Bitcoin over politics! The glamour trap, Trading does not solve your fiat problems, Gwyneth Paltrow

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
November the 5th 2018 what does this shirt say strong hand long term thinking
unconscious capable bitcoin is the next bitcoin bitcoin punishes the 80
percenters be in motion people ok let’s just jump right into the news all you
people talking about some election tomorrow back in the united states i’m
here in santiago chile just chillin chillin and chile but here is a tweet
that puts it all in perspective imagine the impact on prosperity and peace if
Americans took 1% of the mental energy spent on politics and used it to set up
and run a Bitcoin full node now ok you don’t have to go that far to set up a
Bitcoin phone note but imagine if 1% of all these people obsessed with politics
obsessed with collectivism got obsessed with individualism got into Bitcoin
starter talking about Bitcoin starting to buy Bitcoin it’d be a lot more
productive because this collectivist mentality is thinking that tomorrow is
such an important day and it’s going to change your life personally know it by
voting your you’re not changing your life now you’ve got to take control of
your own life watch Saturday’s show be on Bitcoin show
I taught and it’s in the archives link to below everything I talked about in
this video is linked to below get your trays or get your t-shirts affiliate
codes all sorts of stuff below but I talked about on Saturday
show that you people are obsessed with power and with this obsession of power
Danny don’t take power over their own lives they think that other people are
going to be able to change their lives by this this voting mentality this
collectivist mentality and I go into it a lot more over all math shows to check
that after interest and that kind of thing but the simple way of putting it
is that a lot of people are spending a lot of time worrying about elections all
over the country in in the long run you change your own life you’d be in motion
you get into Bitcoin and yeah the world would be a better place the world will
be a better place when some of these people who are obsessed with politics
buy some Bitcoin and start improving their own lives all right but hey people
are going to do what would people run do 80% of they’re going to be 80 percenters
you got to worry about yourself okay so yeah more people will care about Bitcoin
eventually you care about it now you take the steps now all right pound that
like button now speaking about more people caring about Bitcoin or at least
more people knowing about Bitcoin I mean I can’t believe I’m saying this person’s
name on my show but Gweneth Paltrow a famous actress she tweeted a Bitcoin
investing guide on her on her Twitter feed in her publication she has some
sort of publication and I don’t know about her publication it doesn’t appeal
to people like me but the point of this I mean even
mentioning this is that she is 2.8 7 billion followers and most likely the
great majority of these people we’re not going to hear about Bitcoin any other
way so perhaps hey and then imagine appoint a 1% of his people by Bitcoin
that would that would be great but it’s yeah this is something you know I’m not
a big I’m not a big fan of Hollywood and all the people that come at it
they’re okay but they can get in the Bitcoin just like we can no we can stop
them and when they get in the Bitcoin they’ve got a lot of mindless followers
that’ll just follow them into it and be like what is this thing this is the cool
thing right now so we’re gonna see more of this in the future
but you know justjust by the numbers she has a lot of followers and who knowing I
didn’t read the article that she put out there at the guide is probably might not
be the best thing in the world technically and it probably has mistakes
in it but the word Bitcoin is now in some people’s vocabulary that it never
would have been in before and so hey that’s a positive I’m gonna this is this
is this is a positive thing you know we talk and I’m not gonna I’m not putting
her on a pedestal or anything I’ll tell you what her 2.7 million followers do
put her on a pedestal though so I look at it from that from that perspective
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this I you know I love I enjoy being in LA I do it I do enjoy it and you know
running into my LA heads out there it’s always fun so speaking of the glamour of
LA we’ve been talking a lot about a Hollywood having me today
let’s talk about crypto glamour well first of all pound that like button and
subscribe to the channel and check out the Twitter tech ball TCH BLT so crypto
glamour glamour / basics here in the crypto space still rules ok that that’s
what rules the Crippler space glamour / base crypto
value people value their wealth and dollars or overdoing it and they don’t
and they don’t value their wealth in Bitcoin they’re trying to turn $250 into
two hundred fifty thousand dollars through trading okay that’s crypto
glamour okay people have a videos about that turn to order fifty dollars of the
two hundred for these out and that and that’s what most people are into that
glamour rather than strong hand holding strong and holding a guy that’s boring
our glamorous stuff going back and forth between coins and storing them on
exchanges that’s pretty glamorous there I’ve got I own up I’ve got this ooh what
would what would sits uh what does it serve what what audience is that going
to be serving oh that’s a Quinn initiative that serves their products
yeah I mean and then verse Bitcoin versus knowing what nor what a block
Explorer is and even that knowing how to store and save store and send most coins
people don’t want to know that no no they’d rather just they know that you
know they could trade them in and out on the exchanges they don’t know how to
properly store them or control a private key or check a block these four or no no
that’s not glamorous that’s just boring that’s the basics but no they don’t want
to know they want to jump straight to the ICO
glamour baby I mean that’s that’s unfortunate learn to send and as I’ve
said this before learn the sending store a Bitcoin before
you buy a light coin but now they want the glamour this crypto glamour brings a
lot of dumb / impulsive money into the space which does end up in the hands of
the big coin holders eventually so uh value your wealth in Bitcoin people it
it might not seem very glamorous to just stick it on your treasurer and you know
you you but the people are saying what would have changed by $250 into two
hundred fifty thousand dollars by trading iota this man yeah that’s a
theory okay that’s all in theory and that’s valuing your wealth in dollars
again that’s and again most people who get into this that’s what they’re into
they didn’t find out about crypto because a Bitcoin that’s very
unfortunate they’re gonna find out about it the hard way though okay they’ll find
out about it the hard way you’ve got the inside insider info here
Bitcoin it’s it’s not about the crypto glamour it’s about the rock it’s not
about the hair as being the tortoise long term thinking 20/20 having learn
about ahead and again most people who are into the crypto glamour man they
could tell me all the fifth tier I cos out there but they won’t they don’t know
what the bitcoin having is so there’s a there’s another there’s another issue
going on in terms of people valuing their wealth and dollars instead of a
Bitcoin there are people out there that are still talking about well if I look I
just I held all my Bitcoin that I got in
December and now I’m Dan you know I paid nineteen thousand dollars for my Bitcoin
now it’s worth six thousand dollars I’m in big trouble here man I’m in big
trouble I’m down by a lot so I’ve taken your advice just to hold now I’m gonna
trade I’m gonna trade and that’s gonna solve the problem that’s gonna solve the
problem there are people out there they think they’re gonna get more dollars
they’re gonna get more dollars from trading because again they
they’re gonna get out of there supposing Fiat whole but by trading no no you’re
not now you’re out the Bitcoin the odds are
high you will lose a much more by trying to fix something that is not a problem
okay it’s not a problem you still have the same amount of Bitcoin that you had
in December if you start trading it in order to prop up your fiat value you’re
gonna end up with less Bitcoin and in the long term you’re gonna regret that
in a major way so I mean that is if that’s a big thing that traders say out
there I’m down in terms of fiat I got a trade first of all why didn’t you get in
the Bitcoin in the first place you should have gotten the Bitcoin to have
to get Bitcoin not to get Bitcoin and then sell it six months later to get a
lot more Fiat if that’s why you got into Bitcoin but
you thought you’re gonna make a quick flip and into fiat you’re of course
you’re gonna get beaten down because that something this is not about
short-term thinking impulsive mentality flipping your Bitcoin for fiat real
quick that is that and you’re learning that the hard way but I want you to not
do something drastic by saying now I gotta trade this Bitcoin and try to get
feet more Fiat that way that is not the way out you’re gonna dig yourself a
deeper hole by trading and you’re not in a hole by the way it’s it’s all on paper
it’s all on paper you think you’re down in terms of dollars because you see the
value of Bitcoin hasn’t gone down in terms of dollars that’s paper losses
first of all even in dollar terms you only realize it what you sell that big
point and again so if you’re desperate for money now if you’re doing what I
mean it’s your own fault that you got into this dude if you’re desperate for
money right now stop going out to eat I mean cut down on other things cut down
on your expenses don’t sell your vehicle don’t try to trade your big butts again
you just gotta change your mentality you got yeah I’m putting this in the easy
words so you can see what value your wealth in Bitcoin really means because
you still have the same amount of Bitcoin that you had in December and in
the long term and long-term you’re gonna be very happy in
the future when you see oh look I still have that one big point and it’s the
year 2025 you’re gonna be very happy er you’re gonna be very disappointed if you
see oh man I only have this point one a big point because I whittled away my one
big coin trying to trade it and try to get morphia back in 2018
alright everybody that is it pound that like button found me at Tech bought eech
be alt on twitter i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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  1. Politics is distraction and noise and division for sheeple. I agree with you – using those two brain cells to rub together to work on a full node. Imagine if people lived LIFE with full nodes…..

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