For Crypto Global News I’m Edward. Right now we’re taking a look at some of the major trends in the world of cryptocurrency. Most crypto markets have actually been in decline for the bulk of 2018. Ever since the all money Rise of Bitcoin at the end of 2017 there are a number of factors pushing these markets in a bearish direction. So let’s have a quick peek at some of the key reasons that we’re still seeing a flow to the downside. The first reason is just a thorough look at the world of technical analysis. Now this is something that you’re advanced and even your garden variety retail traders will involve themselves within a daily basis. Most of your major currency traders the moment say that from your technical analysis they think they’ll still be a push to the downside for the foreseeable future. There’s also been a fairly large decline in the number of jobs that are in cryptocurrency and its development but that’s not to say that there’s been a decline in the number of jobs surrounding block chain. And the third key factors is general interest in the world of cryptocurrency. If you look at just google searches in the year of 2018 there’s been a pretty steady decline of who’s actually looking at cryptocurrency and block chain as the interesting cryptocurrency diminishes so does the price. This creates a loop that’s not too pretty. On the flip side there’s been a huge amount of interest and investment from a number of large financial institutions into the world of cryptocurrency. This may be the very thing that makes cryptocurrency more mainstream than it is today ever since CBOE and CMG begun offering Bitcoin futures. The other service providers have been looking into this option as well. And there’s still plenty of buzz being created in the world of crypto with bold and boisterous decisions like versus partnership with PornHub. There’s also the rumor that Tron creator Justin Sun is looking at buying bit torn ink and there’s also the murmurs coming out of Silicon Valley about some of the largest tech companies in the world investing in their own cryptocurrency projects. This is sure to affect the marketplace in the months and years to come. Until next time for crypto Global News I’m Edward. You take care.

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