Bitcoin Q&A: Is bitcoin a good investment?

I had the last time you were on the Geo Rogan experience podcast the price of Bitcoin was $600 a life and today it’s sad just over 9000 I was wondering if you’ve changed your opinion about whether or not it’s a good investment like the sort of value long-term given the price deference and you’ve been very outspoken about the fact that you think it’s not a good investment I know I I think it’s a very risky investment not a good investment that’s not what I’m saying listen I am personally over invested to a ridiculous amount in in crypto but part of that is because it’s my career if I go and talk to any sensible financial adviser and they look at my allocation of investments they’re going to go you’re crazy dude do you actually hope to retire or like save anything for the future no no my investment strategy is really simple Yolo right I know that that that wasn’t as hip or funny as it sounded in my head but here’s the bottom line I very much hesitate to advise other people to do things that are risky and I think there’s a great danger in our space to overemphasize the investment side underestimate the technology impact and the value of education and also advise other people that this will somehow make the rich you know we don’t know that I can tell you this technology will change the world I know that I can tell you that this education as a skill set can make you very useful in the future and can give you a great degree of personal satisfaction a sense of accomplishments and knowledge that is applicable in a lot of different scenarios even outside crypto I can say those things with certainty so I’ll stick to saying those things you know there’s lots of people in the space who are going to rar are you into investing into this stuff and quite honestly between 600 and 9,000 how many people got hurt right a lot of people got hurt like finally I’m in Bitcoin had already hit 19,000 to the moon and a week later right we don’t want to encourage that kind of behavior it’s not responsible so I won’t do it all right [Music] you

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  1. Of course its a good investment, a technology that is going to change the world, how can it not be. He got rich from it, why shouldn’t you.

  2. Of course, it is the best investment in history. It actually has the power to undo the global wealth disparity if the mainstream can just wake up before all the institutions do (else if the banksters on average are able to cost average into BTC lower than society do on average; it will unfortunately increase it, but at least we will be free of central bank money printing and inflation)

  3. Def got heat brother. I feel your intentions and the pressures on you. You choosing the right advice., let people get "expert advice" from "experts". Any conscious beings know that today is already history, theyre "experts in today". Not tomorrow or any future shifts. I wish u could speak about the way taxes came in Greece along with price freezes wage increases anything that "helps" look for patterns in privilege economys. I grew up in the biggest economy but never the less poorer. I am slowly climbing the financial tier 40,000-50, 000 self employed heavily taxed. I want to preserve a decent life for my son. He's 4 rn. Thanks brother

  4. Did anyone expect a different answer from him? I will say it tho. Buy buy buy!!! disclaimer* DYOR lol

  5. Why is no one talking about bitcoin as a vehicle to move FIAT around quickly and without regulation? Because that is the only use until it becomes scalable to millions of Tx/s. It is not a store of value for now because it does not take a lot of capital to manipulate the price.

  6. Seems like he's not thinking this through. Bitcoin is a high risk, high reward investment. I can understand him hesitating to recommend others to invest large portions of their portfolio because that's a stupid thing to do. The fact that he won't recommend 1-5% though… seems more risky TBH.

    How many people got hurt between the 600-9,000? The ones who couldn't afford to invest, the ones who invested too much and backed out when bitcoin took a cycle dip. Don't invest more than you can afford to lose, end of story.

    I think the most accurate statement I've heard was something along the lines of being completely out of bitcoin as in holding zero is just as risky as holding an absurd percentage of your wealth in it. It's a calculated risk and the odds are pretty good as compared to other stores of value. Of course it's a lot more unstable but if you're not holding what you can't afford to lose then market cycles are just background noise.

  7. Its not a good investment, its a risky investment. High risk, with the chance of high reward, or no reward. Gamble.

  8. pretty clear he thinks its a good investment, but doesnt want to encourage anyone to potentially lose lots of money

  9. 🙁 sorry for my poor english bit i did not understand ad 1:07 "my investment strategy is very simple…."
    "Your loan"?!?!

  10. Andreas yells “YOLO” at the 1:03 mark. Love this guy! There is the concept of risk vs volatility and the point I get from Andreas is that they are not mutually exclusive.

  11. In other words, do your own damn research and don't listen to what some guy on a podium tells you to do with your wealth.

    But in this particular case, he's wrong. 😉

  12. If we do not invest in BTC how will we otherwise use BTC. So of course its a wise investment. BTC is in its very nature an investment . We can not treat it like the old failing model of wallstreet and keep exchanging Fiat for BTC to only turn it back to Fiat . None the less, ultimately, bitcoin will evolve and its up to us to figure how to make it work positively .

  13. Do is he does, not as he says. He's massively invested in Bitcoin and for good reason. We will hit 40,000 in 2019.

  14. There's a digital gold rush sweeping the globe as investors try to cash in on Bitcoin, the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency. Getting involved yourself is easier—and riskier—than you think.

  15. In a world of people looking to step over others for their personal gain, Andreas remains a neutral and helpful educator. Thank you!

  16. U have just found you're videos, love the info. Please. Can you do a short on why you don't like xrp?

  17. Epic hilarious video! But on the serious side, Andreas your honesty is to the Moon and it deserves a Lamboo!

  18. I dream of the Federal Reserve only being used as a prison to house political, and banking industry criminals. However, we're gonna need a bigger prison!

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