Bitcoin Tonight- The 80% is BTC’s killer app! Ethereum question, Tel Aviv BTC embassy

Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the unprecedented second
episode of bitcoin tonight tonight is
October 29th 2017 in Los Angeles in San
Francisco and Anchorage in Honolulu
golden hold long term thinking buy and
hold alright so a Bitcoin hit an
all-time high a few hours ago
I’m really laid-back about the whole
thing because I think I just keep my
eyes on the prize the year 2020 I’m not
impulsive and just be a long-term
thinker people all right you don’t I
mean these things are commonplace to me
all-time high $6,300 62 60 100 I don’t
even know man I don’t even know anymore
I was telling people to buy at you know
200 and 300 400 so I hope you took my
advice just over a year ago alright so
something I forgot to mention yesterday
when I’m talking about all coins for
game forming crypto dividends and that
whole theory of mine abbey cash is
really going to have a hard fork soon I
think it’s November the 13th and
apparently they’re they’re all gonna go
that one way there no one’s going to try
to keep the old chain alive but hey I
don’t think it would be a bad thing if
they formed the be – classic I don’t
know why someone should try to do it
someone why not why not try to do it you
know it’ll help everyone will be
critically dividends you know it will
help be cash and be cash has been pumped
lately these last 24 hours
but now obviously the all-time high in
Bitcoin will take over the news cycle
but still the because people aren’t done
pumping and we went over that yesterday
why that’s gonna happen and it’s gonna
happen as we get closer to 2’s alright
so let so again it’s it’s still night
I’m in Los Angeles it’s still the the
29th Los Angeles but where I am in Tel
Aviv it’s the morning
and last night I was at the Tel Aviv
Bitcoin embassy again my second Sunday
night in a row there and the people
there are so nice and so friendly and
knowledgeable and are working on many
projects very intelligent I have some
people have to email back we may have
some new people on the show soon I think
the world needs to know what’s going on
in Israel and especially here in Tel
Aviv with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and
I hope the guys at the end gals guys and
girls was there are plenty of females
now hanging out the Bitcoin Embassy in
Tel Aviv and they were very nice to me
they should have their own show their
weekly or every other week and I’d love
to you know promote the show they are
Daniel used to do it did his own show
once they got to do a show there the
world’s got to see what’s going on and
get more people in Israel in the Bitcoin
because it’s only it’s only gonna help
Bitcoin if more Israelis a purchase
Bitcoin and get involved with all sorts
of projects and entrepreneurial
endeavors one funny thing about the
embassy and I was very flattered a lot
of people were saying found that like
button to me people I didn’t know it is
so it’s it’s flattering to do people
watch the show there who I don’t know
and I everyone they if you’re wondering
who else they watched they brought up to
me on roan Toni bays and ties n these
are two names that people were bringing
up to me so they were having about the
sixty two hundred or whatever it hit
last night it that’s the all-time high
hit when I was at the embassy something
that I missed out on a since I got there
close to 9:00 p.m. Jeffrey Tucker who’s
famous throughout the libertarian
communities of the world was there at
the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv right
before I was there he has spent some
time in Baltimore I’m from Baltimore
originally so I would’ve had a great
conversation with him
had he had that we’ve been there at the
same time but people enjoy him that he
was there he was in town for some
conference so yeah Jeffrey Tucker comes
to Israel for all you fans of Israel out
there week week so
you can ask him items in Israel I guess
that’s a business you know people like
Ezra deal
so uh what else happened okay it’s
something that I’ve been asked about
lately when a theory I’m originally I
see owed back in 2014 I mean there was a
crowd sale to buy aetherium and even I
have mentioned that I was naive at him
so I didn’t dealt with 20 I did I spent
$6 on 20th Irian or something like that
because I heard about you know there may
be nothing like it basically at that
time so I was like why don’t I give them
well there were a lot of people like me
a lot of people gave them a lot more
more money than $6 and I have heard that
perhaps and I need you guys to email me
an atom at Trez or help calm if this has
happened to you or if you know of some
of this has happened to but there were
people who paid for their etherium who
never received
etherium now again I I want to see proof
of this so CLE if this has happened to
you this is a really serious question
because this would be a big story if not
everyone received their aetherium
originally I mean haven’t someone bought
a hundred aetherium and and now or 100
earrings weren’t quite a lot and never
received their 100 etherion so it is
sorry even with this one I would just
again maybe it didn’t happen anyone else
it but I there is you know I’ve been
contacted I’ll just leave it at that
someone who’s having some issues has
contacted me so if this has happened to
anyone else
please contact me otherwise I mean I
have no again I tried to make it clear
in other videos I’m not comparing to
hearing a mandate coin it’s apples and
oranges but this I’m intrigued by this
room this story so again maybe nothing
if no one emails me then okay that’s
fine but please put the word out there
if you never receive your aetherium from
the initial crowd offering or whatever
whatever the ice just tell me
contact and mentors or help calm or a
we’ll put out a link okay so you can go
to the real be gold site
Bitcoin gold dot org is what how it
reads and I link to it below they have a
list of all the scam sites out there
that are trying to steal money from you
okay so just go to that link below if
you have any questions about is this
legitimate what’s what I’m hearing just
go to this site they clearly make it
clear to you what’s the real be gold
what’s up you know what’s going on with
these fake people
again there’s no be called out there for
you to buy yet it’s it’s you gotta wait
until after November first the very
least be patient don’t be impulsive
we’re gonna get to that in a second
so I found out like button and of course
check out yesterday’s show below which
was also a tonight in Bitcoin show I
don’t want I don’t want to keep on doing
these really super late night shows for
people in Los Angeles I want to go back
to a regular time but you know life
happens and I’ve been havin it’s fun
here it and again the people at the
it’s anyway if you come to Israel and
you’re involved with Bitcoin you gotta
go to the Sunday night meetings at the
Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy and meet my
friends there and that there are people
of all ages and all sexes there it’s
it’s it’s interesting it’s really
interesting to see everyone’s day and
all political perspectives to I mean
there are people I guess that are very
libertarian and but then there’s some
people most people for the socialist
side of things and of course Israel
there are many many political parties
and it’s it’s very interesting that
they’re a whole you know and I don’t
like bureaucracy and all that stuff I
bring that up just to tell you that
there’s no I think people think of
Israel is a certain way but there’s some
that are very conservative some that are
very oh I mean there’s I I mean it’s
like a communist party to I mean that’s
ridiculous i mean i’m i think that’s
don’t be a communist people it’s dinner
but it’s very small
obviously the things whatever five
percent or something like that but still
it’s ridiculous i but whatever that’s
the way people it’s a very intelligent
community where thought is encouraged so
you’re gonna have people on different
size in the spectrum okay
so yeah if you’re the chat right now do
the super channel I guess you I’ve
answered your questions if you want to
do that but I hear the 80 per the pain
theme of this video and if this would
have just been a one Bitcoin show it
just would have been the eighty percent
is big coins killer app right now the
great commenter on my pay on my videos
this look this nut cock came up with
that line I said to him right away I’m
gonna use that line view that is awesome
and whatever furthers new is that you
just eighty percent of them people out
there generally it seems like they don’t
think very much they they they follow
trends they’re just they’re just crowd
followers well twenty percent of the
people in the world produced most of
everything our intelligent our creative
go their own way think for themselves so
that that’s right now in Bitcoin or in
cryptocurrency in general you have all
these people who do things that I say
make no sense
you know they buy these all coins they
buy ripple they buy that when this
simple solution all along is just them
to buy a whole Bitcoin but it’s not
glamorous it’s not impulsive it says so
the masses are going to flock to doing
the right thing in Bitcoin and
and that for the people who do the right
thing for the smart people of the world
for the 20% that is awesome and thus the
80% who I can’t stop them from doing is
I try to warn them but I’m getting tired
of warning people I mean there’s only so
much I can stay and there’s only so much
I can do it’s all out there the 80% is
clearly right now the killer app in
cryptocurrency they are fueling all this
they’re fueling the success of people
like me who just sit there on their
stash who keep getting crypto dividends
from their stash a Bitcoin and like who
keep telling people just to just hold on
to your but instead of trying to think
you’re a trader just do this simple
method and you’ll be happy in the long
term but again aid to 80% don’t think
that way but so when we counter issues
with like hey should I
if I get involved with this I CEO should
I get involved in cloud mining the
answer is always going to be the 80% is
bitcoins killer app right now so it’s
just a reminder people don’t be part of
that don’t be part of you’re just a tool
to make me wealthier to make the 20%
even wealthier and then you’re going to
go complain why do the rich get richer
why do the rich get richer if you are
why the rich get richer because you 80%
and in the 20% are telling you the right
thing that you can’t and so I’m just
gonna read off some weird things it’s
about reading some things I have written
was less when I when I was inspired by
this line I just started running down
all these just all these random thoughts
out there so here they are and hopefully
they’ll inspire you and a little bit
comes from do you know Jimmy Sun also
has been talking about how you know with
the 2x fork if people are gonna just
jump right into that and not research it
they’re gonna get burnt and they’re
gonna have to learn from their mistakes
darn hot the hard way and that is what
the 80% end up doing they learn the hard
way from the stakes
well the 20% of us we learn beforehand
so we don’t make those mistakes Bitcoin
is in place where learning pays off
knowledge is rewarded here if you want
it bad enough you can get it no matter
what in any if you want Bitcoin and
you’re smart you’re gonna get Bitcoin
you’re gonna be able to find a way to
get into another country
we’re going around some methods this is
a place where being smart you’re gonna
get what you want and you’re gonna be
rewarded and I think this is people who
are not they don’t happen so and people
might say well that’s greed on the part
of the 20% well let me tell you about
another type of greed and that’s other
greed of the 80% they just they want
their Bitcoin to work for them so much
that they’re willing to take these waste
investing cloud mining invest in all
these things without the proper research
so their greed ends up destroying them
and Thank You Boris for the six dollars
Australian that you just send the
supertype you had no
question but hey cool that’s awesome
thank you and I appreciate all your
people give up you know give your Fiat
you know fault hold on to your Bitcoin
that’s what the that’s what the 20% does
here but yeah what I was talking about
the greed of the 80% and and they’re
just asking to be scammed when they just
when they’re being impulsive and you can
get criminal dividends by doing nothing
people that but some people are so bored
by doing nothing that they’re just
begging to be scanned and they and their
baby let me do this bit connect thing I
mean so many people contact me what do
you think about you just there’s such a
simple as people actually give up their
precious Bitcoin for bit connect and
cloud mining it’s insane it’s insane and
you know tone vases latest vid crypto
scam video you have to watch the people
it’s about these crypto hedge funds
which are complete BS and the people
involved with them are embarrassing
people I mean they’re just embarrassing
but people still give these people their
Bitcoin and other precious Bitcoin
because for some reason the 80% that
they don’t think that they they have
enough knowledge to control their own
private keys but they don’t just hand it
over to some woman in a revealing shirt
I mean that’s what this video you should
see this video the tone has there this
video will be looked at one day as like
the moment where everyone realized how
insane this has become people just this
is a classic video it’s an instant
classic as they say but if you don’t
fall for it already you can already
laugh at it that all these 80 percenters
are falling for this type of thing okay
that they’re just they want to get they
want a hand off their Bitcoin for some
reason I don’t know why and people keep
saying to me you’re wise bit be gold of
B cash why are they worth anything you
don’t deserve to get 10% what is because
of people like that who give out their
crap and again I tell people don’t give
up your Bitcoin for any of these things
but they do it anyway they are the fuel
the 80% is the killer app you guys are
nothing but an app it’s pathetic and
you’re being told not to you can’t learn
for some reason and maybe you just don’t
have and I mean I’m the kind of guy who
thinks everyone can learn everyone maybe
I’m wrong about the next or just there’s
there’s this impulsiveness and some
people that they’ll never get over that
they just so that is the cool thing
about the Bitcoin world that it rewards
smart this is the real world anybody
there’s no government to bail out stupid
people here that is the glory of this
world when you’ve finally gotten to a
space where being smart you’re where
they there are no powers to be the
powers that be that are there to punish
smart people that have the force of some
government to save smart people you are
the evil ones we will take from you and
reward all these impulsive people who do
nothing but make foolish mistakes we’re
just gonna make the bail them out they
keep voting us in the power that doesn’t
exist here finally finally we have this
awesome place so this is where the big
boys play okay this is where big boys
like you’re not gonna you come to this
game and I’m not gonna feel bad for you
because I’m not gonna bail you out
because you’re stupid I’m already
telling you I’m warning you what goes on
here and then you gotta be you gotta be
careful because they’re scammers out
there and you can’t be impulsive but if
you refuse to do that you are not gonna
get down where and you’re gonna learn
the hard way like Jimmy’s song says and
maybe you’re not maybe you’re gonna keep
on making the same mistake over and over
again so you’re just fueling the rich
get richer thing and it’s not the riches
fault it’s your fault because you’re
impulsive and you can’t you should’ve
come to this you shouldn’t come here if
you’re also okay so all the people out
there who are think their daily traders
of stocks they’re gonna come here now
because this is the wild wild west
alright stocks you gotta follow rules
and yeah you eat trade and all that
stuff here in this land you know you can
do your insider trick you can do
anything you want to so I encourage
those people who think they’re big big
shots in the day trading realm of the
old school stock market come over here
use toss term
to this because you guys in your own
special way are just impulsive as these
not so smart people who be coming here
who are buying up cloud mining and all
this ridiculousness and it’s just
filling to fuel you’re just gonna become
fodder you’re gonna become part of this
80% is the new killer app you’re gonna
be part of this killer app so come on
come to the big come play where they are
there’s no one here to bail you out if
you’re a bank also come play here
because you’re not gonna get down
there’s no big brother here to save your
butt when you think you know this fits
your all coin I should uh I should
invest in it I should try to pump it up
and when it doesn’t pump up and you lose
everything through it there’s no one’s
gonna be there to save you and so you’re
giving up your I mean again I know I
can’t believe these people sell their
precious Bitcoin for anything in terms
of cryptocurrency or these all these
scams that are out there and you know we
go back to that today’s video I had a
link to it yeah I got a link to it soon
and inrush making this video but this
woman is using every catchphrase in the
book every popular term on earth and
it’s working she’s think people to
invest in this crypto hedge fund which
is a totally made-up thing she admits
that she was homeless uh you know and
now she’s in charge of a crypto hedge
fund so it goes both ways I said I made
another video about how there is nothing
you don’t need a degree to get into this
field you you can be successful there’s
you know you don’t need qualifications
and you can be a great smart person you
just gotta learn but it goes the other
way too there’s all sorts of people who
have no qualifications whatsoever and
can come can become scammers in here too
and have nothing to lean on how come no
knowledge and can take advantage of
people see you get you gotta you cannot
fall for these test phrases people as
I’m about to say my own catchphrase ah
there’s some good catchphrases there’s
some you know it was this woman who’s
wearing a very revealing shirt the
silliest thing in the world she’s she’s
be so open about it she’s trying to
trick men into giving her
I mean again that’s why this in this
space you’ve got to do your own research
you’ve got to learn for you for yourself
you come to channels like mine you’re
gonna learn what’s going on okay if
you’re go to all the pretty channels and
say Google by ripple this week by Steam
this week by this this week whatever
you’re gonna be part of a killer app
that makes the people who listen to
people like me me and Tom whoever or a
crypt of network Andy Kaufman to people
who listen to people who actually aren’t
impulsive don’t get into all these crazy
all this craziness you listen to people
like that you learn you’re not just
listen because some people think they’re
you know that they hang out in the chat
that they’re learning stuff no you’re
not you’re not learning anything when
you’re going back and forth in the chat
talking nonsense with people talking the
trolls no you can’t just sit here it’s
just like attending a class you can like
doodle all day in the class or you can
try to actually learn all right so come
here to learn and think and make your
own conclusions and you’re gonna do well
in this space because that is the beauty
of his face the smart are rewarded and
you can come so excited by it because
you know we’ve lived through through so
many years of smart people they complain
and they see I can’t get a job just well
stop complaining some more people come
here and and you’re gonna get rewarded
this is not again I’m not a complainer I
and I encourage people not to complete I
had I encourage people to act so you
come here you’re gonna act and you’re
gonna do well for yourself and then if
you say oh I feel bad that all these
people are making stupid mistakes well
then go okay Jim you can’t you got to
look out for yourself man
you’re doing the right thing you’re
warning people think the clown mining
thing is BS I mean not everyone can be
smart not everyone can have long term
goals I mean that’s that’s what we’re
learning here in this space this is the
free market dude and that is what some
of these people out there that’s why
they got rid of the free market well I
don’t know why some people got rid of
the fueler they thought that they had
feelings for all these stupid people
making stupid mistakes who the kids
stand seeing people learn from their
that’s what life is about learning from
your mistakes we created this society
outside a Bitcoin where people refuse to
learn from the mistakes now you’re gonna
learn for your mistakes in this work I’m
not leaving this Bitcoin world man I
love it here I freaking love it because
you meet people who agree and again it’s
the minority of people it’s only 20% but
these people that are in the 20% that I
had met whether it be online with every
last night in Tel Aviv whether in
Chicago and I met tone in 2015 whether
it be in South Africa when I met um
everyone out every minute and then
Lorien and every you know it’s just
great seeing other people like this who
understand you know who are like we’re
here to learn we’re here to get smart
it’s just cool to be around smart people
okay now that that was just a total ran
there manage your own Bitcoin this
Bitcoin is about managing your own if
you’re getting involved with third
parties too much that’s it dude you’re
joining the 80% you’re asking to get
ripped off and again you’re pump you’re
part of the killer app – you’re fooling
all the madness that’s going on here
yeah the people have been asking people
have been dreaming of his free market
lifestyle for so long and now they got
it so it just it amazes me that people
are willing to sell their Bitcoin for
ripple for B – boats or whatever for
whatever the latest flavor of the month
is it’s and it’s but it’s not my fault
people it’s not my fault that you are
putting value in these cryptic dividends
you’re putting value in these altcoins
that people are just scamming you on
that and when I see this you know you’re
you’re pumping up the price of ripple so
that the the original verbal people can
just sell it as quick as possible or
just like that flippers who got lucky
can sell it and if you are a flipper
your time is gonna run out eventually do
there’s almost only so much luck you can
have there’s only so much lucky you’re
not a long-term thinker
again savings I mean savings is
something that was lost in the real
world a long time ago you know they took
that because of a there’s no there’s no
interest rates anymore I mean you don’t
get paid 1% or whatever if you’re an old
keeping your money in the bank it’s not
the 1980s
20 percent there’s no more but here in
this world holding again we’re back to
basics fundamental economic basics where
people are encouraged to hold on to
their money and no one’s stealing their
money from taxation you know all these
other people in 80% they’re like
volunteering into Taxation when the
winds beginning to the stuff they’re
volunteering in the fact that I take my
Bitcoin there they’re actually into I
guess they’re so used to living in the
real world where people like media tax
to fund their mistakes do they don’t
understand when people come in this
world to take from them to tax from them
and so whatever let them make the
mistakes I mean yeah bitcoin is an IQ
test of sorts it really it is on a
certain level but perhaps there’s
something more than IQ in this world
that leads to success I mean people have
made all sorts of different arguments as
testosterone to help fuel decisions the
kidnapping I don’t know but there’s a
certain I would assume most of the 20%
in in the Bitcoin world or have IQs over
100 13 19 which would put you in the top
20 percent whatever but I believe young
you don’t have to have a hundred and
thirteen 19 to be successful in a top 20
percent IQ to be successful in big I
don’t believe that I don’t believe but I
think if you do you better come over
here toons they’re gonna do well for
get out of that world stop trying to get
a government job you’re hurting yourself
being in this old school world of
getting these nine-to-five jobs if you
are a smart person you can come here and
do well for yourself I don’t have to
rely of all this nonsense anymore and
just you know you can deal with the
nonsense here you’re gonna encounter
some of the same foolish people you need
on the other side but they’re gonna make
it you’re gonna benefit from their
mistakes they’re gonna have to learn
from their mistakes you’re gonna have
you’re gonna benefit from your own
knowledge from your own mind and again I
just want to remind people out there
that you know have you been saving
Bitcoin all along like I’ve been telling
you like if you have 300 Bitcoin or
something like that I’ve go doing these
300 s because the rumor is king of the
trolls has like 300,000 but let’s say
you have 300 every time there’s a 10% of
Bitcoin crypto dividend out there
15:30 Bitcoin alright
some things don’t work out anymore every
time is a 1% one and people are
complaining it’s a little it’s a little
bit worth 1% I don’t want to mess with
it well do you if you have them if you
were saving all along you have 300 you
get 3 Bitcoin what was that 18th over 18
thousand dollars right now last night I
mean if you’re if you have three hundred
thousand Bitcoin by the way what 1% of
that is three thousand Bitcoin
unbelievable how Pat held those dudes
who got in early I mean and that’s
that’s getting into another subject
matter but it just shows you what how
the damage controls can do I mean he
he’s never gonna go away
because you know he’s holding certain
things that are gonna have Krypton
depends he’s gonna be 1% off of me and
1% is like millions and millions of more
dollars damn but I mean if you’re if
you’re just a person I’m gonna there’s a
guy out there I know and I think he’s
got around 200 big corn I he’s in his
50s he knows who he is out there he
updated me recently to tell me you know
Adam I I’m now worth over a million
dollars and uh signing em every time
there’s a 1% he just by holding he’s
gonna get to Bitcoin and this is a man
in his fifties so every time there’s a
crippling dividend he’s gonna get really
good to new Bitcoin now all right he’s
gonna get $12,000 I mean this is and
this is a minute he’s not a married man
or anything like that imagine if you’re
in that situation gonna keep on getting
$12,000 with a Bitcoin every once in a
while I mean that’s quite a life a life
anything hey thank you to the people who
feel this thing they ate 80% you’re the
you’re the killer app so again I asked
the people out there I asked him if you
doubt what I have to say if you’re like
I want to still invest in these big
connect and I can’t I can’t just wait
till 2020 I just can’t I have to do
something with my Bitcoin I just have to
do something with my dignity
ok so you would rather be on the side
okay instead of being on the side of the
guy who has let’s just pick up a random
person out there who has 30 Bitcoin and
does nothing he does not he just sits
still 2020 he gets his 10% bt p2x crypt
of dividend he makes three
bikal by doing nothing I’m doing that I
just being a smart guy who’s like I’m
gonna just do nothing in England treat
this as a savings account and in 2020
I’ll make up my mind after the having on
what else I’m gonna do but so now I’m
getting so he gets three Bitcoin he gets
it but he is $82,000 by doing nothing
we will you be on that side the 20% and
there not many people like that because
there’s only 20% are you gonna be part
of the masses the cool kids be only 80%
team where there are people out there
who are going to give up their Bitcoin
they’re gonna have to give up something
value to get to X or to get Ripple
okay so you’re are you gonna be on the
side of the person who that doesn’t have
to do anything to make money are you
gonna be on the side of the person who
has to take an incredible risk give up a
productive asset to maybe flip something
one day at a that is to be determined
because you don’t know what’s happening
you just don’t you don’t know so I mean
what team are you gonna be on and and
most people say I’m gonna be able to 80%
team I just can’t I have to do something
with my pick when I have to do I have to
listen to all those people out there
that are so creative talking about all
of these all coins all they’re all
there’s so many different ways I can
make money with cloud mining the oh
there’s so much and there’s interests
now there’s so much I can do oh I don’t
want to be with the boring 20 but I
don’t wanna be with that Adam Meister
all no no look at look how lame his
channel look at wait
look at the people he hangs out they’re
not very exciting they don’t wear her
feelings shirts oh no he’s a he’s not
tricked by hot women but you know he
thinks for himself I know I’m gonna be
with the hot women and just listen to
what they are gonna tell me to do and
buy their products and and maybe they’ll
maybe they’ll sleep with me because I’m
you know I’m doing what they won’t beat
you they won’t by the way um so you’ll
just lose money and I’ll be alright so
um I got a link to that coming video now
so the uh that guy Farber what is his
mark Farber he’s a big old school he was
just in the Greg hunter show I crashed a
link to them
he’s been into some controversy lately
that’s why I watched the show was I
wanted to hear my dress like Percy but
I’m he again he’s still talking about
gold and silver but and old-fashioned
stocks but he did mention yeah there’s a
lot of people that used to buy gold who
are now buying crypt or speculating on
crypto currencies in the world is
changing people the world is changing
hey and again stop people you know you
could play or you can play over there or
you can educate yourself learn how to do
well over here or you don’t have to
educate yourself and try to play over
here and just you know fuel the the
holders even more so the option is yours
but this this is being this better than
the stock market but you don’t have to
follow rules but you do have to be smart
so there’s a given there’s a given a
tape because over the in the stock
market there’s certain rules that bail
out a wealthier people gonna help and
bail out some poor people – sometimes –
there’s all sorts of rules and
regulations so you don’t have to use
your head as much you just have to be
part of the winning team in the land of
stocks here you just got to use your
head to be part of a winning team that’s
constantly changing the winners here are
cut are constantly changing I mean
there’s some people who state winners
who they constantly use their model and
they’re constantly giving
recommendations based on you know the
changing but things change you know if
you’re smart you’re gonna be like you
know these descriptive dividends are
good they’re not hurting a Bitcoin I
should sit back and relax because at
first people I mean me included I didn’t
think Forks were a good thing with the
etherium classic thing but I have
learned and I’ve seen that this could go
dividend thing is frickin awesome
he’s freaking awesome I’m so proud of
king of the term I love to mention that
and I was the first person who had beat
Boulder to talk about beauty bow before
anyone and others first one of the first
people probably the first person per day
to 2018 was gonna be here yeah of course
but year the crooked dividend no one
else was using the term so I was the
first person predict that but yeah yeah
but but things change you got to use
your head around here to make the most
of the the opportunities which of course
all revolve around the basics of savings
and you know sound money type of
principles not doing crazy things with
you bet mean that’s the bottom line if
you stay on the team that just thinks
and lean long-term you’ll be good
you think that yeah I always have to be
learning in the space you always have to
be learning you know the same thing with
the 2x you know there’s there’s all
these 2x isn’t the easiest thing in the
world to navigate we’re gonna have to
wait until they have the refund
protection but again being patient to
see how something plays out is part of
long-term thinking it’s part of how the
wealthier become wealthy they just don’t
jump into something without it was
something new that could have a dire
consequences you know 2x could be very
very dangerous if you try to you know
claim it right away you know you got you
got to be careful you got to be careful
and that I mean it doesn’t sound
exciting you know if you’re if you’re a
person who like rides and stuff you
don’t look too cool if you’re wearing a
helmet okay but you don’t look too cool
to get an accident and you’re not
wearing a helmet okay you know end up
looking too cool if you get a say you’re
not wearing a helmet you take
precautions in this world so some things
are too glamorous at first but you end
up really happy that you did that and
took part in them alright so again found
that like button people there’s a lot of
people out here late at night out on the
west coast and in the Pacific in Alaska
Hawaii so thanks a lot for watching I
hope everyone enjoyed this be part of
the twenty percent don’t won’t be part
of the 18 percent killer app but
recognize that the eighty percent hey
that’s the killer app right now that is
the killer app big boy that is what’s
what’s powering it and making the smart
people wealthier it’s just it’s a great
time to be in a free world space like
this and as you can tell I’m excited and
I’m trying to stay positive and yeah you
do try to help people try to teach
people but if they’re not going to learn
they’re not going to learn there’s at
least so much there’s only so much you
can do people gonna have to learn from
their mistakes
so I’m Adam I shouldn’t Vikram I should
just drop most to remember to subscribe
this channel like this video share this
video out the notes section below
there’s so many important links there
there’s so many important least of my
past shows so to you know tone the show
is gonna be linked to down there and the
Hoffman shows whatever you got to learn
from these people and I’m really serious
and I know you can

19 thoughts on “Bitcoin Tonight- The 80% is BTC’s killer app! Ethereum question, Tel Aviv BTC embassy

  1. Thank-you for your videos. I watched a few episodes before getting into Bitcoin last week. Originally I was going to split my investment between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum but after watching your vids I decided to go 100% bitcoin. I got in just before the Bitgold fork, but my method was to go through bitflyer. I don't have a hard wallet yet so I'm keeping my bitcoin in bitflyer for now. Do you think it's better to transfer it to my soft wallet on my computer asap?

  2. The 80 percent probably do not watch your show and people do not generally listen once they have a frame of mind, so the only way is they learn by their mistakes.

  3. NEVER use a valuable appreciating asset like bitcoin for a consultation. There is excellent free advice on a hundred different  YouTube channels.

    Adams fee of 0.15 bitcoin an hour is worth almost $1000 US today and could be worth double that in 2 months. It may even hit  a $100,000 in 5 years.

    As for the dimestore  psychological help offered on this channel, it's best to use someone who's a qualified accredited professional with a degree in psychology.
    0.15btc is nearly $1000 an hour and proffessional consultation  normally runs $75 – $100 an hour

    Remember as Adam emphasizes "GOLD n HOLD your bitcoin . NEVER sell your bitcoin"

  4. This was one of the top articles I've read this year… the implications that this suggest is profound.

    These ico's are being created easily with the etherium,s ERC – 20 tokens, and it really points to the innovation that is going to be added on top of Bitcoin in the coming months.

    These ico's are offering free financing models for businesses and startups and the tokens are creating instant evangelist… but in social media this will be leveraged by influencers… people to whom the Community Trust.

    Bitcoin is creating the most hostile environment of speculation what people do not suspect is that this will drive the evolution of blockchain Technology at an extraordinary pace.

    The author of this article wants to say that This pace of innovation is creating a perverse mindset… I definitely do not agree because even the experts are not able to keep up with the pace of innovation there will be no place for expert opinion, I believe there's going to be the rise of the generalist perspective.

  5. Here is my video on how Bitcoin is going to change everything …. Adam if you care to share it….

  6. Insightful but not everyone can buy simply buy BTC and HODL – and if they did the market would stall. The ebb and flow of the 80% generates fluidity and opportunity and it is the 80% that buy into the market which then creates the demand where hard forks generate the dividends. Smart decisions are key, diversification is key – being informed and due diligence is even more key…

  7. I wonder how much of the 80% mentality is fuelled by making more money versus the perception that Bitcoin is out of their price range.

  8. Hey Adam @bitcoinmeister since you love #BITCOIN shirts so much, I'd be happy to send you over a couple shirts/sweaters I've designed myself for free! Long time fan!!!

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