Are You Ready for the NEXT GREAT DEPRESSION!?

Hey yo, what is going on viewers of the tuuuubeee. My name is Tyler and welcome to the channel,
that keeps it raw dog like joe rogan, but all we gotta say Joe, is what the freak…you
know we cut & paste, It’s time for Chico Crypto! Well, just like Joe, we are going to bring
an alternate view of the world today. A view that the mainstream want to keep silent,
and if it does get loud, they will just chalk it up as some crazy conspiracy. What are we talking about!? The coming zombie economic world of zombie
corporations, as governments slash rates into negative territory which they believe will
save them, but in reality, will only pave the way for such a severe economic collapse…it
will make the great depression look like peanuts in comparison. So, you have to know, what the FED did last
week, I made a video explaining an emergency meeting between the g7 and their central bank
governors. The result? The United States Federal Reserve conducted
an emergency rate cut earlier this week, lowering the Fed Funds Rate from 1.50-1.75% down to
1.00-1.25%…a .5 percent slash, with 1.75 percent slashed in the last year. Wait? Aren’t rates supposed to be slashed during
times of economic trouble? Well yes, that is the case, as extending out
the Feds Fund rate since the 70s, rates begin to get slashed when a recession hits, grey
bars are recessions, and as you can see slash right before each one, and since the 80s,
the rates have never recovered reaching highers and lower lows, a definite bearish trend. So why are we slashing them right now, by
the largest chunk since the 2008 recession? Isn’t our economy booming Mr. Presidente??….. It does, look like it on paper…since the
Trumpster took office, the DOWjones has been pamping with no stop or slowdown, literally
almost a 100 percent point gain, in just 4 years. Unnatural???….yeah, big time! Then look what the house Republicans tweeted,
on Friday, Take a look at these headlines from today’s jobs report…Our booming economy
continues to crush expectations! Ya we added 273 thousand jobs in February
alone, smashing expectations! Well why in the freak did the Dow, drop off
a cliff once again, to close the week? I mean, it’s easier to and cheaper to borrow
money, with the rate slashing, and man jobs, jobs and more jobs! Well why do we keep adding jobs? It’s because American’s cannot freaking
make it on a single job anymore, and many have to hold multiple, to survive. As we can see, we have reached record high
numbers for people who have a primary full time job, and secondary part time job…..and
those numbers look even scarier when just looking at the number of multiple job holders,
peaking way above the 2008 levels. It’s a sad thing to see, many of these people
who have the 2 jobs, struggling to make ends meet, with no freaking healthcare…. will
vote for shitheads, like the republican and democratic party, touting that this “growth”
is a good thing, when this growth is from the devaluation of their Number 1: time, Number
2: money, Number 3: health, and Number 4: future. Devaluation of your time? America and many of it’s companies will
work you to death, and they don’t give a freaking 2 craps about it. Out of all industrialized countries in the
world, Americans work nights and weekends, the most…next is the UK, then germany…and
as we can see france and the Netherlands value the night, less than 10 percent of their populations
work then. Which can be seen in this productivity bubble
chart, the United states is one of the few western industrialized countries, that is
in the high hours, high output category. Other western powers, like Netherlands, like
Germany, who value their citizens time? They are in the low hours, high output category. The good one. What about the devaluation of your money? Well I’m sure if you are a crypto or bitcoin
enthusiast, you know about inflation of fiat currencies. And since the 70s, the Nixon shock, and bye
bye goooollld…. The dollar, has been free to float, to be
printed, which ya it’s a bad thing, but could have been handled so much better. Cuz right after Nixon, you get Regan, and
trickle down economics, which give all those dollars, to a certain group of people, the
rich….which according the trickle down effect, the rich were supposed to take those dollars
and create jobs, investments, and more, because they were smarter than the middle class or
poor, and could do more with those dollars, which would benefit the middle class and poor
with JOBS. Kind of taking away from the american dream
don’t you think? The rich already achieved it, so now, let’s
give them the opportunity to do it again, a million times over, while giving normal
citizens less of chance than they had before all of this. This chart graphs the fact beautifully. Between 1947 and 1979 the income of the bottom
fifth of the population rose by 122 percent. But since Trickle down economics, from 1979
to just 2009, the income of the top 1 percent rose by 270 percent, while the bottom fifth
has been decreasing year after year from that peak. I’ll tell you right now, the American dream
is shattered. Like I said the majority of dollars, are going
to one group, the rich, and the majority of the United States populations get the scraps,
that rich decide they can part with through shitty hours and wages. The scraps are not enough to survive for a
growing majority, because the dollars value is getting crushed through inflation. The buying power of 100 dollars since the
beginning of trickle down…down like charlie brown. And this decline is going right in sync with
the slashing of federal fund rates, which is obvious with the 2 charts side by side. And now, today, we get a new Regan, Donald
Trump, who believes in Trumple down economics….just a new Trickle down, where Tax Cuts, are given
to the rich, while the poor and middle class just get the peanuts. It’s a backward arse, situation, that Trumpie
just can’t stop smiling about… But In my opinion, that smile, just may turn
into a scowling frown, as Trumper is getting frustrated with, how things are going, like
the Stock Market not continuing to boom. He tweeted this, last week after the historic
rate slashes in the states…it wasn’t enough for him. “Australia’s Central Bank cut interest
rates and stated it will most likely further ease in order to make up for China’s Coronavirus
situation and slowdown. They reduced to 0.5%, a record low. Other countries are doing the same thing,
if not more so. Our Federal Reserve has us paying higher rates
than many others, when we should be paying less. Tough on our exporters and puts the USA at
a competitive disadvantage. Must be the other way around. Should ease and cut rate big. Jerome Powell led Federal Reserve has called
it wrong from day one. Sad! And you know what this scum of human wants,
0 or negative rates…tweeted this in September “The Federal Reserve should get our interest
rates down to ZERO, or less, and we should then start to refinance our debt. INTEREST COST COULD BE BROUGHT WAY DOWN, while
at the same time substantially lengthening the term” It’s bad, but do you know why he wants rates
to be brought down? There is a lot of payments that needs to be
made, since the coronavirus has infected the world. And things get ugly, let me tell you, regarding
greed, and the devaluation of your health and future, number 4. So in 2017, The World Bank launched a $425
million 2017 catastrophe bond issue supporting its Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility
(PEF). The bonds worked like this, insurance companies,
and rich sons of bitches invested cash into PEF bonds, in the case of a disease or pandemic
breakout, the cash and insurance would be used to support some of the poorest countries
around the world, in their fight against it. Well those 425 million dollars in PEF bonds
outstanding, are expected to mature in July, meaning the investors, will get paid, for
taking the risk & investing in it. This means investors of the bonds will collect
massive profits if the bonds aren’t triggered or will lose everything if the Covid-19 outbreak
continues to escalate. Who in 2018 announced a strategic partnership
together? Joining Forces to Strengthen Global Health
Security? The World Bank & the world health orginization. Why do you think WHO isn’t calling this
a pandemic yet? Why do you think the number of Cases in China,
has come to an abrupt halt, hitting 80k a week and a half ago and then…no more. Look at this chart, February 19th, over 2k
new cases in China, drops off a cliff, and now they are reporting basically nothing,
while outside of the epicenter, cases are going parabolic. Now does that make sense? Well, it’s freaking lies, and the World
Health Organization…the virus is still spreading like Mad in China, and there are rogue citizens
still putting out the real news. So the reason, it’s not called a pandemic yet? Because some investors are about to get paid
big, and they will let the smaller countries suffer to satisfy their greed. So it’s obvious, my feeling on what is coming
for the stock market, global markets and the accumulation of finance 1.0. A world of hurt. So what does that mean for crypto & bitcoin? Well very interesting, seeing the get pumped
at the end of the week and then hold, while the traditional markets started to feel the
pain. But that was just a couple of days, and remember
this video I posted, on January 1st…titled, Great Depression Part Deux IS COMING by 2026! Why Bitcoin Is The New Hope! In it I compared the roaring 20s, to what
happened to our economy after the financial collapse in 2008, roaring started, and went
into overdrive by 2015. It’s a 100 year cycle basically, and we
are facing the next great depression IMO. You know what was attacked, as the roaring
twenties came to a halt? GOLD. With a slowing economy, and a bubble about
to pop, citizens started hoarding gold to save their wealth. Well, the US put a stop to that, as Franklin
Delanor Roosevelt, signed the Gold Reserve Act of 1933, which made it illegal for US
public citizens to hold physical gold and they were forced to exchange their gold coins,
gold bullion and gold certificates for paper money at a set price of $20.67 per ounce while
banks & the government hoarded it. Bank failures still happened, and the people’s
wealth was obliterated, while the government got a sweet exchange rate, of just under 21
dollars. The biggest scam of the century. So, today if US citizens start to flock to
bitcoin, will something similar come from old trumpster & his criminal treasury department,
muchin Steve Mnuchin? Well Kurt what do you gotta say about it? Cheers, I’ll see you next time!

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    06:13 American Dream?

    06:58 The Scraps to Americans From Corporations

    07:33 Trumple Down Economics

    07:54 Scowling Frown for Trumpster? Negative Rates Soon?

    09:08 Payment of Debts, World Bank & World Health Organization

    10:09 Strategic Partnership Between World Bank & WHO

    10:44 Virus Is Still Spreading….

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  6. American dream can be different for everyone. It’s not just about getting super rich. And most poor people are poor because their not good with money. And others are lazy, and are looking for hand outs. People need to stop blaming and hustle.

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  9. You failed to mention Kennedy creating the framework NAFTA, then Clinton followed it up by shipping corporate production in mass to Mexico and South America, or Obama increasing the national dept more than all previous presidents combined.

    Additionally wealthy leftist/globalist importing a new servant class just as they did with the slave trade. This servant class now doing the jobs Americans can no longer afford to do due to wage suppression and tilted systems favoring foreigners.

    This goes without mentioning globalist/leftist elite selling property/real estate to foreigners ie China and other Asian interests hence the astronomical housing prices in cities.

    There are more angles than you present. Globalist banksters on both sides have been selling us out for a long while.

  10. Time is the most precious commodity. The Cantillon effect must end. The Left and Right are one and the same.

  11. So the Fed keeps cutting rates to help the big banksters and crony corporations, yet the poor and middle class are getting higher credit card and loan rates than ever? How's that work Chico? Bunch of shiznit that can't continue indefinitely.

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  14. Chico you sound like a socialist democrat.
    The stock market did reach records under Trump and many people in the middle class made lots of money not only the rich.
    Until you and many of the liberal mainstream media started creating a panic with Corona virus. Second, the opportunities are there for people to earn a vocation to make more money. Your encouraging victim mentality Chico let’s blame the rich 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Those that want to stay at McDonald’s flipping burgers can get a better job.
    What do you think your boy Bernie would do to our country ? turn is in to China and Venezuela where people would be eating from dumpsters.
    You also said crypto wouldn’t be affected 3 weeks ago, you were wrong Chico.
    Stop the class warfare and teach people to make money and move up out of poverty not making excuses.
    Empower people
    Stop the victim hood.

  15. All cryptos will go down because it is a liquidity issue and crypto is a speculative investment. Speculative investments always get liquidated. BTC market cap isn't significant enough for them to need to attack it but it will fall on its own.

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  19. Yeah. Aust rates are now 0.5 %…..for banks and big fin. insts. who ALWAYS profit from rate cuts.(almost never pass on the full cut) The average person sees SFA of those cuts. Just helps the rich get richer.

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    Why do Democrats support ILLEGAL immigration? To exploit the immigrants. Being illegals they must accept illegal underpaid jobs. Human trafficking. It's no coincidence that Eppstein's Lolita Express clients were Democrats.

    But you call President Trump > Trumpster. You are just a paid fool, shilling shitcoins like Ethereum.

    The economy is doing well. The interest rate must be lowered in order for the government to afford the interest on the huge debt America piled up over decades. The Europeans refund their governments with negative interest carry. The US treasury still pays interest on gov debt. Trump is right why should the best performing economy pay interest whilst everyone else cashes in interest on their debt.

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