BSP 1 PISO 2005 Ghost Coins

hello everyone this is money collector
and today we are giving a series collection, and this is the 1995 to 2018
or did 2017 result one peso coin series of the Philippines and this is one of
the hardest series to be collected by coin collector from Philippines and
outside Philippines since the coins are defined even though the minted a lot of
this but there are some few coins here just like for example the 2006 in 2007
and the year 2005 the very very scarce I don’t know many of them has been made
some of these are magnetic and some are not and they said the 2003 is a magnetic
I don’t know yes it is a magnetic you can see okay and also the 2010 has a
magnetic release and some are not magnetic also this one is also a
magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic and also this one this is deep very hard to
find the year 2005 one peso result coin and on the verse is the seal of the
Central Bank of the Philippines the sunny volcano and a flag on the bottom
and the year 1993 when it was minted and on the front or in the overs is the
portrait of dr. Jose Rizal a national hero and a 1 B so here deface the value
I’m the Republic of the Philippines and the year minted it’s 2005 and this one
is a very very hard for a scarce 1 peso coin I had to look for a lot of coins
from the bank tellers department stores to the malls the gasoline stations to
the game arcade everywhere I asked for a friend preference friends for our family
related closest and farthest of my family and they don’t have it until
someone has this on the internet I only seen fuel this I think six or seven of
these including this one and I can see YouTube video so American I think is
looking for this and we call this the ghost 2000 by one peso result coin and this is a very very hard to find I
had to go through for a lot of sorting of one piece of coin because I changed
my bills into one peso coin of the oil of this kind and I searched for almost
three hundred twenty thousand pesos unfortunately I find none of this and
also my friends but luckily one of the young fellow remembered that he has this
country is a little chap mark on the ads or the rim of this coin I don’t know if
you can see that and this is a year 2005 and last week and week before I see
there is a bidding of this and it treats for 3500 pesos only for this kind and
now they are selling also this the same coin for the same kind or 1000 and 500
pesos of this there is nothing special on this Cohen but I can say that the
deal is is different and if you have a magnifier you can find that this
portrait is a little bit angry or look mad I don’t know I have no idea
the main thing release of this this one is a very mad portrait the facial
expression is a little bit different from the other and this one this is make
the coin special the face of this is a little bit
different the nose the eyes a little bit different from the other coins we have a
complete coins here the 1995 the 96 97 98 99 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 this is
the cost 2005 and finally I’m not one and I’m very happy and a lot of people
send me messages on the social media just they want to buy only this but they
don’t want to sing or to sell this right now because this is also my first going
to complete my series of coins and I have a lot of spare of this other years
only this one 2005 is a very very scarce very hard to find blowing and this is to
justify or to pass the meat on the internet that there is no 2005 but one
peso coin that has been minted now there is and this is the the what the code is
the original or the actual coin and I put this money capsule so that easily recognized which
is 2005 and I’m also thinking of selling this but not right now because I only
have this for a two weeks so I will have to cherish first having a complete
series of this like also to have this as verifying year 2015 one peso coin you
know the 2016-17 and the different the newest in GC coin for the new generation
Cohen also a result but this is a year 2018 this is a year 2018 I don’t know if
you can see this and we have a complete one peso Philippine one peso coins set
of the series all in 1995 2017 and there he last night they also found the exclusive Coen album book purchase just
like from the United States that there is a coin slot for the 95 90 95 to 2017
one big one peso PSP or the Bangko Sentral of the Philippines or the
Central Bank of the Philippines I am very happy right now that I have
this complete the Cohen set of the one peso and from the and all of these are
very very fine condition and very good condition some of these are uncirculated I both
feel the cohen-ross from a friend who is working at the bank just to find only
the latest the Cohen series or the Cohen release the Cohen years but found
nothing of the 2005 and finally we have this enjoy the moment of having a
complete BSP 1995 to 2017 one peso coin series the Philippines this is to
clarify last they meet running here on YouTube because I see a lot of videos if
you search 2005 1 peso there is a lot of videos circulating here on YouTube on
social media that they don’t have all know 2005 has been minted or made made
but there here it is the proof that the meat is not true this is the evidence
that we have the year 2005 1 peso from the Philippines and I think that maybe
only feel this circulating or has been circulated and I don’t know who heard
this or who keep this coins maybe the only mented the 100,000 50,000
OTS because this one I found this on the
other city at the vigil almost 1,000 kilometers or 600 miles from my place so
this is very hard to find so this is money collector and thank you for
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94 thoughts on “BSP 1 PISO 2005 Ghost Coins

  1. nabuo q n lahat ng series ng piso mula 1995 – 2018 ngc nagkaron nq ng ghost 1 piso 2005 n pinahanap q s mga bata s halagang 50 pesos nabili q

  2. Boss may nickel na kaya magnetic collector din Ako yun 2005 piso Kaya naging rare inubus ng Chinese daw para gawing token sa kanila kung naalala mo may balita na binibili daw ng Chinese kasi mas mura kaysa magpagawa sila kaya naging rare sila:)

  3. Money collector sir ano pong address nyo marami ako old coins gosto kong puntahan kayo para makita nyo old coins ko

  4. Marami pa mga coins at perang papel d2 pa click nalang,

  5. im money collector i collect hong kong singapore old money of philippines america canada united arab
    new coin of philippines

  6. Sir may old coins po ako na us.phil coins1918/1944/1945/at phil coin 1952/1954/1960/1962/1964
    at one peso 1994/1991/at hindi si jose rizal ang nasa harap kundi 400years of antipolo rizal reply po kayo kung interesado kayo at kukunan ko ng picture padala ko na mssg nyo

  7. Sir yung one peso na hindi si jose rizal ang nasa harap kundi ang nakalagay ay IKA 400 TAON NG ANTIPOLO RIZAL 1591-1991 at yung one peso na hindi rin si jose rizal ang harap ang nakalagay sa harap ay ARAW NG KAGITINGAN IKA 50 ANIBERSARYO 1942-1992 at one peso na maliit na kalabaw 1994 may value ba ito reply naman sir kung may massenger po kayo padala ko yung picture

  8. meron din po aq ng 1964 fifty centavos good condition pa po.nsa magkano n po ito kapgbinenta ngayon. mailiit lng po ng konti sa 1 peso ng 1972'

  9. Mahirap hanapin (2005) pero sa tingin ko (2000) ang hahanapin; maybe sa years. (3000) Kung buhay pa tayo di bale May maiiwan tayong ala-ala sa ating mga iiwan ….

  10. I'm not a coin collector ,can I ask some question? I have 1piso Phil,coin.the obverse side. off this coins, is no year minted ..ex,year 1piso 1995-2019 …isn't considered a rare coin,or not?

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