Blockchain Concept Video with Bitcoin Australia

Hi, thank you so much for joining today we have Rupert Hackett the co-founder of crypto exchange Bitcoin comm that a thank you so much for joining today and For your time to answer some of the questions and provide insights Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and and your firm? Really trying to pioneer the retail Purchasing experience for digital currencies. So this kind of story goes back four years ago I guess and the concept really is is that digital currency really needs a low barrier to entry and a very trustful experience approaches and that’s really what we’ve spent this whole time doing is um is in effect building a brand identity a very easy system to post Digital currency. So we’ve done that in Australia And now we’re launching to the UK’s Bitcoin dot code at UK Do Canada is between us CA and Europe is Bitcoin dot EU and the idea is we’re trying to build digital currency to mass market How do you differentiate Yourself from the other crypto exchanges. Yes, this difference I think is with other Changes is what they’re really doing is the value proposition is put towards So when we look at the market in Australia, it’s only one point three percent of Australians have digital currency accounts So although it’s been this massive boom in the ecosystem there’s still not a lot of penetration into the mass market and The differences is what we’re trying to do is build it so that it’s easy to understand the everyday person And how I’ve done that is around the retail model So what so defines us compared to our competitors is when you walk down the street You see a poster that says buy Bitcoin in-store in 60 seconds and you can walk into there and statement someone we’ve got You know in Australia, we’ve got 1200 flagship stores that serviced this model And the concept is you can walk in and say hey I want some Bitcoin and then you can see Bitcoin on the register and owe us some money and get that instantly delivered to Any third party wallet within ten minutes? so it’s it’s a really different model because what we’re trying to do is build it out the Everyday person walking down the street as opposed to the crypto savvy. Thank you the trainer that once to Diversify their portfolio and we really shouldn’t push this to the greater population That’s fantastic. It’s a really unique model How do you how do you I mean since building this firm what is one of the most interesting stories That has happened that your firm or if you could share something that that is really, you know been interesting to know about Yes Work with an organization called the Australian digital commerce Association and so we we founded in 2014 I think it was To try to unify the industry and have a common voice towards regulators That’s been very successful. We spent about two years working with the same transaction reporting Commission and getting regulation into Australia Which passed in April which was a great thing to the industry Really what the work the groundwork that had to be done? There was a lot of working with regulators and officials and and government entities and really trying to push the the positive narrative of cryptocurrency or the understanding and Through those those you know old-school traditional Entities, so a lot of them a lot of the work I was doing was actually, you know I’m trying to speak with law enforcement and get them to not see the currencies a hostile Technology, and there was a lot of pushback from more enforcement I remember used to get calls and it would say well, you know, what? Is this Bitcoin thing? You got a got a Bitcoin you’ve got to pronounce this Like this, you know like I have the ability to stop a decentralized technology I remember one day I was invited to the Victorian Cyber Crimes Division I was um I went up to the 14th floor of the the biggest police moving in Victoria And I was having you know sparkling water with seven constables in them and they were actually very positive towards the technology that they understood how it worked and its implications in water to try it Basically, see how we can use this group for a better Australia to speak Leaving that meeting having quite an enthusiasm for where the dialogue was going. And then we got a call and there was um someone from you know the the the Holding bay alone about found my name and associated with digital clarity and people buying selling bitcoin And the equipment said I’m sorry about it looks gonna have to arrest you And then II since they’re coming to the holding bay, and so nice and and for five hours, I you know you know a very very stressful situation and I spoke to my lawyers all this and done their advice is well if they want you to come into the Holding bed and they’re gonna arrest you And so I went in and I understood quite quickly that it wasn’t actually they were gonna arrest me it was It was simply a lack of understanding about the care and so after you know, 20 minute conversation became quite clear We’re on the same side and like we can collaborate on things Yeah, I think To this day is probably the strangest situation. I’ve been in for running the Bitcoin business Yeah, it’s it’s also a challenge right because you have to constantly fight with the regulators and make try and make ways for Crypto currency to maybe go mainstream one day Yeah, it’s absolutely it’s quite a challenge to are basically have that Pushing forward with the dialogue when I when this holiday says a lot of people which we’ve don’t principally said I remember I’ve worked in this space For 14 months when the price of Bitcoin went from 1200 us to 200 us Trying to have conviction in termination through the UH the negative news is there’s nothing which don’t say In these in these videos and they start some things Yeah, that’s true so how do I switch the gears a little bit on leading teams since founding this company What are some of the major challenges that you’re facing? Leading large teams or teams that are geographically in there is locations. What are the tough challenges? And what steps have you taken to overcome those challenges? Yeah, no It’s it’s definitely the biggest challenge is disarmed in this area of the company from say 5 to 25 people Through that what I found is that you had to principally rethink all your styles have management What I found was when you have a small team, it’s quite easy to have a very collective approach Where when you say something it just now naturally? Precipitates to all members of the team and as a result by just having presence there’s a sense of unity between everyone The challenges that Weber when you scale up up from that the diffusion of information just doesn’t reach and you’ll find that if you use the same principles of management then ultimately that You’ll find that people had no idea what you said when you came from an assumption that the information was equally shared and you know distributed through the group And that’s a major challenge and it requires you to Princeton rethink the structure of organization and and your management style From those is really what you’re trying to do and what you’re trying to build within the team so once you kind of solve the communication It’s really about how you communicate when you can’t communicate or or have you have a passive communication you could say within an organization and for me personally, I found that a lot of that was around building empathy into the process and balancing that with objective so when you have an organization that that’s large people what do I have a sense that what you’re building is something real and significant, but also the Individual still with the NEPA system. They have a voice and The challenges is viewing that into the process and the ethos in the business So many times people when they quit their jobs they’re actually quitting their managers and So what are your thoughts about that? Um, yes, well, I understand that there’s you know when people quit their jobs according to managers and I think that really relates to the type of cultural ethos the ability within an Organization from my perspective is that the accompany isn’t just the manager but it’s deep the case wasn’t the culture that the manager credits From that is that if you apply a collective approach Everyone is a part of that and should feel equal is important from my mind The the principle of being a manager is not a position that one should idolize as much as it is a position where You problem solve and if you can do that in the right capacity Then you’re validated to have that position but in some equal importance to every other position in the organization as I am as a result when you’re trying to Create the culture and ethos as long as everyone feels very valued within that organization And obviously I believe that the quitting and managers should not be really at the greatest concern because the company goes on that It’s the principles of a company that needs to remain in Equally distributed throughout all people so to speak. Yep so if you were to give top five tips on how to successfully manage teams and You know be a real leader. What would those be? Yes, so on So yeah, so when when thinking about my top five tips, I guess for me personally the things which I’ve found to be the most Impactful in the success and the biggest importance the challenges that I felt. I’m number one is to be To break and build yourself. And so what I mean by that is is what you’ll find Is that the you need to constantly relearn everything and if you’re not willing to kind of break yourself down to that fundamental level? Then you’ll probably be using that the same tools to try to say to try to solve the problems. Then it won’t work It’s one of the hardest things I’ve found because it means you actually a very humble approach what you’re doing But ultimately, I think that’s probably one of the that’s my number one thing in any how to be a successful manager My second other thing is that you should you should not view the position as a position of status When it comes to being a manager, it requires you to first and foremost put other people first that’s very important to understand is that Even though you’re there’s a certain level of steam towards managers The truth is there’s a lot of challenges there’s obviously there’s not there’s a lot of constant care and done and continual problem solving that you have to apply at a very high level and Which ultimately puts you not really as a position of status but also as well as the hardest-working person in the organization My third tip is to always value hearts and minds a lot of people when they’re looking for a job What they want is a sense of belonging and respect What I’ve found is that again if you are hiring people Do you have my heart and mind do I have your heart mind? And that is by far one of the biggest donors. I’m saying for successful performance on a job The other thing which I think is really important for the managers understands, um You have to live and die on your decisions a lot of people I think that this is bad news and there’s good news and a lot of people will shy away from Delivering the bad news and it can be very tough, you know to fire someone or you know the company’s interests and you have to make a judgment call and what I get Right But that’s the challenge if you shy away from that then you’re never going to really get over that Internal conflict and really it’s very important to have to move through that because it will always be enough and my final tip is understand the value of problem-solving what I mean by this is a lot of successful people that I’ve seen they immediately move from a place of a poor decision or a conflict or Internal challenge in this result and there’s not much rumination. There’s not much emotional time where they sit there and can see that um, you know How did this happen to them or I’m Cruz who’s to blame? they move directly into a place of problem-solving and I think people really underestimate the power of this because ultimately if you’re I’m using 100% of your brainpower to problem-solve then in effect. You’re you’re working 24/7 with a hundred percent efficiency I think it’s very important that people need to master their mind To become successful problem solvers, which makes them plate at running businesses so if we were to talk about Blockchain or Bitcoin and if you were to describe it to a child in the simplest way How would you describe it to a child that what is blockchain or what is Bitcoin? Yeah So blush and a bitcoins very confusing subjects and the reason because it’s a fundamental Technology that can be looked at in so many lenses and and really what you find is you can you can say to begun But it leads into a lot of wire questions or or how questions in there Then you end up in the mind you show it jump which requires a little background reading So if I was explaining it in very simplistic term is the world’s first technology that removes the need for a centralized Adjudicator and that’s it right So so it’s like if if the kid has a whole bunch of lollies and they give it to their parents Basically as opposed to giving it to your parents you don’t trust anyone There’s a Down robot. You can give it to it. It will be completely fair in all decisions and and always trustworthy And that’s that’s the principle big idea of the tech unit’s the world first time with ever being able to do that Which is why it’s such an exciting invention That’s fantastic. I would have never thought to you know, rephrase it in that way for a child Thank you so much for your time to put today. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you and thank you for your insights No worries. Thanks to your time

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