Bitcoin breaks US$14,000 for first time, less than 24 hours after crossing $12,000

Bitcoin smashed through yet another record-high
on Wednesday,… surpassing the 14-thousand dollar mark,… less than 24 hours after it
roared past twelve-thousand dollars. The digital currency’s rapid ascent comes
ahead of the official launch of bitcoin futures trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Tokyo Financial Exchange is also reportedly
taking steps to launch bitcoin future trading from next year. Bitcoin’s value has spiked more than 14-fold
since the start of this year. However, many analysts are still skeptical
about the digital currency,… saying it’s a fraud and purely speculative in nature,…
while others forecast it could reach 40-thousand dollars by the end of next year. As of Wednesday,… about one fifth of Bitcoin
trading volume was paid by South Korean won,… a sign of the Bitcoin frenzy in the country.

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