Choti Sarrdaarni – 18th January 2020 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Param will go for a picnic. Meher. I agree that you didn’t know
about Param’s condition yesterday. But you know everything today. Why are you still doing this? Yes, he will go there and… …run here and there
and overexert himself. This is not right for him. And what’s wrong with you? You know that even the
doctor has refused for it. Harleen, but the
doctor also said… …that Param’s happiness
is more important. He needs to be in a
positive frame of mind. And at this time… …I am just
thinking about this. About Param’s happiness. As far as him overexerting
himself is considered… …then I have an
idea for the same. Idea? ‘I know where I have
to go for this.’ ‘And I have to do this… …for the sake of my Param.’ This itching is killing me! I am sure some fool
has pranked me. I pray to God that
he gets an infestation of lice. And he suffers like me. Apply some force. You also do it. You have become weak
due to eating all that pizza. My God! Amrita. – Mom,
I cannot understand one thing. How can you suffer from itching
due to neem tree leaves? Neem tree leaves?
– Yes, mother. You like taking a bath with
neem tree leaves, right? So, I asked Rana to… …put some neem tree leaves
in your bath water. ‘This means that he put
the same stinging nettle… …leaves in my bath water.’ Jagga, I think that
the water was faulty. At least, mom broke her
vow of silence due to this. I will break your face, fool. You are concerned about
the vow of silence. I am losing my life
due to the itching. Mother, take it easy.
– Do it fast. Meher, why are we here? I can go to any… …extent… …for the sake of Param. ‘Meher, I told you.’ ‘You are my sister.’ ‘My maternal house is no
longer fit for the same.’ ‘Amrita, I swear to you.’ ‘I will never set foot
in this house again.’ ‘I will die, but I will
never come back here.’ ‘I don’t know what
the reason was… …that you refused to enter
this house again.’ ‘But today I know one
thing for sure that… …you will go to any extent… …for the sake of Param.’ Aunt Meher! Aunt! Aunt Meher is here. Meher?
– Meher? ‘Meher has come to this
house for the first time… …after her marriage
of her own will.’ ‘Oh, Waheguru!’ Greetings, Sarabjit! Please come. Greetings!
– Is Meher also with you? It’s itching too much!
However, God bless you. Wonderful!
– How are you? Come here.
– How are you? Hi! Welcome!
– Come, my dear. Come inside please. Come.
– Please come. Come, dear. Sit. Oh God! Oh my God! Oh! Don’t ask
what has happened. I don’t understand anything. After she took
a ‘Neem’ water bath… …still, she is having
a strong itching sensation. Amrita, this didn’t happen
due to the ‘Neem’ leaves. It happened due to
the stinging nettle weed. Stinging nettle? How could the stinging nettle
weed get into our house? Why are you staring at me? Why do you think Yuvi is
involved in all the issues? Yuvi, tell us the truth. Mom! Already I’m in a bad mood. I don’t even know
what the stinging nettle is. Jeeto. Go and bring
some coconut oil for mom. Give her a massage with
hemp leaves. Then, it will be
cured within no time. Go! Why are you still here?
Bring that immediately. Okay. I’ll bring it. Bring it. Oh! Amrita. Why are you standing over
here? Bring tea and snacks, dear. I’ll bring it, mother. Thanks, Amrita. That’s okay. What’s the matter? Both of you look worried. Is everything fine? Jagga, actually… …we are here to… …seek help
from all of you. Tell me, dear. A tumor was… …found in… …Param’s liver. And… …his operation
needs to be done… …in the next week. Param was forcing us… …to send him to
a school picnic. Yuvi and… …the rest of the children
will be present over there. So… …if we refuse him… No, dear! Control yourself. Param won’t suffer any harm. Oh God! What have you
done… …to our Param? Param will be fine. Meher. What help do you need? Forget about it. I can even sacrifice my life.
Tell me. Jagga. Amrita. Yuvi… Yuvi will be at
the picnic with Param. I wanted Yuvi to… …make sure that
Param doesn’t run… …or exert too much. That’s not a big deal! That will be done. Don’t worry. Sarabjit. Can we meet Param? Jagga, actually… …we don’t want Param to
learn about anything. Hence… What are you saying? Don’t worry. Waheguruji will fix everything. ‘Param is dad’s favorite.’ ‘Param’s dad is a superhero.’ Yuvi, listen to me carefully. You won’t eat any food outside. You won’t let Param eat it,
either. Take good care of Param. Yuvi! Come out fast. Yuvi! What happened? Uncle Rana, I’m just acting… …for Param’s benefit. Aunt Meher has said… …that he shouldn’t be allowed… …to run around at the picnic. Then? Uncle, let me complete talking. I will tell Param… …that I have an injury. If I don’t run, then he won’t
run either. We will just sit together… …and enjoy the picnic. Understand?
– Yes. Little fool who is so smart! Learn how to act
properly, you silly boy. You should… …synchronize the
movement of your legs. Anyone would suspect you. Right, Rana?
– Yes. Yuvi, sit down. I will tie a band-aid
on one of your legs. So that you can remember… …which leg to limp on. Sit. Amrita, nobody ties
a band-aid anymore. Yuvi. I’ll tie one of those
elastic band-aids. They are of a matching color.
– Oh! Forget about matching colors! Are you going to school
or for a fashion parade? Mom, can I give an idea? Sure. Mom, let me hit him on the leg
with a stick and break his bone. That would do the job.
– Wow! Great idea! I’ll break your leg with it! You always talk rubbish! Yuvi’s leg must be
covered in plaster. Only then Param will think… …that he’s really hurt. Amrita. Call Dr. Sarla. Okay. Mom, what an idea! Right? I’ll break your bones! Your idea was trash. I should instead break your leg! Sarabjit, please call the doctor! I am okay. I will take my
clothes off by myself. Please, Param. Come. Don’t argue.
Sit on the bed. I am okay. Mom, don’t call the doctor. Param. What happened, Meher?
– Sarabjit. Param has a fever.
Please call a doctor. What happened? What happened, Param?
– I am okay. Don’t call the doctor! I am okay. I want to go for the picnic! Hello. Ms. Mathur. Param wants to go
on his school picnic. And… But he has a fever. ‘Is he running a high fever
or is it just an ordinary fever?’ Harleen, does he have
a high fever? No. It’s not much. So what if it’s not high, Sarabjit? What if it increases later? Please call the doctor right away. I don’t have a fever! I want to go for the picnic! Look! I don’t have a fever! Mom, please! Two minutes, Param. Let me do something. Yes. Okay. Okay. Thanks, Miss Mathur. I want to go for the picnic!
– She says… …it’s riskier to
let him go alone. Sit. Sit. Look. Fine. Then let us also
go with him for the picnic. Come on, Meher. If the two of you go,
it will create a bigger issue. Even the other students would
insist on bringing their parents. The school would make a
big issue out of it. I want to go to the picnic. Mom, you promised me, right? Param. Come here. Don’t worry. You will go to the picnic. Okay? Now, get ready quickly. Uncle Tarkash will
drop you at the school. Really, mom? Yes! Thank you, mom! Param loves you. Yuvi, what’s wrong with your leg? Real men get wounded
once in a while. But, what’s that? A man parked a car
near my house. So, I got angry. So, I hit him… I kicked it and the
car flew away. And I got wounded a bit.
No big deal! You kicked a car into the air? You fool! I can kick a mountain. A car is a silly thing. You know what? Once when I went
to Shimla, I kicked a mountain… Param, come here. What happened, Yuvi? Param, my leg’s broken. You must take care of me.
Please. Okay, Yuvi.
– It hurts a lot. Yuvi, even I’m ill. Oh! So, that’s great!
Both of us… …have taken ill. Now, we will take care
of each other. Get it? Okay?
– Okay. Let’s go. Please, keep quiet.
Silence. Sit down. Yuvi, I want to sit
by the window. Okay. You can sit here, brother. Is that alright, brother? Thank you, Yuvi. Give it back when I ask you. Okay?
– Okay. Param, I’m shutting the window… …because my plaster will
get cold. So, kids? Ready for the picnic? Yes! Wait, now a surprise. Today three jokers will come
with us on a picnic! What say, joker? Jokers! Jokers! Uncle Joker, your nose.

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  1. Let’s not forget meher’s mum deserves to go to jail oh yes alongside with her two brothers too. What they did was a criminal offence.

  2. Mujhy to sirf aik cheez pasand h is dramy m rishty meher ki bhabhi or rany ka nok jhok ka rishta or meher harleen ka pehly wala rishta 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

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