Can you beat Super Mario World without collecting any coins? (Sub. español)

(Me sitting on my chair) In the course of human being, people have come up with a wide range of different ways to beat Super Mario games challenging themselves. One of them is the Coinless Challenge. Today we are gonna try to beat Super Mario World without getting a single coin. Let’s see if it is actually possible. (Me translating it to Spanish) In order to beat the game spending the least possible time we gotta take the pad that will take us to Bowser quicker. So, let’s go! Upss! We missed the shell. Ok, that was such an awful starting. [Weird noise] “Hey! you are using save states, you bloody fraud.” I was running out of time when I recorded it so shut your mouth. Ok, let’s go ahead. Shall we get Yoshi? Ohh, what? Rubbish! We get a coin everytime Yoshi eats an apple or an enemy either. (I think it is grammatically incorrect. Instead of “either” I should have said “as well”.) Oh wow! We beat the first stage. This is a tough jump. Mario has to jump very precisely. Be careful not to get these coins… and this is the ending. Quite easy, wasn’t it? ok… CRAP!! Fuck off, “chip-shit”! Do a small jump over here… Let’s quickly defeat Iggy. Bla, bla, bla… HERE WE GO! Damn it! Since we cannot see the coins that are located in the upper part of the level, Mario has to follow the normal way. Nevermind. We are looking for the secret exit. Swiming, swiming… Ohh, Mario has to get coins in order to get the key. We gotta take the normal exit. Killing this fish with a fire-flower might not be a good idea. To beat this stage, you can get rid of this enemy carrying it out of the screen or killing it with the cape. Hmm… No troubles inside the ghost house. Wiiiiiiiii!!1 AHHH!!! Wow, mini game. Kids, don’t try this at home. I am so careless. Morton’s castle is not hard at all, but it is quite dull. What… am I supposed to do here? Ohh, we need to activate the red switch palace in order to go upwards and hit that block. Well, there is no point in beating this level getting no coins. Aghh! I must get back the cape and Yoshi. Since Mario gets a coin everytime Yoshi eats something, I have to jump over all the turtles so that they don’t respawn. It is quite monotonous. Wiehyyy! Or we can also do this. Get the secret exit… We are in the star world! Yoshi!!!! Let him eat the star. Or we can use it to go faster. Ok, Yoshi, I don’t need you anymore. This stage was easy. Wait, what? Well, I will explain what happened. That adorable yellow baby Yoshi has eaten one of the enemies Lakitu (threw). Ahhggg… Get away, you ruddy bastard. Ok, this time we will just fuck off Yoshi. And.. so we arrived at Bowser’s castle. Hurray! Mario could get to the final boss fight with zero coins. Now it is just a matter of defeating Bowser. Ok, nobody cares… Yeah, we did it! Subscribe right now, you mug!

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