Can Black People Wear Pastels? | Jackie Aina

100 thoughts on “Can Black People Wear Pastels? | Jackie Aina

  1. Lmao jackie’s face and expression in the thumbnail ALREADY tells u the answer. Her face is like bitch ?

  2. I’m whiter than Casper, my shade is only seen on laundry detergent ads. ?
    Here I am watching Jackie, even though I won’t be able to use her tips, because she’s a QUEEN!! Yas Jackie, you rock! ??????

  3. You're correct about light&SPF. All light has energy proportional to its own frequency. Blue/violet light = higher frequency = higher energy = more damage to skin.

  4. I was afraid of the more chalky colors too. I tried it once and it went a little wrong. My aunt told me I was out here lookin' like Baby Jane. ?

  5. Y’all I have a question, setting spray always scares me b/c when I used it a long tome ago it would leave spots on my face and I’d have to start all over again… it might have just been a bad brand, but does this happen to y’all?

  6. I LOVE Pastels SO much. But I dont know what Im doing wrong- im light complected so they just kinda blend in… Idk if its my skin, my concealer, the product- They just turn into chalk and blend into my skin )':

  7. This video is unavailable on this device ? WHY!
    WTH does this mean?
    I can watch every video Jackie ever made, but not this one? I like to know why and does anybody else has this problem?

  8. me too! can't watch the video….dont think its us tho… maybe something wrong with YT and this vid because im able to watch others just fine

  9. i've tried my phone and my laptop and it still says the video is unavailable on my device 🙁 I WANNA KNOW IF I CAN WEAR PASTELS hahhaa!

  10. why does it say 'this video is not available on this device' on my laptop?
    (Edit): it also says the same thing on my iPhone ? …. why can’t I play this videooooooo

  11. YouFunnyTube, Why am I unable to view this video?? Can view all of Jackie's videos in her playlist but this one.

  12. So I just clicked on the video to watch it and it tells me this video is unavailable on this device. Which is extremely weird. I have a iPhone 10 and I always watch Jackie on my phone. So has anybody else had this issue?

  13. I don't understand, why is it saying " This video is unavailable on this device." I always watched your videos on my Samsung mobile?

  14. I wear pastel or whatever colors I want against my deep chocolate skin. I don't let societal ideas influence me or my style. I did a makeup vlog using a pastel pallette and it turned out great!

  15. Cant not see it unfortunately. Says its unavailable on my device. That has never happened before. Has this now been censored??

  16. Is anyone else getting "this video is unavailable on this device?" I'm on a MacBook and I legit just watched another Jackie Aina video minutes ago. I really want to watch this one!!

  17. This video is unavailable on this device. That's what I'm being shown. Other videos show up just fine. Is there something wrong?

  18. I'm on my laptop but the video is saying it can't play on this device. Anyone else having this issue?

  19. I’m not allowed to watch this on my IPhone? Got a message that said, “This video is unavailable on this device.” What’s YouTube doing?

  20. I’m getting an error message when trying to play this video. I can watch all of the others??‍♀️

  21. Why can't i watch my favorite youtuber ?? Jackie what does it mean this video is unavailable on this device

  22. I'm really starting to feel like someone is plotting against me cause this video will not play on my phone or tv. ???

  23. What's up with this video it states that it is unavailable for my Samsung S9+ that I always view you on. I'll try my firetv.

  24. Cant watch this video! Blocked on my devices, both: phone and laptop . Any reccomendations? Last night it was still available, and now its not:(. Such dissapointment, so inspirin!

  25. Hey Jackie for some reason it says "This video is unavailable on this device" I've been watching YouTube on my phone, so it's not the device or Wi-Fi, I even usually watch your videos on my phone. Is it something to do with me being in Sweden? But YouTube doesn't usually do that kind of region thing, it's never happened with you before, I've been watching for years. I feel like this would really effect your livelihood if it's not just me, so I'm giving you a heads up.

  26. Ummm ? ? it’s telling me this video is unavailable on this device….how sway. Every other video is tf available on my iPhone but this one. It’s a conspiracy

  27. Y wont it play? This is never happened to me before and I just watched another video. It’s saying this video is unavailable on this device

  28. Why does youtube not want me to watch more Jackie!!! It keeps saying its unavailable on my device even though i just came from watching her other videos?

  29. I don't understand what is going on I keep seeing the message "the video is unavailable on this device" since today

  30. Bummer. Not able to see your video. But what I can say is I am sick to death of people putting women in boxes. Black people can wear whatever the hell they want to wear. So can older women. Everyone can choose to wear whatever makeup makes them happy, or to not wear it at all. It is such a personal choice and an expression of self. Nobody has the right to judge someone for something so personal.

  31. Why tf does it say it's not available on my device?? It didn't say that the day it came out, but I didn't have the time to finish it till now. WTF

  32. Okay but why is it saying I can't watch it on my phone… im jus tryna watch jackie at 2 am and cry ??

  33. I am so damn pale, but I'm gonna watch every single video of yours no matter what! You're such an inspiration for everyone! Plus, you're funny as hell!! ????

  34. Jackie, PLEASE do more videos like this! I absolutely love pastels. I'm dying to see you try the Violet Voss Sugar Crystals palette, I'm obsessed with it.

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