Avoid Premature Bitcoin evacuation in 2020! Holders keep holding, Vortex, Mish, Golden age, Q&A!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
January the 1st 2020 we made it baby strong hand long term thinking and I
know a lot of you been thinking long term about 2020
well since 2016 which is pretty long term isn’t it five digit realm in motion
value your wealth and bitcoin one big pointing this one bitcoin offended by
selling we’re gonna talk about that today and we’re gonna talk about
uncompensated will compete don’t complain
we’ll talk about that and some conviction hello my elite friends
welcome to the 2020s your pista tea I am pumped you should be pumped also hey
we’ll have time for questions and answers
type in bitcoinmeister in there and or do a super chat and I will see it and I
will answer your question on this first day of 2020 the first day of the 2020s
what a time to be alive in this futuristic realm that we have entered so
I want to talk about a legend from the teens in the Bitcoin space and that is
vortex and he made an announcement today which was a sad announcement but I
wanted to share it with everyone so you all all know and he first of all he’ll
still be around Twitter for all you Twitter heads that’s just another reason
to be on Twitter people all my elite friends out there be on Twitter follow
me on Twitter Tech ball tch BLT and vortex at the won vortex and it’s linked
to below what he says announcement I’ll be stepping back from podcasting in 2020
I don’t want to make a big deal out of this but I have some things going on in
my personal life that require more of my attention I am just glad to have been a
part of the public conversation so you could still see his old stuff on his
channel we’re was a crypto caste and on the world
crypto networking there are archives hey I wish him well I know he’ll be back I
know he’ll come the having will solve all baby
so vortex maybe we won’t see you in 2020 I he won’t be making any appearances on
my show either he’s got I’m trying to do some behind-the-scenes stuff but he’s
taking care of his business but baby I’ll see you in 2021
and for all my people out there I just wanted as a reminder I’m not going
anywhere you know a news show here every day now I got the conviction baby no
Eric people everyone just got to do something different in their life
everybody’s got to do their thing so we know vortex will be back though all
right what do we have here just you gotta be patient long-term
thinker he’s a young man he’ll be back and if you miss him a lot
check out the archives below check out some of those he’s build this might this
weekend big boy show many a time many many times we’ve had some fun times he
was a legendary one March 17th 2017 also so the best show ever on this channel
baby okay another legend and whoo you guys haven’t
seen enough of he’s interviewed me from his undisclosed location near Camp David
Craig ship has a good a he’s not going anywhere he’s got a good tweet out there
this year in the USA we will have the 2020 Bitcoin having and a presidential
election which really matters great question is this the year for no
corners to get off of zero vote with your money found that like button people
vote with your money you can’t change the outcome of the election don’t get
obsessed over something that you don’t have control over you have full control
over your economic destiny they don’t exist
they don’t control you don’t scapegoat and blame they because there’s no such
thing as day but it’s you you change your own economic destiny so yeah we’re
having this having you can worry about a presidential election or you can buy
Bitcoin and benefit from this new economic paradigm this new financial
instrument and it’s still new it’s only what 11 years old
on on Friday and yes we’re doing this week in Bitcoin on Friday we will be
tight it is the day of proof of keys so we will be talking about that and
cilinder will be on the show Blake Anderson will be on the show he will be
making an incredible comeback and Steve Barber from a Canada will be on the show
the dude in cold the cold border between Alberta and Saskatchewan mining mining
Bitcoin off of natural gas waste okay I’ll pre-op it between Alberta and
Saskatchewan around the border but I think he’s based in Alberta though
moving on I love you Albert I know you guys are watching tonight pound that
like button oh it’s cold there same time in Alberta as it is here in Tucson
different temperature all right so yeah having hype soon don’t worry we’ll talk
about having hiked will start after a proof of keys at least on my end I’ll
start using that hashtag again 1 2 3 noscope said bitcoinmeister do you think
it’s gonna be possible all for you to accumulate more bitcoin during the 2020s
than you did during the last decade or is it out of reach at this point like
yeah it’s out of reach for me at this point for me personally I I acquired an
incredible I have a good amount of Bitcoin so I will not be acquiring that
same amount no it’s just that I don’t I don’t anticipate well you know Never Say
Never Never Say Never maybe there’ll be some incredible crypto
dividends they come out I really don’t anticipate that but you know I didn’t
anticipate the creation of crypto dividends none of us did so I said that
on yesterday’s show it’s so hard to predict financial innovation so maybe
there’ll be something that’ll come out that will reward holders that will allow
me to get as many Bitcoin as I did this as this decade if that happens they’re
gonna be a whole lot of rich holders out there like really wealthy dudes so we
shall see and so no and there gonna be some people that are saying well yeah
maybe Adam you’ll be able to get a lot because it’ll be $2 a Bitcoin know that
it’s not happening either so I don’t foresee it getting so cheap I could I
could buy that many Bitcoin either that I could equal the amount I got this this
past decade are in the in the teens so they’re they very good question there
one two three no scope all right so so moving on moving on yeah it’s the first
of the year and I am going wild here I am so happy at last we have talked about
this year for so long now we’re not the having that but we’re at the year of the
having at long last so I I just want to say that the people
around watching this you should be very proud that you made it you made it dudes
you didn’t have weak hands you made it here and you should be proud and you
just you’re here for the get ready for a great ride here I mean it’s already been
a wild ride but be real happy now something I want to add on from
yesterday’s show we are still in this space anyone can get into this space and
outside the space don’t get discouraged by the naysayers okay there are still
going to be plenty of people with that mentality who blame they always looking
for scapegoats they they they caused my problems and
with age I have seen you know aging from 2016 to 2020 I have learned in this
short period of time and over a longer period of time is fear is what keeps
some people out but keeps people out of motion that’s some people when you fear
you’re out of motion okay you’re not in motion so if you are out there blaming
VAE and falling for the people who blame Bay because there are so many people
let’s blame the bankers let’s limit this let’s play with this there what the
cause of our problems well if you’re if you spend all your day blaming you
you’re not buying you’re not now you’re not doing anything you’re not being
productive at all so we’re still gonna have those people we’re still gonna have
the dimmers here I just want to say it’s a big industry doom is a big industry
but I just want to say one huge thing there will be no civil war he’ll be no
civil war when I say there’ll be no sir war I mean then we knew someone war in
the United States of America that’s a be on Bitcoin side just at me because that
scares people people like Oh better better go live in my basement because of
the the United States is gonna be ripped
apart we’re gonna be fighting each other we’re gonna be at war now that’s not
gonna happen on people the they’re into watching TV what’s what’s the the pay TV
thing yeah what’s that door I don’t even know what it is now yeah well you can do
Amazon Prime all these I what’s the one with the V you start Netflix yeah
they’re too busy with the Netflix in the Walmart door they’re not the 80
percenters don’t have civil wars they just they go with popular culture and as
I said before we I’ve said this earlier but I’ve said this in other shows you
don’t build a movement on negativity on selecting enemies okay
that’s not what this is about it’s about improving yourself so you can select
enemies and be part of those type of movements blamers do Murs scapegoat errs
or you can improve yourself this Bitcoin quite a way to financially improve
yourself in this golden age decade so everyone again you made it to 2020 be
proud many weak hands dropped out you have the privilege to be around during
this incredible time get pump dudes get pumped like you’re freaking Adam Meister
alright like eyes or if we can pop it on your head and pound that like button
alright Roman Q says any new guest that you are planning to have on the show yes
I am on on the 10th that we probably have two new ones
so on the third we’re gonna have some classics come back but on the 10 a 10th
we’re gonna have so much some new ones come hopefully I don’t want to I don’t
want to jinx it yet but someone who’s pretty well-known over Twitter who’s got
a podcast and then a European guy who maybe a lot of you don’t know but yes
there will be new guests it’s a start second show second this week in Bitcoin
show of the year and yeah best freaking guest in the space pound that like
button so tune in on the 3rd for great dudes like Ansel and and Steve and and
Blake and tune in on the 10th for some new guys hopefully if all goes well
we’ll have more on that soon Happy New Year bitcoinmeister in motion
for the big point having year 2020 thank you
Bitcoin to the moon it was great to meet you in person in 2019 dude and I shall
return to Australia if all goes well in late 2020 because I love Australia love
going there every year since 2015 and I love going to LA loved going to the Holy
Land of Israel long live the Land of Israel um yeah a little cycle here I’m
uh I’m repetitive in saw the place but this year besides having new guests I
would have go to new places like Geneva Switzerland on with a April 21st to
April 30th I will be in Geneva that is new and of course I’ll be in El Paso
Texas I’ve never been in the Perth of Texas before Elvis of Texas I’m gonna be
there in two weeks right on February 11th that we would January for Jamie
14th of February 11th ok let’s move on here to an awesome report this coin
metrics report whatever comes out is awesome pure numbers lots of grass if
you like graphs ok but it always shows that Bitcoin is just on another level
compared to the top tier all points is it it compares and contrasts with the
top tier all coins and some lesser all coins and here is a great quote from the
report this week in bitcoins case where it’s market cap grew by 97% while it’s
realized cap only grew by 28% price increased more than the average cost
basis now again I love the realized cap measurement you can find out more about
that at the report actually which signifies that most investors held
then real bits so when we had the price I mean the first of the price interns
you feeI freaks this past year it doubled but still and even more I at one
point to do it quadrupled at one point and the the strong hands did not sell
Adam Meister did not sell I’m gonna say Blake Anderson Anderson didn’t so I
can’t think of what’s-his-face proof of keys didn’t sell whatever his darkness
why can’t think of his name right anyway the rich keep getting richer because he
definitely is rich and that’s what happens when you don’t sell it you just
keep getting richer you keep on getting the script of dividends you don’t panic
Saul you don’t know you know you don’t have to worry about dealing with the IRS
and all this stuff if you just bought you don’t sell it’s not a no transaction
at all there no taxable event but why can i I’m going crazy here but yeah that
that’s a good statistic there strong hand baby but the rich keep getting
richer the strong handers keep getting richer and still we’re gonna have the do
Mraz the blamers oh you guys got lucky it’s all your fault we we need the
government to take away from you oh no it’s uncomfortable baby they’re not
taking this away alright pound it so here’s a here’s a
guy who’s been a naysayer for a while and I got him first of all how I didn’t
remember trace his name is is beyond my is beyond my comprehension I don’t know
it must have been New Year’s Eve I must have party – I didn’t party at all I
can’t remember four can trace a trace mayor’s name trace mayor handsome he was
is Bitcoin not only that he’s getting people to pull out of those exchanges
proof of T’s January 3rd we’ll talk about it so here here’s a guy used to be
a naysayer mich I don’t even go to Misha’s blog anymore
but uh about something he put out there he is
to talk about how he was a hater of Bitcoin and he’s changed a little a
little here so there’s there’s hope there’s hope for the haters and then we
can’t discriminate against the haters if he wants to get in the Bitcoin I hope he
does he’s a smart guy but he’s not he’s definitely not always right
he says bitcoin is definitely not a frolic
well thanks miss something I once mistakenly believed well that’s good he
can admit his mistakes some people can admit their mistakes it is in fact a
free-market construct very good too but if central bares a but there’s a but
and I don’t like big butts well but if central bench or governments or ever
threatened by it they will destroy it and incorrect incorrect they can’t
destroy it you’ll learn more mish you’re moving along very good Jerry all right
so let’s talk about some how to avoid premature Bitcoin evacuation in 2020 but
that’s very important you know we’re talking about the rich getting richer
they didn’t sell their Bitcoin but you you got to know how to avoid this no
matter del has as a quote out there he says what do you say the biggest regret
of my life would be selling prematurely and that’s what inspired by new saying
that her avoid premature of Bitcoin evacuation matter Dells biggest regret
of his life would be selling pretty maturely you should get that into your
head people that is there are many people who regret song in in 2012 2016
they thought this was the top it couldn’t get any higher premature
evacuation it’s something that happens the guys it happens but it doesn’t have
to happen to you at all okay if you’ve got a strong hand now if you’re about to
prematurely evacuate your big point you think of me you think of me think of me
when you’re about to prematurely evacuate that Bitcoin and you will have
a strong hand now some guys when they’re about to prematurely evacuate they think
about their grandmothers they think about something disgusting your winner
now remember the traceur is the best protection against prematurely
evacuating your Bitcoin and it’s the best bang for your buck out there that
trace or anyway so don’t be a regret er that definitely would be the biggest
regret of my life awesome but man you know I got it for construct strongest
hand on this side of the Mississippi alright so I’m not I’m not prematurely
evacuating but that would be a horrible regret and I’ve got one of those one of
my sayings is no regrets no regrets so you know I’m not sawing that big one
because I don’t have regrets and I don’t have any regrets in my in my Bitcoin
build-up to where I am either so yeah avoid premature a big point evacuation
in 2020 and beyond okay in it you know it happens to a lot of guys but dude you
got to have that strong hair refer to this video if you ever feel like that’s
about to happen to you and and just go have it on that Trez or have it on best
protection now their best bang for your buck I mean yeah the other a hardware
wallet of some sort is the best bang for your buck they don’t give those things
out for free actually some people do give them out for free for cheap but
they might not be that good you know what I’m thinking about is uh
what’s-his-name’s the guy at a Colorado I came to think of it because I don’t
recommend people using it shape-shift whatever one day I make that one they
were giving away for five bucks or something
all right pound that like but now there is a this dude your crypto dad has this
saying he had it on Twitter he had it on a Twitter thread they were talking about
someone who was giving away just nonsense
there all these Twitter heads and I mean all these people socially means they
give away money or all coins like follow me retweet this you’ll get this okay
that’s the way they do it but this person had a funny name and I link to
his tweet he said she’s one of the biggest engagement LARP on CT she’s one
of the biggest engagement larvae on Krypton Twitter I really like that term
engagement LARP I think that really sums up what those people are there are
definitely not bitcoiners I mean it’s fine if you’re gonna be that LARP
doesn’t really like I don’t think he’s using the term LARP correctly either
you’re there but when you when you pair it with engagement engagement LARP it
definitely means something didn’t you know what it means you know what it
engagement LARP is and definitely the person he’s describing engagement work
definitely an engagement work there all sorts of thing up corner engagement
larks that’s a business Joe but dudes if you’re if you’re listening to a word of
advice from engagement larger building or diversifying for the sake of
diversification because some a hot engagement larva told you – oh dude you
really oughta learn where the engagement LARP is there got to learn a difference
from between a Bitcoin ER and an engagement LARP that’s something for
2020 there for those of you who are just not properly valuing you’re roughing
Bitcoin and getting fooled getting fooled by pretty faces out there alright
now here’s a tweet from Balaji China maybe first but oh and this is 20 this
is totally 20 20 s dude China may be first but over the 2020s many major
states will launch national digital currencies they will these will then
have exchange rates with decentralized digital currencies well let’s let’s
break down that statement by I definitely agree that all sorts of
countries are going to try to have their Fed coins and that that you will be able
to exchange these Fed coins for Bitcoin that is what the exchange rate will be
you’re not going to be able to like right away where the first one’s come
out it’s not that you’re not gonna be able to exchange China spent 10 coin for
iota okay they’re not they’re not gonna do that it’s gonna be Bitcoin I mean
that’s that’s the world’s reserve crypto currency right now that’s what you can
exchange any crypto for right now any all coin for right now so I expect the
same thing to be and some people are willing to trade some for aetherium –
okay secondarily a little bit of a theme bitcoin is the overwhelming one that you
you would change everything for case the world reserve cryptocurrency let these
do like Facebook create their own left china create their own let whoever New
Zealand I don’t care Ethiopia great day so 2020s it’s gonna happen a lot it’s a
big decade too but it will be Bitcoin I’m not it will be big quit at least at
first that people are going to figure out ways to change it into so God
willing if you get some of these China digital currency or whatever
turning the big one as quick as possible all right yeah proof of keys oh yeah and
this week a Bitcoin will be at 6 p.m. Baltimore time 11 p.m. London time
that’s 3 p.m. in Los Angeles California on Friday and we will talk definitely
talk about whatever it is going on proof of keys
hopefully in exchange will be brought down remember take that stuff off a hit
hit BTC withdrawal from hit BTC use that pullout method on hit BTC baby Oh better
safe than sorry to pull out nothing so I know we’ll talk about that tomorrow oh
here we go this is from Tel Aviv I talked about Israel beforehand and
tomorrow if you’re in Tel Aviv Thursday January 2nd we’re celebrating bitcoins
11th birthday at and our new floor join us on Thursday at 21 o’clock and that’s
9 o’clock Tel Aviv time obviously 9:00 p.m. tel aviv time and i’m really glad
to hear that they’re opening their new floor when i was there the last time i
was last i left in September and I got a special a VIP tour of they’re expanding
all I guess they’ve expanded the whole embassy until this it looked like a
bunker almost underneath maybe it was a bunker a fallout shelter underneath the
building there it was a basement very structurally sound thick walls and such
kind of dingy down there at the time because no one ever went down there but
they were turning it there it’s like doubling the space the Bitcoin embassy I
hope they did it and I hope they did a great job I’m sure they did and so if
you’re there everyone in Tel Aviv I will be there I
will be there on April 30th at least until June 1st I will be there for your
beautiful 2020 having party and we all remember last year their 10th
anniversary party which is of course was also any Thursday Thursday is a huge
party night in Tel Aviv huge because Friday the weekend starts and most
people don’t work on Friday if you if you have an office job you don’t work on
Friday and so they’re gonna be party Thursday
nights there and that’s just a tip for anyone who goes to Tel Aviv big it all
the drunks are out on Thursday nights especially during the warmer months when
all the tourists are there oh my god fun times fun times I could wave a bike
they start drinking tell you that’s crazy crazy
alright so I’ve been giving you a good songs to listen to and I don’t know if
I’ve given this one in the in the faraway past but it’s rebel rebel by
David Bowie and I think that’s definitely appropriate still here as we
enter the 2020s because you’re still if you’ve got a strong hand if you know
what the having is if you’ve got the bitcoinmeister inside information you’re
definitely a rebel rebel dude you’re not you are personal responsibility is new
counterculture you’re part of that counterculture so you’re a rebel rebel
rebel David Bowie link to below check it out it is a great one of my favorites I
guess one of my favorite about probably my favourite David Bowie song and it
gives me a flashback to being at a party you know in New York City uh so I think
in New York a little bit I want to hear that song but I definitely think about
all of us the rebel rebels All Right see you guys i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe the channel like this
video share this video check out all the links below pound that like i’m bang
that down we bang that bell but we made it we made it is for 2020s we’re on that
road to the having let’s get through this proof of keys thing and let the
have that hype start it is such a great time to be alive on this Golden Age to
be healthy people make the most of your time here baby
and I will say hi to you dudes in the chat right now see ya bye

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