Bitcoin Gold GPU Mining on Linux – RX 480

Bitcoin gold GPU mining on Linux
This video video will demonstrate how to GPU mine Bitcoin gold on a computer running Ubuntu Linux using a Radeon RX 480
Access the Minergate website and create a new account
Now you need to install the required packages and reboot the computer
Download the Linux driver for the Radeon RX 480 card
Extract and install the Linux video card driver
Download and extract the Claymore Bitcoin gold miner software
use the following command to GPU mine Bitcoin gold
You must replace my email account for the email account you created on the Minergate website

3 thoughts on “Bitcoin Gold GPU Mining on Linux – RX 480

  1. Hi n.n
    I have a question, why not, You make a video where You explain how mining with a ps3 or red ribbon linux? pleas

  2. Is it possible to use nicehash on Linux? If so could you please make a tutorial on how to go about doing this, Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I am mining BTCP right now and much of this will be helpful. We do not know yet if Equihash coins with fork into new algorithm, but for right now, what Linux distro do you recommend for mining?

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