Best Movies for Writers

things are kind of weird at the moment
right they’re kind of crazy I hope you guys alright I hope you’re doing okay
hope you’re staying safe washing those knits anyway if you’re one of the
countless people stuck inside at the moment you know it’s a perfect time to
be getting some writing done literally almost all other excuses have been
linked away from you but you’re not writing are you you’re here unless be
real there’s probably a lot more procrastinating to come it’s it’s with
this in mind that I have compiled a list of movies for you let’s call it research
all of these movies are either about writers or writing has something to do
with the story some more than others movie one Ruby sparks not only does this
movie star the queen of rom-coms Zoe Kazon but it also stars Paul Danner the
guy who completely forgot about until you saw him in another movie and then
you go oh I do like him he plays a young famous author that struggles with
writer’s block and the loneliness that comes with breakout Fame the movie is a
romance and one of my absolute favorite writer movies it fulfills the fantasy
that I’m sure every other aspiring author on the planet with crippling
loneliness and a persistent fear of dying alone has had what if you fell in
love with a character that you created and then they came alive it’s not as
campy or as cheesy as it sounds and it actually touches on the darker aspects
of control in a relationship everything Calvin writes about Ruby
happens it becomes real so where does her free will come in I could do a whole
video essay on this movie alone but I think Calvin’s struggle between not
wanting to be alone and wanting Ruby to be more than just his creation his super
compelling stranger than fiction I’m sure if you see a poster for a movie
and it’s Will Ferrell yelling like he’s known to do you probably think it’s a comedy in a
lot of ways it is but much like Ruby sparks this is a story about the line
between fiction and reality being drastically blurred it’s not nearly the
goofy comedy we’re used to seeing from will and this one isn’t really a rom-com
but like the last movie I mentioned this one sees a struggling author who has
inexplicably written a character into existence or perhaps she’s somehow
unknowingly writing about someone who already existed
Harold controls his life to the second so this movie is about his identity
crisis when that one thing that he values the most is found to be in the
hands of someone else someone who has no idea one day he starts hearing the
author narrating his life and finds out that her plans they don’t bode well for
him now I’m going to mention the next two movies almost in tandem because
they’re both psychological horrors and they’re both Stephen King adaptations
the man who you can talk looks like a dr. Seuss character you know it’s true
the first one is misery I’m sure you know the story it’s classic famous
author Paul Sheldon goes on a getaway gets into a bit of crash and wakes up
being cared for by the not at all immediately creepy Annie Wilkes she
nurses him back to health but the poop really hits a fan when she politely asks
Paul to hang around for a while and write her something special there’s not
a whole lot more to say other than this movie brings a writers worst fear to
life being forced to write 1408 is to this day my favorite horror film of all
time it’s not necessarily the scariest and the short story actually wasn’t that
great but when you throw John Cusack and Samuel L mother flipping Jackson together
magic is bound to happen sometimes 14:08 is a fantastic descent into
madness as we watch paranormal skeptic and famous author Mark insulins stay the
night in the infamous room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel it sounds like a normal
haunted house movie sure but this movie deals with so much
mic isn’t just scared into madness he’s tormented by visions of his past that I
can’t really talk about because spoilers this movie deals with the very real idea
of spirituality and existentialism Mike makes a living busting the idea of the
afterlife he writes stories about haunted places and basically debunks
them and a parallel splendidly with a trauma from his past watch this
movie PS the full movie is currently on YouTube somehow not that I’d ever tell
you to go watch it there it’s just it’s interesting Tolkien no look I know this
movie embellishes a little on the connection between Tolkien’s time in the
war and the astronomically iconic series he wrote I don’t know Hebrew never heard
it’s pretty underground stuff the movie even flat-out ignores his religious
influences that were a huge part of his life but it’s still a really fascinating
watch it tells a very compelling story of Brotherhood that I think parallels
wonderfully with his stories and I truly think it’ll give you a greater
appreciation of the men behind the greatest side character of all time
Samwise Gamgee plus it has nicholas hoult if you’re ever watching a nicholas
hoult movie with your boyfriend just know that he’s sitting there thinking
like a wooden not giving me kiss yet almost famous I know I’m reaching here
the main character is a journalist and writing takes a massive backseat to
pretty much every other theme in this movie sure but this movie rocks my
flipping bod so I’m still gonna mention almost famous is basically what I think
the book Daisy Jones and the six tried and failed medicine to be it’s
loosely based on a true story and shows the journey of a boy journalist who
travels with a 1970s rock band the movies both about the music and the
people and the boll ship that goes on behind the scenes
it doesn’t shy away from the culture of addiction groupies and massive eager
look the movie is amazing the soundtrack is even better if you ever wanted a raw
and emotionally engaging look into how different social norms were 50 years ago
the is it yeah fifty years ago wasn’t the
50s it was the 70s let that sink in finding Forrester now I’d be pretty
surprised if you hadn’t already at least heard about this one it has a lot of
critical acclaim out of all of these movies this is probably the biggest love
letter to writing and literature Jamal Wallace is accepted into a prestigious
private school and obviously comes face to face with some struggles prejudice
and the general suspicion that he had somehow conned his way into where he is
so Jamal ends up finding a mentor in the reclusive and acclaimed William
Forrester the rest of the movie I went really explained it’s better enjoyed
yourself but I think the best thing wasn’t just the companionship between
these two monumentally different characters but that they both taught
each other something by the end of the movie if you want Good Will Hunting
you’ll like this one anyway that’s it for now you beautiful
sons of there’s obviously others that I haven’t mentioned here in Dead Poets
Society the words but I think I’ll save those for a part to let me know if
there’s anything I missed there’s always like a little bit of
satisfaction when you see a writer in a movie you know even if it’s not a big
part of the story most people are very private about writing being a hobby
until they get published sir I don’t know it’s just nice to see as always
thanks for watching stay safe guys and good luck with the apocalypse catch up whenever a choir peridot keanu profile
catching feelings is let me show you how we the worst fears away

30 thoughts on “Best Movies for Writers

  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! Been wanting a comprehensive list like this for a LONG time and there’s nothing else out there on YouTube specifically about movies for writers

  2. Finding Neverland is my favourite – lost count of the number of times I've seen that one. I feel like I should finally watch 1408 at this point, haha.

  3. Hi Cam!! The Dark Half and Secret Window we know the King loves to write about writers and then add that creep factor. 1408? HELLZ YEAH! I also liked In the Mouth Madness. Have you seen that one? You be safe Wolfman! ❤️❤️USA2AUS ❤️❤️

  4. Solid list. My personal additions would be seven psychopaths for its 2nd act subversion and adaptation for its relatable lead.

  5. Saw everything on the list except Ruby Sparks, now I'm going to have to find and watch that. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. right after I finished watching Megamind. Has very little to do with writing but a nice spoof on classic super heroes XD

  7. Great list. I had not heard of some of them. If you do a part two consider "Wonder Boys" based on Michael Chabon's novel. It has Micheal Douglas, Tobey Maguire, and Katie Holmes. Be safe.

  8. Great Video! I always recommend watching the theatrical cut of 1408 as it has the better ending in my opinion.
    It's on YouTube twice. The shorter one is the theatrical cut.

  9. One of my favourite writing movies is seven psychopaths. Colin Farrell is a script writer struggling to write his film about psychopaths,while dealing with actual psychopaths that suddenly started appearinf into his life. It's meta and hilarious: ticks all the boxes for me.

  10. I love Stranger Than Fiction! Beautiful, underrated film about living life to the fullest.
    I’ve seen parts of 1408 and was wondering where I could get my eyes on it when you leaned in and told us. Thanks Cam!

  11. Great video. Great bod. I'm a fan of Secret Window (about a struggling writer) and La Dolce Vita (about a journalist, I think…I remember it had something to do with a writer).

  12. i liked freedom writers. i watched maybe almost half of ruby sparks and it was good. i read maybe almost half of misery but i stopped because it felt boring to me because nothing was really happening. i might try to finish it, not sure.

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