Baby Zoomers – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/24/20

welcome to still untitled the Adams head
project I will I’m Adam and I’m Norn well hello gentlemen oh oh I forgot you
want me to record locally no you don’t don’t worry about it we’re using zoom
everything is gonna it’s gonna it’s gonna sound good
zoom the official video conference serve the corona virus quarantine it zoom
amazing not a sponsor but we’ll take it no no no also zoom zoom occupies this
brand new space of tech companies which is their tagline is we didn’t realize we
were a social media platform I mean look my kid does her class like every morning
her teacher it’s at 1 o’clock actually her teacher zooms all the kids that can
get online and they read a book and they talk about how they’re doing everybody
gets to take turns and it’s like human contact in an otherwise kind of isolated
time it’s really so ya know we’ve been we’ve been zooming everybody and we
actually took my imac out of storage and put it in the kitchen i built a little
stand for it so we can have this nice big screen and we were talking to
Julia’s aunt and uncle two nights ago we’re talking to some good friends
tonight we’ve been sort of every night which I’m sort of lining up someone else
for just before dinner to sit and talk for about an hour about how things are
going it’s amazing meeting dinners oh go I
don’t know I’m saying it’s it’s done more for you know feeling connected and
more for the promise of this kind of Star Trek like technology then the
FaceTime you know to contect ever did right remember tiny it is out of
necessity and I I think all three of us have more experience than most with just
how much this can make you feel like you’re home and even as far back as 2013
when I was touring around the country my wife would put the laptop at the end
of the dinner table and I would sit on a tour bus in the middle of America having
dinner with thing 1 and thing 2 and my wife and honestly it’s like after a
while in VR you forget you’re wearing VR you’re just kind of in the space and the
same thing with this kind of tilt you know even though there’s a little bit of
a lag the fact is is like I’d finish like I had dinner with my family yeah
well that we do that with my that’s that’s the way my daughter kind of knows
my parents right Wow is it once or twice a week we sit down and have breakfast
and she’ll chill we put the phone up in front of her and she can talk to my
parents while we while we all eat Nate lunch wheat breakfast because they’re
2,500 miles away yeah so here we are as a country
zooming I wonder with my monic this is gone in the last weeks I mean it must be
bonkers if you signing up for a new account it
takes hours to get a confirmation because you know with one of those oh
really I’m gonna you get a hundred people in one room together and we know
like you said what schools are doing it all sorts of people you’re doing it just
for like their social hangouts in the afternoon people are doing things on a
regular schedule but the thing that blew my mind cause it’s it’s only been one
week that we’ve been doing this in San
Francisco and it feels like a month already oh yeah
my favorite tweet this in the last two or three weeks is and i retweeted it but
a camera the name of the original author they just said I can’t believe how young
I look in pictures from this morning exactly how this feels
have you noticed have you read any of the accounts of the trolls finding zoom
no dumper oh yeah it’s bad of course if there’s something that people are
utilizing for goodness somebody else is figuring out a way to screw it up so
there’s been people who have had open zoom parties oh yeah or walked as one of
those on and and and if you allow screen sharing by default in any of those open
parties people are going to show up and put porn or awful images of just death
and destruction and so there’s been a whole bunch of public parties on zoom’
that have had to be shut down because zoom has no content moderation in its
business model at all because they didn’t consider themselves a Content
company yeah I I did see a couple of videos that were on reddit or Twitter or
something the other day where people did like embarrassing stuff when they
weren’t thinking about the fact that they’re on Zoom with 50 people and like
you know dropped off to the bathroom and or you know whatever it was it’s like
look the new normal is weird so here we are I’m very cognizant when I’m
live-streaming from the cave in to our stretches that yeah even if I walk away
from the workbench they can still hear me taking a leak so I make sure to go
before we’re all wearing pants right I mean pants look up nobody foresaw
wearing pants Donald Duck in over here so it’s some yeah well the thing about
the the thing about the streaming especially EMU this is new for you I
think Adam right I mean you’ve done some streams on Twitch and stuff before but
not kind of where you just normally would be alone in the shop doing your
stuff I watched you on maybe Tuesday what home what’s today Monday Tuesday
October no Monday I watched you last week sometime yeah and like it’s it’s
really kind of it’s cool just to get to watch
and have like you come up and talk to the camera occasionally mostly you’re
just kind of watching you do stuff and it’s it’s very chill and relaxing and
kind of takes you out of the it takes me out of my head so it also and me too
like I don’t have a distinct experience of time passing or having to fill time
and look you know I’ve spent I think I did the math at one point do the course
of Mythbusters I spent well over 15,000 hours on camera and even so doing the
streaming last week was like a wholly new form of I wouldn’t call it
performance but it is that sort of like that public communication right I’ve
done an on staged and on television I’ve done it in all sorts of different
formats and you know the videos we’ve making untested for the past few years
are also different and the streaming is just like another one to add to that
with its own kind of confines and rules and you know perimeter it’s fascinating
I was thinking like it’s most akin to when we used to do Lego builds right big
builds of people we would have friends over and for two hours build but with
those you we would have other people in the shop in the studio and when you’re
doing it because you you all you have is the the iPhone that you’re streaming
with but I pointed toward you you have almost no feedback and you’re just kind
of riffing and it’s a stream of consciousness yeah exactly
it’s a little more personal to the streaming like you end up yeah I think
you have chat off now for obvious reasons where we’re turning I think
we’re gonna try it back again we turned it off actually specifically because we
were buffering so much and we were just trying to find every efficiency we could
and then come back in with with the layers I’d like to add activates at if I
can okay but I mean when you have chat going people can ask you questions and
it’s like it’s interactive in a way that mass media I’d never experienced mass
media being before which I thought was really cool it’s one of the thing I like
about streaming games and making stuff on Twitch and all that it’s it’s a lot
of fun and will I find that like when you when you stream the people
on the chat it’s like own mini community right I mean those has the immediacy of
when you’ve been following a forum thread for four years but it’s all you
know the same you know a couple hundred people might be watching but it’s the
same dozen people we’re gonna be there every night and they have their you know
they’re there in jokes and the references and their rituals I mean it’s
it’s it’s just it’s a small community by like mass media standards but like the
discord that I started up around my twitch stream is now five six hundred
people strong and like there are people in there that I’ve known they’re people
that I’ve known from tested live shows right there’s a multiple people that I
might have tested live shows back in the day there’s people that we met at PAX
the first time we went to pax in 2012 and it’s just a it’s it’s it’s a very
it’s a community that requires no moderation which is which is it’s such a
pleasure to participate in you know versus versus you know forums and
message boards and all that stuff that’s always like a little bit of
participation and a lot of work for people on the on the ownership side so I
may have been I like to say yeah I was here over the weekend for a couple of
hours each day just taking care of some projects for home my wife for her work
needed a stand at a specific height for her for her work computer so I came in
and built one of course as what does as one does yesterday I was making a stand
for our iMac so it can move around the house where we want to have
conversations and there was a knock on the door which is uncommon yeah and I
answered it and it was two of San Francisco’s finest two officers and they
said they basically knew that I was there and they wanted to come and say
hello Wow yeah it was delightful that the shop was
I think most of the local police you know which is not far the police station
it’s not far from here know that this is where I have my shop and they came in
and we chatted 1.5 meters I hope actually yeah I’m giving most people now
15 feet I’m giving most people 5 meters yeah and I’m noticing as I’m walking
around the mission these days is that everyone is moving to opposite sides of
the sidewalk or even just standing between parked cars as people walk by
we’re at least here in the mission it feels like it’s being taken more
seriously by the hour mm-hmm can we talk about this for a second
because I think we need to last week okay yeah I think it’s really important
to make this announcement and I read this the other day and I really dug this
if everyone on earth entered their house and didn’t leave it for 14 days we could
potentially kill the coronavirus like that yeah now in terms of our body of
knowledge about the incubation period of the virus etc of course that number
could change but that is a broad-based understanding of the fact that it’s
people not staying in their houses that will keep this thing going and going and
going and going and so I spent last week feeling very much like what could I do
what I want to I have resources I want to help and I have been plugging people
with other people I’ve been getting requests for help and I’ve been putting
those people together with other people and that’s felt productive but seriously
the single most productive thing every one of us can do is stay indoors yeah
you know that’s that’s it that’s that’s your civic duty right now well so you
don’t just say indoors you have to stay away from other people you can go on
walks you go on hikes you can go to the park just don’t go play basketball or
don’t you know don’t get don’t hug your neighbors don’t you know stay stay ten
feet away from people and you’re fine and and it’s funny somebody the other
day was like somebody asked me if it’s better for them to just go to the
grocery they don’t want a horde so they’re not going to the grocery store
and stocking up for like two weeks I was like looks it’s not hoarding to stock up
for two weeks it’s hoarding to buy 30 packs of toilet paper right yeah it’s
buying enough food so that you don’t have to leave the house for two weeks is
what you should be doing now if you can and then and the fewer times you leave
the house the less likely you are to get sick and and like the language that we
use a cache or talked about this on this is only a test last week some
but the the language that we use above a mild case is is a wild misnomer like
this is a thing you don’t want to get so whether you’re 20 or 15 or 65 or 90 like
avoiding getting infected is the best thing you can do for yourself and for
your family and for your friends and for everyone and the and like go ahead no
saying and talking to medical professionals sorry voice conferencing
um talking to medical people excise of friends who are nurses and doctors and
we’re talking to them and they’re you know they’re worried about what’s what’s
about to happen because it’s gonna be not great they’re worried about their
family and potentially bringing this home and infecting their family at the
time that you definitely don’t want to get people you love sick and they’re
doing things like moving into the mother-in-law suite in the basement of
their in the downstairs you know movie moving their parents out of their
mother-in-law suite so that they can that they can take over that and and
just planning on not seeing their kids for the next month or two months or
whatever and these people are making big sacrifices so let’s not let’s not fuck
up their sacrifices by being selfish assholes just before you can start
knowing I just want to say that that speaks to the specific consciousness
which is it’s not about keeping yourself from getting infected it’s assuming that
you are a carrier and not infecting anybody else and I think we do have to
draw a line between the selfish assholes and the people for which who may take
you seriously but understand that it is gonna have a direct impact on their
lives because they’re not as lucky as us to be able to work from home right and
that’s where that resistance is I think really being felt and empathy for those
people or finding a way to help those people is it’s something I’ve been
trying to think about because if you’re and we’ve seen all the videos on the
news of the people who are going into spring break and people hanging out at
Flora’s Park and and and not taking it seriously yeah those people are selfish
and I don’t think hopefully they’re not listening to this podcast but I think a
lot of that fear from our listeners are people who who are feel stuck who feel
it’s not just about the isolation but it’s about how it’s gonna affect their
livelihood yes they don’t know what the economy is gonna be like and they don’t
know what their jobs gonna be like even if they’re in a place right now where
their work can support them no one knows what’s gonna happen in
three months or in six months well and you know welcome to the club the other
the other thing that I so as a one of the silver linings that could come out
of this is there’s been a movement of fun a front afoot before I mean a
movement of foot over the past few years in the disability community to allow far
more robust work from home allowances by employers who have there are some
employers who are great about it but a lot of employers are very reticent to
allow it to to start work from home programs and hopefully this kills the
the idea look there’s there’s a lot of gate there was a lot of gatekeeping
about whether listening to a book was reading it and then the the simple
rhetorical flourish of are you going to tell a blind person that they’re not
reading if they’re only listening to books because their eyes don’t work no
you’re not because you’re not an inhuman asshole and you realize them but that’s
how they would be able to take in the book this is the same thing i you know
you are able to be productive working remotely under so many circumstances and
hopefully we learned some even brand-new ones to allow high productivity and high
employee interaction and all of that without having to be in each other’s
physical presence because that’s going away for a while yeah yeah yeah i would
say the other thing i want to say your talked about this and this is only a
test to but like I depend on what your specific flavor of
anxiety about this is mine mine is definitely fed by reading news and
getting more and more nervous about what’s what’s gonna happen next I didn’t
look at news from Friday until Sunday and it was really nice
alright like my mental space is much better I’m I was sleeping better I was
exercising feeling doing all the things yeah you’ll totally appreciate this the
other night missus don’t try this and I were like
lying in bed bout to go you know doing our final sort of like
from the web and she reads up on one of the senators who cashed in a whole bunch
of Stowe yeah mr. banks before the market showed volatility and she cut
Superman about it of course it’s enraging it she was like so I
immediately closed her laptop open mine put on West Wing it’s the sun’s go down
big guy Suns going down yeah it’s getting real low how far you
now that’s funny we’re still we are still moving through season for the
inauguration has just happened and now that’s the real action inauguration
right yeah and now will Bailey is furiously
working with a bunch of interns turning them into a speech writing team oh I
love his Karen’s he’s so good he’s so good I just love that guy I’ve gotten to
meet him a couple of times he’s every bit as awesome in person as you would
hope and I just the west wing makes me it’s a very very calm and loving place
to go I got five episodes left in the series oh wow oh really yeah season four
or five six or seven I only watched seasons one two and three it’s very bin
jabal I mean there’s 22 episodes the season
you could you three a night it is yes yeah I there are great moments in in
season seven and and six five is I think it takes a while to three stabilize
alright I am actually spending some time working through West Wing the second
season is something I had never watched and so it’s world ii West were starving
West this West that Michael Sheen’s a robot I don’t know anything are you enjoying it are you doing it
yeah I bounced out out for the first season
look I finished the first season and loved so much of the conceptual stuff I
love so many of the characters I felt like it a drag
in a couple of places two or three episodes felt sort of peripheral season
– I’m loving the spit out of it I love the extra mysteries and I’m glad to not
be paying so much attention to end Harris’s characters awful fantasy
fulfillments every episode it’s no not to have to live inside his head in the
season so far everyone’s words a badass in that show yeah they gave her a lot to
work with in season two I think what’s really interesting from a show making
the show writing perspective is that’s a show that’s very aware and I’m sure you
could say the same about Watchmen the show runners and the craters Sean Nolan
Lisa joy are very aware of the hardcore fan community in a way that maybe will
say the Game of Thrones critters were less cognizant of or less engaging with
so they write this fantastic season one obviously without having that kind of
public feedback saw how obsessed fans were and then lean into that all that
mystery in the season – knowing that people try to try to pick it apart from
every shot and every piece of dialogue I still think they managed to walk away
with a lot of twists it’s a season that is maybe some would say over convoluted
and I’ll be interested when you get to the end what you think yeah but when you
get to the last like it 3 or 2 episodes all the twists start coming together and
it makes you want to re-watch the season to see what they’re going for in the
performances stand out extra well because of that and then the season 3
which is airing now is almost even bounce back from that and it’s it’s a
little bit of a reboot so probably a show where we’re all right it’s shaped
by the public reaction to it and the fans do I think that the ensemble cast
is incredible Tandy Newton is insanely great Evan Rachel Wood I have been a
undying fan since since she was a young person playing a teenager on once and
again Moe was lovingly called 40-something by those who watched it
and her work in that show at the age of like 12 13 14 is totally mind-blowing
and if you want there we actually we actually had DVDs of a couple of seasons
of what’s and again and so you can actually listen to the showrunner walk
you through a scene in which 13 year old Evan Rachel Wood has to have a like
she’s at a diner talking to someone and they’re revealing something they don’t
know that she doesn’t know it and so she’s both realizing it and hiding that
she’s learning something new all of this complexity on this young actresses face
and all of it just like totally amazing she’s been a an incredible star since
she first showed up so it’s it’s it’s so delightful to watch her have such a
meaty role before we continue on with the show I won’t let you know that
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surface comm slash laptop 3 now back to the show we watched on word the other
night Oh Pixar the Pixar movie yeah they released
it on you know purchase or I think it’s Disney Plus next week or the week after
and it was it was really a sweet like it was not at all what I was expecting it
was a vid you see a norm not yet now oh yeah it was it was a super it’s a super
sweet really lovely story about you know being a parent being a brother and being
a kid and it had a lot of the fields I was sad I’m glad they released it I’m
sad that it made no money in the movie theaters because of you know the the
lockdown I’m definitely worth watching and I
think it’s on Disney Plus in a couple weeks it is yeah yeah I want to ask you
Adam you showed us before start recording something you were machining
and I know for your live streams you’re doing the ecto-1 right so for people who
don’t know I was doing I’m out of parts and if Eagle Moss we’ve been talking to
Eagle Moss the makers of that serialized ecto-1 kit and they may have some more
parts to send me we’re finding that out so yeah up till now I’ve been streaming
that but I’m streaming small projects here in the shop right and the the
ecto-1 is a perfect project because it’s a benchtop project you out you have it
you know you’re basically in one place in the cave working on it you’re working
on painting assembly you can show the camera have you thought about what it
would mean to do something like a machining project and it’s you’ve done
some machining right you should have some some machining did earlier today
here is the how do you put lights in it what is the add lights it does have a
full lighting system these fog lights did not have bulbs in them they were
they weren’t bulbs they were little nubbins that look like bulbs so I
actually swapped them out for some pre resistor LEDs orange LEDs I had because
they’re the fog lights I even did some weathering on the ecto-1 side that’s it
for people listening to the audio Adam is showing the front grille yeah yekta
one kit this is a 1/10 scale ecto-1 1/8 scale ambulance ambulance hearse
from ghostbusters known as the 1959 Miller meteor Cadillac it’s a it’s a
classic and I’m actually also I’m weathering it as I go so here’s the
here’s part of the engine transmission and I yeah so I’ve been making it look
like a nice old piece this holds line yeah what’s really striking about that
grill is I think when they arrived in the kit it was super shiny pure chrome
and it actually looks more like chrome now
when you have the grease on it this is something that’s really fascinating
because like when you’re making props at home one of the just the biggest
bugbears of the prop and cosplay community is how do you make shiny
metallic stuff and one of the fascinating things when you go to Wed up
for instance is how much of their shiny metallic treatments are paint treatments
and how you don’t need to see your face necessarily in a metallic reflection for
it to sell to you that it is made of metal and in fact I posted a picture of
this on Twitter this weekend when I first had my Rocketeer backpack chrome
plated it came I was super excited to open the box and see it and as soon as I
saw it it looks terrible because it was way too monochromatic Allah shiny it was
basically a mirror so all the reflections from everything in the room
hit the hack and you couldn’t even really see it until I took it down with
some steel wool and some scotch brite and then a black wash and that black
paint which is actually there’s black oil paint all over this bumper and that
helps create some more shadows in the corners it creates some it is stuff you
really can’t even single out with your eye but if I held up a fresh bumper next
to this you’d immediately see that this one looks more scale and more chrome
even though it’s slightly less shiny so what you use oil paints for that item
I’m using a host of different ones but yes for them for the on the black on the
chrome it is an oil I’m using oil because it’s it lasts so long it stays a
extent so long and actually predating turpentine I can kind of reactivate it
and take it back off if I felt like I put too much on interesting I have a day
well this oh go ahead yeah today I’ve been machining part of a let’s see here
ah this thing here this is this is a cast iron kit called a die filer and it
is basically an elaborate machine that takes a file like this
and this one has a sort of very specific profile vamos yeah and this is the rod
the file sits in this is the clamping system and the file just goes up and
down like this kind of slowly and I learned about this machine on
clickspring Chris uses it a lot for some of this very fine final filing of cards
on clockmaking and this die filer is like there’s nobody who makes they used
to get made I don’t think there’s a current maker and so a lot of machinists
build their own and I bought a cast iron kit and I’ve been slowly going through
so I’ve got a this is part of the carrier piece for it I have a slot
machine out of this piece of cast iron and this piece of bronze which by the
way this piece of bronze comes from a salvaged propeller shaft from
Mythbusters from a boat we destroyed wow yeah the boat had this like inch and a
half thick bronze propeller shaft and Jamie and I were like if we’re gonna
blow this thing up Jamie go get the port of in and let’s save some of these
chunks of bronze and so I got like a four-foot length and Jamie got a
four-foot length and this piece is machined out of that and it’s tolerance
in here is Wow it’s maybe about a half of a thousandth which means it moves
really smoothly but there is no rattling at all and what that just means is the
more finely you machine something like that the less vibration you introduce to
the system and the more cleanly all the power from your motor gets to the output
which in this case is a file going up and down hey Adam I thought at Christmas
time I bought a couple does Bandai’s snap fit Star Wars spaceship model kits
and I’ve speaking about doing some soon but I really don’t like you I know we’ve
done a ton of videos over the years of tested with how to do the weathering and
stuff but what’s the quick and dirty I don’t want to buy like I don’t have 55
different kinds of paint here to finish that stuff it’s just by an acrylic and
kind of do dirt black washes and stuff like that you think or well first off
the Bandai kids have lovely castings if I remember correctly and they’re really
well made well engineered kits they don’t have a
lot of flashing it requires a ton of sanding am I correct about that that’s
right yeah they’re there you need a pair of good nippers and
you can kind of do a little nail file as my experience but I even built a model
kit since I was a teenager probably so with with any one of these you you don’t
want to try painting the basic plastic you you often want to take what’s going
to be your base color which in Star Wars universe is often a white or a very
light dove gray and hit all the sprue trees with that before you’re even
snapping the parts off or pull the parts off put the bow to tack at the end of
some swizzle sticks and give them a basic coat of primer as your assembly
you don’t want a primer over the areas you’re gonna glue together but making
sure the whole thing has a basic coat of paint is one of the fat and with it to
me and a little to me you can get lacquer painting that it dries really
fast it’s really hard and after you’ve assembled you can go in and do some
touch-ups and then yeah a black wash over that that’s most of a Star Wars
paint job right there and there’s all sorts of other stuff you can do you can
add a couple of other washes and you can do my favourite thing and we got to do a
piece of this untested is my favorite last pass of a spaceship as after you’ve
done the panels and then you’ve drawn in some extra panels and you’ve done some
different Gray’s to call out panels one of the last things that ILM painters
used to do for big spaceships is they would have cutouts of different panel
shapes and they would spray on top of the final paint job semi-gloss gloss
semi-gloss and gloss panels but some of them even specular with with luminescent
paint in them and these are panels that you mostly wouldn’t see unless the ship
is turning to the light and then you get this extra reflective kick that adds way
more detail than you think with just this last painting pad we got to do this
on the as a one-day build because it’s really neat I have a couple more
scratch-build model projects to show and you do that after the model is assembled
mm-hmm it is literally like after the models not only assembled but mostly
painted like you’ve done all the final detailing and all the masking this is
like this specular highlights are the very last
pass cool if you make pencils on cardstock that are small you’re almost
cutting out almost like Tetris shapes Tetris black shapes to scale with
whatever 144th scale or something for that Bandai kid there’s not fit so you
don’t need glue and yeah gray primer is a pretty close gray to the Star Wars
Imperial ships okay good thanks storm yeah and you want to you know you want a
nice fine brush for your rust streaks mm-hmm yours is rusty the one I was
gonna do is the one I was gonna start with at least is I think at I
interceptor it looked like the easiest one so I can kind of get a feel for how
long it’s gonna take and whether these are multi-day affairs or it’s a single
one off so yeah I’ll let you know how it goes maybe we’ll do it next week
sometime that sounds really fun I I have a I
think the kit I might build tomorrow on the streaming or actually I guess that’s
today because later today yeah they right yeah so later today I’ll be
streaming from 1 to 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time and I’ve got here a gizmo
kit this is this is a Ghostbusters prompted that the Ghostbusters wear on
their belt right there and this is I’ll talk about this but it is kind of a
mind-blowing kit it’s an ebay purchase this guy sells
them occasionally and if you can get one I’ll include his username and all that
they’re about there there’s nothing more accurate out there it’s totally
incredible yeah and it’s not it’s actually it’s
actually was the motherboard of a calculator from the 70s you can’t buy
anymore like if you can find it it’s in the hundreds and hundreds of dollars and
of course there are some Ghost Busters who have done that this is actually a
guy who had circuit boards printed in the same incorrect color Wow
oh no it’s like that and then your soldering stuff on in the certain board
but not to make an electronic circuit just to make it look like an electronic
circuit oh that’s so cool yes I can’t wait to see that that sounds fun are you
going to record the building of the Bondi kits are you gonna do any I try to
stream one yeah I think I’m just gonna stream it at my my choice channel not
that Will Smith on Twitch I’ll let y’all I’ll post on Twitter if I do so that
people can pop in I did an Alex I played some half-life Alex this morning and had
a bunch of people pop by for that so and I know a ton of people are buying these
kids be careful also you know we have our own offer each of our own operating
procedures when receiving new packages if you’re if you have wipes wiped down
we’re breaking out all our boxes and wash our hands immediately and we’re you
know and you know thank you out there it’s anyone who works for delivery
service because they’re all working extra hard they are and and they’re all
you know abiding by the the guidelines so all that is very appreciated ignore
you go ahead sorry just to say there’s a I
have a whole new appreciation for what’s essential for society so yeah the thanks
to the delivery people and the people working in grocery stores and drugstores
and the mail mail carriers and the firefighters and the cops and God bless
the teachers man teachers roll holy cow two teachers rely hadn’t I
sweet mother yeah are you guys getting lots of photos of empty San Francisco I
haven’t gotten a whole lot I haven’t left the house really I just walk around
Pacifica I didn’t realize I was taking a series but I was looking for Julie and I
were my wife and I was sharing back and forth some photos recently and I
realized I had all these photos of just empty streets I have a photo of we went
to Hayes Valley to pick up some pasta from the pasta restaurant over there and
Hayes Valley at 8 o’clock on a Saturday night was omega meow and it just was
super far out and you know it’s like I was telling my son who just arrived from
Chicago this morning or last night he was like how serious is this and I said
this is the most serious thing to happen to humanity since World War two and I
think it’s on on on balance in some way it’s gonna be more significant by Italy
for to say right now hopefully shorter shorter look here’s something someone
pointed out to me this is like a war except we’re not expending a ton of
energy figuring out how to hurt other people that’s yeah well so it’s it’s
funny I was playing so I was playing half-life Alex which is set in the
half-life universe which is a post alien invasion epochal post-apocalyptic
scenario and I was playing this morning and the whole time through I was kind of
like usually just to be clear usually post apocalypse stuff is straight in my
wheelhouse is my jam where fiction rolls and I don’t know if
I like it anymore like nothing against the game the game
is great but I don’t know that I’m like it feels completely different after
having been locked up in the house for I mean
we’ve been in for two two weeks now but but yeah things feel a little
differently when on Saturday we were we were doing an inventory of how much food
we have left in the house and like when do we have to leave versus when do we
want to leave and and you know thinking about something in a kind of different
way so that’s so I mean my mom was asking for something to read and by the
way hey my mom came out of quarantine this morning oh nice and 14 I just meant
that we’ve been keeping her in the basement for I mean you can just keep
her down there if you want but we aren’t gonna tell anybody
maybe we’ll have her on the podcast next week she’s always done very well yeah
she arrived from New York basically we’ve figured out the length of time
since last contact and when it’s safe to hang out with each other and it was this
morning so it was very nice to hug her for the first time you know yeah
it’s since she arrived here why are you just sliding food trays down the stairs
every once in a while uh-huh thing to also arrive from Chicago
and he is also now sequestered for a couple weeks
Wow well I don’t think it’ll impact him as much as it would would a you know
septuagenarian so yeah exactly I’m de Janerio thank you my mom oh I’m
sorry I apologize I apologize car you always go low Adam that’s what I’ve been
told he’s done all right I mean nothing’s change for him except he gets
to see dad a lot more and dad has a much more a better appreciation for what it
takes to watch a child for you know be 12 hours he’s awake every day so as
Danica likes to remind me so you know it’s all about if there are any tips
right my we’re figuring out it’s only been like I said one week but it feels
like a month but already we’re finding new routines new operating procedures
schedule going for a walk this at time every day yeah and the keeping a
schedule is so important yeah nobody wants to sleep in till 11:00
more than I do but I just know there’d be a point at which I’m up until 6:00
a.m. every day and sleeping until 2:00 p.m. or something insane yeah yeah it’s
real easy to fall into real bad sleep patterns I mean actually having the kid
the young kids around helps with that cuz my daughter gets a snap at 7:00 7:00
at the latest every day but like getting up and taking a shower I’ve been doing a
lot of beat saber and pistol whip when I have some downtime to like just get some
movement that doesn’t involve going outside actually my legs
I mean I’m gonna tell you my legs are getting to be ripped at the end of this
man but yeah the the like just figuring out ways to keep them entertained I mean
yeah it’s it’s challenging and having a different understanding of what a
weekend means right like you know yes there was the workweek and there’s the
weekend but if everyone has the same weekend is using that time to go take a
hike then then we’re thinking maybe it makes more sense to use our weekend time
on like a Wednesday and Thursday and realign or space it out differently and
and these are like having the new normals that we’re figuring out and even
if the whole you know all this crises in lockdown might be over and let’s say
three or four months you know there’s a chance that we might have to go back in
a two-week you know quarantine self quarantine every six months or so just
throw numbers out there but in terms of like a reoccurring back home yeah
exactly when you start to when you start to look at the growth models of carbon
19 in municipalities that took it seriously super early it’s crystal clear
the data shows that literally every hour you can set a lockdown earlier affects
dozens if not hundreds if not thousands of lives it’s totally amazing how how
fast that operates and that’s one of the reasons that South Korea was so quick at
dealing with their situation because they they’ve had previous experience and
utilized that to their own advantage I mean they were hit hard by so
and didn’t forget the lesson and and we’re prepared and and stayed prepared
which which has a lot that one of the things that’s helped us a lot from a
week in your future having variety on the days so like we do
a movie night one night I mean we do movie night way more than one night but
like we do a movie night where we sit down with the kiddo and we watch a movie
and you know do popcorn and the whole thing I think we’re gonna make the
living room into a movie theater and like rearrange the furniture and stuff
just doing things to make to make it different for her um cuz I mean part of
part of our challenge is that she’s old enough to kind of know what’s going on
but not really be able to like we can’t we can’t talk about the whole thing with
her cuz it’ll tear fire and she won’t sleep for a week but um like that that
part is really challenging I know that there’s millions of people with kids
that are you know anywhere from five to fifteen four five five to twelve I don’t
know what the future holds I don’t know what a eight ten can handle but I know I
know that it’s you didn’t have kids during 9/11 but I did know the boys were
they were only two and a half three years old but but there was definitely a
point at which it was recommended turn off your damn television yeah because
while your kids might not understand what’s going on they can understand the
stress and the tension they’re seeing in the news readers and I I think one of my
colleagues at ILM told me that his daughter called the television the
hurting show is about a week and a half after 9/11 and yeah you know it’s like I
can see that Maggie understands when Julie and I are stressed now she can
really see it I mean it’s because there’s some I’ve been I’ve been
watching a bunch of Jerry Seinfeld lately because comedians and cars has
been so much fun and he was doing a public appearance and an audience member
said to him hey do you have any marriage advice and Jerry goes yeah
I got some marriage advice for you he goes it’s a really good idea to make
sure you don’t go crazy at the same time it’s like who’s gonna go crazy just as
long as one of you is saying while the other one’s crazy it’ll be pretty easy
to deal with just don’t do it simultaneously and I’m like that’s
fantastic marriage advice it’s convenient if it works out that way
right that’s what’s happening I think we woke up this morning and mrs. don’t try
this a suggestion we did some eckhart yoga they’re doing some yoga and some
simple movement and meditation at 9 a.m. every morning and that just half an hour
30 minutes of that some movement and some meditation was really really
much-needed kickstart for the morning and I really like it yeah there’s
there’s a ton of really cool things that people are doing and creating I like
your stream is one of them Mo Willems the children’s book author is doing like
a daily doodle on the on the I think it’s on the the Kennedy Center like it’s
part of the Kennedy Center at Kennedy Center thing Neil Gaiman has been
reading with hey Maggie oh there she is yeah and then as is the the tradition
with zoom we end each call with a they show off your pets scene I guess but
yeah it’s like there’s there’s a ton of cool stuff there’s a bunch of like
museum tours there’s museum curators that are doing
behind the scenes is there’s all sorts of neat stuff that you don’t normally
get to see that people are putting out there and it’s really really surreal
watching somebody walk through like the American Museum of Natural History and
there being nobody there it’s so yeah so anyway Maggie can tell we’re recording
this at just before 5:00 on Monday afternoon she can tell but it’s just
before 5:00 but she’s letting me know that it’s time for dinner
you bring the food awesome well it’s good to see your faces
and to we’ll be continuing to you this will build out their a stay tune for
Adams livestream looking on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. and we’ll do announcements on
social media for the next live streams if if you’re on the if you’re subscribed
to the YouTube channel you get a notification you do right yes yeah so
subscribe yeah like and subscribe guys that’s what
we asked for suggestions there’s a game that I’ve been playing with some friends
called sets and runs it’s often called Russian and rummy
it is a rummy time game where each hand has slightly different goal parameters
for what you’re supposed to do with your hand it’s really fun and it takes a
couple of hours to get through a full seven hands of it
um but obviously not a game you can play easily in quarantine and I’m wondering
about online card playing games in which I could load in X number of decks and X
number of people where we could sort of you know where the structure exists I
could use my own game rather than play somebody else’s game structure so
tabletop simulator works like that on the PC I don’t know if it’s available
for Mac but it’s a piece of software on Steam that lets you basically every
board game I’ve ever looked for that sold more than a few thousand copies is
probably loaded in as a structure there alright and some of some of them require
you to kind of manage the rules it’s just like it just his art and and assets
and you can you know handle it with a mouse keyboard or gamepad or to keep it
VR now I can’t remember we’ve been playing battleship and chess
with friends on a you know over video battleship works shockingly well like
chess even my daughter is playing with some of her friends so that’s that’s
been good and his like structured communication with other human beings I’m trying to think what else I don’t
know I asked people on Twitter the other day or maybe here last week to suggest
some games that you can play from across like kids can play across the street
from each other when there were a few things that came up there but nothing
nothing really great so I’m I’m still opening to more suggestions on that
front all right well thank you guys yes you guys stay safe and they say yeah
don’t touch don’t touch anyone let’s be careful out there everybody all right
we’ll see everyone everybody bye guys fight

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