamps for three hours because I want to make sure that you’re getting really solid information. Now in these three hours this is where we usually show you what stocks to trade, right, tell you exactly how the indicators work, tell you when to enter and also tell you when to exit. So this is something that usually takes us around three hours. We can probably shorten it to two hours. But let me ask you this. Would you be interested in doing this, even considering that it is two hours? And if so, when would be a good time for you? Is it a good time on the weekends or in the evenings? Type it right now in the comments. Because when you do, it helps us planning it. So, first of all, let me know if you would have two hours, because I want you to dedicate two hours to this. Anything less there’s no real information. You have been to these webinars, right? There are 30 minutes and then there’s another, what, 30 minute sales pitch. So here I want to give you solid information. So it would probably be two hours. And if you say, yes, I can do this, when would be better for you. Would it be better on the weekends? And I’m thinking about possibly doing a Saturday morning, right? A Saturday morning or is an evening session better for you? So let me know. And then and then we’ll see. I can pull it up all day long. Trust me. Whether I pull up the spiders, the SPY or SPX or DJI, it doesn’t really matter. Same picture here. OK, good, good, good. All right. Fantastic. Thanks for all the feedback here. So let me just answer the last question here. And I appreciate all the feedback because this way it makes it easier for us to plan. Ex Dividend love your name. Hi, I personally focus a lot on covered calls and selling puts my opinion an awesome strategy for people looking to get some downside protection. Do you do any of these? Usually, usually I like to buy calls, right? Because this is where you can participate in an upswing. Right now however, with stocks being that low, it does make sense. That’s what I did this morning with my Mastermind members. So this morning we have been trading live and we did sell some puts. So it is a valid strategy. However, here’s keep in mind if you’re selling naked puts, you might get assigned the stock. So you need to have a larger account. Same if you’re doing covered calls you already need to own the stock so, Ex Dividend, I believe that this is a great strategy if you already have a larger account, right? Because if you think about it, if you’re selling puts on Tesla, you need to be prepared to be assigned. And if it’s trading at 400 and you get 100 shares, you need $40,000, right? So it’s for a larger account. For a smaller account, I would recommend buying calls and buying puts because I believe that this is how you can take a $3,000 or $5,000 account to another level. If you have a larger account and especially if you already have stocks, yes, that is a good strategy. So thanks for asking. All right, good, good, good. OK. Can’t stop. You guys are just asking so good questions. Felicia is asking what about the Fed buying 45 billion in mortgages? How will this affect the market? You see, this is where also I’m glad that you asked because there’s a lot of misinformation out there. So what does it mean if the Fed is buying $45 billion in mortgages? It means that they are buying it from the banks. They’re buying it from the banks, not from you. They’re buying it from the banks. Here’s what they do. So this means that they are taking loans off the balance sheet of banks and giving them cash in return that they then can lend out to you again. That is the idea behind all of this, right? So “the mortgage-backed securities,” that’s the keyword here that the Fed is buying. They’re buying it from the banks so that the banks have more money to give to you. That’s how it will affect the market. So what does it mean? It means that interest rates will be lower. It means that loans will be easier, attainable, easier, not easy, but it will be a little bit easier because at some point, in order to jumpstart this whole economy again, we need to get people buying stuff, right? I mean, this is right now, what is hurting all the companies because people stopped buying stuff besides toilet paper and groceries. But you see, right now who’s buying a car right now? So who is flying right now? Who’s going on a vacation right now? Very few people, right? So great question here. Great question. All right. Fantastic. Thanks for all your great questions. And, okay. OK. Clifton, yours is easy to answer. Clifton is asking, I heard that you need 25K to day trade stocks. That is true. To day trade stocks, but not to trade stocks. If you want to trade stocks, you can start trading stocks with as little as $1,000. Day trading is defined as making what is it, three or more day trades in a period of five days. Somewhere around this, so if you don’t day trade, you will be absolutely fine. All right. You are awesome. I love hanging out with you. This was way longer than I expected it to do. I hope that you’re enjoying attending these sessions as much as I enjoy hanging out with you. Giving you hard facts. And then also my opinion. And please take it for what it’s worth. I mean, it’s my opinion. My goal is to give you practical advice that you can use right away in your daily life and in your trading. So I hope this helps make sure that you’re signing up for Sunday’s session. So on Sunday, we are doing the Binary Power Spreads. It will probably be an hour, 45-minutes to an hour where I show you how to trade Binary Power Spreads. Really fascinating. Team, if we can put in a link in the description here really quake of where they can sign up. It’s actually right here on YouTube. So if you subscribe to this channel, you will automatically get a notification whenever I go live. So make sure that you subscribe to this channel, like it. And we will then very, very soon talk again. Hopefully in two days from now. Have a great rest of the day and take care.

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