Breaking News! Bitcoin is Breaking Out. The Price is 10k USD. What’s next?

No, Mom!
It’s not just 10 thousand.
Bitcoin is on fire!
The main cryptocurrency just broke through
the key $10,000 benchmark, going past the
11K, which its its highest point since March
$10, 000 is a key psychological level, as
now we are halfway to reach the most important
resistance level of all: the $20,000 all-time
Also this week, Bitcoin hash power reached
its all time high, which indicates a rising
interest in bitcoin mining.
As pointed out by veteran trader peter Brandt,
this is the fourth hyperbolic growth for Bitcoin
since 2010, which makes Bitcoin “a market
as no other”.
Many are saying that the announcement of Libra,
Facebook-backed cryptocurrency, caused the
spike in Bitcoin price as the new coin is
deemed to bring cryptocurrencies into the
Others observers say that the approaching
Bitcoin halving scheduled for 2020 will be
driving prices even higher.
However, not everyone in the space is caught
up in the hype.
Derivative trader and Bitcoin maximalist Tone
Vays has a far more cautious in celebrating
the new bull run.
Interview with Tone Vays, derivative trader
and Bitcoin maximalist
It doesn’t look like the 10000 number means
anything when it comes to Bitcoin foremost
setting in and everyone is driving the price
Whether that’s reasonable or not.
is giant Rise of Bitcoin makes me very very
I did feel like the latter half of 2017 the
prices got out of control but this time and
we paid for it with a big drop from twenty
thousand to three thousand.
I feel that this current rise is even more
dangerous than the 2017 rise.
Mostly because people are going to believe
in the old coins again.
I don’t think anyone learned their lessons
and it’s just this whole thing makes me nervous.
What do you think guys?
Is it the start of a new unstoppable bull
run or we will see Bitcoin dropping again
in the near future?
let us know in the comments below!

32 thoughts on “Breaking News! Bitcoin is Breaking Out. The Price is 10k USD. What’s next?

  1. …hahaha…

    Congrats! From SΓƒO PAULO – BRASIL
    – Have you ever seen the BITCOIN cheaper for a long time?
    Keep calm and enjoy!..hehe

  2. Your breaking news are funny. Always the last of my subscribed channels to tell a news…. The terms applies when you stop everything to tell the news on the spot. Not 12 hours later you amateurs.

  3. Does this guy know BTC is manipulated by the criminal elite, ie Rothschilds etc. It will go where they allow it!

  4. Who listen to tone vays nyways? He sold his BTC on $7.5k and he waited for $6k correction. Your guess is as good as mine. He missed the train lol

  5. open your mind…btc is bearish no in bottom yet ..affter down to 3600 is bullish!!! mark my words i come from the future!!!!!

  6. @1:28 its not that the 10k dosnt "mean" anything, its just market mechanic. A lot of accumulation was done in 2018 and 19, so not much supply to get through, not to mention people are fomo'ing into it, people trying to short, and CME with massive volume since april

    @1:54 dangerous why? this is what bitcoin does….

  7. I do not trust Tone's opinion on BTC price. A lots of people did not buy when the price was low as Tone's opinion is bearish. BTC pricing may not be understood by TA.

  8. Libra is not a real crypthocurrency and off course after a bull run there is a correction as we have seen in the past.

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