Australian coins and banknotes

ghetto people hate going mr. clean from
OSI lingo 101 and today I just want to show you the coins and banknotes that we
use in Australia now as you can see here this is all the coins we have so we have
d 5 cent which has the Kidner on it okay we have the 10 cent which has the
Lyrebird that makes quite a good mimic sound can
mimic chainsaws people anything cars as well in other birds and this is a the
Akina is a monitor remain and at lice eggs it is actually a mammal and he’s
related to this critter here the platypus which also lays eggs but as you
can see they’re quite different animals and this one is in water
today’s wavy lines a water ripples and this is on the 20c okay you do 50 cent
SC strain coat of arms you know it has a kangaroo and an emu and then the
background is a wattle that’s the national flower I think it’s
black water okay here we have a seven-pointed star each the each point
represents one of the state so Victoria and so Wales Queensland South Australia
Western Australia Tasmania the last point represents all the territories a
CT Northern Territory and North will call in anywhere else and in this end we
have the the actual coat of arms beaches States New South Wales Victoria Queensland Tasmania surface Travis one
finger swishing Stran might be wrong anyway okay the one dollar has kangaroos
a game these could be you know how I became grew eat
Eastern listing breaking grew red kangaroo doesn’t matter any $2 which is
smaller than the $1 as you can see so if you’re on New Zealand don’t get confused
because I’m 9 in New Zealand the $1 is smaller than a
$2 and this one has an indigenous Australian can’t remember what is naming
but I’ve made another video on another channel I’ll put there in down below so
on the reverse of these coins we have the queen elizabeth ii e nom she has 3
different types of refugees this one is issued between 1966 994 it’s
on this issue between 1985 and 1998 in this one from 1999 to current so if you
get any of these coins don’t yell and they all just different years also each
of these coins has a commemorative or various commemoratives he is a
representative of a huge commemorative coins issued 2011 Prince William and
Catherine Middleton wedding ok 1982 Commonwealth Games Tagum 2000 lumen on
the one dollar and the two dollars except for one coin he’s shooting 2012
the rest of these issued each year since 2012 as a color winner and this one it
has multi color yellow green and blue then commemorate Anzac Day in 2017
because of these color you’re not likely to get any of these coins as people say
the card I go wow look at the color mate I gotta take that and then it never goes
back into circulation mmm so also apart from those commemorative coins we also
get wrong coins this is a museum and coin 20 cent these
are the monetizing New Zealand 2006 but I still get these I got this one a few
days ago these coins are not legal tender in you’re not supposed to spend
them in Australia but people generally don’t care some people might keep them
but most people probably just respect them it’s the same size and weight as 20
cent coins so why not something worth 20 cents so yeah you might get some of
those in circulation soon now will you move on to the banknotes and as you can
see here I 5 10 20 50 and $100 actually polymer my dad a plastic and plastic
polymer is an organic compound and it’s made of similar organic molecules I mean
you are humans so with the five dollar bank night you have two different issues
this one was issued in 2016 September missile is issued since
September 2016 and as you can see they are purple in
color they’ve Queen Elizabeth the second they
vary some anti-counterfeiting features this is an upgraded one similar to the
New Zealand and the Canadian banknotes and this is basically bottle a lot of
people say oh that looks like bacteria now that’s what and this is a eucalyptus
plane here so we turn it over we have the a plan of the Parliament House in
Canberra so they stuck with the same plan but just put this more like afridi
image an Australian banknotes this first
number here he’s 13 and that represents a date to person of 13
okay moving on in developing that we have been cheap Edison there he was an
Australian poet and there’s like various features from his poetry and its most
famous when he’s Waltzing Matilda another one is Man from Snowy River and
has a windmill in the water mine okay the Beckett a knight has married Gilmore
and she was an Australian personally help her people
every social worker you call it now yay okay if you hold it up just then yeah
you can see the coat of arms not sure it’s bad seeing it on a show you in
another banknote okay on the twenty dollar bank night esmie roughly mmm
that’s too much information about her on the back is John Flynn and he was a
looks like a medical person also Paulette probably an adventurer as well
let’s see if we did kotov ample in this one no that’s too you can just see it up
there so that’s one kind of hidden feature and another one is some these
numbers here and there should be a 20 so many he’s in UV mm okay $50 has David in
a pond he was an original inventor and also a
writer some of its writing here some of these inventions say it looks like
Ashiya the shear shape and here we have Kate of Cohen who looked after orphans
and yeah this Mara stuff for me with this also
has a coat of arms yeah let’s see that one better day another thing for
Australian banknotes is that you star here you hold it up and as several
points the same as a 50 cent coin here is the Southern Cross and a 100 popping
oh look at that this is my favorite Bank name he says um
Mele Melba and she was an opera singer she to money and food he says when she
passed away Danny has like an interior of a building
has alloy bit here which is a very popular oh you can see a coat of arms
here this seems pretty good hold up to the Lord now you can’t really sleep well
okay vans beautiful and you have John – she was a field marshal as um seems to
me a nice donkey as the Anzac badge as um infantry on horseback
ok well we – when you prefer generally did the infantry and artillery yes so
this thing that represents army and war and that is my conclusion to a strange
currency now in 2017 September they’re gonna introduce new banknotes and $10
equivalent to this one to place and upgrade the security features in 2018 so
issued $50 bank now means upgrade security features didn’t probably did
$20 and in in 2001 in and then – 20 D 100 or so I hope you like strange
currency let me know what you think okay thank you please like and subscribe if
you bye-bye

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