Choti Sarrdaarni – 19th March 2020 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

I can’t believe this. I mean, I realized Sandhu’s
reality that very day. I realized what a lousy person
he is. But his son Parry… …is worse than him. I’m very sure, Sarabjit. When Harleen will
watch this video… …she will support us. Keep it with you. I’ll leave, Sarabjit. Meher. Meher. I want to talk to you
regarding something. Look. I know that I’ve… I mean… The conditions were such! Actually more than
the conditions… Sarabjit, what are you saying?
I don’t understand. I’m leaving. Please.
– Meher. Look. When you called me today… …Param and I were
playing a video game. Param won the game. Actually, that’s not important. What’s important is, washroom…
– Sarabjit… What are you saying? Video game. Washroom. Speak clearly. Let me speak.
Only then you can understand. Am I not letting you speak? No! That is important!
This is important! Whatever you want to
say, say it clearly. Meher, I… You seem to be very
tired, Sarabjit. I feel, you must go home and rest. I have to leave too. Okay? See?
You’ve not let me speak again. See? You never let me speak! You always interrupt me. Me? Do I interrupt? Yes, you always interrupt me. Okay. Tell me. When do I not interrupt you? Sarabjit, I’m leaving.
– Look, Meher. Look! You’ve interrupted me again. I’ve not interrupted you. I want to talk to you
regarding something. Just to apologize… Apologize? Why should I apologize? I’m not telling you to apologize. I’m just saying that
I want to talk to… …you regarding
something very important. Sarabjit. Right now,
it is imperative that you go home. So that you can show
this video to Harleen. So that everyone learns
the truth about Parry. Okay? Now I’m leaving. Meher! What is it now, Sarabjit? May I drop you… …home? Please don’t refuse. I won’t listen to you
even if you refuse. So please… May I? Okay. You must give me Rs. 20 million… …before they take
the wedding vows tomorrow. Okay! Sure.
– Bye. Rana and Ginni… …must get married
tomorrow at any cost. Then I’ll shatter Mini’s dreams… …of getting Rs. 20 million from me. Oh no!
– What happened? Mom, I guess,
I forgot the keys inside. Mom. I imitated the bank manager’s
voice very well, right? Aunt Mini and Robbie
didn’t even realize… …that Bittu is speaking.
And not the manager. Mom, tell me something. You had Rs. 2.5 million. You lost that amount
while sitting at home. Now you don’t even have Rs.
25 in your account. Then how will you give… …Rs. 20 million to Ginni’s mom? Rs. 20 million? Have you gone insane? I’ve just lured Ginni’s mom… …with Rs. 20 million. Once you get married to Ginni… …I’ll make Ginni’s mother Mini… …dance to my tunes. Wait and watch. I’ll make your
mother-in-law bite the dust. Kulwant Kaur! I will teach you a lesson! Are you going to make
you dance to your tunes? You are a beggar yourself! But you promise to
pay me millions! I won’t let you have this
marriage. Mini, I was just kidding. You fools! Tell her. Yes, aunt.
– Yes! We were just kidding. We love joking. Mini. It’s customary for us… …to scare the bride’s family. Yes, mom is right. Aunt, we were just
trying to scare you. Thank God! We thought
you are serious. Mom, they were joking. Keep quiet! You don’t just look
like a fool… …but you are a fool. They are beggars! They can’t afford to
get them married. They don’t have a penny… …but try to show off. Dolly is absolutely right. You are a loser and a pretender! You are worse than that. Where’s my daughter?
Where did you hide her? Ginni! Ginni! Oh, come on! You can meet Ginni
tomorrow at the wedding. Keep quiet! Call my daughter. Where’s my daughter? Ginni! What is it?
– Come. But where to, mom? To Sarab’s house. I won’t let you get
married to this beggar. What? I will only get married to Rana! What? Listen to me! Mom! I won’t leave from here. If you try to force me… …I will call the police! What?
– Now, I’m an adult! I will get married
as per my wish! You got it? You fool!
– Stop it, silly girl. You think you are adult
enough to call the police! Come with us!
– Let her go. Let go of me.
– Let go! Come with us! Let go!
– Robbie! Let go of her! Let her go to hell! I won’t spare you all. Yes, sure. Rana, give her my photo. Keep looking at it
constantly. Okay? Keep quiet! I will get Ginni… …married to Parry. Go ahead.
– Mom, but… Come on, Robbie! You fools! If that video goes viral… …not only Ginni… …no girl will get
married to you. Do you understand? You are so strong and so young! You couldn’t even
handle a silly girl! Dad, we searched a lot. But she escaped!
– You fool! I will teach you a lesson. I’m sorry. I can understand. It’s my fault. I mistook that girl as
a silly girl. But she turned out to be smart. She’s the pride of Atari! Parry. Come here. Come here. Parry. Since the news of you
getting married… …into the Gill family got out,
our company… …has started faring well. If that girl gets
the video viral… …then everything
will be ruined! Our careers will be finished! Why did you do this, son? I’m sorry, dad. Mr. Sandhu, he’s young. He made a mistake. Now, think about… …what should be done.
– Well, the plan is… …just take Meher’s
mobile away… …or Meher herself. Mr. Sandhu. Please speak to Harleen
before making any decision. She was excited about… …Ginni and Parry’s marriage. I’m sure,
she would definitely help you. Meher, we have reached home. Meher, we have reached home. Meher, we have reached home. I don’t know when I slept. When you sat in the car. I guess you are spending
sleepless nights too. Meaning? Nothing. I… Thank you, Meher. I should thank you instead. You dropped me home. But thank you… …for everything. Thank you for everything! And… …sorry too. ‘Sarabjit, I have no idea…
– No, Meher.’ ‘There’s a limit to lying.
– But I’m not lying.’ ‘What is this?’ ‘Even after knowing
about Ginni and Rana… …you didn’t tell me.’ ‘Sarabjit, I wanted to tell you.’ ‘But you didn’t listen to me.’ ‘Meher,
whatever you did was wrong.’ ‘I will never forgive
you for this mistake.’ ‘Just listen to me.’ ‘Please don’t speak.’ ‘I have tried several times… …to tell you about
Ginni and Rana.’ ‘But every time,
somebody intervened… …or you didn’t let me speak.’ ‘I believed that
you will understand me.’ ‘Even if no one believes me… …you will trust me always.’ ‘But that was not my trust… …it was an illusion.’ I made you cry, Meher. I have insulted you as well. A million apologies aren’t enough… …to make up for that. Meher, Param told me… …that the messages
were sent to Ginni… …by your phone. And he sent them. Please, forgive me if you can. Look, I trusted your decision. But… …our ways are too different. That was all. But… …after getting the proof… …we’ll be a team again
and get them married. Okay. But I will be the
captain of the team. Why? Because, I said so. Is it necessary for
you to have an opinion every time? Is it necessary to nag
my brains every time? It’s my habit. Mine too. Monkey. Jatt in toilet. Goodnight!
– Goodnight! I love you, Meher. I’ll definitely express my… …one-sided love some day. But mother, why did you
agree for this marriage? ‘There’s a tradition
in our house… …that we don’t accept
dowry from the girl… …but we give it to them.’ ‘I have kept ready
around Rs. 10 million… …to give to Rana’s in-laws.’ Mother, I need an answer. Please. What answer? I don’t have an answer. But, how can you… Look, Harleen.
I’ll go back to Canada… …if you ask me any
further questions. Oh no, mom. But, mother… Baby, please leave it. Mom is already tense.
Don’t say anything further. I don’t know what
Kulwant Kaur said to mom. ‘Kulwant Kaur is
giving Rs. 20 million.’ ‘Rs. 20 million?
– Speak softly.’ ‘It’s between you and me.’ ‘It’s quite simple.’ ‘We’ll share the Rs. 20 million.’ ‘We’ll get a share
of Rs. 10 million each.’ No need to worry. Just keep one thing in mind. Meher must not get
any hint about this. Amrita! Jeeto! Ginni!
– Meher. Where were you? Your phone
is also switched off. Actually Jagga, I had some
urgent business to attend to. Jagga, I am really glad… …to inform you that Sarabjit will
be attending the wedding tomorrow. Really? In fact, even momsy,
Robbie and Harleen… …will probably also
be on our side. Wow! How did you manage to
perform this magic on Sarab? You’ll know everything by tomorrow. It’s time for the ‘Jagran’. Let’s go for the ‘Jagran’. Let’s go.
– Come on, everybody! We need to make
arrangements for the ‘Jagran’. Absolutely not! I haven’t gone back on my word. Let me just put it this way. My eyes have opened to the truth. Aunt Mini. Because you’d accepted
the marriage proposal, we… The wedding is tomorrow! Not anymore. Because the wedding is
going to get called off. What did your mother-in-law say? Did she not say that if the
prospective bride and groom’s… …respective mothers
are okay with them… …getting married,
no one else matters? Now go and ask her, if… …the woman’s mother is
not okay with them getting… …married, how can
she get them married? Aunt Mini. I don’t know the reason… …why after accepting
the proposal… …you have changed your mind now. But the video that I’m
about to show you now… …will prove to you… …that Parry is not
the right suitor for Ginni. Oh, my God! What is so serious
about that video? Just two minutes, momsy. Meher’s phone will
have to be charged. She’s recorded
a video with her phone… …which even I
haven’t watched yet. But after watching it,
the truth will be clear to you. And you will get to know
about Parry’s actual personality.

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