You know i bought some Bitcoin a few years ago
B- Bit.. what
It’s like an online currency on CS:GO
Oh yeah, that’s so not worth it
Yeah I’ve made $30.000 now
Yeah I bought them for $100 in 2009
Eh I’m just gonna go and milk the cat
What cat?
That’s right Mr. bank
I want to invest my life savings in Bitcoin
No, your mom is cringe
Whats up poor boy! I’ve invested
765.000kr on Bitcoin, so now I just have to wait
for the cash to roll in
You’ll probably want to see this
As I said, all Bitcoin are now worthless
after Titcoin has taken over the market
You see, with every Titcoin you get explicit photos
and this has sold especially well amongst
virgins in their forties
Anyhow! Let’s get to something completely different…
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We’re going to answer a question from the comments on the last video
So don’t forget to comment your questions and we’ll maybe answer them in the next video
The question we’re going to answer is..
Are you going to make more “orten” videos, and if so, when?
Yeah, we have some “orten” videos on the way
but we want to spread them out so it doesn’t get trite
But it’s on the way
Stay tuned!
Bye bye!

49 thoughts on “BITCOIN

  1. Min morbror hade bitcoin när dom var värda 1 kr typ.. Han sålde dom för 50 tusen och han hade typ 50.000 bitcoin. Kolla hur mycket en bitcoin är värd nu

  2. Ni är legender asså! Jag svär att om ett år kommer ni vara en av de populäraste kanalerna i hela Sverige❤️❤️❤️

  3. fyfan ni borde ha fler subs hittade er när ni hade typ 500 subs och redan då tycke jag att ni skulle ha fler

  4. asså ni är så kingar älskar er kanal det går inte beskriva hur mycket jag älskar er kanal fortsätt med det ni gör SketchMakers

  5. Hur känner ni varran???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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