BITCOIN Price Prediction 2020

what’s up crypto nation all my crypto
warriors hope you doing well
got another video for you we’re going to
talk about Bitcoin again I’m going to do
some price prediction we’re gonna do a
story as I promised and I’m going to do
a lot of random finger-pointing because
I thought that would be cool for this
video so yeah let’s dive right into it
okay all jokes aside you probably at
this point are wondering why I’m wearing
sunglasses inside and the answer is
really clear it is the future is just
too bright it’s it’s getting ridiculous
we’re moving up to August first and most
of you already know what that means so I
thought it would be appropriate to talk
about Bitcoin today and that’s what
we’re going to do so stick around
okay so let’s kick this video off with
the story and it’s a really cool story
because it is a success story with
Bitcoin and it is a story about how
Bitcoin is protecting the right to free
speech in Brazil this story was from
2014 and there was this guy in Brazil um
that was doing videos it was a youtuber
and he was doing videos about the
election he was talking about this this
person that was running for president
for the local elections and he was
criticizing one of the candidates in San
Jose if I’m pronouncing that correctly
and then to cut a long story short the
candidate obviously he didn’t like it so
he he decided to press charges on this
person and the really cool thing that
happened was is they they kind of
intimidated him and made him pay or
forced him to pay like 5000 rail per
video where he mentioned the election or
the campaign or something negative about
the person and what the guy did was he
shifted all of his assets to Bitcoin
which was okay to do and this way he
didn’t have any money to pay basically
and he had all his funds in Bitcoin
during this process when they tried to
basically rip him off that was in 2013
first video that he uploaded about the
lawsuit was in 2013 it was July 11th at
that time the price of one Bitcoin was
$86 and today it’s around 27 28 um the
day of this recording and he shifted all
of his properties and assets into
Bitcoin so you know what that means
he made a boatload of money on that
legal strategy basically and I’m happy
that he did because that makes for an
awesome story and I love sharing stories
like that so let’s move to the
prediction right now on my views on it
and it’s really a basic and simple
thought that goes behind this because a
lot of people they say that the price of
Bitcoin can go up to half a million or 1
million others say it could go to 10
thousands who knows right nobody knows
nobody has a glass bowl and you know
they can predict the future but we can
speculate and I would like you guys to
leave a comment below and write down
what you think the price of Bitcoin will
do in the next five to 10 years and then
we started dialogue because I’m really
interested in seeing your few points as
well yeah I think that’s like I said in
the previous video I think that’s really
important for his YouTube community to
develop if we all start interacting with
one another sharing ideas and and
basically yeah creating a community I
really appreciate that with YouTube
YouTube has done a great job providing
this for us and I think we need to use
it to the fullest so let me know below
what you think of Bitcoin price will do
in the next five to ten years and then
we’ll go to what I think right now okay
for this part of the video I’m going to
remove my glasses because this is a
little bit more personal because of my
opinion and it’s no secret that people
like Bill Gates Richard Branson
Peter Thiel a lot of the big boys in
this think that bitcoin is going to go
to the moon you know some go as far as
to say that it’s going to hit a million
dollars in you know in 2030 or in the
next five to ten years John McAfee said
if we take three years for it to blow up
so a lot of specialist peculation czar
being made and I personally think that I
don’t know if it’s going to hit half a
million in the next three years but what
I do know is that right now the price is
really cheap compared to what it can be
in a near future because obviously we’re
facing this whole update on the the 1st
of August which also happened with
aetherium asked soon after which during
this price blew up in like a month or
two that’s one thing to really think
about when looking at the Bitcoin price
as well another thing to really
understand is that Bitcoin Issa is a
stored value right now everybody’s
moving to it nobody wants to keep their
money in fiat currency anymore because
you know fiat currency is designed to
lose like three percent every single
year and who wants that right my next
point is that bitcoin is finite so that
means that there’s only a limited supply
so if we want to supply the whole world
with Bitcoin that number the price of
one Bitcoin has to be massive because
hiring in my milk right if you want to
do a small amount then you need decimals
so talking about scaling it needs to be
really big for it to be feasible
basically and just the simple fact that
Japan is already fully hooked you have
other governments other countries
getting more into it you know you see
that the merchants amount of merchants
growing you know Japan wants to increase
its amount of merchants by two hundred
and sixty thousand merchants by the end
of the summer you know that’s going to
increase the price dramatically
especially knowing that the number of
merchants for
Bitcoin right now is still pretty low
actually it can go a lot higher in the
very near future and we’re working on
that I’m signing up merchants myself
actually which is very easy to do by the
way my point is I don’t know if it’s
going to hit a half a million in the
next three five or ten years I’m happy
if it hits twenty thousand in three
years knowing that I make my money right
now mostly in Bitcoin I have other
things too but you know you can always
convert it to digital currency and I
think digital currency is where it’s at
right now so you know you need to build
your portfolio up and having Bitcoin in
there will definitely benefit you in the
long term so keep that in mind in but I
hope I’m wrong and it’s going to be
amazing in 2020 and it’s going to go up
to me like 50,000 or 100,000 per coin
that’d be awesome
but like realistically I think it’s
going to be around 20,000 euros based on
you know my own speculations of course
and what I read but I would love to hear
your feedback your thoughts on the
Bitcoin price and let me know what you
thought about the story myself I thought
it was a pretty interesting story and
hope you thought the same way with that
being said hope you have an awesome day
keep chasing that coin life and catch
you on the flip side
I cannot tell who is my friend I knew
this is between me and then never see me
love again
God knows I’m kind thought that was I’m
trying for you got numbers on time now
I’m trying for you your mind into
Phillips’s he knows and I feeling
protected I with soldiers my heart is
way too frozen to get bro
I team anthem who put a money one too
many times
I think hungers only recognizes with
I had youth laziness can’t eternal time
I need you to go easy you picked up one
time I cannot tell with my friend and
you say stays between me in there man
sees me I love again got numbers on time
got numbers on time for you God knows on
time God out on time for you to not cry
able to work you know the time but
always it won’t work because I feel and
improve what a money one too many
I think anger Sunday Makani different
from time I heard you making that the
kids a thank you daddy I need you to go
see you fix up one party I cannot sir
who is my friends I miss queeny today
Oh see me don’t know I’m trying I’m

13 thoughts on “BITCOIN Price Prediction 2020

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  2. I think bitcoin will def reach 10,000 in the next 7 years. I think 100k or more is a reach considering the vast crypto market and bitcoin doesn't have a lot of utility. But as you say its finite so who knows….but either way there's alot of money to be made for early users and adopters

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  4. If the lightning network becomes commonly used within the next few years, I think a few months after the 2020 halving, we'll see at least 30-40k bitcoin. But I think that's a conservative estimate. It will most likely be higher. Possibly up closer to 100k.

  5. Thankyou for your vids Matthew! You confirm your predictions, looking at today? Continue this way, you're doing great!

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