Arcade Repair Tips – Adjusting A Coin Mech

Hi, welcome back to the Arcade Tips Video
Series. Today we’re going to talk about coin mechs. This is a Pacman game that we recently
got and I’m going to check the mechs to make sure they take quarters before we put it on
location. The first thing that we want to do is to remove
the mech. You push the latch or dog ears down, push the return in just a little bit and it
will come right out. Of course, everybody knows if the coin mech
doesn’t take money, you’re not going to make any money. So today we’re going to show you
how to adjust this one to take quarters. The first thing that we want to do, the most
important thing on a coin mech, is this screw right here. It’s right up at the top, almost
in the middle. What you want to do is turn it to the left. Now it’s kind of the opposite
of what you would be thinking. When you turn it to the left, it gets tighter. When you
turn it to the right it opens up or gets bigger. By turning it to the left, we’re going to
insure that a quarter will not go through. In fact, I want it to get stuck. Here’s our
quarter. Now the quarter is stuck halfway. Now what I’m going to do is stick a flathead
screwdriver in and keep turning it to the right until that quarter falls through. You
saw the quarter fall through, well that means the mech is now adjusted. What I usually do at that point is go one
half turn farther. Just a little bit more just to give you a little extra room. You
don’t want it to be barely letting it go through, you want it to fly through because you want
to make a lot of money. Now the coin will fall right through. Anyway, we also have a couple other mechs
I want to show you. This looks the same, but on the cradle is a D. There are no marks on
this cradle, on this one there’s a D. The D stands for double, which means this one
will take quarters or tokens. So look for that. If you have one that has a D on it,
it should take a quarter or a token if you adjust it right. Also, one of our favorite mechs is made by
Imonex. It’s black and plastic, but it works basically the same way. All you have to do
is stick the screwdriver in here and turn it to the left to move the slide over a little
tighter. Just keep moving the slide back and forth until it easily falls through. Like
I said, turn it an extra turn to make it fly even faster. So anyway, I hope that helps a little bit.
Thank you guys again for watching and stay tuned for more videos.

32 thoughts on “Arcade Repair Tips – Adjusting A Coin Mech

  1. Do you happen to know how to modify a Japanese coin mech? I would like it to accept quarters but it doesn't have the screw like in your video to adjust the size of a coin it accepts.

  2. @djfreebey We don't know if an American coin mech will allow for a 1 pound coin to pass through or not. It looks like the 1 pound coin is close to the size of a token so a token mech might work. That being said, however, you should be able to get a coin mech that will work for the 1 pound coin.

    We have also featured your question on episode 15 of our Q&A podcast. Please listen to it for more of our thoughts on your question. Thank you for your question and good luck with your future repairs.

  3. @dagonz64 Not off hand. We would recommend getting in touch with the MEI group. They are a manufacturer of bill acceptors and might be able to give you some details on how to accomplish this. That being said, you could try hooking up a bill acceptor to a keyboard encoder (like an iPac or KeyWiz) and mapping it in your software. I would think that would work.

  4. @dman1823 Unfortunately we do not. You should, however, be able to replace those coin mechs with ones that take quarters. Most coin mechs slots are pretty standard and should allow you to change them out. Let us know if you have any trouble with this and we'll help you out.

  5. @beinteresting This really depends on the game. If your game is older (pre-2000) then it probably uses DIP switches to adjust these settings. In order to set it to coin play, you will need to do a search for your game in Google with the words "dip switch settings." This should tell you what you need to change to set it. If you need help adjusting the dip switches, we have a video on Adjusting Dip Switch Settings that can help you out.

  6. Hi there, I'm on the verge of building a mame arcade cab, already ordered my controler and joysticks, buttons etc from xgaming, I want to buy a coin acceptor aswell, I'm situated in South Africa, but I'm not sure if the ones on the net will accept South African currency, if possible, please help me? Just to conferm if it will help, searched south african websites for coin acceptors but not getting anything.
    Thanx in advance, like your vids.

  7. Would you happen to know how to adjust the coin mech on a 1950's jukebox to accept customized tokens? It currently accepts quarters

  8. Do you know how to determine if my coin mech is broken or can be adjusted? I was hoping to see a video on how to disassemble and replace it. It's a midway galaxian cabinet that is very similar to the pinball style. The coin mechs are made by Coin Mech. When I push the metal button to let the coin out, the button is really hard to press. How do you fix / adjust the button for the coin release?

  9. i work at maggi maggi in england we repair and reprogram allsorts of fruit machine power supplies mpu5s mpu4s pluto boards electrocoinboards tft monitors change machines note validators vending changers jukeboxes amps and a wide range of coin validators,

  10. i bought it yesterday (9/11/1012), it was 2nd hand but the owner before me bought it from someone else a week ago and the owner i bought it from sold it because he got bored and he never played with the settings, i know how to change the per play price and jackpot price on the money mech it says accepts
    £0.05 ,£0.10 ,£0.50, £1.00, £2.00
    i dont thing the money mech is a jammed
    as i said im new to this and bought it yesteerday it is a wild thing fruit machhine

  11. Do you know where I can locate replacement coin mech holder for a over under wells Gardner style door?  I might need a couple of replacement parts on the return coin bezel portion.

  12. would you be able to explain to me how I'd add a freeplay switch to a electronic microcoin mech & credit board setup in my machine? It's not an old fashioned mechanical mech

  13. Mechanical Coin Mechanism Info
    Check out this video to understand additional adjustments to Coin Mechanisms coin acceptors.

  14. is this one size fits all on classic arcade coin doors, i.e, classic Atari, Nintendo, Konami, Jamma, etc.  coin door, Midway, stand up, cocktail etc all have same size coin mech that fit or brand specific

    Can you buy wrong size of its missing

    Difference between classic xoin door wiring & Jamma coin door wiring

    Lock that work on heavy duty security bars

  15. You won't make any money with that when everybody has m.a.m.e. on there computer or phone and can play any arcade game for free, better change the coin mech or someone will put a quarter on a chain in there and strip your cutter to bits!!!

  16. I don't believe this video is accurate. That initial screw isn't the only adjustment on the coin mech. You can't use this technique to modify a coin mech that is designed for a specific type of coin (i.e a token) and make it accept a different type.

  17. Good info, but you should do close up of coin mech showing where adjustment is made, etc. From 10 feet away I couldnt tell any difference between the coin mechs you held up.

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