Bitcoin Sunday: Ethereum news from South Korea, ICOs, Doug Casey, BTC instead of NFL

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to today in bitcoin today is
September the 24th 2017 for real this
yesterday I said it was a 24th also but
it was the 23rd so there’s your first
correction of the night
it really is September 24th so have a
strong hand it’s been a really calm
weekend in Bitcoin so you probably
haven’t been thinking about the strong
hand but you’ve probably been thinking
long term at least and thinking to
yourself Wow in a year a little bit coin
be worth Oh it’ll be worth in 2020 and
will I have my trees or will my treads
or have a leather case that I get it
crypto HW wallet calm which is linked to
below of course with all the other
important links that go with this show
oh yes it’s all below check out the
links always and let me show you what I
look like today all right there we go
hello everyone that is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister right there so let’s jump
right into this my buddy in south korea
sent me a link to a story that is in
Korean and of course I’m here Korean
right now I don’t know Korean so Google
translated it for me and it is an
interview with metallic pewter him yes
he is
in South Korea right now talking to a
mage he was D everyone’s reading it now
they were just just waking up and maybe
not waking up at the reading there
reading this article about aetherium and
metallic he’s being interviewed by this
famous newspaper writer lady in south
korea talking about aetherium and
there’s a big event in South Korea in
Seoul today a big aetherium event he’s
speaking at it or a big event the
cryptocurrencies speaking at it he was
at a big 18 and hiriam Meetup and that I
link to that below I link to the article
below you can translate it yourself
there’s pure leather case um yeah
translate it yourself with Google
but I also linked to the etherium meetup
page which is also in Korean but they
have 3281 members in the Seoul etherion
sure you know they’ve been all sorts of
pumps of altcoins in Korea in South
Korea I you know I can’t predict the
future but there Bharath the baseball
coin guy is there right now and who
knows what will come of that if everyone
loves and fall in love with aetherium
over there in South Korea and right
before I went on the show the great
vortex who was on this weekend Bitcoin
just this Friday please check out that
link below of course he sent me this
tweet by Korean crypto it says Korea
will finally have its own altcoin
exchange with a hundred and eleven coins
listed oh-oh people what’s that mean
I mean they are there already you know
my Korean source he tells us for all you
view you know that the regular viewers
of the show I got a guy from Korea
emailing me what’s going on on the
ground there and they’re just crazy they
pump up everything but get into these
trends they all follow the leader
chanel gonna have 111 coins the choose
from I haven’t asked him about this yet
because again the tweet was literally
just sent to me right before right
before I went on the air by the great
vortex but uh if my friend in South
Korea is watching please email me and
tell me what you know about this this
exchange choco choco stock this exchange
is owned by ko stock and if you if you
click on that tweet actually it’s a
whole Twitter storm about this situation
alright everybody remember to count that
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alright so Andy Hoffman he’s got a new a
new article out there and it’s actually
about he commented on this week in
Bitcoin how he learned a lot from the
the great
everyone vortex and uh who else was on
the show Venezuela Maximo and of who was
the main guy who was there no I
forgetting that was a
Tolia of course Simon sorry Dixon you
know Simon was glowing in the dark so I
forgot it was him I thought was the
ghost of Simon oh yeah yeah I’m talking
about video club is my video quality
different today is anyone noticed the
difference is there something different
today I don’t know all right he great
toward the kneestr who has also been on
this week in Bitcoin he check out Andy’s
thing at his new blog I’m gonna be on
Andy’s blog very soon he’s interviewing
me crypto gold central comm he’s got
some deals check that out you decide for
yourself but Andy Hoffman is awesome all
right toward the Meester has a great
tweet storm about top-level domains and
comparing it to cryptocurrency and I’ve
mentioned this before how Bitcoin is
like dot-com it is the one a top-level
domains just like comm is I mean
everyone wants that become top level
domains so bitcoin is the one that
everyone thinks of when they think of
cryptocurrency you know it was funny the
during Rosh Hashana someone who I know
we were talking about Bitcoin and he
said yeah I remember when it went on the
market and it was only like $200 is that
when you started buying it I’m like it
went on the mark I mean he thought he
was thinking about it like going on a
stock exchange or something and then he
honestly thought that’s when it you know
also and this is a guy who’s involved in
business by the way who was who had this
misconception whatever you want to say
so that there’s still a lot of confusion
about Bitcoin out there in the
mainstream world and I mean amongst
businessmen amongst a successful
businessman this was a successful
businessperson I was talking to and he
does not fully grasp Bitcoin and we were
talking about it so man there’s a lot of
room to grow so be excited all right I
want to thank Craig ship I went over
there today out at the end
closed location in Frederick County and
we did two shows I linked to one of them
below and I’ll probably upload the other
one when I go to Spain because I have a
layover in Iceland for 12 hours if
anyone’s in rectum Vic and wants to hang
out on October 3rd I think it is you
tell me but if you want to hang out I’m
gonna be in where am I gonna be in Spain
it’s gonna be on the coast Chris Chris
tell them I’m gonna be where’s Chris a
Laconte or a near Alicante on that side
anyway why did I bring that up oh yeah
because I’m gonna poke because I might
be on the plane I’ll be I’ll post that
show that it’s he does an interview of
me we talked about it’s not that Bitcoin
related people have asked me about the
fasting stuff my health regimen we get
into that some all right this week in
Bitcoin is linked to below of course and
I do have a question for all the viewers
out there who do watch this channel
regularly and watch this week in Bitcoin
I think a lot of you noticed I mean
we’re I think this is our 37th week of
doing this week in Bitcoin and I have a
I do a different combination of guests
every week no one’s ever been up uh you
know I’d say the some some of our
popular guests will end up being on the
show about five or six times in a year’s
time some people only be on once twice
or three times but at most six times a
year now do you prefer that or do you’d
like to see some regulars like there I
mean for example you know Thomas over at
the Royal crypt own Network his show
they have you know tone vases on every
week and they’ve had the same combos
many many many times and it’s
entertaining I didn’t want to go that
direction and I have brought on all
sorts of awesome guests and introduced
some great guests to the world that a
lot of people would not have known about
and guys have you know they built their
uh standing I mean it’s great I’m glad
people use this to boost up and appear
on other shows so do you are there if
you want there to be regular guests
instead of just you know your favorite
guests only appearing six times a year
tell me leave it in the comments but
also who who you like as a regular guest
is there someone that’s been on the show
that you want to see again
that you’re a big fan of it name some
names put some names out there and I’m
gonna get more into this a little bit
later because I really I think these
archives of these shows that they’re
they’re a great source of information
and a great way to see who is who in
this space you know I the people I put
on or I feel a very respectable
individuals now they’ve been a few
people that have I’ve learned a little
bit about afterwards and as I don’t put
climb on I don’t put normally put cloud
mining people on there or did connect
people or any of that craziness yeah we
talk we talk about it’s a serious show
with serious thinkers on there but I you
know there have been some mistakes in
the past anyway so did leave some
comments about that that below all right
so after after Craig ships after I was
at his place I’m driving back to
Baltimore and I was greeted by you know
you can’t avoid it you and someone just
gave $69 Jayson Greenwald to a new
Logitech camera
I will okay okay okay okay we’ll talk
about thank you thank you thank you
Jason but I asked something to tell you
okay email me awesome whoa that thank
you thank you that was a yes so anyone
that saw in the chat you can um you can
do that you can do the super chat there
that was very nice of mr. Jason marrying
him and I will be talking apparently
sets that’s good all right so yeah I’m
driving back to Baltimore you can’t miss
it they’re talking about this NFL stuff
and I just below I link to a video I
made in December about how I gave up the
NFL over a year ago now and how I just
focused on Bitcoin it’s a great it
really this video that I made in
December talking about how I skip the
end of house season it really pertains
to today so I really think you all
should watch it I put it on Steam it I
link to it below please check it out
it’s entertaining considering everything
that has happened and everything has
happened to me and Bitcoin since then
because instead of wasting my time with
the NFL I focused
a lot more Bitcoin and I have done very
well financially because of it I mean
yeah I’d spend I’ve told all of you you
know focus on real things and you’re
gonna do better with your life in your
life too so I’m living it and you know
all the nonsense that’s been going on
two dates III don’t even know you know
whatever I you can’t avoid it when
you’re in Baltimore you hear on the
radio or whatever and people are talking
about it so and it’s only internet
obviously so and I’m on the internet it
pops up in your face everything but
check it out
check that out that link is below of
course and also ice linked to another
steam it post by the great 21 million
club and he’s in Mexico he’s trying to
raise some funds for everybody down
there because the earthquake and he
wanted me to spread the word about what
he’s trying to do so please check on
that link click on that link below if
you’re interested in that kind of thing
support the cause and of course support
a 21 million Club too because he is he’s
a good guy that knows a lot of technical
stuff he’s got his own channel he’s
linked to below you check that out that
Casey has been in the Bitcoin news
lately and the funny thing is I
interviewed Doug Casey on this very
channel believe is January 31st of this
year I link to it below and he’s talking
about Bitcoin there too so please check
that out and you’ll get a really clear
opinion of what he thought back then and
then you can check out I mean he’s been
on his newsletters which I don’t even
know he if he writes or not they were
talking about Bitcoin now intensely
since May since all this hype started
all the newbie started flowing in but
now you’ve got quotes from Doug Casey in
various publications and stuff so you
can see you know I was I was asking Doug
Doug Casey about Bitcoin before anybody
was or before most before he was really
talking about his stuff so see if he’s
changed at all
and you know at least he’s you know
there’s he’s a man he’s over I guess
he’s over 70 years old I believe he is
and most people that are in gold guys
like him that are that age they don’t
want to hear from any bitcoins so give
him credit okay all right I wanted to
add that
cos contact me every day I get messages
from them every day I get messages from
I see others okay and they want to
appear on this show and so I would just
tell you if you see random I SEOs
appearing on other people’s channels and
stuff it’s probably because those ICO is
cold called them like they cold call me
and say how great their channel is and
then try to offer them some and maybe
they accepted a deal from these I CEOs I
don’t know these guys they’re again I
get contacted every day by a different
weird eye sometimes they do English is
horrible I mean I mean I don’t know it
and they want to make a deal they want
to appear on the show blah you know it’s
it’s ridiculous
if you’re an ICO you know do your thing
dudes are not appearing on the show you
just that’s not what this channel is
about we’re not we don’t pump paisios
here we’re not not I’m not in that stuff
at all and you know there be some good
people messing there ICO is also I can’t
I can’t do it guys I really just you
know I can’t I can’t pump that side it’s
not what this is we’re about here all
so yesterday I said you know be a
soldier that don’t be a follower and
don’t be afraid and someone brought up
something in the comment section I’m
going to comment on it because he said
that soldiers in the army they just
follow orders you’ve never been in the
Army before and it’s true I had never
been before I have no desire to be in
the United States Army at all it’s it’s
amazing anyway
sure but my point is this when I say be
a soldier I mean never give up never in
that sense and I think most people got
that but I did want to clear it be a
determined warrior I guess be fearless I
mean just don’t cower it because of doom
horn and don’t be don’t be a mindless
follower be an intelligent determined
warrior who blazes his own trail and you
know he’s got a positive outlook on life
that that’s what I mean by be a soldier
so just someone who just never gives up
baby I
I found that like button everybody i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this
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i’m going to be receiving alright see ya

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  1. I really liked the interview of Amanda Johnson – analyzed Dash and bought it later – that interview added some very interesting value to the channel (as well as other interviews obviously). Sometimes to invite an insider would be very interesting.

  2. I am a newbie to bitcoin. Would you recommend purchasing the stock (in my case one share) or purchase a wallet and some fraction of one bitcoin or both? Im very unsure about all this… also considering buying 3 shares of ethereum.

  3. Simon Dixon and Andy Hoffman would be great regulars! Both are brilliant. Vortex and Renegade Investor also great! Finally, love when you get different perspectives from around the world so please keep doing that!

  4. Adam has boasted about being a bitcoin millionaire (has over 300btc) but has taken him over a year to buy a $5 webcam and a $2 mic. Adam please stop being a tight… people send you free shit all the time and you insult them with your "i want to concentrate on content line" your a millionaire retired podcaster who cares so little about his content he wont spend $20 on a cam and $20 on a decent mic….

  5. I like Andy Hoffman as a regular guess. My personal take is that we should start valuing the price of Bitcoin in terms of Gold. The fiat money system these days has too much noise and FUD around.

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