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Hello and welcome. It’s your boy Henry Prince Mak here and today I am so happy I saw on Koreaboo news that my channel is the number one k-pop idol YouTube channel to follow So Koreaboo, I just want to say that you are exactly… Right! Ha ha ha! Ah, thank you Koreaboo and thank you guys for supporting me, shout out to you, shout out to you all. Well today we’re gonna be talking about how much money a kpop idol actually makes [BTS- Blood, Sweat and Tears] I’d like to start off with something that I saw online. I think it was an article that said the top 10 percent of k-pop singers actually earn 90 percent of the total income of all the k-pop singers. Well, that’s crazy That’s, that’s insane guys. That’s insane So I’d like to talk about The Big 3: YG, SM and JYP. Yes, if you are a real k-pop fan I’m pretty sure you know what these companies are about, right? Well these three companies do something different to other companies which is: they pay their artists as soon as they debut. Yep. If your favourite idol group is in one of these companies then don’t worry They’re getting paid as soon as they come out, but some smaller companies Well pretty much the rest of the other k-pop companies they have something called break-even Which means that when their artist debuts, when their artist makes money it goes into a pot. Not like a real pot, but yeah, you know what I mean It’s actually a debt so the money that they make goes to pay off this debt and this debt includes stuff from their trainee days, maybe practicing singing, dancing, studio hire, food, accommodation. So if you’re a trainee for 10 years, 10 years accomodation, 10 years food, 10 years of training, whatever, whatever and, after your debut there’s music videos, songs, you know, choreography teachers, stylists, makeup. Oh geez there’s a lot expenses. Promotions, staff, I can go on forever . So the average k-pop rookie idol group probably gets around four thousand US dollars a show and that’s in Korea. If you’re doing overseas promotions, overseas tour, then you probably get a bit more But let’s just start of Korea here first And the company usually gets 90 percent and the artist gets 10 percent. If you’re lucky then the company gets 80 percent and the artist gets 20 percent. Because we’re using myself as example here: We would use twenty percent and twenty percent of four thousand dollars is about eight hundred and divide by how many members we had – we had seven – so that’s a hundred something dollars each And then we use the 100 something dollars to pay off this massive debt that we have Yes, the more comebacks we have, the more songs we have, the bigger this debt gets. You know, the more we eat The more time that we live in the house Jeez, the debt just gets more and more and we can never pay it off We’d never make enough money to pay it off because when we have first debuted we probably had more shows when we have first debuted we probably had more shows But once, you know, two years, three years, we started getting No-shows, all right? When we first start up we’ve probably got like, I’d say six or seven paid shows a month And then it just keeps getting less and less overtime until we started getting like No shows at all and that Seriously means our debt just keeps getting bigger and bigger and then we can never reach it Which means that we will never make money. Oh I think I use myself too much in this example here, but that’s the truth guys and there are so many, so many other idols and groups like me or my group and I just want to say that I think we deserve a lot more love I really do, I really do guys. I just know- Shut up, Siri, shut up Yes, Siri just cut me off *bad Siri* After all I was gonna say So let me give you another example: AOA Yes, most of you probably heard of this girl group. Well. They debuted in 2012 and For the first two years they were really just the average girl group They weren’t famous at all, they weren’t making money And it was until the third year that they actually blew up and they became one of the top girl groups in kpop. I’d say top tier and top five girl groups in kpop at the time and It was really until after their third year so the end of 2015 that they said that they broke even They didn’t make money yet They broke even So they paid off all their debt So by the end of 2015, after that, then they started making money So think about it – even a top girl group in kpop – it took them three years to break even Seriously at that time when I was in Korea, Seolhyun of AOA was one of the hottest kpop idols at that time Well, hottest as in she was the hottest in kpop Well, she was hot as well, but like she was the hottest because she had so many commercials Everywhere on the streets was all Seolhyun SK Telecom commercials, beer commercials, car commercials I’m thinking that she must have made so much money during that time. And also Jimin, she was on Unpretty Rapstar, and she did really well this, so she became very famous. And Choa did a lot of like, variety shows and stuff of that so The group was very, very hot at a time But I was there in 2014 and they only started making money after 2015, so start of 2016 so Jeez all that time they did working and stuff they were paying off debts They weren’t making money jeez, wowow my phone *be careful* But like Yeah, seriously geez Louise man. Who’s Louise? Who’s Louise? I don’t know, but jeez Well see like a top group like AOA took so long to break even start making money. What about all those average groups the Not So Famous groups. You know the middle tier Even if they make money it’ll just be making money for the company They will never make enough money to pay off their debts and then start to earn money for themselves 🙁 So once again Please show a lot of love to the middle tier of k-pop groups You know, the Not So Famous ones I don’t wanna name any groups But you know who they are Right? Right? *oh come on* *we do love them* That was too fake *yup* Recently there’s a lot of shows like Produce 101 or Mix Nine which gives another chance to these Not So Famous idol group members a chance to prove themselves, a chance to be famous. I think it’s a good thing It’s a very good thing because I think there’s a lot of talented idols out there, which are just not famous because they’re unlucky or their companies just *beep* Oh, I’ve found the answer! That could actually be a good topic for my next video so if I get 10,000 likes on my next one I can talk about how shows like Produce 101 or Mix Nine can help these non famous idol groups or We can also talk about what happens to disbanded k-pop groups You know like, there’s so many groups come out each year, a lot of them disband and just disappear It’s not like there’s a trashcan for like disbanded kpop groups, right? So where did these members go? What happens to them? That could be a good topic as well So yeah, if you haven’t yet, then make sure to subscribe and check out some other videos on my channel as well There’s a lot of cool videos there. I promise you guys. Alright. It’s your boy Henry Prince Mak here and I’m out Don’t forget to follow my Instagram *dab-flies away*

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  2. It's funny the video about what happens to disbanded kpop groups was released after a year 😅

    This is really informative. Being a U-CUBE stan, this makes me more concerned of CLC and Pentagon 😢

  3. question, how about all those high end brands of clothes and jewelries the idols are wearing all the time? when you are talking about they only get 10 to 20%, or each show might not be only 4k USD, prolly more right? shouldnt be that lil amount, i guess!??

  4. Good video. Even being in a famous group like AOA doesn't make you rich. You can compare Seolhyun's mansion to Chanmi's rather modest apartment. If you broke down that top 10% of groups, I suspect the top 10% of the group's members probably make 70-80% of that revenue. I'm assuming the revenue sharing parts of their contacts might even it out a bit. I know there was a lot of tension in AOA because Seolhyun's earnings were so disproportionately larger than other members and she felt like she was sharing too much.

  5. Around 8:12 minutes

    I have talent and I have taken many different classes in acting, tech/behind the scenes, modeling, singing, dancing, and editing here and there and I'm still a nobody! And believe me or not about anything, and I'm also not tying to be mean about anything, but I DID put out a lot of money to get nowhere in life! And I think that's still fucked up , when I am a hard worker at what I do but I still feel nobody believes me!

  6. WOW! I had no idea what K-Pop had to go through and possibly not get paid at all. Bro, the shirt you got on K.M.A.? That 's the name of my company in Australia. How awesome is that?

  7. That's such a rip off. Those companies should be paying for those groups. IT'S THEIR COMPANY for chrissakes. THose companies take 90 to 80% and they make the performers pay for it all??? where does that money go that the company makes??? Jesus christ. Those CEO's and whoever must be rich off the blood, sweat and tears of their idols. SO WRONG.

  8. Came here because I saw BTS. You are so eloquent. BTS is an exception. They paid for their houses in cash! Is it they don't usually take loans in Korea for property? Back to video.

  9. Writers and Kpop artists have a lot in common. Work hard for that dream, and hope you make enough to pay off your writing advance from the traditional publisher. Or, maybe just self publish. I wonder if any Kpop artists just go Indie and break out that way. I've seen some. But the agency system in Korea is so much like the studio system in Hollywood in the states back in the Fifties. It just makes me wonder if kpop artists could unionize, like the writers guild or acting guilds in the US. Maybe that is what this is all leading to.

  10. I feel like K-Pop idols have lives that resemble Geisha. If you’ve read Memoirs of a Geisha, you’ll know what I mean. It’s all smoke and mirrors, as they say. That’s why whenever I see BTS crying on stage, I can see that they’ve sacrificed so much for what they’ve achieved. Here’s to the lesser known K-Pop groups 💕

  11. No wonder this kids work so hard and no time to rest cuz even if they try their hardest their debt is getting bigger and bigger..

  12. Hey Henry I don't think you might notice this comment but still I wanna ask something…
    Can a guy from India become a Kpop Artist because I really wanna know this cause I'm practising really hard trying to learn Korean from Youtube, practising dance moves and singing(actually I'm really good at singing) and maintaining my weight and stuff.
    Please answer this it will help me alot…….BTW you're really cool and a nice guy sharing all this information with us….LY!!

  13. This is an old concept known in the US south following slavery called "Share Cropping. " it was an unfair system put in place to keep workers (Idols) always working and dependent while the rich (the company) got richer. Look it up.

  14. That sounds like the system is rigged against you! If they were giving you 80-90% of the money and then asking you to repay the debt, that still seems ok, but if they are keeping 80-90% of the money, they should just be counting that money towards paying off the debts. This is ridiculously unfair!

  15. I got into kpop through Cross Gene (underrated) then came to love Boys Republic (underrated) and History (underrated) and JJCC (underrated) and B.I.G (underrated) [All through watching Idol School and then a SFY with CG and JJCC] and Fiestar (underrated) all these groups have either disbanded or have gone on a hiatus with CG and B.I.G barely hanging on. AND YOU ARE RIGHT HENRY YOU DESERVE ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD [EVER SINCE I FIRST SAW YOU ON A SONG FOR YOU I KNEW THAT]

  16. I just love you to bits. Love your honesty and your videos. Don't stop flushing these useless companies out and showing them up for their mismanagement of good talent. Parents. Protect your children when it comes to negotiations. Remember. Half of nothing is nothing.

  17. Dammnnnn BTS doesn't get paid when the debut ufffff big hit I got my eyes on u if my babies don't have money I will kill u😑😑😑

  18. The video was really enlightening and it's really sad what they have to go through. It's basically a coin with two sides, the pink one (shown to the fans) and a gray one (the reality they're facing).
    I remember watching FNC Ent.'s show and one AoA girl was so happy to get paid after she did a commercial (I think) and it was around 50 USD and they all looked so disappointed and discouraged. I could never lead such a life. REspect to all the "small" idols and hope they're staying strong :3

  19. Quit calling us Koreaboos that pisses me off , I love your channel because you put the news out there! ! Keep up the great work !Sandra Kay

  20. Stan hard kpop fans!! When you like a kpop group, STAN LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER STANNED BEFORE!! Buy the merch! Buy the albums! Go to all the concerts!! STAN!!!!

  21. So you're saying, if I buy some merch to help the kpop group, they only get 10%, 20% if lucky and the company gets 90%? Or that only applies to shows?

  22. honestly to start earning money , and popularity and have actual promoting you really need to either be really really good in dancing/singing/ or maybe if you’re really pretty/handsome OR you need to have money and power , it’s how the entertainment world works honestly. if you come from a family with a lot of power in korea and you can dance , sing and have visuals , it’s really now hard to become famous because normally these families would make deals with the entertainment company , money for fame

  23. It's strange how much the America music industry is so much different compared to the South Korea music industry.

  24. I love the kpop group seventeen , it’s underrated , I chose seventeen over bts and popular groups because seventeen needs more love, when bts and other popular groups is getting 100s of millions.

  25. So BigHit doesn’t? BTS oh noooo. I mean they probably get lots of money cuz like they are really famous. But like Straykids is safe too yey

  26. momoland is one of the kpop group that is not famous but so many merries support them and they achieve alot!!!

  27. Well, it's not only KPOP. For example, my friend experienced the following: company paid money for him to study at the university and provided him with a dorm. But after graduation he had to work for them for 5 years and compensating the money they invested in him. He began making some profit only after 5 years when his debt was entirely paid.

  28. Heya fellow Aussie, can
    Do idols
    Been dropped from label eg bap
    They get royalties
    From songs if I buy now.
    Or do they get fuck all.
    I don't want to support company only.
    I want to support eg the actual hardworking individuals of eg BAP 2ne1 etc.
    Ta heaps mate!!
    Hugs from WA

  29. Just be a singer and don't be a idol. Please Compare western artist to Korean artist. Why western artist are not exploited like how the Koreans exploit all these young kids.

  30. PLEASE SEE THIS COMMENT Their is a new group called CICI. They are an amazing group but sadly no one really knows them. Please check them out guys!

  31. As for me, I am ready to work for a year with a little amount of money or not getting anything for that, but not more than a year…Damn, these idols are like boxes of money for those companies and they don't even get paid….it is really unfair, they don't live a normal life, they ruin their normal life for nothing…being forbidden to date with someone, eat less, no sleep, no personal life to be only an idol is way too much

  32. Damnn this sounds so fucked up. It reminded me of prostitution and that is just horrible, the only difference is that artist stay there willingly but that doesnt change the fact that they are treated like puppets or slaves. Damn

  33. It's called economics. All those singer/groups that did not make any money, also means their labels lost the money they invested into them. The labels have to invest in 10-20 groups to find one group that will make them money. If 10% of the groups are being paid 90% of the money, chances are they are bringing in 90% of the money

  34. well damn, I guess if ur not born into a rich family being a kpop idol isn't the best thing… unless you want to be buried in debt.

  35. Stop saying that kpop are a dark place and all that, you are making people loose their dreams..even it's true just dont d say it..thank you 😅😒🤧🤧

  36. Ang sakit lang para sakin na nangangarap din na maging idol na mapakinggan ito sa isang legit na idol. Gusto kong tumuloy pero parang hindi kasi paano nalang kung hindi nagdebut. Paano kung nagdebut nga pero di naman naging sikat. Ang sakit lang para sakin na baka mabaon ako sa utang.

    Thank you for this Video!!

  37. Gawd the balance between how much the company receives and what artist earn never make sense to me. I know companies have to pay a lot of the expenses but really though, thinking of it how hard these artists have to work. It would make sense if the companies received such a big amount to pay off the debts if these idols (since they put the money in in the first place to cover all the expenses) and allow the idols to at least make something..but nope, they take the bigger percentage just to rip off the idols and make the artists work hard and bleed to pay off these expenses…wow….

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