Buying Guns and Drugs on the Deep Web (Documentary)

96 thoughts on “Buying Guns and Drugs on the Deep Web (Documentary)

  1. Silk Roads has been taken down since 2013, they also only sell drugs not guns or fake bills. You can find all that but Silk Roads is not a thing anymore

  2. Those things with small bullets constructed from body kits are not what I'd call real guns. In Germany you can buy better guns legally. This is really for those people who don't want to get their ass off their bed. I'm pretty sure there are better guns sold on the deep web.

  3. Check out my YouTube channel all about Deep Web and Deep Web markets:

  4. Okay there are a lot of real hitmen on the dark web. That one you saw was probably fake but there have been way too many cases of people being murdered after having dark web dealings

  5. At 2:00… That was the most disgusting shit I have ever heard. I sincerely hope it was not my daughter. But then again, I hope it wasn't anyone's. I hope that prick is in prison being turned out.

  6. This guy showin up himself like that is either crazy or really full of himself to accept to be recorded.
    This interview is fake.

  7. Actually this documentary is not on deep web it is on dark web. Dark web is accessible. Deep web is as real as mythical it is, You don't get to try that.

  8. Motherboard got this mixed up so I'll clear it up
    Surface web: stuff you can access on a normal search engine like Google
    Deep web: stuff you can't get on a normal search engine that you need a password for like Netflix or Gmail
    Dark web: stuff you need a special browser like Tor to access, AKA: onion routing.

  9. yes of course you can purchase guns/drugs on the deep web but the meeting with the supplier in this this video is clearly staged (fake). Could you not have actually contacted a real supplier ?

  10. I used deep web to buy some feminized seeds and start my own weed farm everyone from the area now buys from me

  11. never evilmeaning,just time coming,i just weaponizing my self n loking for place safe to die,no vana be killed buy THEM fuck that

  12. I wish I could join the FBI to stop or try to put an end to these sick people that are selling drugs and the fucking predators out there

  13. It's retarded to buy guns and what not off the dark web when you can acquire the appropriate paperwork to own fully auto weapons as I do. Criminals and countries that have law against this are the exception 👍 LOL

  14. The problem is too much negative shit in the net will affect us cause we will be used to and it will become normal. So pedophilia should be not allowed

  15. Arnt some taxi drivers or small time dope slangers on any random city corner still your best bet these days?
    If youre (shove that missing ' where the sun wont shine for all i care) some fella that doesnt know people that is ofc.
    Most likely no traces, you meet and could even kill them which would probably be equal to 1 less potential witness left alive to tell the story etc.
    I mean thats just cis/csi lollywood crime tv logics, and i didnt bother to spend as much as 1 min to think about a more efficient option. But yeah well…
    Unless you live in some little village cut off from the rest of the world… And in that case god bless your Internet connection/provider

  16. There's literally pedophilia and snuff and hardcore drugs and YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT GUNS!?

  17. Hi! I've written an article about the Dark Web. It would be very nice if you click on the link below and check it out. Your views really matter to me.

  18. My CAT Decided What I ATE for 24 HOURS (And This Is What Happended…)

  19. I call bulllshit why the hell would an arms dealer burn himself out just to make a goddam video that ain't ganna benefit him in anyway

  20. Mentioning 'dark web' as 'deep web' really puts a spot on your credibility.
    I really trusted this channel but now I feel like what else could you be mentioning wrongly.

  21. Dude gets upset about shooting a "live SEMI automatic" handgun in the middle of the woods….lmao!! You wouldnt last a day in the southern states that sounds like a regular weekend!!😂

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  23. i cant even get the bitcoin wallet started >_> and child molesters should be burned alive, tbh only want a gun for the keeps not harm anyone and not a coverted bobby gun ^_^

  24. Ion know about everything thing else but 1k for a pound of good kush I'm buying it's better than messing with niggas on the street make money and get high as balls

  25. For those who want more gun bans, here is some truth for you
    Businesses like this, are built upon gun bans, mass disarmament, and over regulation.
    Their prosperity grows upon the back of gun control.
    The more bans and bullshit gun control laws there are, the more these black markets will continue to grow.
    This isn’t even counting the rise of homemade ghost guns.
    This is what your gun control does in reality.
    Gun control, will never control criminals.
    Gun control, was created to control the majority of people morally bound to abide by law.
    Gun control, has always been just another step toward modernized enslavement.

  26. I need the sound track 11.58 please and other sound tracks also ple any one can help I shzam no results

  27. @Motherboard, Tom Littlewood you do know that there’s a difference between the dark net and deep web, so you do a bit research.

  28. If the government takes the people's guns, people will buy illegal guns .. names as weed and all other things that humans desire for their basic needs

  29. Schreckschuss waffen in scharfe waffen umbauen … da kannst du dir gleich die hand abhacken … Schreckschusswaffen sind aus sehr weichem Metall gebaut und explodieren dann gerne nach ein oder 2 schuss. SAU DUMM !!!!

  30. OK I want to buy acid (the bathroom one) 😉 and the chemical that comes in it called tmd how do I get it?😉

  31. Honestly I’m not gonna lie, I have a vendor that’s on the regular web and not on the dark web and he sends me working CC’s every time I purchase from him & he’s based in USA so he usually ships my stuff within 2 days.

    Let me know if y’all need his contact! I’m pretty sure this dude used to run some pretty big store on the dark web but he works through email only now, which honestly I prefer with him, and BEST THING ABOUT IT IS HIS ENGLISH IS AMAZING WHICH IS RARE FOR VENDORS !!

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  33. i know a guy that supplies me coke off instagram @joshblake9177 he has been my supplier for over 2 years now, his service is reliable.

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