Ban Mo- Bangkok’s Akihabara, Electronic Parts Paradise!

So right now we are going to the
electronic mall to get some things like soldering irons, solder. Because you
know back in Shenzhen I have my workshop and stuff but in here if I want to work I need to have some basic tools, basic equipment like multimeter and stuff but I don’t think multimeter is important for now. Because I’m not doing like a big DIY project and stuff. So you can see they have a lot of kits here. They have multimeters they have digital clamp meter. So I would say here is where you are going to get a lot of- if you are in Bangkok, it’s definitely where you will get your components and stuff. Okay, come in. So we will start from this alley. So you see a lot of them are imported. I think Pro-Kit is from Taiwan, they make good quality tools, a little bit pricey but it’s worth it. They have a lot of Pro-Kit stuff. I have a couple of tools are from Pro-Kit. This is definitely a good selection, like a good section. Okay, let me check. They have all the wrenches and stuff, the
clamps, this brand I really like it. If it’s not that pricey I would get a lot of them just as a backup option. Maybe I will extend my holiday here although I really want to do more projects. Oh right, this one. Okay, 9 watt… Call the worker, I need one of these. Call the helper. Let me go tell them. Hello, excuse me! Hello, excuse me! I need help. Okay, they will come, follow me. I think they’re afraid of some pickpockets (shoplift) People will pickpocket (shoplift), as I said they are not cheap. One, please. So yeah, one of these. So I’m going to get one of the soldering
iron this one looks like cordless so I can use… Thank you. Hold this, please. Thank you. So I’m going to get this one, maybe I will travel with it This one doesn’t get any cable to connect
with it. Precision driver set, yeah. This kind of looks like the one they have in the Japanese Akihabara market and wire stripper. I don’t think I need those for now. Because I’m going to grab some kits and solder them, to make them. Okay, let’s go to the other alley. So they have a great selection of the shrink tubing here. I wish in Huaqiangbei they have this. I will grab some and then bring it back maybe I don’t know. For now, I don’t need this, but they have a great selection if you need anything you can just grab it from this mall, from this NPE mall. Again, a lot of tool bags, this is their version. I got some from Japan but I never use them. I think I should start to use them when I go back to put my tools there. After all, when I moved to my new lair I still need to renovate it a little bit. Last time I put my cables and everything in but next time I think I should put it on my belt so that it will work easier They have the table that blocks it but there’s nothing in that alley. So let’s go into this one. So this is what I am talking about they have a lot of electronic kits you can put this together you can solder them but they only have Thai instructions. The good thing is they have some assembled and some are
just parts, separate parts for you to assemble it because this is like old-fashioned kits from Australia like decades ago probably. They have other kits that, I can’t read Thai so sometimes I don’t know what they are used for but I know a lot of them are useful like for DIY makers I don’t know just who, whoever is interested in PCBs. Look at this one I think this is a dice kit. So this one is the old-fashioned dice kit
and the LED lights up to tell you the number. This is actually pretty cool only 160 baht, this is 170 baht, so it’s pretty cheap. It’s like, what, like 5 dollars for that. It’s a good deal. They have bigger PCB boards, bigger control boards I don’t know for what those are used for but I will get something that is interesting enough for me to put together and show you. Let’s check, okay. This one looks pretty cool, looks like a tin can radio thing. I think I will get one of these to make it. Yeah and let’s take a look at the other stuff. The other stuff is pretty cool too. Alright, there are some batteries and some battery charger. Tools, more tools. Okay, let’s go to the next one. Alright, cool so these are the motors for robots, for
controlling robots so if you want to build a robot they have some part for the kits also. Hello! Hello, can I film? No? Alright, so my girlfriend helped me to explain the situation to the owner and they agreed for me to film more. Because I guess the two or three years ago I came here and filmed it and one of the employees is one of my followers I think. I feel a little bit embarrassed because my Thai hasn’t improved. You see there are a lot of other likes small kits this one is more pricey because they are all in the box and expensive and stuff. You see they have a lot of other kind of kits and this knife is better quality compared to the other products. This section it’s more like they are very cheap but like they have been stored here for a long time. For some of them, I think it has been placed here for a long time and no one buys it and then they lower the price a bit. Because some of them I can see the PCB board The breadboard is getting a little bit yellowish so as you can see as I said a lot of
kits over here. If you know tomorrow something happened and I really need to hop on a plane and come back to Thailand. I can just come here and buy all this stuff like glue you see to make my project. It might be a little bit troublesome because I’ve already invested in my new place I already paid some money and if… You can see the 12V battery, the power supply. I will probably get it for my place in China also. Due to the situation, I think it’s better to have a solar panel whatever to keep the water running. Because sometimes the water stop for no reason and when they fix the road that just happens, we lose power and we don’t have water. This alley doesn’t look like they have
put any new stuff out. So this is common, this is the transformer. Okay, still filming. I’m looking at both of the cameras because one is on my phone. I’m using their app to control the eyeglass camera that Kim is wearing. Oh, this box is super useful. Right now I have 3D printers I can print
any box so it’s very easy for my DIY projects. But this box, the quality is good and if I want to put any hardware inside, I would definitely buy some from this mall. But now it’s not that common because I have the 3D printers I can modify and use CAD to make any shape I want for my project. Alright, that’s about it in this mall and right now we are heading to the other area of this electronics market. So basically it’s not exactly like Huaqiangbei In Huaqiangbei it’s neater because they renovated it and this one it’s hidden in some alleys. Ok, let’s go to other places. Oh yeah, I need to buy some solder too, I forgot about it. Please hold this for me. Where’s the solder section? Let’s buy some solder. Okay, we will get a small roll. Alright, we will pay now. Hold this. 650 baht. Sorry, I am not Thai. We don’t need the receipt, let’s go. Thank you. Put it in your bag. On the first floor, I rarely check it out because it’s more for like stereo stuff. Let’s go this way. Same old days. They still do the repair in the streets it’s pretty cool. You see they have their little booth here. And they are doing some repair work. Winding wires. Are you ok? Yeah. Let me check the camera time. Alright, so a lot of like used parts they are replacing it. It was cold in the mall I think they turned up the AC. But now it is better, it’s just warm. So they are doing all the repair work. Still filming. A lot of parts they fix it and then I think they sell it as a secondhand product. I am not sure. Probably their lunchtime now, some people are eating. This is awesome. I wish when I am old I can do this in the street but instead, I am going to repair cyborg parts of course So this is a little alley that sells LED cables and stuff I’m going to take a look at this alley and probably will find some colorful zip ties here. That store has some, but they are not pink. Interesting, I am going to get some This kind of look like as I said LED market
and they have all the colorful zip ties. I should get some colorful zip ties. Not pink enough. I am looking for light pink zip ties. They also have solder and tools you can buy. I am not looking for a specific thing Only 35 baht, the fan, it’s like 5 yuan in Chinese currency. 80 cents in dollars. Connectors. Let’s take a look at that but it’s kind of crowded. I probably will upgrade my Barbot at some point. I don’t think we need to go down to that side. Okay, let’s go back. Alright. Let’s go across the street. I am crossing the street like a kid. I am just like “I will go whatever”. So this street they are also selling the same stuff. More LEDs. Let’s take a look at this store. They get more stuff here, wow. I don’t need any supplies from here, I feel bad coming in but not getting anything, That water bottle looks like the one you have. There are some walkie-talkies. Some holders for phones and some equipment. They are also repairing stuff in this street, that looks like a power supply. Oh, all the aunties and uncles stop working and looking at us. I am flattered. So reasonable, the price. You can come here. Let’s take a look in there. She is cute in her pajamas. They have components for SMD or something. This one I would like to buy something but I don’t know what to get. Do they have zip ties? Are you ok? Yes. There are a lot of people here. Should we go down there and take a look? Yeah, let’s go there and take a look. Oh, they are selling oh, I don’t know if I should show it they’re selling the adult toy stuff. Also Karaoke stuff. It’s very sunny. No wonder, it’s 1o’ clock already. In Bangkok around 2-4’o clock, the sun will get harsh. Later I will get some water. So bright, so bright. So much stereo equipment, most of the stuff is. Okay, let’s go back. You can walk next to me. I don’t see any zip ties here. So the other alley is more like for LED and zip ties and this alley is for some adult stuff and you know Do they oh I thought they sell vibrators. But they are just selling hair straighteners. Alright, we are going to see what else they sell at the next alley. I don’t think they sell anything there. It looks like most of the stores are closed. Don’t tell me they stop the cars to see me. I don’t want to cause any car accidents. Thank you. I don’t need a car camera. That’s everything back there. Adapters and a lot of adult toys. Camera, IP cameras. My hands are sore again. Okay, let’s wait for the car to pass by. Okay, let’s go. I am ok. It looks like a temple there. I don’t know. What’s that? Let’s take a look in here, probably will find something. We are almost at the end, we went to all the alleys. They have their own table to put the products, those are remote controls. Same, it’s just a lot of stereo stuff so
before I came here I actually have video of the ban mo street but there was three years ago so I thought you guys might want to see updates of what they are selling now. I would say pretty much the same. What is different is this time I film with my girl.

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