Buy 1 Bitcoin

I wanted to talk today about something I see
alot of people having a hard time understanding.
And what I’m talking about is the idea that
bitcoin is here to stay.
Bitcoin has proven its track record.
Bitcoin is still at its earlier stage and
we are so so so early.
And what are you doing reading the Wikipedia
article still trying to figure out what bitcoin
You still have yet to get skin in the game.
You’re thinking about doing it but you haven’t
yet pulled the trigger.
I’m going to tell you today that the time
to wait is over you need to make a decision.
You need to buy one bitcoin.
Buy one bitcoin.
We’ve been in this industry since 2009.
People are familiar with it.
People understand how it works.
When I first started it was the really really
smart people involved and now we’re getting
more smart people involved but the tilt and
the critical mass has passed.
We’re at the point of no return.
Bitcoin is the future of money.
All the forces in the world are not so powerful
as an idea whose time has come.
And that idea, ladies and gentlemen, is bitcoin.
Do yourself a favor and buy one bitcoin.
Your future children will thank you.
Your parents probably won’t understand it
but you yourself if you can accumulate even
one bitcoin, in 30 years that will put you
in the top 1% financially.
Welcome to the new financial elite gentlemen.
Do yourself a favor.
Move your money out of your bank.
Starve the beast.
And buy one bitcoin.

32 thoughts on “Buy 1 Bitcoin

  1. This is good advice however I'm skeptical about telling people to buy Bitcoin instead of 'trying to figure out what Bitcoin is?"
    It's never good advice to tell people to invest in something they don't understand. People need to trust only their own judgment after gaining enough information in order to make an educated decision.

  2. bitcoin is a terrible currency and an even worse commodity. dont buy bitcoin, whales will feed on your like krill. you think crypto is your lottery ticket youve alwaya dreamed about? its really a transfer of wealth from the hard working folks who buy "1 bitcoin" to the ultra rich. godspeed.

  3. btc for the win. It will go up to 10k before the end of this year. Buy and hold btc and eth till 2020 at least

  4. Regards all good people like you bro :))
    The info it this point is the most valuable thing :))
    I got good #'s of BTC 's and I download your video on USB 1 day in the future my gran kids can know you / / /
    Sposibo tavarish;))

  5. I'm be a top 1% Gentleman with shiny leather shoes and Mercedes car and larger than average house and video games all I want and no job but eating takeaway every day and Nike clothes and trainers

  6. The only people using Bit Coin are criminals and speculators. And a small group of nerds. This bubble will eventually burst.

  7. HI can I pay you to allow me to post my site here ? USI Tech Coin will rock – 35 million sold pre-ICO! bwhit177athotmail

  8. The bull train pass 10k next stop is 100lk
    I see the end of QE unlimited gang JPM ,JPD
    Running with oxygen masks 24/7

  9. Help PLEASE.Bitcoin is now at 12,500.00 I'm 19 years old and I've put my life savings into bitcoin.(10,000.00)I'm TRYING to accumulate one FULL bitcoin but it keeps going up!Is it still worth it trying to get ONE full bitcoin? I'm planning onto holding onto it for dear life IF I can get it…But just wondering… will this make me rich one day owning just ONE? Or WEALTHY? Or a LITTLE profit? What would you say?Wish I could have invested 6 months ago:(

  10. Merry Christmas for All who buy bitcoins – I love bitcoins – Santa Claus 1AvaUqLT4du8B2cgEbk8SUCG2Z4R4ASnBU Thank You for any donation

  11. There is just one problem with all of this.
    If bitcoin is ever to make people rich (assuming you buy now) It has to raise it's price x70 (And that's still only around 1 mil USD) (Which will not make you even close to the 1%, but yeah, you would be comfortable). However, in order for this to happen, the transactions and usage of bitcoin has to increase tremendously (This is what makes the coin's value go up). If this happens then the amount of electricity used to produce 1 bitcoin (or transfer etc) will be wayyyyyyy over the top. (Recent report this week said 1 BTC electricity will be the same as all of US electricity consumption, which is not realistic).

    And here comes the real tricky part. WHO OWNS AND SITS ON THESE INFRASTRUCTURAL FIRMS? The 1%. And the 1% did not go into Bitcoin, because they are too heavily invested in Fiat currencies. This means that you are fighting against the most powerful people, to reach just a comfortable living of 1 mil USD.

    Think about it for a while, it is ridiculous. The only time you should invest in bitcoin from now on is if: All countries adopt nuclear power OR there is a breakthrough in basic sciences making it possible to completely reinvent our electricity system.

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