Best performing Coins on BINANCE? SAFEST coin to buy now?

Hello guys, today i am going to update you on BTC price, Most profitable coins on Binance, and the SAFEST coin to invest on Binance! In the last two months, we have seen that bitcoin has been in a massive upward movement Bitcoin, in the last 2 months, has gone up from 3,000 dollars to around 11,000 dollars at the current moment If we see the daily chart on Binance, we can see that it is having a great support on the 7 Day simple moving average, it has been holding it from a long time. Even on the weekly chart we can see that it is having a great support on the 7 weekly moving average. The monthly chart of bitcoin is very shocking and surprising, As you can see, in the last month we saw a big green candle on Binance, which is similar to 2017’s November, and now we are on June’s candle which is still a big green candle and there is much upward room ahead of us. We can see how much room we have by comparing it with December 2017 candle which took off the bitcoin price to near 20,000 dollars. so we can say that we are almost in a confirmed bull run. Now if we talk about the most profitable coins on binance, we will have to talk about the large cap coins they are also the most safest coins as you may have known If we see ethereum, in the last couple of months it has went up form 130 dollars to 310 dollars as of moment, which is more than a 200% gain on a large cap coin. some other coins which have shown good result in the last couple of months or say the bull run period, that would be Xrp, it has shown a good upward movement along with btc and if we just see the weekly it has almost bottomed around 0.28 dollars and since then it has been on an upward parabolic movement, Having a support at 7 weekly Moving average. Also the same trend applies to many of the other large cap coins like Litecoin,BNB,EOS,ADA whihc is cardano and many more. If we talk about most safest coin to invest on Binance now that would be Litecoin & BNB. If we see, BNB has been the most profitable coin even before the bitcoin bull run. It has been in an upward parabolic trend from a long time. As you can see on the weekly chart, it has been rising from December 2018 and its going upward parabolic. The Monthly chart of BNB looks so surprising & shocking, it has almost 1.5X itself even when there was a bear market. Even if we see the last 3 years performance of altcoins yearly return, we can see that BNB has outperformed 3 years in a row,
being the most profitable. But, this is not the only reason to invest in BNB as of now. We can also see that Binance is also launching a new IEO token on its launchpad which will increase the price of BNB till the token sale period. You must have already know that how much viral binance IEO tokens get, and how much gain they give to buyers. I, myself sold the Harmony token at 7 times the price of ICO on Binance. Another token which has shown a great result and a great gain over the last couple of months, it has been LITECOIN. Because of LTC halving, LTC has been increasing parabolic since 5 months. AS you can see on the weekly chart, it started increasing from December 2018 and has been in an upward trend since then On the monthly chart we can see how parabolic LTC is performing now. Litecoin went up from 30 dollars to around 135 dollars at the moment. The litecoin halving is still couple of months ahead so we can see continuous uptrend in its price. To sum up, Bitcoin has been making news after crossing the 10,000 dollars mark. Here you can see how much time bitcoin took to reach each price targets & how fast bitcoin can reach 20,000 dollars. Last time, Bitcoin took only 18 days to went from 10,000 dollars to 20,000 dollars I hope this educates you how much room we have ahead and how fast we can go up in this crypto. With that said, will be back soon with more news.

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