BK & TENX PAY 💳 Dr Julian Hosp Blockchain Technology 2017 Comit Simpsons FinTech Startup Steve Jobs

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46 thoughts on “BK & TENX PAY 💳 Dr Julian Hosp Blockchain Technology 2017 Comit Simpsons FinTech Startup Steve Jobs

  1. Hey BK , i really think that Civic is amazing , im a big fan. I ve been using the app and i really see how people could profit from the identity verification, to protect our identity and specifically make our life better. If Ten X could implement a CVC technology somehow that would be amazing ! Let me know what do you think

  2. Boss been rocking with you since like 1K Subs, that was probably one of the best episodes yet. Appreciate your time, that was very informative.

  3. BK love you cool calm voice. In the interview, It was too soft whereas Julian was very high pitch and loud. Would be great to have some volume control software toauto balance it 🙂

  4. Ok people. I really appreciate everything you do for every one and I like seeing you set up for the show so for get the heaters things. And my answer is Litecoin

  5. Brandon, you need to run the audio thru a filter and maybe a x noise plug in, hit me up for audio advice. Great video per usual, thank you for being a BAWSE!

  6. Looking at other coins TENX could add… I would say Ripple XRP – it has so much backing from banks and looks to be a strong coin to stay in the market for the long term… 🙂

    Thanks for streaming and uploading the interview BK… it was very interesting, informative and a worthwhile watch!

  7. Very nice video, I would say ZCash.
    The reason for this one is the stability, since the big changes of value in crypto it would be nice to also have a pretty stable coin in the wallet.

  8. Adding XRP would be huge for Tenx, Ripple and most importantly main stream adoption. Centralization may defeat the purpose of crypto but that stability is what people are use to!

  9. The mics may have been fine for the interview, but I think what @Joel Aigner was saying is that you played the interview in the background whilst recording your latest video, hence we can hear a lot of background noises like you typing etc. Playing the interview like that will mottle the sound of the interview as well. If it were uploaded as a separate video, or edited into this video (instead of played whilst you were streaming) the audio would have sounded better/clearer.
    Hope that makes sense.

    As for the video, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to interview Julian. He really does have a great vision for the future of payments via crypto and his project is one of the most exciting ones out there.

  10. Real talk. Thanks for this one BK. Knew TenX was on to something. These type interviews are icing on the cake. 🤙🏾

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